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27th July 2019

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27th July 2019

I've enjoyed following your journey...
so until next time!
24th July 2019

Travel while working
It's a great travel leisure! nice one there! It's a great way also to work while traveling, here's a complete guide
25th July 2019

More trips
Too busy travelling to work as well!
15th July 2019

The best part of Venice...
is the back alleys! Fewer tourists.
7th July 2019

Italian trip
You lucky people. The scenery looks just amazing. Not been to Italy, forgetting three weeks working in Milan, always promised myself we would go back for a holiday. Now those events seem to be centred on California and our granddaughter. So you enjoy and thank you for your blog.
18th July 2019

Italy trip
We both enjoyed the trip very much. So glad we did it. Just arrived back in England today.
16th June 2019

Fascinating Stories
Met Stan & Sheila in Cyprus and what a lovely couple ~ they call themselves crazy but we thought they were amazing
7th July 2019

More trips
Hi Ian and Jane. We are on another big trip if you're interested. I've done a few blogs and more to come.
5th April 2018

Amazing Pictures
Great pictures and travelling tips. You should check this link-> .This may help in your next adventure :)
4th April 2018

Jungle walks etc
It all,looks so fantastic, except for the snakes. Had an experience when I was quite young only a British grass snake but never forgotten . We hopefully are off to L A in Jul/August just waiting for health matters to get sorted. Our granddaughter is five tomorrow and starts her big school in September, so hoping to get a trip in before then
19th February 2018

Looking good Sheila and Stan enjoy your paradise island holiday. Bury weather today bright grey with a light moist breeze, another glorious winter day! 😂
11th February 2018

Actually, I started Following your blogs...
several years ago, before Following your daughter. I loved your frequent visits to Thailand, where I grew up, and Poland, which is near the top of my bucket list. I look forward to reading about your next trip.
9th February 2018

I didn't know that you were the parents of...
[blogger=23834]. I've been Following them ever since they started blogging after a 10 year interruption. Their adventure of traveling around the world with two young children was quite amazing!
11th February 2018

small world!
It's quite amazing that you've been following our daughter's blog and now picked up on ours. What a small world it is. We have been seriously travelling for 12 years now and it's surprising how many people we 'bump' into again and again from various parts of the world. I guess that's the benefit of travel. I have read a few of your blogs and will catch up with more while on our next trip that starts tomorrow.
25th February 2017

Raja ampat boat
Dear Still crazy Here is the other option to cruise raja ampat archipelago.with semi liveaboard boat Bima Amanta Explorer Thanks
31st January 2017

Well we have really enjoyed your latest adventure! Wonder where we will go next? Have missed our matters in the pool. See you soon 😀Xx
10th January 2017

Glad you are all ok now. Must have been very frightening for everyone. Another tale to share with the grandchildren in years to come! Hopefully the rest of your trip will be sunny and exciting in a good way. 😀
11th December 2016

They still do that in India. I think it's the Sikh faith. Dead bodies are left on the top of huge towers in Mumbai for the vultures. I heard they may stop it though as sometimes you'd have a body part dropped on you!!
10th December 2016

Great river blog
Really good blog Sheila! Really good photos Stan? We have enjoyed looking at your photos and reading your blog. Have a lovely time with the family. You are definitely in the best place. It isn't overly cold here yet - just grey and damp! Your photos have brightened the day. Have fun 😃
16th November 2016

Did you like the arrangements Vasko made for you? I ask because he gave me a quote on a tour and if he's a good tour agent I think I'll go with what he quoted me.
17th November 2016

Our flight arrived very late but despite this he was still waiting and managed to get us a boat over to Bunaken even though it was now midnight. The boat broke down and when we got there eventually there was no room waiting for us despite booking weeks ahead. However the boat wasn't Vaskos fault and they did find us a bed for the night so I guess for Indonesia it was as good as it gets!
5th April 2016

Glad the doctor actually looked at your leg!
As I was reading this, I suddenly remembered my own experience with doctors in the hospital on that stretch of coastline. The doctor refused to look at the spider bite on my leg because he was Muslim! Crazy!! It wasn't until I insisted on seeing a female doctor that anyone looked at my leg and she admitted me in for the night! Hopefully you got better treatment and it's not so antiquated in their attitudes now!
5th April 2016

Well you landed on your feet eventually. How nice was that manager to drive you to the hospital and then around the island! You don't get much for 60myr I'm surprised you got anything at all for that price. Even Kyans chalets are more than that. Maybe you can get a room out the back for that but they are disgusting. I hope the rest of the trip goes well, pity we keep missing you. Oh well hopefully we'll catch up with you next year in England in your summertime. cya
4th April 2016

Your blog
Well first it has been, as always really good to read your exploits. Never been that brave but so enjoy reading your blog. You certainly do enjoy yourselves Joan & I are at least in the sunshine as we are visiting our son & family in LA. Our grand daughter is three on Tuesday 5th April so today Sunday we have enjoyed a fun party in a park. 12 3-5 year olds and parents yes it was fun & interesting. Another family gathering next Saturday for another birthday. That child is nine I believe but still more feasting. Then next week on to Big Sur for about seven days then a couple of days later back to Yorkshire and normality and lower temps. Enjoy the rest of your tour & Stan see you at Oliver's Mount if not sooner.

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