About me: I am a ...-year-old guy from Austria. .... year my very good friend Evelyne and I came up with one of the best ideas that could ever come into our mind. So that leaded to one of the most important decisions in my life: to go on an around-the-world trip. When I told Christian of this idea he liked it as well and decided spontaneously to join.

So I left Austria on the November 26th 2008 and went on to Asia. My trip which was supposed to start in Bangkok got its first spontaneous change at the very first day. As the international Airport in Bangkok was closed due to demonstrations my Trip just started in Hongkong. From there I went in 2 months via Vietnam, Laos, Thailand and Malaysia to Singapore. At the beginning of February the trip went on to Australia, where we went down the east coast from Cairns to Sydney in one month. The whole March we experienced the beauty of New Zealand.

While Evelyne left for New York, Chris and I went on to Southamerica, where we started in Santiago de Chile. From the South of Chile we went up all the way landover via Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador to Columbia. Since Ecuador Christian and I have been going our own seperate ways. From Columbia I took over to Panama via Boat and went on then to Costa Rica. From San Jose I took a flight to Cuba and after almost three weeks I flew in to Mexico (ok, so I "cheated" by not going landover to Mexico via Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala 😊

After 2 nice weeks in Mexico I headed on to Europe wherewith I completed the journey around the world. My flight took me via London directly to Vienna/Austria. And there I am...


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World trip

Europe » Austria » Tyrol » Zell am Ziller September 29th 2009

Some nice photos from my weekend in the picturesque Zillertal/Tyrol. Zillertal is probably one of the most beautiful valleys in Austria/Europe/... I was staying in Ried im Zillertal at the nice Gästehaus Flörl, which is really recommendable :) Climbing the Gerlossteinwand was really exciting, well a bit dangerous though. However, we still had ropes for security... 1 hour climbing steep upwards was quite exhausting... anyway - the views are stunning stunning stunning... Greets from beautiful Austria! Life is a journey ;) HenC... read more
Driving through austrian landscapes
Driving through austrian landscapesDriving through austrian landscapes

Europe » Austria » Vienna » Vienna September 10th 2009

I left Mexico City on Monday 24th August with mixed feelings. Actually I was not only leaving Mexico - I was leaving beloved Latin America with tears in my eyes. But I was acutally also going to finish one round around the planet. And I was also looking forward to see all my people in Austria, my family, my friends. Tired from the flight I arrived in London on Tuesday 25th around midday and there I had to wait several hours for my connecting flight to Vienna. It was kind of weird, beeing back to the european Society - in a completely different world again, which on the other side was pretty common to me. I used the time to think about the trip, write down the main lessons I learnt on the trip (thanks to ... read more
Stopping in rainy London
Stopping in rainy London
Thinking about...

North America » Mexico » Distrito Federal » Mexico City August 24th 2009

I arrived in Mexico City on Thursday August 20th. After "checking in" in Stefan's House (the nice austrian guy I could stay at his house, thx!) I started exploring the city. There are loads of things to see in Mexico City. Distances are far in a metropole like this, so it needs a lot of time... Well, after visiting the centro historico and the Torre Latinoamerica on day one, I had a look at the second biggest stadium in the world Aztek Stadium on day two and with Stefan I visited the large University area, which is more like a town on its own. On Saturday I visited the Museo de la Antropologia, which is very interesting, well prepared and situated in a very nice architecture - and its very big as well and offers more ... read more
Palacio de Bellas Artes
Knight of the Jaguar

North America » Mexico » Yucatán August 19th 2009

On Monday 10 Aug I left Habana and flew in into the US-like tourist-mekka of Cancun, which was kind of another culture shock... After spending a day organising some things I did a day trip to the famous Maya ruins of Chichen Itza - definitely worth seeing, but due to the loads of people (and the little time I had) a busy thing. From there I went straight on south to Tulum - a nice little town with a beautiful laid-back beach nearby - ideal for enjoying some relaxing days... So after 3 days in Tulum i went on to Palenque - also a famous place for Maya Ruins, which are set in the middle of the jungle with a very nice atmosphere and far less busy tourists. Another 4 hours bus ride away (supposed the ... read more
Chichen Itza Maya-Ruins
Tulum Beach
Watching the sunrise in Tulum

Central America Caribbean » Cuba August 15th 2009

So we left Habana on Monday morning and went westwards along the coast. We stopped shortly for lunch in the nicely prepared but rather unspectacular National Park "Las Terazzas" and made it to the nice little town of Vinales until Monday evening. The beautiful landscape consists of karstic outcrops that range out of the soil. On day two we went on along the coast driving on bumpy and only hardly frequented roads. As hitchhiking is a very usual thing in cuba we picked up several passengers on our way which mostly have been a nice company for a couple of kilometers. In the evening we arrived in the southwest of the country in Playa Maria La Gorda. A long and hardly frequented beach in front of beautiful and incredibly clear turquoise waters. As cubans usually must ... read more
Playa Maria La Gorda
Playa la Gorda

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Oeste » La Habana August 14th 2009

We arrived in La Habana on Thursday 23rd of July late at night. So we had stepped from US-impacted Costa Rica into the very different world of cummunistic Cuba. Used to but also kind of tired of our usual accomodation in the hostels we were really amazed by the friendly welcome at midnight in the beautiful casa particolar "Casa Dulce" situated in an old and nicely clean prepared colonial house in Habana Centro. For the upcoming weekend we did not have much more of a plan than hanging out in Habana and see what might be going on on the July 26th for the 50th anniversary of the success of the revolution. Actually it does not need much more of a plan in Habana as it is always nice just to walk along the streets, enjoying ... read more
LA Habana
Sunset at the malecon
Colorful Houses opposite the Capitolio

From Bocas del Toro in Panama it was only a short trip of no more than 4 hours with boat/taxi/bus/taxi/boarder crossing/bus :) to Cahuita. Cahuita is a lovely little village on the Caribbean Cost of Costa Rica and has a really laid-back atmosphere. There are some Cabanas (Hotels) and basic style but really good restaurants around. The village is sourrounded by a national park, beaches and jungle which gives it a really nice and relaxed caribbean feeling that is not less supported by the relaxed and friendly people there as well. The weather was not too nice as the wet season was showing one of his rainiest faces, but still okay for organising some things and sending some Emails and that stuff... And as I got really good coffee as well, I could not really complain ... read more
Playa Blanca NP Cahuita
School Children
National Park Cahuita

Central America Caribbean » Panama July 23rd 2009

On Saturday we arrived on the mainland of Panama in Corti, from where it is another 2hrs 4WD-taxi-ride to Panama City. Panama City is quite interesting. Especially the Old town has a very certain flair with all its run-down colonial buildings. The contrast to the historic part of the town is situated right on the other side of the bay with numerous skyscrapers shimmering in the water like the sky in their modern glass fronts. Of course a visit of Panama City mostly goes along with an excursion to the Panama Canal. Quite impressive how the ships are levered in the water, but the whole visit appears more like an advertising for the canal... The presence of the United States in Panama over all the years left significant marks. A couple of moments one might be ... read more
More beaches...
Sea stars

July 7th 2009 - 10am: Boarding... time to leave Columbia/South America... if I have not been leaving to the Caribbean, I definitely would have decided to stay :) But I am prepared for some nice relaxing days in the Caribbean Sea and so nothing could prevent me from enjoying a nice trip. Just on the open sea for the first two days, surrounded by the about 20m high waves of the blue caribbean waters without seeing any land in this time. Seasickness? Better not think about this, just relax and enjoy... and avoid reading or writing diary - just chillout... On the boat we were 13 passengers - plus Captain Fritz from Austria and his helpers Luz and Jimmy. So that also gave us the chance to gain the nice experience of sharing little space on ... read more
Boat life - extreme chillout :)
That's water... :)
Supplies for 4 days...

South America » Colombia » Cartagena July 17th 2009

On Thursday 2nd July we left beloved Bogota and went on to the Caribbean Coast. After a 24hrs busride we arrived in the charming old town of Cartagena de Indias. The historic city, that has also been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is one of Columbias biggest cities and comes up with a really nice carribean flair. The old city is surrounded by thick walls and comprises numerous colorful old buildings of colonial and other old architecture. Acutally the narrow streets with the horse cartridges driving around reminded me a little bit of my hometown Vienna...(but mainly only due to the horse cartridges :) The area around the old town, where we actually lived, also comes up with some nice lively narrow streets and nicely painted houses and rather run-down buildings as well which ... read more
The charming old town of Cartagena
Playa Blanca
Another cartridge racing through the streets

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