Dave, Louise, Lewis & Dave


Dave, Louise, Lewis & Dave

Louise, Dave, Lewis and Dave are embarking on an epic journey into the deep blue seas and dense jungles of South East Asia.

Asia » Cambodia » North » Ratanakiri August 27th 2012

Disaster struck the beginning of our Cambodian adventure. We were heading to the North-East town of Ban Lung to visit a National Park and this required a change of buses in a village called Stung Treng. Lewis unfortunately disembarked the first bus leaving his wallet which included is iPhone, passport and some dollars. While we were able to contact the bus company it appears nobody was honest enough to hand it in. As we had arrived in Ban Lung we organised a day trek which was to prove one of the most challenging and exhausting treks we have attempted. The journey through the Cambodian forests and jungles lasted 7 hours and our helpful guide Jack educated us in local farm life showing us herbs such as 'sour-leaf' and pineapples that grow in the ground. We were ... read more

Asia » Laos » South » Si Phan Don August 27th 2012

Having spent our initial days in the more scenic and educational part of Laos we headed to the party town of Vang V ieng. The journey from Phonsovan however was to be yet another challenge. It was meant to be a 5-6 hour mini bus ride through the mountains and the first 3 hours went by smoothly and fairly quickly. We stopped for lunch in a small village situated above the clouds with some inspiring views and so we were blissfully unaware as to what awaited us. Thirty minutes later we joined an epic queue of cars, vans, buses and trucks all blocked off by a huge landslide. The digger which had commenced the clearing the day before had been buried by another landslide (the driver was dug out safely) further delaying the clearing process. Three ... read more
Vang Vieng
River into Kong Lor Cave

Asia » Laos » West » Luang Prabang August 27th 2012

On arrival in Laos we could instantly feel the slow-paced and easy-going way of life that we had heard so much about. We boarded the slow boat with plenty of beers and began our 2 day journey down the great Mekong River. The views were absolutely stunning and teamed with the slow relaxing chug of the boat we arrived at the half way overnight stop village in a positively merry state (Pak Beng). We continued our merry-making at "the only bar in town" and woke up early to continue our boat journey down to Luang Prabang. Eight hours later we arrived at Luang Prabang, hurrah! our first taste of Laos. We stayed in a lovely guest house that had nightly music jams in the bar. We rented bicycles and rode round the small city visiting temples ... read more
Cave on Slow-boat
Nong Khiew
NK Panorama

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Mai August 27th 2012

After having spent the last few days touring around the historical and archaeological parts of Thailand we ventured to the North where we had heard Chang Mai had many thrills and adventures on offer. We spent our first night drinking Sangsom (Thai Rum) and dancing to some great ska and reggae cover bands but paid the price the next day when we were all feeling rather special. However, we needed a day of rest to plan our days ahead which were to include ziplining through jungles, helping care for elephants and sight-seeing through the old Northern Kingdom. Our first day of adventure began by travelling deep into the mountainous northern jungle. On arrival we were greeted by our guides and then prepared for our forthcoming flight over the trees, villages and waterfalls. We flew across ziplines ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Ayutthaya July 14th 2012

A couple of hours north on a bus lead us to Ayutthaya to do some serious sightseeing. We stayed in luxury accommodation (5 pounds a night) and splashed out on some air-con. Oh yes. Unfortunately the air-con dehydrated us so half of the group ended turning it off anyway. But we did have a fridge. Which Dave froze some orange juice in. On the first night we had an early one and got up bright and early –ish the next day to rent some bicycles to explore the historical delights of the old capital. Ayutthaya was founded in around 1350 and became the second capital of Siam after Sukothai. Consequently the city plays host to an abundance of interesting historical ruins, which makes up only a fraction of what once existed here. We visited as many ... read more
Buddha in a tree
Ayutthaya Monk

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok July 14th 2012

We arrived in Bangkok in the early hours of the morning after our first ‘night bus’ experience. Unfortunately it wasn’t one of the best experiences – no one got enough sleep. So walking around trying to find somewhere to stay proved difficult but when we did we all got a few hours sleep before hitting the streets of Bangkok. I should say now that we came armed with the knowledge that we shouldn’t believe anyone on the streets of Bangkok and that if anyone tries telling us that something is closed, they are definitely lying. This is why it comes as a great surprise that the first thing that happened to us was a nice friendly Thai guy asked us where we were going. To which we replied “The tourist information centre” of course. It came ... read more
The Grand Palace 1
Dave & The Military
The Grand Palace 2

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Phi Phi Don July 4th 2012

1237 steps of hell, to find a sanctuary - The Tiger Cave Tempell With Lewis sidelined, not wanting to stray too far away from a lavatory we left him at the Blue Juice basecamp and decided to climb the fabled Tiger Cave Temple (Once upon a time a Tiger lived in a cave and it used to roar. This attracted some buddhist monks. They ended up building a temple 1237 steps in the sky and the Tiger ended up running away. ie. Religion destroys wildlife.) Anyway, after we shed half our bodyweight in sweat we arrived at the summit and marvelled at the views. Then we went back down and got a lift back from a Thai boxer with over 150 fights under his belt. Good experience. Lolz. For Louise's 24th birthday we decided to go ... read more

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Krabi » Koh Lanta June 22nd 2012

After Krabi we decided to check-out the rock climbing meccah that is Tonsai Beach. Upon arrival the Krask rock formations had us in awe. After a short but rather moist trip on a long boat we arrived at the upper class Rai-Leh East. Afer a brief walk through the jungle, backpacks and all, we emerged at Rai-Leh West. The next task involved clambering through some razor-sharp rocks in order to penetrate the lofty defences of Tonsai Beach. We enjoyed the daily cool breeze that Tonsai had to offer but decided after a day of relaxation we had to join the adrenaline junkies (rock climbers, base jumpers, kayakers and fire experts) and immerse ourselves in the vibrant spirit of the Tonsai culture. We jumped in at the deep end and went to explore the 'View Point' and ... read more
View from Tonsai
Tonsai Beach
A bay at low tide

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Krabi June 15th 2012

Hat Yai left us feeling like we should have stayed another day, but we packed our bags and headed to Ko Lipe. To get to Ko Lipe we had to take a speed boat, which under normal circumstances would have been an exciting adventure. But it wasn't exciting it was treacherous. Because it is rainy season the weather was stormy and restless. The journey took 2 and a half hours and the sea was so rough and the waves so huge and the swells so violent! that it was more like being on a 2 and half hour rollercoaster ride on which 50% of the passengers were vomitting - everywhere - a long vomitty rollercoaster ride.... But we survived! With only one us being ill (louise) who can no longer eat bananas, and after a good ... read more
Tree House Restaurant, Ko Lipe
Ko Lipe, Sunrise beach
Ao Thalane Kayaking

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