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North America June 26th 2014

Santa Barbara is known for hits wonderful climate but sometimes, especially in June, the heat from inland draws the mist in from the sea and creates a blanket of fog above the town. This is know as June Gloom. Thanks to Tom and his guide book we'd spent a lovely few days exploring beauty spots on the other side of the mountain range and had planned a walk right down the other side one day but woke up to the June Gloom, the mountain range had completely disappeared . We debated whether to go or not but as our time here is quickly running out we decided to go anyway. As we set off driving up Gibraltar road that takes you to the road that winds along the ridge we were surrounded by cloud and mist, ... read more
Threatening to cover the mountains
Above a huge pillow of cloud
Cloud billows up as it hits the range

Just realized I never got round to publishing this blog - so 2 weeks overdue, here's the last one for a while. Our next leg of the trip was to return to Santa Barbara via Highway One coastal road. The highway is about 90 miles and twists and turns frequently with spectacular drops in places. The whole route took us 8 hours due to the many twists and the fact that we stopped frequently to take photos. At Big Sur there's a Redwood National Park, it was approaching lunch time by the time we reached there so seemed a good place to explore, eat a picnic and take a walk to stretch our legs. From here we took to the road again and an hour or so later got to Julia Phiffer National Park. It's basically ... read more
Long sandy beaches
Huge Redwood Trees ,Big Sur
Steep drops down to the ocean

North America » United States » California » Monterey May 30th 2014

After a late night last night we started the day slowly and arrived in Monterey around midday. After all the snowy mountains, lakes and spectacular scenery today we were doing something completely different. . We had been given 2 tickets for the aquarium there. As we love snorkelling we were looking forward to seeing things at close quarters. The aquarium didn't disappoint us, on the first floor was a huge tank with fish of all sizes including Hammerhead shark and huge Tuna fish. On the floor above was the same tank so you could see the varieties that tended to swim near the surface. We then discovered there was a floor below where we could see the bottom feeders. In addition to the big tank there were smaller tanks filled with tropical fish, squid, and cuttle ... read more
Bat Ray
Leopard shark
Jelly fish

We returned to Nicely's restaurant up the street from our hotel for breakfast, they opened at 7am so we were on the doorstep at 7.05 am ( didn't want to appear too eager!) in order to get breakfast and on the road as early as possible. The service was great and by 7.25 am we had the car loaded and were on our way. Yosemite - here we come! I've been waiting for this day for so long! Within minutes of setting off we were on Tioga Pass, the main pass that leads to the Park and through it. The Pass twisted and turned it's way up the mountain climbing higher and higher, with each turn the scenery just kept getting better and better. There were lots of places to pull over and take a good ... read more
Snowy Mountains
Restaurant halfway up Tioga Pass

We spent the afternoon exploring the town of Bodie, a ghost town. It was an hour’s drive from Lee Vining following a bendy road but the last three miles turned into a dusty, rocky unpaved road. It’s often closed during the winter after heavy snow fall due to it's high altitude of around. By the time we got to the town our car had turned from a lovely white to a dirty grey. The town had been a thriving gold mining town which grew up in 1859 when gold was found along the Bodie Creek. $100 million worth of ore was found but when the gold ran out everyone moved out. Set in a large dust bowl the town had lots of wooden houses, a general store, a hotel, a church and a school. On the ... read more
The street Through Brodie
Dusty Furniture left behing

After a snatched breakfast in the motel we were on the road again and the temperature was rising rapidly to begin with. Our first stop was Mammoth Lakes, again as we got to the mountain area there was snow everywhere but this time whenever we left the car to take photos the air temperature was low as we had climbed to a high altitude, over 8000 feet so no surprise, the scenery was incredible though so we figured it was worth braving the cold to see! From Mammoth Lakes we travelled further North to Mono Lake, a strange lake with evidence of volcanic activity. The water was a bright turquoise blue with a black crater in the middle and strange pinnacles around the edge formed by spring water bubbling up creating calcium deposits. Thankfully here, despite ... read more
Freezing temperatures!
Probably due to the Altitude!
Pretty Waterfalls

North America » United States » California » Lone Pine May 27th 2014

America is a huge country with so many amazing sites to see so while we were here in California it made sense to go and see as many as we could. We hired a car set off immediately after the public holiday, Memorial day, on a six day trip.Hopefully most of the crowds would have gone home! We had intended to travel north up the along the coast road, Highway One as far as Monterey then over to Yosemite Valley, a place I had been wanting to see for years before driving back South inland. However on the morning we were due to set off the infamous Californian sea fog had moved in along the coast meaning there would be no views. Instead, we made the instant decision to turn the trip around and travel North ... read more
Snowy Peaks of Whitney Portal
In temperatures of over 100 degrees F
Mount Whitney Looms up above us

After a whirlwind two weeks back home from our trip around Thailand and Malaysia we have arrived in California. The moment we arrived home I began ploughing through the mountain of post that had arrived while we'd been away, some of it junk mail but lots that needed urgent attention. Add to this the fact that our flight schedule to get here had been completely changed meaning the connections didn't work out any more. After spending over a week on the phone being tossed between Delta Airlines, Air France, and KLM we finally got it sorted out but instead of the nice easy change overs that we'd selected we ended up having to get up before the crack of dawn to get to the airport in Manchester and waiting around in Atlanta for 6 hours. By ... read more
Kyla meets her new little brother
Grandpa meets Jake
Kyla loves watching Grandpa do jobs

Asia » Malaysia » Pahang » Cameron Highlands » Tanah Rata March 16th 2014

I thought I'd finished writing about this area, we had just one day left but unfortunately it rained. This made for a whole new view of the mountains in mist. Reminded me a lot of the Lake District back home. Also followers of our blog, Bob and Linda, asked for photos of around town as Bob lived here years ago. So here goes, more photos for Bob and anyone else who is interested!... read more
Tanah Rata from a jungle trail
The power station and the summit of Ganung Jasar
Chinese temple

Asia » Malaysia » Pahang » Cameron Highlands » Tanah Rata March 12th 2014

Two things the Cameron Highlands are famous for are the jungle/ rainforest walks and the tea plantations. We bought a map and began exploring. First we set off on a jungle trail to Robinson waterfalls, the path was fairly flat but strewn with fallen down trees that had to be climbed over. Now I don’t mind that bit but I do worry what creature or insect may be lurking unseen just where I need to put my hand! The vegetation was amazing, twice the size of anything we have in the UK. The jungle trail ended up close to the road that led to one of the largest plantations so of course we had to go and see it. After walking for over 5 kms we came to the tea rooms/factory. Most of the road to ... read more
Vines trail across the jungle path
Giant plants
Fungi growing on the tree in the rain forest

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