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Asia » Malaysia » Langkawi March 31st 2014

We arrived at the main island of Langkawi (out of 98 other islands) on Friday the 28th of March after a very busy 3 hour ferry crossing from Penang. The ferry thought it appropriate to put on Captain Philip, a film about modern sea pirates to the amusement of us passengers!! Langkawi is a very beautiful island north of Penang, just up near the Thai border. I decided I'd like my birthday here as we'd heard good things about it from other travellers and it seemed like the perfect weekend beach break. We stayed in a hostel recommended to us by Peter the Irish cyclist when we'd bumped into him again in Penang, called Zachary guest house. It was nice and had a large social area, so we met quite a few other travellers whilst staying ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Langkawi March 24th 2014

What an interesting stop over.We boarded a small fishing boat for what we thought was to be a leisurely sail to a couple of islands.Once we were on board the guy switched on the outboard motor and we set off at the rate of knots across the bay. On arrival the tide was out and it took an undignified hoist and a scramble up to the landing bay... We then walked up the forest edge avoiding the monkeys .shortly we arrived at a clearing where we discovered a gorgeous fresh water lake and jumped how amazing. The next day took us to SriLanka here we visited the Ceylon tea plantations. How those people work picking tea leaves in the souring heat beats me. A cuppa will never be the same again.wonderful people and a privilege ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Langkawi March 18th 2014

We thought we had researched every angle possible for our 3 hour ferry transfer from Georgetown to Malaysia’s duty free island of Langkawi. Which terminal does it leave from? How rough will the sea be? Can we take two large suitcases on board etc? With hindsight, a more relevant question would have been “Will you be playing a dreadful Chinese shoot ‘em up movie which makes the Expendables II seem like an outstanding cinematic work, preferably with Malay sub titles and at a volume that makes your eardrums burst?”. Because they that’s what they did. And it lasted over two hours. The boat itself was big, roomy and comfortable and, whilst wanting to convey how impressed I was about it to Angela, it was impossible due to the deafening explosions from the film. No matter, we ... read more
It's A Beautiful Place
Back By The Beach
Easy Rider

Asia » Malaysia » Langkawi March 17th 2014

2nd March Travel from penang, the hostel owner drove me took around 30 minutes, didn’t leave the hostel until 10 and my flight was at 12midday, it was their recommendation to leave so late, it was strange to me. However still had plenty of time, able to chill and have a starbucks and right some of my last blog. (Dark mocha Frappuccino. YUM) the flight was only 35 minutes, never felt like we were level, just going up then straight back down. Got a taxi to me hostel in the town called Kuah, Regalia Spa. 18 bed dorm but only 3 other people in there. And two of them worked nearby. Clean and secure hostel. Headed out for a walk could see to the sea, boats and mini islands. I instantly fell in love with the ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Langkawi March 15th 2014

We awoke, got changed and headed out of the hostel for breakfast. After a quick coffee at Starbucks, we went to the Freecat bus stop, located at the Komptar bus Station, the main bus station in Georgetown. The freeacat bus is a local free bus service that takes you around Georgetown. We must have just missed one as we ended up waiting for ages. We got chatting to an Indian couple who were also visiting Georgetown. Eventually, the bus arrived, and we took it to the Penang state museum. The museum was incredibly interesting, well worth the visit. It was all about the history of Penang Island and it's colonisation by the British. It also gave a background as to how the Malays, the Indians, and the Chinese all came to settle in Malaysia. We then ... read more
Shell, Langkawi
Ian, Langkawi Beach
Vicki, Langkawi Beach

Asia » Malaysia » Langkawi February 10th 2014

So I started this new Adventure a little under a week ago. As I am sitting on a secluded beach in Langkawi. I look back to a week ago were I was having dinner at my Cousins house with about 20 people. It was the perfect end to my latest stint in Australia catching up with my awesome family, and the perfect start to my latest adventure. Since then I have been in 3 countries in 6 days. I flew out of Australia on Tuesdays, continuing my lasted string of luck with planes running late. I finally got into Bangkok at 2am after about 10 hours of flying. I must of still been sentimental about family time as I gave up my perfectly selected seat for one not so comfy so a family could sit together. ... read more
Canal in Village we are staying at
Coffee in a bag
Eating a Scorpian

Asia » Malaysia » Langkawi January 29th 2014

Hello again everyone! Our blogs are coming quick as we are changing locations in Malaysia every 3rd day. After a few days in Penang, we took a very fast and efficient ferry to the island of Langkawi. The trip was 3 hours but it seemed to go by fast and even had a movie playing. Well, I made my first travel boo boo!! When booking our hotel here in Langkowi I must have accidentally clicked on Feb. instead Jan. I discovered the mistake as we were ferrying over. We just hoped they would have a vacancy but as it turned out they were fully booked up!! But luckily the hotel lady was able to get us a room across the street. Not the fancy tropical resort we had booked but it was fine. The Tropical Resort ... read more
Langkowi Beach
Room across the road
Where we were supposed to stay!

Asia » Malaysia » Langkawi January 5th 2014

From the jungle of Borneo to one of Malaysia's most popular tourist islands Langkawi, this was surely going to take some getting used to! Langkawi is a beautiful island, at the top of Malaysia's west coast. So close to Thai border in fact that we decided to make the trip there on Day 3 of our 4 days there. Admittedly we left our run a little late in booking accommodation for this trip (mid-December) and being on the end of peak season most places in the "main area" were sold out (for reference the main area is Pantai Cenang and Pantai Tengah on the island's south-west coast). We decided on the Bayview Langkawi hotel in the heart of Kuah town (south-east) purely because we got a good deal and booked an Executive Room with sea view ... read more
Langkawi Cable Car
Cenang Beach

Asia » Malaysia » Langkawi October 22nd 2013

During a relaxing weekend getaway it is often challenging to get up to see the sunrise. Five or six days every week you have to get up early and go through the same old routine. If you feel guilty catching a few extra hours of sleep on a weekend trip – you shouldn’t because these beach sunsets will transform your guilt into pure pleasure. 1. San Juan Beach, Siquijor Island, Philippines San Juan Beach is quietly located on the south western coast of stunning Siquijor Island in the Visayas region of the Philippines. Considering that it is only 12 km from the Siquijor pier via the Siquijor Circumferential Road, San Juan Beach is extremely laid back ... read more
Cenang Beach, Langkawi Island, Malaysia
Kuta Beach, Bali, Indonesia

Asia » Malaysia » Langkawi September 22nd 2013

I have made up my mind to go on a global family holiday in year 2013. Sai is now 2 years plus and is growing up well.Since Nam's pregnancy our global travel together as come to a halt which i was keen to resume.What better oppourtunity than my 2 weeks mandatory leave.This time i planned it in August but for this holiday I was planning since June.Lot of research hours went in..multiple locations..It boiled down to Thailand or Malaysia and its Malaysia finally that we zeroed out on.Itineray was carefully selected after studying all that Malaysia as a country has to offer to a tourist. This time i was also happy for the fact that decisions were taken together by me & Nam i/o me taking it and later seeking her opinion.It worked wonderfully well.Itinerary includes ... read more
Batu Caves
Inside Batu Caves

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