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Asia » Malaysia » Perak » Pulau Pangkor March 27th 2016

It's funny how life has it's ups and downs sometimes. All the time we'd been in Kuala Lumpur Stan had been off colour. Feverish one day then fine the next. We figured a spot of island time would put him right. We took the 3 hour bus ride to Lumut which turned out to be 4.30 hours! The bus was highly air conned - in other words - freezing. When we got off it was a stifling 34 degrees C. We found the ferry and boarded it to the island of Pulau Pangkor. Once there we jumped in a taxi and arrived at the accommodation we'd booked. It was awful and we'd paid two nights up front as Booking . com said it was fully booked later in the week. Annoyingly this was a lie the ... read more
Around the island
Jungle trekking
Room service

Asia » Malaysia » Perak » Pulau Pangkor May 23rd 2013

Im Reiseführer Lonely Planet steht das Pulau Pangkor nicht gerade das Supermodel ist, sondern eher die hübsche Nachbarin von nebenan. Das ist ziemlich zutreffend. Das reizvolle an dieser Nachbarin ist, dass man sie unter der Woche fast für sich alleine hat. Die Strände haben wir mit höchstens 5 anderen Leuten geteilt und das Hotel mit genau einem anderen Gast. Die Nachbarin ist vorallem bei Wochenendurlaubern beliebt und so kann man während der Woche von sehr grossen Rabatten profitieren (wir haben zb. das Zimmer für ca.15Fr statt 40Fr erhalten). Zu sehen gibt's nicht viel und so haben wir die Zeit verbracht, indem wir die Verschlungenen Pfade entlang der Küste abgelaufen sind (reizvoll), geschnorchelt haben (lohnt sich nicht) oder einfach am Strand gelegen sind. Am Abend haben wir dann jeweils ein persönliches BBQ gemacht. Auf dem Markt haben ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Perak » Pulau Pangkor May 25th 2012

Sorry it has taken us so long to update the blog but we realised that we can't add new entries with our iPhones and so have to wait till we have a computer. We spent 6 days on Pulau Pangkor (Pangkor Island) which is on the Malaysian west coast. It was a super relaxing, lazy 6 days spent on the beach, enjoying the sunshine and the seafood. Lewis says "Pangkor Island is the best place in the world". We met some really nice locals who ran the "One Love" mocktail bar on the seafront and taught us some serious skillz. Lewis is on his way to becoming a master of poi, Louise is also learning some sweet poi tricks and also at flairing although she's not quite as good as David (Nicholsby). Dave Smith drank lots ... read more
Nipah Beach, Pangkor
Sunset on Coral Beach

Asia » Malaysia » Perak » Pulau Pangkor October 15th 2010

Just a short visit to Pulau Pangkor. Nothing much to see, only different sunrise at different place.... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Perak » Pulau Pangkor August 9th 2010

Welcome to part 2 of the blog. After KL we decided to head for the tropical island of (pulau) Pangkor, this involved a 3 hour bus journey to Ipoh, where we had to wait an hour at a ramshackle bus station, fending off interest from beggars, one of which took an unhealthy interest in reubens beard. After that it was a 2 hour bus journey to Lumut where you can catch a ferry to the island. We were a little worried about finding a place to stay as we hadn't booked anywhere and we were arriving too late to catch the last ferry back to the mainland. We need not have worried though as the 1st place we found 'Nipah bay villa' had plenty of nice rooms at reasonable rates. The one downside as we soon ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Perak » Pulau Pangkor February 27th 2009

Well once again we got lucky. We had a great bus from Penang to Lamut but the driver failed on his mission to top us as we did arrive safely! Sometimes you get a wild one or sometimes they are tame but do try to drive the bus while texting their girlfriends or lighting a cigarette with both hands off the wheel steering by their elbows! Thats Asia and I suppose nothing too different from Africa either? It was a short half hour ferry hop to the Island and then a quick minibus taxi - only 12 ringets and no one tried to scam us - to our hotel. We had booked the Hornbill right on the beach even though the Lonely Planet said it was noisy. No matter as Tel Boy wears earplugs and I ... read more
Noodles drying in the sun
With my umbrella of course
Pankor Beach

Asia » Malaysia » Perak » Pulau Pangkor February 3rd 2009

Well, it's quite nice, but don't go to the Islands in Thailand immediately before... ;) However it's always good for some nice photos ;) As an island with mostly muslim people living on it, Pulau Pangkor is quite interesting - Just have a look! Greez... read more
at the busstop...
at the busstop....
at the busstop....

Asia » Malaysia » Perak » Pulau Pangkor January 26th 2009

From the Cameron Highlands we got back to our original route to Pulau Pangkor, an island just off the west coast town of Lumut. After a bus-bus-ferry-taxi ride taking nearly the whole day we pulled up in Pangkor along with a million other Malay & Chinese holidaymakers and were surprised to see a million also leaving the island presumably after just coming for a day trip. We'd planned this part of our trip quite badly in our eagerness to come here and had arrived on Chinese New Year Day, not a good time to go anywhere it seems. As soon as we'd got dumped by one of the cool pink minibuses in Teluk Nipan, the main town on the island, our first attempts at finding a room where in vain. Everywhere seemed either full or those ... read more
Us and the Aussies in the No Worries Beach Bar
Cow in the pond!
Beach on Pulau Pangkor

Asia » Malaysia » Perak » Pulau Pangkor December 10th 2008

Wednesday 10th December We arrived in the port city of Lumut at 4:05am. Fortunately a good cafe was nearby so with NIcky we spent a few hours over a few coffees waiting for the day’s first ferry. Like elsewhere in Malaysia, however many times you ask for coffee or tea without sugar it always arrives incredibly sweet. The cafe was by no means empty at this early hour (some youngsters watching live football, Chelsea v Roma, others with their laptops playing games and watching videos, a couple of policemen, a few couples and then strangely a large family with several small children arrived a 5:15am and proceeded to have a full meal. At about 5:50am the wail from the mosque started, strangely mixing with the football commentary. Numerous staff prepared dough balls, chopped vegetables and swept ... read more
Teluk Nipah
Sea nymph

Asia » Malaysia » Perak » Pulau Pangkor November 20th 2008

18 to 19 November We had a lot of time left and not much more of Malaysia to see before we could enter Thailand (stupid visa rules). We never planned to go to Pangkor, but after reading in the Lonely Planet that the government was promoting it as one of the country's top destinations, we thought a few days on a beach wasn't a bad idea indeed. To get there we had to take two buses and then a ferry (not a problem after the trip to the Cameron Highlands!). Once again we had not booked anywhere to stay. The taxi dropped us on the 'budget' beach and off we set walking up and down looking for a place to stay. We were not blessed with the knowledge that it was the equivalent of our schools' ... read more
More beach
And more beach
Oh, and more beach

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