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Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Trang February 13th 2014

The area around Trang is well known for it's beautiful waterfalls and tree clad mountains. As we were passing back through on our way to another island we decided to stay for a day and explore. We hired a driver and a car for the day, he turned out to be a brilliant guide and knew all the best places to visit. We ended up on a canopy walkway high up in the tree tops. Tomorrow we go to Pak Bara on the coast to get a boat to Bulon Leh... read more
Tricky pathways through the jungle

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand February 11th 2014

Andaman Bungalows on the island of Ko Sukron turned out to be an absolute delight. The owner greeted us as we arrived and took us straight to our bungalow, it was so nice, a spacious room with a wrap around balcony with views of the beach just a few metres away. The staff here are so friendly and helpful, it seems like their whole mission in life is to serve their guests, such a pleasant change from the last island. It’s good to know that some of the old Thailand still exists We spent our first full day here exploring the island on a small bike. The islands main industry is rubber. The plantations are extensive and every now and again we came across large sheets of rubber hanging out to dry in the sun, as ... read more

Asia » Thailand February 7th 2014

Unfortunately the only accommodation that had been available was in a tent but the agent assured us that if we booked it, once we were on the island if a room or bungalow became available we would be able to upgrade. Well that just didn’t happen, the island was very busy and no rooms were available for a couple of nights so reluctantly we settled for a tent for two nights with the promise of a bungalow after that. The tent had a full sized mattress in so wouldn’t have been so bad but for 3 girls who came home drunk at 3.15 am and giggled at the top of their voices for best part of an hour! The beach was very pretty and not busy considering all the bungalow operations were full. We spent 3 ... read more
The beach - Ko Muk
View from the beach over to Ko Kradan o
the beach

Asia February 3rd 2014

From Railay we travelled back to Krabi then onto Trang. The starting place for our next island hop to Ko Muk. It was Sunday afternoon when we arrived and because Trang isn’t really a tourist place everything was closed. We found a cute little hotel in town, Yamawha, whose owners greeted us warmly as the tuk tuk driver dropped us off. They seemed to be falling over themselves backwards to help us find information about getting to the island but seemed to have no idea really which seemed a bit strange. It turned out they’d only taken the hotel over 3 days before and were still learning the ropes. We walked around the town and found an agent who booked us some accommodation on the island for the next day and arranged the transport. When we ... read more

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Railay January 30th 2014

Although we hadn’t come here to rock climb we found ourselves rock scrambling anyway. As you walk along the path to the beach there is a steep path leading up to a lagoon, this intrigued me wondering how a lagoon could be up there. Bright and early one morning, before it got too hot, we set off in search of the lagoon. The path was a steep rock scramble but there was a thick rope to guide you and help you get up if need be. It proved to be not too difficult and after about 15 minutes of climbing we were at the top. The path branched of in two directions, we took the right turn and soon found ourselves at the view point. A place you could look out see the narrow strip with ... read more
Climbing to the lagoon

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Railay January 29th 2014

We’ve now moved to Railay, a peninsular on the mainland that’s completely cut off by tall limestone Karsts meaning the only access is by boat. The tall limestone karsts make it a haven for rock climbers but we’re not here for that, it’s the spectacular scenery we’ve come for. There are also two beautiful beaches. We chose a bungalow resort built high up amongst the karsts. The bungalows were set in a tropical garden each with a huge veranda. We were ready to put down roots for a while and this seemed the perfect place to do so. It’s very serene up here, the only noises we hear as we wake up each day are the cockerels crowing, the monkeys hooting and the geckos making their kind of clicking noise. One morning as I sat on ... read more
Our Bungalow
Our Bungalow
View from our Bungalow

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Phang-Nga January 26th 2014

After a good night’s sleep in our clean comfortable bed we were well rested and ready to explore the local area. It’s well known for the spectacular limestone-karts, some in the sea others inland in Sa Nang Manora national park with numerous waterfalls and pools. We chose to visit the Manora Park first thing and were almost the only people there. We set off along the distinct jungle pathway which wound it’s way around waterfalls, climbing over broken bridges and crossing the stream on fallen down trees. After a while the path became indistinct and we were forced to turn back but we’d been walking for best part of an hour which was quite enough in the tropical heat. From here we went to the mangroves along the coastline where there were views of the picturesque ... read more
jungle trekking
jungle trekking

MISSING January 25th 2014

Bright and early we were collected at 7am, taken to the office for breakfast along with 5 other people before being loaded into two cars and taken to the port where we found the small speed boat waiting. Unfortunately the sea was very rough on the day we travelled to Ko Surin, as the boat plowed through the waves the spray washed over us repeatedly we pulled on fleeces and huddled up together but by the time we arrived on the island we were soaked to the skin. We transferred from the speed boat to a longtail boat to be taken ashore. The beach we landed on was a narrow strip of white sand backed by jungle vegetation and no sign of life anywhere. A small pathway lead through the vegetation and we were told that ... read more
National Park Headquarters Beack
Pier at Kuraburi
Dive boat at Kuraburi

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand January 17th 2014

We flew to Ranong stayed one night then took a bus south to Kuaburi, the small town that's closest to the ferry port where you can get a boat to Ko Surin Islands from. We had no idea where we would stay or how we would get to the islands. We arrived in Kuraburi the bus was greeted by a tour operator who arranged trips to Surin. In no time at all we had the trip booked and were in one of their bungalows for the night awaiting the boat ride at 9am next day. Thailand is so easy to travel sometimes! Luckily for us there was a Watermelon Festival going on which meant there was a night market on selling good cheap food a brilliant atmosphere and lots of entertainment. Kuraburi isn’t really on the ... read more
It's not a joke this really was the plane we flew to Ranong on!!

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok January 15th 2014

We visited the grand palace in 2006, the first time we ever visited Bangkok but decided it was well worthy of a second trip almost 8 years later. It was just as we’d remembered it plus we seemed to notice more than last time probably because the first time you’re simply overwhelmed. Later that evening we met up with some friends from Finland who we’d first met 2 years ago on Ko Jam. They’d had big trouble getting to the Kho San area from the airport, their taxi driver stopped at the first road block and told them they’d have to get out and walk, it took them almost an hour as they’d no idea where they were. I guess the aim to ‘Shut Down Bangkok’ is working. We had a lovely meal together and did ... read more

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