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Still Crazy

Stan and Sheila woolley

We both travelled and worked in Spain, which is where we first met, back in 1972. Things back then were quite different, no plastic card banking or internet to smooth the way.
Our travels were put on hold for a few years whilst we brought up our two children. They now spend large chunks of their life exploring the world.
In in our mid to late 50's we decided it was time we took up travelling again and this time write our own travel blog. Hope it can compete with the younger generations.
We chose the nickname 'still crazy' because I guess that's what we are, still crazy. We completed three six week long stints backpacking around S.E. Asia and several 2 week holidays.
In November 2010, however, we took the huge step of packing in our jobs to go and travel for 4 months meaning we would completely miss most of the British winter.
Escaping the British winter was wonderful and we spent the next three years travelling to warmer places during our winter, mostly S.E.Asia but also California as Sharon our daughter has settled there and has two children
At the moment S.E.Asia is still right at the top of our list of favourite places to visit. We do get asked 'why do you keep going back to the same place?' Well the answer to that is that S.E.Asia covers a vast amount of countries and islands many of which we still have to visit. There are so many varied cultures to experience too. Of course California holds a special place in our hearts too as that is where Sharon and the two grandchildren are.
We plan to do much more exploring around the world as soon as we can and in fact our next adventure is scheduled for one weeks time when we visit S.America

South America was great and we plan to explore Brazil in the future.
Since that trip we have returned to S.E. Asia twice and are about to set off again in two days time. Mostly to escape our winter and to join up with family. We've also went back to Santa Barbara in October 2015 for five weeks and caught a heatwave there, thankfully not forest fires or mudslides!

Europe » Greece » North Aegean October 30th 2018

I don't normally write travelblogs for just a two week package holiday but in response to requests from friends who don't do facebook I've decided to break the rules. We booked a late deal just days before flying off to Pernera in Cyprus. we weren't disappointed. It felt like luxury to be in a proper hotel with air con, hot showers and maid service, as opposed to bamboo beach huts with nothing but a bed and cold shower. True to ourselves, we abandoned the sunbeds around the pool, that most of the hotel guests occupied day after day, and went off in search of adventure. Firstly jumping on a local bus to Cape Greko where we ended up being persuaded to eat sea salt straight from a rock pool by a friendly, very scantily clad local ... read more
Coastal Walk
Coastal Walk

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Krabi April 24th 2018

What would you do on your last day in Thailand? Visit a temple of course! Tiger Cave Temple sits high up on a tall lime karst overlooking the small town of Krabi. We jumped on a local bus right outside our guest house which took us all the way to the temple for 50 Baht each (£1). As we were dropped off the driver pointed to a sheet with times written on and indicated he would pick us up at the time we pointed to. We chose 12.30. Three hours later. Service!! We walked around the temples at the bottom before tackling the 1267 or so steps to the top. Within minutes we were pouring with sweat stopping frequently to catch our breath and take in the fantastic views. Finally, at the top we walked around ... read more
Before the big climb
Monks going up
A short way up

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Lanta April 22nd 2018

For our last few days on the island of Ko Lanta we moved to the south end of Long Beach. As the name suggests the beach is very long, about 2 - 3 kms. We'd been staying around the middle area but Sharon and Scott went to the south end when they returned from Australia. The area around us had become very quiet as we were getting into low season so we decided to move too. We found a lovely shady resort with a nice pool and because it was now low season we got it for a knock down price. 500Baht ( ( £11) a night. We've been spending time with Sharon and co at their pool and beach area and were also able to meet up for dinner easily in the nearby restaurant. One ... read more
Relax Bay
Path over the headland
The next bay we came to

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Lanta April 18th 2018

After our quick stop over in Kuala Lumpur we flew back to Krabi. Sharon and Scott were not returning to Ko Lanta for a few days yet so we decided to stay over in Krabi and spend a day visiting Railay Beach. Well 3 beaches actually. It's a place we stayed at a few years ago and wanted to see how it had changed. The scenery is spectacular , a peninsular backed by tall lime karsts. The only way to get to it is by boat. Each time we'd walked out of our guest house near the pier we were accosted by touts getting to take the trip there. By 9am we'd had breakfast and were ready to go. The tout marched behind us yabbering away but we bought the ticket at the main office anyway. ... read more
Railay Beach
Longtail boats selling lunch
The crowds move in

Asia » Malaysia » Wilayah Persekutuan » Kuala Lumpur April 10th 2018

After leaving our quiet island retreat we have arrived in Kuala Lumpur , China Town. A complete contrast! Noisy, dirty streets instead of sandy paths with barely anyone on. Locals bustling about with strained faces instead of big smiles and greetings from local islanders. Its all part of life's rich tapestry! We spent just one night here, eating out on the famous Petaling Street , the heart of China Town followed by a morning visiting the more peaceful gardens at the Petronis Towers. Only after walking g through a huge, modern indoor, air conditioned shopping mall. Again a huge contrast to the little kiosk shops on the island selling only 3 in 1 coffees and biscuits. From K.L. we fly to Krabi, end route back to meet up with Sharon and Scott and the kids on ... read more
Looking happy!
Traditional Malay clay pots
China Town

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok April 7th 2018

One down side to the lovely open air bathrooms here in Indonesia are the geckos who share your bathroom. Now I don't mind the little ones that gobble up the pesky mosquitoes but we had a very big one living in the overhanging roof. It had made it's favourite place right above the toilet. Most mornings when we first went into the bathroom there was a fresh load of droppings..... All over the toilet but not in it, just everywhere else! Hence a big clean up on my part every day. Geckos do not have good toilet habits! Off course an open air bathroom has its plus side , when showering after dark, the stars above you are amazing and a cooling evening breeze. In addition to the resident gecko were some huge black and yellow ... read more
Sawdust droppings from the wood boring insect above
Open air bathroom has disadvantages.
Resident giant gecko had discussing toilet habits!

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Kuta April 3rd 2018

A new day, a new place! Thamarind Resort, Gili Gede, Lombok,Indonesia We woke to the sun streaming through the window of our bungalow and the smell of cooking. It was time to go out and discover our new surroundings. The breakfast that was included turned out to be nice, scrambled egg, toast ( that was actually toasted!) Tea and fresh fruit. A good start. After breakfast we swam out with our snorkels and were happy to discover that there was a lot of coral still intact and a drop off teaming with fish. This was exactly what we'd been hoping for. Back on dry land we explored our surroundings, there were three bungalows like ours and the rest were just square bamboo huts with a mattress on the floor. Apart from the lumbung house that we ... read more
Thamarind resort
The jetty to Ko komo hotel ( a very posh one)

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Kuta March 27th 2018

Time to move on. As Sharon and Scott have taken off to Australia for a few weeks we decided it was time for us to move on too. We spent a night in Krabi on the mainland Thailand before flying down to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. From there we were due to get the 3.35 pm flight to Lombok, Indonesia arriving just before 7pm. We had a taxi arranged tto meet us to take us to the ferry port for a boat to the island of Gili Gede. ( pronounced ... G'day) However the flight was delayed by first an hour then again for another hour and a half before taking off. Meaning it would be almost 9pm when we landed. On arrival at Lombok airport the front and back doors were opened. We were slap bang ... read more
Living like a princess
Tradition Indonesian bathroom
Thamarind resort

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Lanta March 25th 2018

The last few weeks have been mostly family time. We've spent a lot of time just bumming on the beach and in the sea, Jake and Kyla are really beginning to swim well alone and because there has been up to four adults with them they could practice swimming from one to another in relative safety without floatation aids. For a change from the sea we all visited a water park one day which proved to be fun for both adults and children with crazy water slides that hurled you into the pool at break neck speed and huge floating things that crept up on you in the breeze like some kind of monster. There was also a restaurant on the next beach front along that had a children's pool full of slides and water fountains. ... read more
Play mates
Learning to snorkel.

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Lanta March 11th 2018

After our little adventure jungle trekking it was back to more island time. We returned to Ko Lanta and before we'd barely opened our bags in the new bungalow Sharon, Scott , Kyla and Jake came calling round to see us. Jake needed his boat fixing and had kept wanting to know where Grandpa was!! So for the last couple of weeks we've been alternating between doing the family thing.....Beach, rock pools, swimming, family dinners etc and partying at night. The temperature here is getting hotter by the day. ( sorry to rub it in, you people in Britain) so our main objective is keeping cool in the afternoon when the sun it at its highest and the trees lining the beach no longer offer shade. We did have a major downpour of rain one afternoon ... read more
Our second bungalow at Blue Sky
Three families dining out at Thaicat restaurant on the beach
Sun going down

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