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18th October 2015

We have moved too!
Dear Stan and Sheila, It is always good to get your blog and see your new adventures. I thought I would let you know that I am no longer at Abraham Moss or Manchester. I finally managed to get a job in the UAE and so we moved to Abu Dhabi at the end of August and are now also enjoying an endless summer and pursuing our long held dream to live in the sun. We visited Oman again this weekend on a bit of a staycation and we were here at Easter. I have to say, if you've never been to Oman I would recommend it as a fantastic country to visit and nothing like its skyscraper neighbours. if you're ever visiting Abu Dhabi, drop me an email and we can show you around. Lucy.
6th July 2015

I've enjoyed following you...
on the rest of your trip around South America. I see you are already planning you next trip...I like that!
From Blog: Adios Amigos
6th July 2015

Glad you finally made it!
So glad you finally made it there! I know you've been wanting to go for a long time, since before I went with Helen and Ursula almost 15 years ago! Looked like you had an amazing day! Not sure I'd have gone over that scary looking bridge!
6th July 2015

Inca Bridge
We only went close to the Inca Bridge,, it was fenced off so you couldn't actually go on it but the paths leading to it were scarily narrow and steep, we had to give our passport numbers in before walking on them!!
27th June 2015

I want go to to Lapaz Bolivia maybe someday i'll go to Peru.
27th June 2015

Sat here in Cumbria enjoying your adventure. Have fun xx
27th June 2015

Wow, it's looks amazing, well worth the headaches planning the trip!!
19th June 2015

Wow, 4.5kg?! That is truly impressive packing!
From Blog: Pastures New!
15th June 2015

welcome to public transport, South American style
I laughed at your story, Sheila. It is so typical of how public transport operates on the road in this part of the world. Sitting in the upstairs front seats of the double-decker buses is a mixed blessing: you aren't shielded from the precarious driving, but you do get the best of the views. No doubt you'll have similar bus journeys to Cusco – see you when you get here. xx
11th June 2015

So you are chilled out at last!
What an adventure! We need thermals back home too! Know you have prepared carefully so all you have to do is enjoy, keep safe and keep us posted. Have fun!
8th June 2015

Have a great trip...
your itinerary is one that many TBers have followed...most recently RJT (Rachel Trotter) if you want a preview. We were there last year and thoroughly enjoyed it...especially Machu Picchu and Peruvian food...just not the Guinea Pigs.
From Blog: Pastures New!
9th June 2015

Pastures New
Thanks for your comments, I came across the travelblog of RJT yesterday purely by accident!
From Blog: Pastures New!
11th May 2015

Making a booking?
Hi, I was just wondering if you made a booking to stay at Vita Guest House in the Banda Islands? It's just that I've tried several times to send emails but have had no reply, was hoping you may be able to help me!!, th
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19th September 2014
Bridal Falls

Wyndham Cusco hotel
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3rd September 2014
Vernal Falls

las vegas to los angeles bus
nice blog.. las vegas to los angeles bus
From Blog: Yosemite
1st July 2014
Lizard's mouth

Love that backcountry!
How great that you visited SB's wonderful backcountry and not just the beaches! I lived for years at the top of the pass on Stagecoach Road and also Paradise Canyon and love the spots you visited. Fab photo of you two on Lizard's Mouth!
16th June 2014
Julia pfieffer Burns State Park

Glorious Santa Barbara!
So wise to take the coastal road! I'm a Santa Barbara native who's lived on the coast, but prefer that glorious backcountry with mountains stretching in all directions. Stan was a gentleman to back down for the other car, but California rules say that the uphill car should have backed up for you--once backing downhill, there's that danger that you'll fall downhill. And those big daisies look like delicate Matilija poppies. How great you were there for our spring flowers!
17th June 2014
Julia pfieffer Burns State Park

We were travelling uphill at the time but it still meant as we had to back up ( meaning 'go back') we were heading towards the drop as we'd just come around a bend it was especially tricky. I prefer roads with barriers!! Oh and yeah, I should have known those flowers were some kind of poppy. I published the blog at around 1am as I couldn't sleep - well that's my excuse!!!
9th June 2014
Dinning room, Mahu Lodge

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9th June 2014
Dinning room, Mahu Lodge

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7th June 2014

What a great picture
I am glad you enjoyed the Aquarium; it is a very special place. Nice to see it in the blogs.
5th June 2014
Bridal Falls

Heaven on earth
As a Californian, I'm so glad you've been visiting our treasures, and Yosemite, for me, is one of the most beautiful places in the world. So great to learn of the free bus that transports you magically to all these gorgeous hiking spots. It would be so great if all the world's big parks offered this. Love your waterfall photos too. Happy hiking!
From Blog: Yosemite
5th June 2014

Totally stunning! You both look well and of course you are obviously enjoying your trip.
From Blog: Yosemite

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