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Asia » Malaysia » Perak » Pulau Pangkor June 26th 2008

Large trees with foot-long broad leaves and box-shaped fruits stretch almost parallel to the sand out towards the sparkling sea, providing a natural canopy under which to escape the heat or the rain. Under the trunk of one is a triangular mosquito net (mine) with sand piled on its sides and attached to wooden sticks in the corners to keep out vermin and mosquitos. Draped width-wise and covering half of it as well as the trusty pack is a dark blue rain poncho. It provides shelter from rainstorms if I crouch in the middle of the makeshift "tent" and fold up my mat and sheet under me. Also under its generous canopy are two glass bottles containing kerosene at various degrees of fullness. And to complete the picture -- in addition to my sheet airing and ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Perak » Pulau Pangkor June 25th 2008

The mainland of Malaysia receded in the backwash of the ferry as we settled in for the 30-minute ride. This would be peanuts compared to the 4 hours bus ride we had just completed from Cameron Highlands to the pier at Lumut. Our destination was Pangkor Island (Pulau Pangkor) - a small, green enclave off Malaysia's west coast. The concrete dock led to a reception room which, in turn, led outside to the parking lot. And in the parking lot was a most unexpected sight: a fleet of pink (yes, pink) mini-buses turned taxis. The driver quoted a fare for the 10-minute drive that was equal to the fare for the 30-minute boat ride and we had no choice but to pay. There was no bargaining with the Pink Posse. Th first night we spent in ... read more
Simian on the prowl
PINK Taxi's
Our 1st housie

Asia » Malaysia » Perak » Pulau Pangkor February 28th 2008

To get to Pangkor island we needed to get a bus from Puduraya station to a place called Lumut on the west coast mainland. From here we had to get a boat. Tim had checked with the buses and we set off at 9aam on a very comfortable air conditioned coach. We had one stop along the way for only a few minutes and sure enough as we were told we arrived in four hours. It was a bit confusing as we were not sure at first if we were in the right place as the driver never said. Eventually we asked him and he told us to head for the jetty. We brought out return boat tickets for about one pound fifty and it was a short 30 minutes to the island. It all went ... read more
The hornbill
more chilling
Teluk Nipah main street

Asia » Malaysia » Perak » Pulau Pangkor February 27th 2008

Like all good blogs this one starts with a man named Roland and a yellow pick-up truck. But this isn't any ordinary blog, its special, a bit like me, so I'll do this blog backwards, stir things up a bit. Besides, a man named Roland makes for a spectacular ending (not to mention his yellow truck). So instead I'll start with a group of Swedes... As you may have noticed I have been on Pulau Pangkor, an island. On the ferry through I met some Swedes, this group of four adopted me, and quite rightly so. As I would make a very good Swede; I have blue eyes, sort of blonde hair, the only thing I lack is a grasp of the language (they did however teach me to say "I am a Christmas sausage" in ... read more
This was alot of fun
Im the coolest person alive in this photo
The Last Picture Before my camera broke

Asia » Malaysia » Perak » Pulau Pangkor February 6th 2008

Due to the winding roads down from the highlands, we had a toast to the wonderful drug dramamine before we left. Took the bus down to Ipoh, then through Lumut, where we hopped on a ferry over to Pulau Pankor, a small island off the west coast of Malaysia. We lucked out at each transfer point and only had about 10-15 minutes between each leg of the journey. Originally we thought we may have to overnight in Ipoh or Lumut so this was a nice surprise. In Lumut we met a Dutch woman by the name of Susan who we ended up hanging with for our time on the island. We had a bit of a hard time finding a room due to the Chinese New Year coming up, but found a decent place for two ... read more
In Hot Water!
Just another day...
Got crabs?

Asia » Malaysia » Perak » Pulau Pangkor January 17th 2008

After the hecticity (I just made that word up) of KL I wanted a few days of relaxation. So after running through the lonely planet bible I decided to head for the island of Pangkor. It was a fairly straightforward 3 hr bus journey to Lumut, which is the departure point for the island. The boat journey only takes about 20 mins. The island has these shocking-pink mini buses which are the local form of transport and they all have set fares which is good because you know how taxi drivers can be. It cost about GBP1.20 to get to Teluk Nipah which is the area I was staying. I was put up in a hut with air con for about GBP7 a night with breakfast included. The hotel was run by a nice Malay family. ... read more
Sea view
Sea view 2
Fishing boats on Teluk Dalam

Asia » Malaysia » Perak » Pulau Pangkor January 14th 2008

We expected that the bus journey to Lemut (the port near Pangkor) would take much longer than the 6 hours we had been told, so we correctly engorged ourselves on an unhealthy Mc breakfast which we knew would keep our energy levels going for some time. The only problem was that we had a huge cup of coffee and coffee makes us wee like we spent most of the journey with crossed legs hoping for a toilet stop! The journey turned out to be 9 hours long with a surprise stop in Kuala Lumpur. Lemut was our transit point onto a modern catamaran ferry which speedily transported us to the island of Pangkor, where, to Donna's delight an army of pink Barbie style taxis were waiting to whisk us away to whatever destination we chose ... read more
we never did find out why the locals chose pink as ther taxi colour of choice!
'go on kiss the turtle's head' said Donna
happy and relaxing

Asia » Malaysia » Perak » Pulau Pangkor December 17th 2007

Right, ok i know last time we were boasting about how good we were being with the old blog up-dates.....You all knew it wouldn't last right??! So almost 5 weeks on (sorry! time fly's eh!) Not really sure where to start now! Right.... 16th Nov Caught the ferry from Kota Kinabalu to Labuan an Island just off the coast of Borneo. The day we arrived was a friday, not that we'd noticed as have completely lost track of days at this point, anyway, being Friday it seemed that the whole of Malaysia had descended on this little island for the weekend. We trotted in and out of half a dozen guest houses and hotels only to be laughed at for not having a booking We decided we'd have to resort to the tourist info place (aghhhh!) ... read more
War Cemetery - Labuan
Ba Sian Miau Temple - Labuan
Ba Sian Miau Temple

Asia » Malaysia » Perak » Pulau Pangkor November 20th 2007

This section show some photos on the foods that we have taken during the vacation... Yumme ... read more
Festive Restaurant
Chapman's Bar
Wine Cellar

Asia » Malaysia » Perak » Pulau Pangkor November 20th 2007

20 Nov 2007 to 23 Nov 2007 (KL - Pangkor Laut Resort - KL) We spent 4D/3N at this so called "One Island One Resort" multi award winning resort - Pangkor Laut Resort (by YTL). Inland driving from Kuala Lumpur to Port of Lumut (State of Perak) took about 4 hours by taking the North South highway exit at Bidor. At Bidor, we have took the famours "Duck Mee" (a lot of people recommended). Anyhow to me, it is nothing surprise or special delicious (but if you passed by can have a try, the stall located in a "Kopitiam" along the main road, opposite Wisma Bidor). I have been at this Lumut's port back to 10 years ago. Nowadays, the port is developed quite nicely and beautiful. We parked our car at this multilevel covered car ... read more
Restaurant in a Park
Sea Villa
Pangkor Island Resort

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