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Stan and Sheila woolley

We both travelled and worked in Spain, which is where we first met, back in 1971. Things back then were quite different, no plastic card banking or internet to smooth the way.
Our travels were put on hold for a few years whilst we brought up our two children. They now spend large chunks of their life exploring the world.
In in our mid to late 50's we decided it was time we took up travelling again and this time write our own travel blog. Hope it can compete with the younger generations.
We chose the nickname 'still crazy' because I guess that's what we are, still crazy. We completed three six week long stints backpacking around S.E. Asia and several 2 week holidays.
In November 2010, however, we took the huge step of packing in our jobs to go and travel for 4 months meaning we would completely miss most of the British winter.
Escaping the British winter was wonderful and we spent the next three years travelling to warmer places during our winter, mostly S.E.Asia but also California as Sharon our daughter has settled there and has two children
At the moment S.E.Asia is still right at the top of our list of favourite places to visit. We do get asked 'why do you keep going back to the same place?' Well the answer to that is that S.E.Asia covers a vast amount of countries and islands many of which we still have to visit. There are so many varied cultures to experience too.
Of course California holds a special place in our hearts too as that is where Sharon and the two grandchildren are.
We plan to do much more exploring around the world as soon as we can and, in fact, our next adventure is scheduled for one weeks time when we visit S.America

South America was great and we plan to explore Brazil in the future.
Since that trip we have returned to S.E. Asia twice and are about to set off again in two days time. Mostly to escape our winter and to join up with family. We've also went back to Santa Barbara in October 2015 for five weeks and caught a heatwave there, thankfully not forest fires or mudslides!

2nd update:
July 2019.

For the last few years while jetting around the four corners of the world we began to think we should be exploring the places on our doorstep. Europe

We've done a few two weeks holidays to Spain, Greece etc but what really holds our hearts are mountains.

Europe has no shortage of these.So, when Stan mentioned that he wanted to go to the 70th Anniversary celebrations of the Laverda motorbike in Northern Italy I suggested we go together in the car.

In just three short weeks we drove through Belgium, France, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Germany and lastly France again clocking up 2,622 miles in all.
Needless to say our journey took us through many mountainous areas.

January 2020
We are back in what seems to be coming our second home. S. E. Asia, escaping the British winter once again. Watch this space for more adventures.
India next!

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Lanta April 7th 2020

.With a feeling of great relief we landed back in the ' Land of Smiles' i.e. Thailand. Phuket to be exact. We had originally intended to spend our last two weeks exploring new places in Thailand but what with the threat of flights being cancelled due to Corona virus and my eye problem that was steadily getting worse, we made the decision to just return to Ko Lanta. Being a relatively small island is was slightly shielded from the rest of the world, and hopefully Corona. As each day had passed we were getting more and more news of it's spread and it seemed we had just got out of India in time. It was only 6.30 am when we landed and getting through passport control was particularly fast. Phuket is a major tourist place for ... read more
Cooking class
Quiet beaches as the crowds gradually go home
Waiting at a bar with no beer

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Jaisalmer February 23rd 2020

Firstly I need to apologise for the sudden absence of blogs. On the last night that we were in Jodhpur I developed a problem with my eye and wasn't able to use my smartphone for more than a few minutes at a time. Hence no blogs for a while. Update: We're back in England thankfully, we managed to escape the shutdowns and flight cancelations everywhere, due to the corona virus, by the skin of our teeth. I have now been seen by an eye consultant at our local hospital and been given the all clear to use my smartphone. All be it in small doses and am in a ' wait and see how it goes' situation So, to back-track a few weeks. February 17th We were dropped off at the station in Jodhpur at the ... read more
A view of the fort from our guesthouse rooftop
our room
colourful dolls for sale inside the fort

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Jaipur February 16th 2020

Time to move on from Agra and explore Rajasthan, known as the Golden Triangle. We boarded the train at 2.30 in the afternoon and just like before it left bang on time at 2.50pm. Could teach British Rail a thing or two! Out seat numbers were 34 and 35 so we thought they'd be together but the weren't. A group of Americans got on and their seats were all over the place but in the same area too as was another English couple's seats. Between us we rearranged things so we were sat with our respective partners. When the ticket man came along to check tickets he was totally confused and finally gave up and let us stay where we were sat. Each time we stopped at a station and more passengers got on we pretended ... read more
Elephants carry people up to the fort. We walked
Inside the fort
Amber fort

Asia » India » Uttar Pradesh » Agra February 12th 2020

The Taj Mahal ! What can I say? It really is the jewel in the crown! We arrived in Agra at 8.30 am and luckily the hotel let us check into our room straight away. After a rest we went out to explore. The hotel was literally five minutes walk away from the West Gate entrance of the Taj Mahal. It was already mid day so we decided we would go the next day nice and early to beat the crowds. The streets here are just as bad as in Delhi. Actually worse but as our hotel was just inside the area that was barriered off and guarded by police it was a little haven. We wandered up and down looking for somewhere to eat. A few places advertised rooftop restaurants with views of the Taj ... read more
Taj Naval before the crowds
Marble archways
Part of the Taj Mahal

Asia » India » Uttar Pradesh » Agra February 12th 2020

Travel in India, where do we start?! We'd heard of the numerous scams, people telling you " that train isn't running today " that hotel burnt down last week , I take you to mine " We heard them all. We had our train tickets booked and all the hotels too, we just needed to ' join' everything together when we were here. In Delhi a tuk tuk driver dropped us off at ' the government tourist office' . We hadn't asked him to he just did! It turned out to be an agent. A very persuasive one. He looked at our plans so far. He checked the train times were still on schedule and said it was good but he could help by providing a car and driver at each stop. He would collect us ... read more
First breakfast
Big group of Japanese tourists in front of us.

Asia February 10th 2020

Nameste! You hear that word continually as you walk through the streets. It's a greeting and practically everyone you meet in the street shouts it out to you. Everyone wants to know all about you. " Where you from?" "Where you going?" "Let me take you, very cheap " " You want to go shopping mall? Cannot walk there!" " you want tuk tuk?" On and on to the point where your brain hurts. All this as you're trying to negotiate sleeping dogs, cows picking through heaps of garbage and huge piles of what these animals leave behind! Dust and grime is ankle deep and potholes and drains threaten to swallow you up. While all this is going on bikes and tuk tuks come at you from all directions beeping as loud as they can. It's ... read more
Every kind of traffic
Crazy street where no one has the right of way.
Tuk tuks everywhere

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Lanta February 7th 2020

Our time in Thailand is quickly coming to an end. We spent the last few days on Ko Lanta trying to cram everything in. We did a last long walk to Bamboo beach. Pia and Antti, our friends from Finland, came along too. It turned out to be a lovely, if not sweaty, day out and we were happy to have shared the experience with them. ( not the sweaty bit!!) After a long, much needed, siesta, we met up again that evening at Aleena mini mart for a beer and then went along to Irie Bar to see the live band there. Its the nearest thing to a night club here. Open air, lots of cushions on wooden platforms , a stage and a small dance floor. Lots of coloured lights and, of course, stars ... read more
Bang Tao beach
Our last night at Aleena Mini Mart
Leaving Saladan Pier, Ko Lanta

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Lanta February 2nd 2020

After a pleasant dinner in " Somewhere Else " restaurant we sauntered over to Aleena Mini Mart for our usual after dinner drink. As always the long wooden tables were crammed with people from all nations eating street food and enjoying a cold beer or two from the mini mart. We stood scanning the scene deciding which table to join when a girl came rushing over to us asking if we remembered them. They'd met us there two years ago and had been wondering if we would be here again this year. After a few moments I got my brain into gear and , yes, I did remember them. We joined them at their table and the memories came flooding back. They remember Sharon and Scott and of course ' the sweet little blonde haired children' ... read more
Sea Krait
Antee and Pia, our friends from Finland.

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Lanta January 31st 2020

After a few days of doing not a lot, besides people watching on the beach, snorkelling, watching sunsets and trying out different restaurants, we are truly chilled to the core. (But in a good way, not in the way you might be back home in Britain) So, it was time to go and do some exploring. We set off on a long walk to find some sandy bays and coves further afield. Setting off in the cool of the early morning was quite easy but as we returned in the late afternoon the sun was high in the sky and beat down relentlessly. Half way back we stopped off at Mad Bull bar, a place we'd discovered last time we were here that served ice cold beer and a huge plate of cheesy chips with crispy ... read more
Lots of shade.
Fluffy white clouds float above
Sand as soft as talcum powder

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Lanta January 17th 2020

After an early morning flight from Bangkok to Krabi then a two hour minibus ride we arrived on the gorgeous island of Ko Lanta. It's the third time we've been here. So why do we keep coming back? You may well ask. The world is a big place and we intend to go and explore more of it very soon but for now its great to take some time out in a place we know so well and love. We rolled up to the reception of Best House and the owner came out. She instantly recognised us from three years ago and greeted us warmly. She knew about the booking but hadn't put a name to the face. We dropped our gear in the room and went to the mini mart to buy cold water. The ... read more
Early morning view from " Somewhere Else" Beach bar.
The world is beginning to wake up as we eat breakfast in Funky Fish bar.
Best House

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