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Asia » Malaysia » Johor October 20th 2015

We were woken early by idiots in the hallway so we wasted a little time in the room before getting ready to head for the 10:00am opening time of the Johor Premium Outlets. We had found out they had a Dome Cafe there, so had planned that breakfast was going to be there. I got a chicken and cheese croissant and a side of hash browns and Bec got eggs on toast, but they brought out hollandaise eggs which also had chicken on it, so that quickly went back. We did quite enjoy our breakfast though; more so then the outlets. They were so very disappointing; nothing compared to the USA Premium Outlets. The stores were of Premium quality but the prices also matched that. They were far from being discounted. We bought a couple of ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Johor October 19th 2015

We started a little slower today, but still not too late. We left the hotel at about 9:30am for our 20mins drive to Legoland Malaysia. We got there in no time and there was hardly anyone there. Parking was a breeze and there was no line to get it. We bought our tickets there and went to make our way into the theme park, when the ticket attendant suggested if we were doing both parks we should do the water park first in case the weather changes and they can't run some rides. On his advice we made our way to the water park about 200mtrs away and dumped our things in a locker before making our way on to the first of many water slides. There were several that required you to collect a tube ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Johor » Johor Bahru October 18th 2015

After waking up several times throughout the night, I woke at 5:50am and reached to check the time, only to realise Bec was already awake too. We got another hour sleep before waking just before 7:00am. We were showered, dressed and out the door by 7:30am. Of course there was nothing open at this time but the beautiful thing was, there also wasn’t many people about either which made the photo taking a lot easier. We walked back in the same direction as the previous night, toward the Christ Church Melaka, then past the Hard Rock Cafe and down Jonker Street. It looked a lot different during the day with no people or flashy lights, faux clothing or junky bits and pieces. Some of the buildings were so old and beautiful. We walked along the river ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Melaka » Melaka City October 17th 2015

After getting home about midnight we were in bed about 12:30am. The alarm went off at 6:00am and it was a struggle to get up but we were up and ready to leave by 6:40am. We got a very smooth run to the airport and arrived at the A1 Parking by 7:30am. We handed over the keys, jumped in the minibus and got delivered to the airport. We had already checked-in so were able to wait in the much shorter ‘bag drop’ line. It took maybe 15mins before we were bag free and headed in the direction of the Irish Pub for our 'Breakfast Vodka'. After that, Bec went for a quick smoke before we quickly went through customs. We got some non liquid breakfast at Hungry Jacks before a having a walk around the shops ... read more

North America » United States » Hawaii » Oahu June 20th 2015

We were up today at 7:40am when the alarm went off to shower briefly and finish packing. We were ready to leave and cabbed it to the airport by 8:45am. We got here probably a bit early but we preferred that to being late. We checked in then went outside while Bec had a smoke, then sat outside Starbucks for another half hour so Bec could have one last smoke before heading in. We breezed through security then went to get some breakfast/lunch at Burger King. After that we went into nearly every store that was in the airport before making our way to our gate where Bec and I found our tradition of massage chairs. They were only $2 for 8mins so we gave them two rounds. By that point it was 11:30am and it ... read more

North America » United States » Hawaii » Oahu June 19th 2015

I was up at 4:20am after barely any sleep. I got ready, grabbed my camera and my granola and was waiting out the front of the hotel at 4:50am. I was waiting only a couple of minutes before Alex (the owner of O'ahu Photography Tours) got there. He is originally from Florida but came here in 2004 on holiday and never looked back. We picked up a few others from various Waikiki hotels then made our way up to Sunset Beach to take sunrise photos. This is where we photographed the sun rising from. There are all these cool little rock pools that the light and reflections bounce off. We left there at 6:25am and made our way to the Makapu’u Lookout. We took some photos here briefly then made ... read more

North America » United States » Hawaii June 18th 2015

Bec and I were up early today as the alarm was set for 6:30am for our 7:00am pickup. We got picked up about 7:15am and did a few other hotel pickups before making the hour journey up to Waialua, on the North Shore. We arrived and watched two videos (one was purely to say that they were not responsible at all if you get injured or die). Then we waited around for a bit before our name appeared on the board and it was our time to jump. We were harnessed up and did some quick photos with our respective photographers before walking across the paddock and boarding our small plane. This plane looked in much better condition than the one I went in out in the Yarra Valley back home.... read more

North America » United States » Hawaii » Oahu June 17th 2015

The alarm went off this morning at 6:20am. We stayed in bed a bit longer before getting up and making our way on foot the 20mins to get to Dollar Car Rentals to pick up our car at 7:30am. We got there on the dot and the line was already quite big. Due to the computer systems being down, 40mins later we finally had our little Nissan Versa and we were on our way in the direction of the South Shore to head up to the Diamond Head Crater Lookout. Entry to the park was only $5 for the car and we had to wait maybe five minutes for a parking spot which was fine. The brochure said it would take approx. 1.5-2hrs to do the hike but Marnee and I got up in about 25mins ... read more

North America » United States » Hawaii » Oahu June 16th 2015

We were up at 5:30am to be picked up at 6:25am. Our tour was with Enoa Tours and our bus driver Shannon O'Brien was hilarious. Firstly, he took us through the streets of Waikiki and gave us a brief history about how it was originally supposed to be made into an island but when Wall Street crashed in 1929 they never finished the canal at the back of it to separate it. We also saw where Barry (President Barrack Obama) grew up. He then did an introduction of everyone on the bus (who everyone was, where they were from and what brought them to O’ahu). He then gave us a history of World War I, World War II, and that fateful day of December 7, 1941 when Pearl Harbor was attacked by the Japanese and 2,403 ... read more

North America » United States » Hawaii » Oahu June 15th 2015

For some reason Bec was awake at the crack of dawn today, literally. She woke at 5:45am but thankfully didn’t make too much noise until about 6:45am when I woke. Bec made us a cup of tea and we lazed around for a bit before getting ready to go and pick up our hire car from Alamo Car Rentals. We had booked an economy car online expecting a Chevrolet Aveo then when it came to going out to the car the guy asked, "Which one do you want?" Well, of course we'll take the little Volkswagen Beetle, thank you. We asked if we should take a photo of the few dints that were on it and the guy replied, "Nah you've got full cover anyway." Okay, cool. We jumped in, worked out which side of the ... read more

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