Stan and Sheila woolley

Still Crazy

Stan and Sheila woolley

We both travelled and worked in Spain, which is where we first met, back in 1972. Things back then were quite different, no plastic card banking or internet to smooth the way.
Our travels were put on hold for a few years whilst we brought up our two children. They now spend large chunks of their life exploring the world.
In in our mid to late 50's we decided it was time we took up travelling again and this time write our own travel blog. Hope it can compete with the younger generations.
We chose the nickname 'still crazy' because I guess that's what we are, still crazy. We completed three six week long stints backpacking around S.E. Asia and several 2 week holidays.
In November 2010, however, we took the huge step of packing in our jobs to go and travel for 4 months meaning we would completely miss most of the British winter.
Escaping the British winter was wonderful and we spent the next three years travelling to warmer places during our winter, mostly S.E.Asia but also California as Sharon our daughter has settled there and has two children
At the moment S.E.Asia is still right at the top of our list of favourite places to visit. We do get asked 'why do you keep going back to the same place?' Well the answer to that is that S.E.Asia covers a vast amount of countries and islands many of which we still have to visit. There are so many varied cultures to experience too. Of course California holds a special place in our hearts too as that is where Sharon and the two grandchildren are.
We plan to do much more exploring around the world as soon as we can and in fact our next adventure is scheduled for one weeks time when we visit S.America

South America was great and we plan to explore Brazil in the future.
Since that trip we have returned to S.E. Asia twice and are about to set off again in two days time. Mostly to escape our winter and to join up with family. We've also went back to Santa Barbara in October 2015 for five weeks and caught a heatwave there, thankfully not forest fires or mudslides!

2nd update:
July 2019.

For the last few years while jetting around the four corners of the world we bagan to think we should be exploring the places on our doorstep. Europe

We've done a few two weeks holidays to Spain, Greece etc but what really holds our hearts are mountains.

Europe has no shortage of these.So, when Stan mentioned that he wanted to go to the 70th Anniversary celebrations of the Laverda motorbike in Northern Italy I suggested we go together in the car.

In just three short weeks we drove through Belgium, France, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Germany and lastly France again clocking up 2,622 miles in all.
Needless to say our journey took us through many mountainous areas.

Europe » France » Champagne-Ardenne July 17th 2019

It was time to leave the beautiful mountain scenery behind as we headed closer and closer to home. Before arriving in France we had to make our way through Germany, we spent one night in Titisee Neustadt, a small town in the Black Forest. It seemed very green and lush after the high mountain peaks we'd been travelling in recently. Pine forests covered the hillsides. The little town left a lot to be desired unless you can count an Aldi store that is! We stocked up on a few groceries and 'self catered' there. A party of 70 British school children were due to arrive at our hotel later that day so I think we'd been bumped off into the annex in a dreary, dusty room. I have to say the children were well behaved but ... read more
Clock Tower

Europe » Austria » Tyrol July 13th 2019

Apologies to those of you have already read this bit. I decided to split the last one into two but forgot to delete this text from the last one. The photos however are different and correspond to this blog. _------------_-----------_------------_-----------_------------_-------- Saturday 13th July Our next stop was the Austrian Tyrol. As we drove along, the scenery changed from tall grey craggy mountain tops to high, grassy peaks changing to rock at the very tops, but just as beautiful in their own way and equally as high. Our guest house in the Tyrol was again a traditional wooden alpine house with bright red flowers flowing over from multiple balconies. Close by was a fantastic restaurant we could just walk to and eat amazing food cooked especially for us. Petra the owner of the guesthouse informed us that ... read more
and serene lakes
More gentle peaks
Low cloud hanging in the Valley

Europe » Austria » Tyrol July 11th 2019

Our five days in Breganze were at an end and it was time to start the long journey home. First stop were the Dolomites, Italy. The scenery was absolutely breathtaking with the tall craggy grey mountains towering up against the clear, deep blue sky. Every turn of the road brought on a new amazing view. The camera was on overtime and the journey took much longer as we were constantly stopping by the roadside to take photos. We stayed in a small traditional guest house the first night set in the tranquil little village of San Vito di Cadore. Next day we moved further along on the long road home. After another day exploring the area we stopped off at Cortina De Ampezzo where the winter olympics had been held in 1956. There was still evidence ... read more
dramatic scenery at every twist of the road
and again

Europe » Italy July 8th 2019

First I need to say that I'm way behind on blogs so have a lot of catching up to do. Tomorrow we are back on the road so this will be my last for a while. We were so close to Venice that we felt compelled to visit whilst in this part of the world. The journey was fraught with difficulties but eventually we found the place to park near the railway station closest to Venice. Driving right into it was out of the question. We parked up and joined the queue to buy a rail ticket.a crazy system. Once on the train we were in Venice in ten minutes then the fun began. We followed signs for St Marcos square but there were so many twists and turns and so many people that we frequently ... read more
Grand Canal
Typical gondola
St Marco's square

Europe » Italy July 7th 2019

After six long days of driving we have finally made it to Breganze. Home of the Laverda family. The family started up the Laverda motorbike company in this town 70 years ago. Hence the Gala celebrations. Laverda is much liked around these parts as , once upon a time they practically provided the whole town with employment. The dinner Marque and the many motorbikes took over the whole of the town square. Even shop windows displayed at least one Laverda amongst the products for sale there. We went into town soon after arriving at our B &B place and bumped into club members in no time at all. There was a really party atmosphere going in. Also practically everyone around was wearing a Laverda T shirt of one kind or another. ( including me!) Next fsy ... read more
The town square was full of bikes
All types and sizes

Europe » Italy July 5th 2019

After a strange breakfast I our hotel we were on the road again. I say strange because it consisted of slices of bread that had been sat out all night and were as stale as a board and some tiny bits of cheese and ham. Also on the buffet table were three croissants and two small pots of yoghurt. We were the only ones in the dining room so, thinking we must be the only guests, we more or less ate the lot. Then other guests started arriving. Oops!! Back to self catering tomorrow! Our next destination. Breganze. Once again the scenery was spectacular as we wound our way over passes. We stopped for a coffee on the Tonle pass and began to see Laverda motorbikes parked up. Now we knew we were getting close to ... read more
A Lavarda bike we came across.
Still note beautiful scenery.
And more

Europe » Italy July 4th 2019

As soon as the tour of the museum was over we went in search of somewhere to park to explore theLake. Traffic around here was busy and also crazy! We managed to find a tiny space and pulled in. To our dismay by now the sky had turned black in the distance. There was a tiny pebbly beach packed with people cooling of in the lake. We took a few hurried photos and retreated to the car as lightening struck across the sky sending everyone in a frenzy to get off the beach. Within minutes the rain poured down, luckily as we carried on driving north of the Lake we came through the storm and into dry hot weather once more. After a struggle we found our nights accommodation in a tiny village up in the ... read more
Storm clouds gathering
Blue skies
Blue skies one way

Europe » Italy » Aosta Valley July 4th 2019

For anyone not interested in bike.... You'll probably want to skip this blog! Stan was in his element taking the tour around the old Moto Guzzi factory site. I joined him for a while and tried to show interest but when he bumped into three of his Laverda club friends I left them to it. The photos tell the story better than me! ... read more
Stan feeling happy that we made it time for the tour.
Famous sign. ( Apparently)
First Moto Guzzi ever produced.

Europe » Italy » Aosta Valley July 4th 2019

After a quick bowl of museli and a much welcome cup of hot tea ( it was now 11 degrees C) we packed up the hut, loaded the car and were on the road by 7.10am . We had a long day ahead of up as Stan really wanted to get to the Moto Guzzi museum in time for the tour at 2.30pm. It's on the banks of Lake Como so we wanted to explore the area before moving on to that night's accommodation in a mountain village. Despite the prospect of a long drive ahead within minutes we were stopping to take photos. The scenery in the early morning clear air was just stunning I braved the cold to get a photo next to the snow. Despite daytime temperatures of in the high 20s there ... read more
Mont Blanc
Mountain streams flooding under the road.
Snow. A cool 11 degrees at 7am.

Europe » France » Champagne-Ardenne July 2nd 2019

Our next leg of the journey went without any real hitches. The roads from Troyes to Dijon were a dream, quiet and smooth ,passing through sleepy villages. After a few stops for picnics and fuel we arrived at Bourg en Bresse by mid afternoon. Not a lot going on this town so we took life easy in a local bar then and early night. Next day we were on the road by 9am. It turned out to be a spectacular journey. Every twist and turn of the road brought a new scene, each one more amazing than the last. Finally we arrived at our next stop high up in the French Alps. We had booked a wooden hut overlooking mountain views. A few minutes drive away was the town of LA Rossiere. A typical ski resort ... read more
What more could you ask for?
Sometimes the most simple things in life are the best.
Spectacular scenery

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