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6th January 2014

water show
Looks like Bellagio Hotel water show in Las Vegas!
5th January 2014

I'm jealous guys, have a great time. Are you going to Redang at all? We thought we might do a little foray there next time we're going to Kapas in September.
6th January 2014

We went there for a day trip in 2007. It was lovely but pricey to stay as you could only do a package deal back then. Not sure about now there may be more accommodation
18th July 2013

Sounds great! How is the weather holding up in England? You\'ll have to make it to oz one day. You are always welcome to stay with us when you are in Melb. Looking forward to hearing about your next trip. You globetrotters!
18th July 2013

British weather
Well the weather in Britain is great right now, hot, sunny and calm, seems unbelievable, hope it lasts! If we're ever in Melbourne we'll come and look you up for sure. Thanks for the offer.
18th July 2013

Travelers have to travel...
even if only a short package tour. Thanks for sharing your adventure away from the hotel and pool.
25th January 2013

Hi to you both, Yes we are very envious looking out from my 'office' there is 4/5 inches of snow and more expected this evening then it should start to thaw. Joan & I will be visiting Venice,California later this year. Joan's son's wife is due to give birth in May. That will be an experience for them. Gavin is 52 and was hoping to retire and play some golf now he may have his own caddy! Stan our first Laverda meeting is on Sunday 27th but I look forward to hearing more about your travels later in the year. Really enjoyed your blog. Dave Davies
4th January 2013

I have changed my email address and don't know how to let this site change it....or what.... I entered the new address in the box above. Please change it. Thanks
7th January 2013

e mail address changed
Hi Wanda, sorry I forgot to change your email address on my blog address book. It's done now.
26th December 2012

Merry Xmas
Just got on my laptop after the buildup to Xmas!!! u sound as if you have had a great time. David and Sharon and their 3 have been here for Christmas and the twins (22 months) have run us ragged!!!! The house looks as if it has been in the path of a hurricane but who cares so long as they have had fun. I can recover when they go home. All the best to you and yours for the New Year X Gretta
5th October 2012

Those Kyla pictures are hilarious! :)
6th October 2012

Kyla Photos
Glad you liked them, you can really read what she's thinking from her expressions! Missing her soooo much! And you of course! xx
23rd September 2012

walked anyway
hahaha "we walked anyway desipe the warning." Nothing has changed there then. lol
23rd September 2012

You know us so well!! Although a few days later a sign reported a great white had been spotted in the area so we did NOT go swimming.
15th August 2012

It so looks like a tree! Love the motel.
11th August 2012

Santa barbara looks great, colourful. Sounds like the whole family is on the job!
From Blog: Viva La Fiesta
22nd July 2012

Fantastic. I was in the grand canyon myself many years ago. It's definitely up there with the wonders of the world.
From Blog: Grand Canyon
21st July 2012

Grand Canyon
All I can say is WOW. What some memories you will have. Not sure Bury can hold you after this!!! Gretta
From Blog: Grand Canyon
23rd July 2012

Grand Canyon
Well, we've waited a long time to visit the States but it's been worth the wait. We have lots more places lined up to visit while we're over here.
From Blog: Grand Canyon
21st July 2012

Grand Canyon
We have been there twice and it was fantastic. whilst we have not travelled as much as you two but it is one of the places that we would go too again. You have also been to The Joshua Tree National Park another fascinating place.We stayed at 29 Palms Inn it was wonderful.
From Blog: Grand Canyon
16th July 2012

You certainly have the hard life. Don't know how you cope. All I have had is a week in wet scotland! but we have booked to go to Lanzarote in September this weekend....knowing our luck we will have thunderstorms. love to all Gretta x
From Blog: Santa Barbara
3rd July 2012

Well done to you all. That was unexpected as it has taken me all my time to keep up with your wanderings in the East. Love to you all and enjoy every minute of her! Love the name! Are you going to emigrate to America now to see much more of her !!
30th June 2012

hello little girl
congratulations to everyone hi to little kyla and enjoy parenting luv you all janet simmo xxxxxx
29th June 2012

Kyla Tomasi
Congratulations to you all, she is gorgeous Stan definitely looks like Grandpa and so does Sheila
29th June 2012

Hi to you both, I know the weather in the UK has been well to put it mildly dreadful but when are you going to grace our shores again! Really pleased that you were in time for the birth and yes mother & daughter look magnificent. Even Stan looks elated. Enjoy your stay & see you when you are home. Dave

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