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I've never doubted that the world is full of amazing places and we've been lucky enough to see quite a few already but over the last few days we managed to see another four examples of what nature can do. The results were spectacular. America covers a huge area so to get anywhere takes an age. We set off from Santa Barbara at 9am Monday morning and arrived at Flagstaff, the gateway to the Grand Canyon, 12 hour later at 9pm. We'd driven through hundreds of miles of dessert to get there and seen amazing sites along the way but were looking forward to the 'big one' the next day. After a very early start and another two hours of driving on Tuesday morning we arrived at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. There are ... read more
Route 66
Mile long trains snake their way across the dessertt

In between all the baby care we have managed to do some exploring on our own, At first we had to rely on Sharon to do the driving but now it's been organised so that Stan can drive her car so we have had some time to ourselves in between the running around doing essential errands. Santa Barbara has lots of parks, beaches and mountains nearby so I've loaded photos to tell the story. Also, one night we jioned Tom and Wanda, Sharon's inlaws for a 'music in the park night' it was a rock group playing 60's songs and turned out to be a great night. Tomorrow we are setting off on a 4 /5 day trip to see other parts of the states. We'll be keeping our phone close at hand in case we're ... read more
With Sharon, Scott and Kyla
Sea Mist rolling in.
Kyla's first trip to the ocean

The purpose of our trip to California was to meet our expected grandchild. Well she's here!! 20 days early but both mum and baby are doing well, little Kyla couldn't wait to arrive. One minute we were on our way to eat dinner in a restaurant overlooking the harbour the next minute we diverted to the hospital and she arrived into the world just over 3 hour later! She's gorgeous, I know I'm biased but she IS!! We're now running around frantically to get everything ready for her to come home tomorrow. I think I'm going to be busy for a while! We were expecting to have 3 weeks to get to know our way around here but it's amazing how fast you can adapt when needed.... read more
proud parents
sleepy head
proud grandparents

After a three and a half hour delay at Manchester causing us to miss our connection in Atlanta we finally arrived in Los Angeles and managed to meet up with Sharon. However our luggage didn't make it but luckily it arrived at Santa Barbara airport next morning. We have three months now to catch up on some family time and look forward to the birth of our first grandchild in July. On Saturday we watched the summer Solstace parade in Santa Barbara and have spent the rest of our time so far dining out overlooking the harbour, chilling out on one of the many beaches and swimming in the beautiful pool at Sharon's inlaw's Condo complex. Watch this space for news of the new baby's arrival!... read more
Summer Solstice Parade
summer Solstace parade
Summer Solstice Parade

Asia » Malaysia » Terengganu » Pulau Kapas April 30th 2012

Our time on this beautiful island was rapidly coming to an end. We have had many adventures and met many fantastic people, some new friends, some from our time here in past years. Sunday 29th April was our next to last day and a very special one. Firstly there was a swimathon arranged from the island to the mainland, a distance of 6.5 kms. Due to the currents it’s not for the faint hearted The normally quiet sleepy island was suddenly overrun with visitors. Every bed available was taken and several tents erected too to accommodate everyone. We were up bright and early to watch the start of the race and cheer the KBC crew on. At 7.30am a whistle blew and three hundred competitors jumped into the sea, all wearing red swimming caps. Kayan was ... read more
Ready steady --- Go!!
The last ones to go enter the water

Asia » Malaysia » Terengganu April 28th 2012

We got talking to an Australian couple, Moi and Dave, in the restaurant one night and soon realised we had a lot in common and ended up going for dinner most nights together. A few nights later, over a beer, the four of us made the decision to get up bright and early next day and do the jungle trek over to the other side of the island before the temperature rose too high. Next day after drenching ourselves in mosquito repellent and equipping ourselves with huge bottles of water, we set off. The trail was not so difficult to begin with, dry and not too steep but we quickly came to the jungle proper, fortunately the path was well marked with a rope that came in very useful when we got to the steep paths. ... read more
Trekking Thru' the Jungle
Carefully does it!
Giant Centipede!

Asia » Malaysia » Terengganu April 26th 2012

As I’m writing this blog we’re sat on the decking under the shade of a huge tree. In front of us is a beautiful white sand beach and a calm blue ocean beyond. Sam Cooke in gently playing ‘Summertime and the Living is Easy’ on Kyam’s sound system. So appropriate! We have returned to one of our favourite islands of the east coast of Malaysia. I’m pleased to say that not much has changed, it’s still a sleepy place with beautiful unspoilt beaches. Apart from when the weekenders come, you can almost guarantee having the whole beach to yourself. As the sun rises higher in the sky and the shade on the beach disappears we retreat to the shade of this tree and while away the afternoon. Evenings too can be spent under this tree sipping ... read more
Secluded Beach
In the darkness we just just make it out as each egg was laid
Tracks where the turtle tried to find a good nesting spot

Asia » Philippines » Luzon » Metro Manila April 18th 2012

We left the island of Pandan at 1pm, Dominique, the owner of the island assured us we would have no problem getting a bus back to San Jose for our flight, there was one every hour and Holy week was over so there would be loads of empty seats.. When we got to the bus station, however at 1.20pm expecting to get the 2pm bus we were told that the next bus was 3pm. We jumped back on the tricycle and asked him to take us to the other bus station. Once there the news was the same- next bus 3pm! How stupid to have two buses going at the same time. We had no option but to sit it out, the sun was beating down hard and there was barely any shade. 3pm came and ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Mindoro » Pandan Island April 15th 2012

After a good night’s sleep we woke refreshed and ready to start our laid back island life . Picture this if you can: A small island out in the South China Sea. No towns or villages or roads or even pathways. A collection of 15 bungalows constructed with raffia walls and thatched rooves, no glass in the windows and no locks on the flimsy doors. A restaurant and bar to serve the temporary residents of the bungalows, most of who visit for a few days to a few weeks, flowing in and out like the tide. A white sand beach, sprinkled with remnants of sun bleached white coral, shelves gently into a pale blue ocean that changes to a deeper blue where the coral reef begins. Days can be spent relaxing in a shady spot ... read more
View from our chalet on the beach front
Live music on the beach
Sea plane

Asia » Philippines » Mindoro » Pandan Island April 15th 2012

We left El Nido on the 9.30am mini bus after a big drama when the mini van drove off with our small packs on board before we could stop it. All our documents money cards and passports were in them. Very worrying! The man at the bus station assured us that it would return in a few minutes. It did finally returned 15 minutes later packed with a group of tourists they’d picked up on the roadside also wanting to go to Puerto Princessa only returning to the bus station to pick up a ‘spare wheel!’ Us??? Fortunately our bags had been dumped in the back and after retrieving them we had the job of squeezing ourselves onto the remaining seats. So much for getting to the bus station early to get a good seat! Once ... read more
Parade in Puerto Princessa for Holy Friday
Long Dusty Road
Clouds of dust!

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