Stan and Sheila woolley

Still Crazy

Stan and Sheila woolley

We both travelled and worked in Spain, which is where we first met, back in 1972. Things back then were quite different, no plastic card banking or internet to smooth the way.
Our travels were put on hold for a few years whilst we brought up our two children. They now spend large chunks of their life exploring the world.
In in our mid to late 50's we decided it was time we took up travelling again and this time write our own travel blog. Hope it can compete with the younger generations.
We chose the nickname 'still crazy' because I guess that's what we are, still crazy. We completed three six week long stints backpacking around S.E. Asia and several 2 week holidays.
In November 2010, however, we took the huge step of packing in our jobs to go and travel for 4 months meaning we would completely miss most of the British winter.
Escaping the British winter was wonderful and we spent the next three years travelling to warmer places during our winter, mostly S.E.Asia but also California as Sharon our daughter has settled there and has two children
At the moment S.E.Asia is still right at the top of our list of favourite places to visit. We do get asked 'why do you keep going back to the same place?' Well the answer to that is that S.E.Asia covers a vast amount of countries and islands many of which we still have to visit. There are so many varied cultures to experience too. Of course California holds a special place in our hearts too as that is where Sharon and the two grandchildren are.
We plan to do much more exploring around the world as soon as we can and in fact our next adventure is scheduled for one weeks time when we visit S.America

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland May 24th 2017

After ten weeks of being pretty much confined at home after Stan's knee replacement we were getting itchy feet. Our need to travel is never far from our minds. We saw an advert for a five day coach trip to Fort William going for half price as it was right on the last minute. With a little hesitation we decided to go for it. Someone else can do the driving, cooking etc. Just what we needed! Monday morning dawned wet, very wet and after a panic to vet to the coach stop on time I realized I'll left my umbrella on the hall table. Good start!! The ten hour journey consisted of several stops, meaning we were never on the coach for .ore than two hours at a time. Each time we stopped we had to ... read more
view fron our hotel window
Loch Linnee
Loch Linnee

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Phang-Nga January 28th 2017

The area around Phang Nga on the mainland is surrounded by spectacular lime karsts both in the sea and on land. Amongst them is the famous James Bond island. A tall lime karst that featured in one of the films. A popular way to see it is by going on an very expensive tourist excursion by mini bus and speed boat,from any of the surrounding areas. The problem with these excursions, apart from the expense is that you end up being herded around like cattle and not spending too much time doing what you actually want to do. The trip is also combined with a visit to the floating village.that nestles between the lime karsts. We'd read about a public ferry that went from Ko Yao Noi, the island we were currentl on, to Phang Nga ... read more
Jak and Som took us to the pier
And insisted on waiting until we sailed away to wave us goodbye
On the boat

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Yao January 26th 2017

Last time we were on the island of Ko Yao Noi ( Noi meaning north) we made friends with a Thai couple, Som and Jak. They'd both been working at Holiday resort where we were staying but as trade dropped they both found themselves out of work. They were lovely people and asked us to keep in touch. When they knew we were returning to the island they insisted we meet up. Som has done well for herself and now works as a receptionist at the neighbouring expensive hotel. Jack has started his own business running boat trips. On our second day there neither were starting work until 2pm so Jak asked if he could pick us up in his car at 11am to go out for the day together. First we went to their house. ... read more
Caged birds
Lunch. The real Thai style!
His local restaurant

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Yao January 24th 2017

We are now on the island of Ko Yao Noi. After six weeks on Ko Lanta it was time for a change. The journey here consisted of a four hour mini bus ride interrupted by a ride on the small car ferry to take us to the mainland then onto the pier at Krabi via Ao Nang. Unfortunately as we arrived in the mainland it began to rain and soon became a torrential downpour, flooding the roads. We bagan to dread the boat ride over to the island but miraculously 15 mins before we arrived at the pier it stopped and the sun came out. A huge troop of monkeys came from the mangroves and greeted us at the pier as our mini bus pulled up. The boat was an old large wooden long tail boat ... read more
Deserted beaches
On the long tail boat waiting to set off from Krabi
The journey took us through spectacular scenery

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Lanta January 19th 2017

After a day zooming around the island on the truck tuk we felt we'd seen a good proportion of the it. However as our truck tuk driver had taken us mainly to the well known tourist places we had noticed other interesting looking places that we would have liked to investigate more. Motor bikes are super cheap to rent on most Thai islands and are a popular way to get around. Ko Lanta is no exception. Bikes are less than £4 a day The roads tend to be in a bad condition, large potholes , mud patches and gravel. Stan's an experienced bike rider so I put my faith in his skills. Unlike most tourists, however, who tend to ride around in skimpy clothing or even swimwear I put on long trousers and a fleece. I've ... read more
Relax Bay
Diamond Cliff Bay and Restaurant
Diamond Cliff Bay

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Lanta January 14th 2017

We're not used to spending so long in one place but this time we decided to try it instead of rushing around from place to place, even county to country. Also the main reasons is that Sharon and Scott are here with the two children. The area of Ko Lanta we are staying in is beautiful in its own way and very lively so we never get time to be bored. Having said that after over a month here we began to feel a bit claustrophobic and wanted to see more of the island. We debated whether to get a bike or not, I wasn't too keen. Then we came up with the idea to rent a tuk truck and driver for all six of us. A tuk truck is a kind of open back truck ... read more
On the truck tuk
Riding in style
Jake loves to be with Grandpa!

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand January 8th 2017

We've just lived through a massive storm and here we were thinking this was the dry season! It all began on Friday evening, the day had been cloudy and dull but still nice enough for the beach. We had planned to collect a bike that evening so we could take off early next morning and visit other parts of the island. As we stepped out of the door around 6pm to collect the bike it began to rain so we decided to wait a while and sheltered inside. However the rain became heavier and heavier making it impossible to go out. After two hours it finally eased so we jumped into the nearest bar, Jam Bar, for dinner deciding to give up on the bike fir the time being as most of the roads around here ... read more
Front of Thaim out bar destroyed
Another tree Down. Our favourite shady spot on the beach. Gone!
Entrance to our bungalow resort, blocked by a fallen tree

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Lanta January 1st 2017

Happy New Year! As often happens in Asia the afternoon leading up to the new year turned stormy and the heavens opened! And I mean opened! the rain poured down for about 30 minutes drenching the beach. Many of the restaurants had spent all morning setting out tables and chairs on the beach adorning them with white and gold table cloths and pretty bows of ribbon on the chairs. I felt so sorry for the staff who had to dry it all off and start again! Luckily by 5pm the rain had cleared and the celebrations got underway big time. Sharon and Scott joined us and we all went to Thai cat restaurant together for dinner. Jake and Kyla performed their ' fire show' for us again. They're becoming little experts! We moved onto Funky Fish ... read more
Family dinner at Thai cat restaurant
Budding fires show people.
The beach was a host of coloured lights

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Lanta December 31st 2016

After two weeks in our bamboo hut it was time to change. As we got closer to Christmas every where is becoming much busier and our hut was pre booked by someone else. Luckily the owner of the resort had a vacant air con room so we moved into that for a week. Only two doors away so no big hassle. Three times the price but nice to spoil ourselves now and again. I have to say I'm enjoying the air con and hot water shower, not to mention the fridge. I think for a while we can be referred to as 'flash packers' rather than 'back packers'! We have been off exploring and found our favourite part of the beach, right at the far end of Long Beach away from the crowds and close to ... read more
Despite the Christmas crowds we often had this end to ourselves
A few rocks made for some interesting snorkelling
A steep path to another secluded little beach

Asia » Thailand December 23rd 2016

There's certainly no shortage of parties on this island. Whether they be for Christmas or just any excuse for a party. We were caught out the first Thursday we were here. It was the turn of the Ozone Bar a few hundred feet away from us to hold a party. We'd gone to bed and were fast asleep when the music was cranked up at midnight. A rude awakening! We thought it would go on for half an hour or so then stop. But oh no! 4.30am before it finally stopped leaving us feeling exhausted the next day. We soon learned that this was a regular occurance every Thursday. After considering all the options we came to the conclusion that ' if you can't beat 'em....join 'em!! Not that we wanted to join in at the ... read more
Practicing to be fire dancers
Kyla and Jake find a Christmas tree on the beach
We found Santa!

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