Life is what you make it, and we sure make it good.

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Lanarkshire » Glasgow August 27th 2018

Now that was a long journey... Langkawi to Kuala Lumpur (1hr 15min), Kuala Lumpur to Hong Kong (5 hours) then a 5 hour wait. Hong Kong to London (13 hrs) then a 3 hour wait, London to Glasgow (1hr 30min) where my Dad met me for the short trip of ten mins to home... phew... Aw man it's lovely seeing Dad again, gosh I miss my family! So first day back and I get to see most of the family, brother's, sister-in-laws, neices, nephews and great nephews... oh plus all the doggies who missed their Aunty Clare. So breakfast what do I want... easy a morton's roll, black pudding, bacon with a runny egg on top with HP sauce... nom nom nom... Dad and I went down to the local butchers and my eyes were wide ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Wilayah Persekutuan » Kuala Lumpur August 26th 2018

I always love catching up with my friend Steve, that's 8 years now we've been meeting in random places and this time it's at the airport in Kuala Lumpur. He's just arrived from the US and I'm just down from Langkawi on route to Scotland. So we catch transport into Chinatown and have a bit of an explore round. I booked us into the Traveler's rest guest house for the night and we went out for dinner which was fabulous fish at the local Chinese hawkers which was delicious followed by a wander round the markets and a beer or two at the Reggae Bar . We didn't get out of Chinatown but I enjoyed the night anyway. Next day we left for the airport again with Steve heading off to Cambodia and me heading to ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Langkawi June 8th 2018

A cheers to our friend Johno. R.I.P... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Langkawi June 3rd 2018

A Scottish friend on the island gave me a wee taste of home... Slanj... read more

Asia » Singapore » Sentosa Island May 25th 2018

Singapore - a few days to chill out and relax which was needed. Spent time catching up with friends, managed to get a proper hair cut at last, and hung out at Marina Bay and Chinatown... lovely )... read more
St Andrews
Marina Bay

Asia » Malaysia » Kedah & Perlis » Pulau Langkawi April 1st 2018

Working on Aria has been an incredible experience. I have learned so much not only about the whole design of yachts and reasoning behind things, but the whole shipyard and refit experience is one I will never forget, for many good and bad reasons. So at the moment, we've been out of the shipyard for 8 months and finally the work and jobs are finished, we're now onto general maintenance and upkeep. The sea trials have been completed, everything is in working order and looking fabulous. The work we achieved has more than complimented the boat she is now modern, simplified, with many new features and designs both inside and out. From flush teak decks, new seating areas and a new swim platform outside to a basically new engine room, electrical systems, plumbing, water maker, fridges ... read more
New seating area
Flush deck

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Darwin March 3rd 2018

Ha ha... what fun, Joe and Anita's Pirate Wedding take two. The first one took place in Langkawi a few years ago with friends from the island, this time it was a family event with everybody dressing up. Anita, Joe and I hit the local op shop and kitted ourselves out which was hilarious, and all the friends and family coming did the same. Joe booked a local resort with a pool for the kids and everyone joined in the fun. Congratulations guys x here's to a long and happy life filled with love and lotsa fun... ... read more
Pirate Wedding
Pirate Wedding
Pirate Wedding

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Darwin » City of Darwin February 28th 2018

Finally time to make it official... Although they had a civil ceremony in Langkawi with a Pirate Party afterwards it was time to make it official. As they have now left the boating life and moved to Darwin, it allowed Joe's family all to be there (well almost). His oldest son baby decided to arrive the same day so a double celebration was to be had! The ceremony was lovely and emotional as these occasions can be, and enjoyed by close friends and family. It was lovely to be there and witness the vows made, having his family there this time was very special and made the occasion. Congratulations Mr & Mrs McDonnell. ... read more
The Ring

Asia » Indonesia February 12th 2018

Out a pollywog... back a shellback... a meeting with Neptune... and winners in our class! Well I never expected my travels would bring me here... never, no way, no how! But that's the thing about traveling and being open to ideas thrown at you which is what it's all about. Although pretty terrified of entering a yacht race, I can now add it to my list of achievements, and what an experience it was. Great fun, terrifying, exciting, all sorts of emotions rolled in together, ooh and a lot of praying. The remote, almost deserted islands in Indonesia were stunning, beautiful, cultured, they had it all really and the race committee did a sterling job especially at the starting lines and food/entertainment laid on... fabulous. I'll let the experts tell you about it all in the ... read more
Pushing her all the way...

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Darwin January 9th 2018

I really feel part of the family at Joe's, they have all welcomed me openly and it has been lovely getting to meet his son's, daughter in laws and grand-daughters. A beautiful family who are loving their Dad being back home. Joe and Anita showed me around Darwin and outlying areas with a memorable trip to see the crocs and other native animals. I find it weird that they have both salt water and fresh water crocs here, there is definitely no swimming at the beach. The crocs are huge... powerful animals and i loved watching feeding time at Crocodylus Park. All the crocs here have been rescued from different situations and have their own pens, they also have a huge breeding centre and research facilities. We joined a tour round the park followed by holding ... read more
Hanging out in Darwin
Hanging out in Darwin
Hanging out in Darwin

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