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MISSING January 25th 2014

Bright and early we were collected at 7am, taken to the office for breakfast along with 5 other people before being loaded into two cars and taken to the port where we found the small speed boat waiting. Unfortunately the sea was very rough on the day we travelled to Ko Surin, as the boat plowed through the waves the spray washed over us repeatedly we pulled on fleeces and huddled up together but by the time we arrived on the island we were soaked to the skin. We transferred from the speed boat to a longtail boat to be taken ashore. The beach we landed on was a narrow strip of white sand backed by jungle vegetation and no sign of life anywhere. A small pathway lead through the vegetation and we were told that ... read more
National Park Headquarters Beack
Pier at Kuraburi
Dive boat at Kuraburi

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand January 17th 2014

We flew to Ranong stayed one night then took a bus south to Kuaburi, the small town that's closest to the ferry port where you can get a boat to Ko Surin Islands from. We had no idea where we would stay or how we would get to the islands. We arrived in Kuraburi the bus was greeted by a tour operator who arranged trips to Surin. In no time at all we had the trip booked and were in one of their bungalows for the night awaiting the boat ride at 9am next day. Thailand is so easy to travel sometimes! Luckily for us there was a Watermelon Festival going on which meant there was a night market on selling good cheap food a brilliant atmosphere and lots of entertainment. Kuraburi isn’t really on the ... read more
It's not a joke this really was the plane we flew to Ranong on!!

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok January 15th 2014

We visited the grand palace in 2006, the first time we ever visited Bangkok but decided it was well worthy of a second trip almost 8 years later. It was just as we’d remembered it plus we seemed to notice more than last time probably because the first time you’re simply overwhelmed. Later that evening we met up with some friends from Finland who we’d first met 2 years ago on Ko Jam. They’d had big trouble getting to the Kho San area from the airport, their taxi driver stopped at the first road block and told them they’d have to get out and walk, it took them almost an hour as they’d no idea where they were. I guess the aim to ‘Shut Down Bangkok’ is working. We had a lovely meal together and did ... read more

Asia January 14th 2014

We’ve been away from internet access for a while so I have some back tracking to do. Monday 13th January We arrived back in Bangkok – right as a huge protest is just beginning! Before leaving here a week ago to go to Ko Samet we reserved and paid for a room in our favourite area so we wouldn’t have to trek around looking with our big backpacks. A few days after being on Ko Samet we began to hear rumours that there was a huge protest planned for Monday Jan 13th – the day we’d planned to be back. The aim was to ‘shut the city down!’ We considered leaving Samet a day early and emailed Lamphu House to see if we could have our room a day early but they were fully booked. The ... read more
The Skytrain
From the riverboat
From the riverboat

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Ko Samet January 9th 2014

After some serious travel days and a few days trekking around hot cities we were in need of some laid-back island time. Ko Samet is easily reached from Bangkok and as we've been there before we knew exactly where to head once on the island to get the accommodation we knew we liked. Luckily they had a vacant room so by after checking in we were straight down onto the beach for a cooling dip in the sea. We've spent two days on our favourite beach a short walk away from the crowds and enjoyed some snorkelling although we didn't get to see much other than a few small fish and some blue lipped clams and of course plenty of black spiky urchins. We plan to spend a couple more days here before heading back to ... read more
Leaving the pier at Banphe to go to Ko Samet
Start of the jungle path to the beach
Path down to Ao Nuan

Asia » Malaysia » Wilayah Persekutuan » Kuala Lumpur January 5th 2014

We spent our last night here in Kuala Lumpur watching the colourful fountains show near the Petronis Towers. As we ate our noodles back in China Town we heard load bangs and realized it was a firework display. Apparently it was the opening ceremony of ' Visit Malaysia 2014'. We managed to finish our noodles and catch the tail end of it. Today we fly to Bangkok to start the next leg of our trip. We have 3 months to work our way back to K.L. island hopping as we go.... read more
Fountains, Petronis Towers
Fountains, Petronis Towers

Asia » Malaysia » Wilayah Persekutuan » Kuala Lumpur » China Town January 3rd 2014

In the space of just under 24 hours it seems like we've been transported to another world. As we left home on the first day of the new year a cold wind howled, the rain poured almost vertical and the sky was a dark slate grey colour. At 3.30pm on the second day we were sat on a bus backing out of Kuala Lumpur International Airport bus station. Instantly we felt the warmth from the sunshine through the bus window. Instead of watching bare forlorn looking trees as we passed by, as we had done in England, rows of palm trees made a beautiful backdrop against a deep blue sky. At last we've escaped the British winter!! January 3rd We grabbed some breakfast on a rooftop cafe before making our way on the monorail to the ... read more
Selamat Datang!
Our cute hotel in China Town
basic but cheap and clean!

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Rhodes July 17th 2013

As a ‘one off’ we changed the way we travel, we booked an 'all inclusive' late deal to Rhodes, Greece. Reason? After 5 months of being back home my feet were beginning to get that itchy feeling, we needed some more travel and until the schools break up for the summer there are some fantastic deals out there so we decided to snap one up. We’ve never gone for all-inclusive holidays before as we tend not to hang about around the hotel complex but this was a deal too good not to miss. We were a little apprehensive as you tend to get what you pay for in life and we had read some bad reviews on the hotel. We needn’t have worried we got lucky and were allocated one of the best rooms in the ... read more
Acropolis, Lindos
Colourful flowers adorn the narrow white washed streets

North America » United States » California » Santa Barbara January 25th 2013

Our time in the States has almost come to an end, we have just 5 days left. When we booked to come for the months of December and January we had no idea really what kind of weather we were going to experience all we knew was that we wanted to get away from our terrible weather in England for a while. Well we certainly did that, although we have had a few days when the temperature dipped and we needed to wear coats (even a scarf one day which is usually unheard of here!) in general it has been mild or even hot. We have spent a lot of time exploring the many mountain trails here, almost to the point that we recognise all the peaks now and can honestly say that we’ve conquered most ... read more
The top
Despite being over 3,000 ft up flowers bloomed everywhere
View from Montecito Peak

North America » United States » California » Santa Barbara January 2nd 2013

Happy New Year to everyone. We are still in California, enjoying the wall to wall sunshine. We have seen some rain but nothing compared to back in the UK. Enjoying spending time with Sharon, Scott and of course new granddaughter Kyla who is changing every day. She is really beginning to play now helped by her numerous Christmas Presents. We hiked to the top of Montecito Peak,3,200, ft on Friday, one of the highest peaks around here. We stood on the top picking out trails for future walks, the views were fantastic and we were amazed at the colourful wild shrubs growing up there. We have been putting lots of photos on facebook as they load faster than on this site but for those who do not do facebook I will add some here. Once again, ... read more
A lone tree makes for a distinctive landmark
The summit of Montecito Peak
Colourful rock at the summit

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