Day 11 - Langkawi / Scooter rental, Eagle Square

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October 27th 2015
Published: April 19th 2016
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We had set the alarm at 6:30am in the hopes of seeing the sunrise, but when I woke and it was still raining I turned it off and got about 3 more hours of well needed sleep. <br style="font-family: monospace;" />Eventually, we got up and headed for breakfast just after 9:30am where we decided what to do for the day; it was still raining even at this point. <br style="font-family: monospace;" />I had waffles for breakfast and 'breakfast noodles' which was odd but something different. <br style="font-family: monospace;" />We headed back to the room and sat it out for about another half hour before the rain eased and we decided to walk down to the scooter rental place to hire a scooter for the day. It cost us only 30MR for the hire and we were off; again without a proper map. <br style="font-family: monospace;" />We were a little wobbly at first but all good by the time we reached Eagle Square. We parked the scooter and got off to stretch our legs and find the big eagle. From a distance we spotted the giant wings so headed in that direction.<br style="font-family: monospace;" />The eagle is very impressive. We took some photos and got back on the scooter to head to McDonalds for a drink (and a coconut caramel sundae for me) and to use their Wifi to load maps on our phone to get back to the hotel. <br style="font-family: monospace;" />On the way back we stopped at the service station to put fuel in thinking 10Mr would be more than enough for fuel. We got just over 5MR into filling it and the thing was full so the lucky lady behind us on her moped got her fuel for free. Just helping out with a little community service from us. <br style="font-family: monospace;" />We got back to Cenang nice and easy and parked it at the hotel. We realised at this point how burnt we had got as we'd put sunscreen on our faces but not anywhere else; rookie mistake.<br style="font-family: monospace;" />We sat by the pool for a bit to de-stress but clouds came across so we went to shower and return the bike.<br style="font-family: monospace;" />After that we headed up the main street in search of an early dinner as we'd kind of skipped lunch again.<br style="font-family: monospace;" />We walked for ages and found nothing that took our fancy so headed back toward the hotel, stopping in at a little restaurant called Sunset Boulevard.<br style="font-family: monospace;" />It had Indian, Mexican, Italian and Malaysian so it was a good place for me and Bec to go. <br style="font-family: monospace;" />Bec ordered a creamy pasta dish off the Italian menu and I ordered the fajitas off the Mexican menu. The food didn’t take too long to come out and it was amazing. The fajitas were some of - if not the best - I’ve had, they had so much flavour and just enough spice.<br style="font-family: monospace;" />After that we headed back in the direction of the hotel, stopping in at the duty free shops to buy some things before our flight to Kuala Lumpur tomorrow, our last Malaysia destination. <br style="font-family: monospace;" />We got back to the hotel before the rain got too bad and watched a movie called The Voices before hitting the hay, we were exhausted.


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