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18th April 2022

Two years and still at home...
I haven't traveled overseas in the last two years. We mostly visited family across the States. However, my trip to Scotland and Sweden in search of ancestors is on from 22 Aug to 6 Sep. I'm more nervous about this trip since it has been awhile.
15th April 2020

Welcome home!
Accomplishing that was a miracle...
18th April 2022

Two years on and still at home
Hope you're both keeping well. I haven't logged onto travel blog for ages. ( No guesses as to why) only just seen your message. Serious travel still seems a long way off . How about you?
16th April 2020

Welcome home
Thank you, hope you are keeping safe. We hope we are all able to travel again safely in the future
8th April 2020

Excellency photograph
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13th February 2020

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From Blog: Journey to Agra
12th February 2020

Vivir cada momento
Amo vivir cada experiencia cada aroma y sabor de cada ciudad si alguien quiere compartir esta gran experienciaaqui les dejo un link para un nuevo viaje y tu te animas?
From Blog: Journey to Agra
8th February 2020

Can’t wait to hear about India!
1st February 2020

Get ready for cows!
Shame you didn’t take your camera, but I’ll expect plenty of cow photos in India!
22nd January 2020

Cheers from neighborhood L.D.
Sawadee krap :) great travel blog 🇹🇭☀️👣 - see you at Aleena market or somewhere else 👋
22nd January 2020

See you soon.
We are at Aleena mini mart most nights, will lok out for you. Going to Somewhere Else to eat tonight about 8pm
14th January 2020

Another jollie 😀
Thank you for showing us your latest adventure. Looking great!
17th January 2020

The magic of Thailand is working on me.
27th July 2019

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27th July 2019

I've enjoyed following your journey...
so until next time!
24th July 2019

Travel while working
It's a great travel leisure! nice one there! It's a great way also to work while traveling, here's a complete guide
25th July 2019

More trips
Too busy travelling to work as well!
15th July 2019

The best part of Venice...
is the back alleys! Fewer tourists.
7th July 2019

Italian trip
You lucky people. The scenery looks just amazing. Not been to Italy, forgetting three weeks working in Milan, always promised myself we would go back for a holiday. Now those events seem to be centred on California and our granddaughter. So you enjoy and thank you for your blog.
18th July 2019

Italy trip
We both enjoyed the trip very much. So glad we did it. Just arrived back in England today.
16th June 2019

Fascinating Stories
Met Stan & Sheila in Cyprus and what a lovely couple ~ they call themselves crazy but we thought they were amazing
7th July 2019

More trips
Hi Ian and Jane. We are on another big trip if you're interested. I've done a few blogs and more to come.
30th October 2018

Soon, I hope...
What a lovely end to an amazing trip!
5th April 2018

Amazing Pictures
Great pictures and travelling tips. You should check this link-> .This may help in your next adventure :)
4th April 2018

Jungle walks etc
It all,looks so fantastic, except for the snakes. Had an experience when I was quite young only a British grass snake but never forgotten . We hopefully are off to L A in Jul/August just waiting for health matters to get sorted. Our granddaughter is five tomorrow and starts her big school in September, so hoping to get a trip in before then

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