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18th May 2014

Contiki Grand Southern
Hi, I hope you don't mind me reading your blog about your Contiki Grand Southern trip. I am extremly impressed with the way you have been able to present all this detail about your trip along with the photos as well. I wish I could have done the same presentation of my trip many, many years ago. I live in Box Hill Sth in Melbourne and did a Contiki Westerner trip 30 yrs ago now. And then just last year in March 2013 i took my wife and kids over and retraced a lot of it, My eldest son Leo who turns 22 in July is now going back over in July to do the Contiki Grand Southern with 6 days in LA befor and then 5 in NY after, and from reading what you have done he will have a great , great time with many, many late nights and a few early starts as well I presume. I have told him he should really try and do as many of the extra side tours like the raftting and balooning that he can because may not get the chance to do it again. until anougher 30 years like myself. Did you go much over budget with all of this? I think he is also going to pack lightly as he will probably shop for plenty of clothing items. I hope he can come back and do a blog like this about his trip, as it is something to keep and remember for life. I can still recall about most days of my trip but without email and facebook it was much harder to continue catching up with all the new friends made. He was also thinking about taking his laptop to download his pics onto. Do you think that is a good idea and was security an issue for you at all for any item like that at hotels where you stayed? Regards and thanks... John Morgan
18th May 2014

Re:contiki gs
Hi john. Your son is going to have the best time on the grand southern. Still to date it is one of the best tours i have done. Def encourage him to do as many 'excursions' as he can because it just makes it that much more special.. Like you said, when id he going to get te oppotunity to go hot air ballooning in alburqueque, the hot air ballooning capital of the world?! I took my little netbook so i could back up my trips but as for doing the blogs def try n get him to do it because reading back over them even now only 5 yrs later its amazing how much ive forgotten and its so good to read back over them. Its was really easy to keep them up with doing them on the bus on the netbook. hope this helps :)
28th July 2012

Accommodation in Hoi An?
Hello over there! I was wondering if you can recommend any good place to stay in Hoi An? We are looking for a small traditional place, preferably, nothing fancy. Would be great to get some advice! Hanka
From Blog: Day 7 - Hoi An
27th July 2012

singapore travel agents
Thanks very good blog...
30th June 2012

Koto also have a restaurant in Saigon. Sam and David sponser two trainees there so we have had tours through the training school and eaten in their beautiful new restaurant.They do a wonderful job with underprivileged kids.xx
24th June 2012

Once again
I'm left sitting at work reading your travel adventures !!!
16th June 2012

Little less info please
The whole world doesn't need to know your room number mate. Anyway what's the combo of the safe...lol. Glad u made it safe, have a ball.
17th June 2012

I put that (the room number) in so I'd remember haha
2nd June 2012
Grand Canyon

Very cute picture! Grand Canyon is a wonderful place! Reminds me of my trip. -Kusum
10th November 2011

Hey posted back on 2nd Feb...re-discovered and re-reading your blog now...heading off to LA in 3 weeks, start the GS in 4 weeks! So amped! Will give your Europe blog a read over when I get back, somewhere else I hope to be in 1-2 years :)
13th November 2011

Ooo so jealous!! GS was the best, u will have such a ball. Europe was equal on the fun level.. Contiki is the best! Make sure u take it all in.. The culture and the amazing food!!
30th August 2011

Woohoo! GS09!!
30th August 2011

Eww! Boobs! I wouldn't have known where to look! The floor probably! lol
From Blog: Day 28 - Paris
30th August 2011

Oh I LOVE Paris. It's been years since I've been there, and although I've visited it many times, I've never been up the Eiffel Tower. I must go back there soon. x
29th August 2011

Sounds like all the decent weather has been following you, cos it sure as hell hasn't been here since you left London! lol Bring it back with you won't you?! x x
From Blog: Day 22 - Rome
29th August 2011

Pussys bow?! WTF?!?! lol
29th August 2011

lol How can you now be scared of white water rafting?! It was awesome on the GS09! I was SO scared before, but LOVED it!
15th August 2011

lol DRUGGIE!!! haha. It's so weird what's legal in some countries is banned and a criminal offence in others. Random. And don't tell me that finally, after all these Contiki's, MM has finally caught the elusive 'Contiki Cough'?! lol
15th August 2011

OH MY GOD!! I think I would have passed out seeing that kind of stuff!! haha OMG that's just wrong!! Although glad the Space Cakes helped to make it more tolerable! lol
15th August 2011

I bet Athens was so beautiful with all that architecture and history associated to it.
From Blog: Day 12 - Athens
15th August 2011

Comment wouldn't work on last blog.
Can't believe u texted me from there, must say that was pretty cool. U r right about some of the girls in the windows, when I went there some of them could have quite easily been very well paid models they looked that hot. I actually said..... nevermind! This is comment for this blog: Soft arse, we should have practised before u left...lol I am proud of u though for giving it a go. Nice one mate. We'll practise more befor your next trip. Oh yeah loved the Heineken brewery tour, when I went there with by bessie mate, we drank more than anyone else on the tour so 2 of the guys who work there were so impressed, they took their Heinekin bow ties off and gave it to us. Still have the proof somewhere at home. Take care and enjoy mate.
9th August 2011

Single/taken and favourite colour doesn't sound anywhere near as good as the "traffic light" system we had on the GS09! Remember Jerry being the rainbow light?! lol x
9th August 2011

hahahaha! Loving the sound of the sheer tackiness of that ship cabaret and disco! Oh dear hun! Hope you managed to make something fun of it by having a drink or ten! lol x x
5th August 2011

Guys in togas?! Damn why aren't I there?!?! Hope you took photos! :o) As for the Contiki-drama... a couple of people oversleeping and that was about as bad as it got on our GS09! lol Love it!!
From Blog: Day 8 - Mykonos
5th August 2011

Glad you had a fab birthday hun! Although I don't think I've ever heard such a funny word as "g-banger"! lol Oh you Aussies and your weird (or should that be wierd MM?!) words! Singlet and thongs indeed...
From Blog: Day 7 - Mykonos

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