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North America » United States » Hawaii » Oahu June 14th 2015

After a horrible night sleep I woke just before 8:00am and Marnee and Bec woke just after. We stayed in bed for ages before finally getting up and going in search of breakfast. Apparently breakfast isn't a big thing here, we found it hard to find somewhere that satisfied us all and we ended up at the Cheeseburger place again but was not at all happy with my meal, decided I wouldn't be heading back there. Besides the food being pretty rubbish the service was terrible, it was all so ridiculously slow. Three hours later we arrived back at the hotel for pool time, where we spent the next 4hrs. While by the pool we were able to research and book some activities for the coming days. We finally made our way to the room, showered, ... read more

North America » United States » Hawaii » Oahu June 13th 2015

I was up today at about 9:45am to shower, clean my room, pack and do my nails, among other things. I was ready to go at 1:30pm, Marnee and Bec were getting dropped off at 2:00pm so we could leave by 2:15pm. Except for a brief delay on Citylink between Toorak Rd and Yarra Blvd we made it to the airport in pretty good time. We parked in the Long Term Carpark by Bus Stop H and jumped on the bus to the International Terminal. Check-in took about 40mins then Bec went for a smoke while Marnee and I made our way to P.J O’Brien’s Pub for something to eat and drink, shortly later Bec joined us. Marnee got a Chicken Parma and Bec and I got a bowl of chips to share as well as ... read more

North America » United States » California August 17th 2014

We woke up a decent few hours before check-out. Marnee and I hit the pool for a few hours and Nick had bolted back to the hotel from wherever he had crashed for the night and joined us there. It was a stunning pool area, very LA, surrounded by palm trees and the sun was shining. Eventually and sadly we had to head back to our room, shower and pack our things to check-out. We decided we’d go and get some lunch at the reliable California Pizza Kitchen then hit up the shops for our last chance of USA prices. After a bit more of a walk around, we walked back to the hotel, got our bags, rearranged some things then walked to the station to catch the train to Union Station then then bus to ... read more

North America » United States » California » Los Angeles August 16th 2014

Nick was up really early today as he thought he had booked a tour of the Grand Canyon. As it turned out he didn’t so went back to bed. Later, Marnee and I got up, packed up our bags and checked-out, leaving our bags with the concierge. From there, we headed down to the NY NY Hotel as we wanted to go on the Rollercoaster there, because clearly we hadn’t been on enough during this trip. We went on the coaster and managed the front row and it was amazing. After the ride we went in search of a bag to put all our excess shopping in. We went to a discount store called Ross which is kind of like Trade Secret in Australia. We did a little searching, Marnee bought a few things, but no ... read more

North America » United States » Nevada » Las Vegas August 15th 2014

This morning we all found it hard to get out of bed, but Nick got up and went down to the outlets again, Marnee did actually stay in bed and I hit the pool for a bit. After a while I got hungry though, so messaged Marnee to meet me at the café near the lifts that lead up to our room. After breakfast we went back up to the room, I got changed and we headed down to Fashion Mall. Fashion Mall has more than 250 stores and seven major department stores, and hosts weekend fashion shows on a retractable runway in the mall's central atrium. Being that today was a Friday, we were surprised to see that we actually managed to get to see one of the fashion parades for Ted Baker. After the ... read more

North America » United States » Nevada » Las Vegas August 14th 2014

Today we had a sleep in; the beds in this hotel were fantastic. Eventually we got up, went downstairs and found a little place in the hotel to get some breakfast. We finished that then made our way out to check out the four pools. We eventually got 3 banana lounges together and stayed there for ages. Sunbaking then getting in the pool and repeating this process; it was amazing to have the downtime. Eventually though, we had enough sun and headed inside. Marnee went up to the room and Nick and I thought we’d try our luck at the pokies in the lobby. I gravitated toward The Walking Dead themed ones. We did pretty well. Nick walked away with $50.53 and I scored $36.30. We then headed back to the room, got changed and headed ... read more

North America » United States » Nevada » Las Vegas August 13th 2014

Luckily we had a late checkout today as Marnee and I were feeling more than a little worse for wear. After our super late night and huge amounts of alcohol consumed the last thing we felt like doing was getting up to pack but we did it. We packed our things and left them in the room then walked down the road to California Pizza Kitchen for some food. Marnee got pizza again, Nick got a sausage and egg muffin and baked fries and I got some Pesto cream penne with chicken, a basil pesto cream, sundried tomatoes and parmesan. It probably doesn’t sound ideal as a hangover cure but I think it helped soak up some of the booze. After lunch we headed back to the hotel, changed and checked-out. We caught a cab from ... read more

North America » United States » Illinois » Chicago August 12th 2014

We didn’t have to get up too early this morning so eventually got up walked down to California Pizza Kitchen for some food. Marnee got a pizza and I got some dumplings. While eating breakfast we heard from Nick and organised by text to meet him at Eataly after we’d finished. He and I ordered a Nutella Crepe each and he filled Marnee and I in on his whereabouts for the last couple of days. After that Marnee and I walked to the Chicago Red Line Station to catch the train out to Wrigley Field. It only cost us $2.25 to get out there and about 20mins on the train. We took some photos around the stadium then Marnee had messaged home to get her parents to log onto the internet as there is a live ... read more

North America » United States » Illinois » Chicago August 11th 2014

We got up at a reasonable time today and made our way down to an establishment called Eataly. I’d read about this place because they have a Nutella bar there but it was so much more then that when we arrived. There was not only the amazing Nutella bar, there was a panini bar, a pasta bar, an icecream bar, a pastries bar and a shop as well with fresh fruit and vegies etc. Marnee got herself a Nutella crepe which looked fantastic but I was feeling in more of a savoury mood so went for the most delicious salami panini. It was huge so only made it through half; put the other half in my bag for later. From there, we headed in the direction of Navy Pier. On the way we came across some ... read more

North America » United States » Illinois » Chicago August 10th 2014

We started slow and very seedy today. Last night was huge and it hit us hard. We eventually dragged our butts out of bed and headed to California Pizza Kitchen for a late breakfast/lunch. We each got a pizza ad some recovery Coca-Cola before making our way on foot to Grant Park. We walked via the Magnificent Mile on the way and stopped in at a couple of shops but we weren’t really in the mood for shopping so we continued on. We came across a protest on the way to ‘Free Palestine”, we took some photos but didn’t get involved like the hundreds of others that did. Once at Grant Park we first checked out the Millennium Monument, then the funny head statue then to the Crown Fountain. The Crown Fountain was quite a new ... read more

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