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5th April 2016

Glad the doctor actually looked at your leg!
As I was reading this, I suddenly remembered my own experience with doctors in the hospital on that stretch of coastline. The doctor refused to look at the spider bite on my leg because he was Muslim! Crazy!! It wasn't until I insisted on seeing a female doctor that anyone looked at my leg and she admitted me in for the night! Hopefully you got better treatment and it's not so antiquated in their attitudes now!
5th April 2016

Well you landed on your feet eventually. How nice was that manager to drive you to the hospital and then around the island! You don't get much for 60myr I'm surprised you got anything at all for that price. Even Kyans chalets are more than that. Maybe you can get a room out the back for that but they are disgusting. I hope the rest of the trip goes well, pity we keep missing you. Oh well hopefully we'll catch up with you next year in England in your summertime. cya
4th April 2016

Your blog
Well first it has been, as always really good to read your exploits. Never been that brave but so enjoy reading your blog. You certainly do enjoy yourselves Joan & I are at least in the sunshine as we are visiting our son & family in LA. Our grand daughter is three on Tuesday 5th April so today Sunday we have enjoyed a fun party in a park. 12 3-5 year olds and parents yes it was fun & interesting. Another family gathering next Saturday for another birthday. That child is nine I believe but still more feasting. Then next week on to Big Sur for about seven days then a couple of days later back to Yorkshire and normality and lower temps. Enjoy the rest of your tour & Stan see you at Oliver's Mount if not sooner.
18th March 2016

At least it's a big trip!
That would be awful on a short trip of just a few weeks. Waste of time! At least when you have three months it's not as bad! Bet you were glad to not be eating kri food. That sounds like a diet camp!
18th March 2016

Keep thinking its Facebook!
I was looking at your photos and kept wanting to "like" them! Maybe travelblog should add that feature!
12th March 2016

Food, glorious food!
Maybe I'll take Kyla and Jakey there and they might appreciate my cooking a bit more!! Have you seen any fireflies on your trip, by the way, as Kyla wants to see them!
12th March 2016

Yes we saw one on Kri. We hope to visit somewhere in Malaysia know for them. I'll let you know.
23rd February 2016

Wow how lovely!
Thanks for your very entertaining blogs. You are obviously having a brilliant time. Hard frost forecast here for rest of the week. So wish I was there! Enjoy the rest of your adventures and stay safe. See you in the pool 😃 xx Eileen
24th February 2016

Thanks see you in April!
23rd February 2016

Thanks for your blog Sheila. Very interesting and informative. Enjoy Indonesia, look forward to the photos etc. Moi
From Blog: Chan Cha Lay.
22nd February 2016

Spider pictures?
That would have freaked me out! Didn't you get any pictures of the spiders? I kind of want to see them just to torture myself!
23rd February 2016

No sorry as I moved to get the camera it ran!!! That was even worse as I didn't know where it was but they were usually peeping out the gaps in the raffia so I guess that's where they like go be. Although when we tried to chase one away it went behind the toiletries bag!!! So from then on we just ignored them!!
17th February 2016

Looks and sounds beautiful, Sheila. I've almost forgotten what the beach and heat feels like! Glad you've found yet another paradise.
31st January 2016

sounds lovely
sounds lovely, Sheila, and love the photos with the karsts making the horizon across the sea.
From Blog: Ko Yao Noi
8th November 2015
Dry Dusty Tunnel Trail

Fires R Us!
I lived for years on Tunnel Rd and daily hiked up Tunnel Trail, and I'm thrilled that you love it! However, I'm in Peru because another fire raged through our canyon, destroying 60 homes (I was evacuated because of wildfires every year I lived there). A shady trail is San Roque Canyon, which goes over a saddle and connects to Tunnel Trail (where I passed Richard Gere the last time I did it). Happy hiking!
8th November 2015
Dry Dusty Tunnel Trail

Fire R Us!
You obviously love mountains, we were in Peru earlier this year, amazing but I did find the cold at night a challenge! Sorry to hear you lost your home to a fire, must be terrible. I have another blog to write yet so look out for it soon.
18th October 2015

We have moved too!
Dear Stan and Sheila, It is always good to get your blog and see your new adventures. I thought I would let you know that I am no longer at Abraham Moss or Manchester. I finally managed to get a job in the UAE and so we moved to Abu Dhabi at the end of August and are now also enjoying an endless summer and pursuing our long held dream to live in the sun. We visited Oman again this weekend on a bit of a staycation and we were here at Easter. I have to say, if you've never been to Oman I would recommend it as a fantastic country to visit and nothing like its skyscraper neighbours. if you're ever visiting Abu Dhabi, drop me an email and we can show you around. Lucy.
19th October 2015

Endless summer
That sounds great Lucy, we will keep that in mind if we're ever that way. So glad to hear you are following your dream.
6th July 2015

I've enjoyed following you...
on the rest of your trip around South America. I see you are already planning you next trip...I like that!
From Blog: Adios Amigos
6th July 2015

Glad you finally made it!
So glad you finally made it there! I know you've been wanting to go for a long time, since before I went with Helen and Ursula almost 15 years ago! Looked like you had an amazing day! Not sure I'd have gone over that scary looking bridge!
6th July 2015

Inca Bridge
We only went close to the Inca Bridge,, it was fenced off so you couldn't actually go on it but the paths leading to it were scarily narrow and steep, we had to give our passport numbers in before walking on them!!
27th June 2015

I want go to to Lapaz Bolivia maybe someday i'll go to Peru.
27th June 2015

Sat here in Cumbria enjoying your adventure. Have fun xx
27th June 2015

Wow, it's looks amazing, well worth the headaches planning the trip!!

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