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North America » United States » Iowa » Dubuque June 15th 2001

We left Indianapolis and had to decide where to go to next. We had a few days to fill before we drove back to Chicago to meet up with relatives again. We had ideas that we would like to see Oklahoma and Texas but felt we didnt have enough time to do both of them so instead we headed north to Dubuque in Iowa. Dubuque is located along the Mississippi River, not quite as wide as it is in St Louis nor was it quite so muddy. The city lies at the junction of three states of Iowa, Illinois and Wisconsin. It is one of the few cities with hills in Iowa. We noticed a difference in countryside. Gone were the flat cereal growing farmlands and were replaced by mile upon mile of green meadows, Dutch ... read more

North America » United States » Massachusetts » Boston June 9th 2001

Part of our East Coast trip was our stop in Boston. This provided to be the most amazing game of our trip. We were in the right feild bleachers of a Yankees vs. Red Sox game. It was the Wednesday night game of the week and the matchup was Mike Musina vs. Pedro Martinez. Not only was the atmosphere second to none (and trust me I have seen a late season Packers v Bears when both teams were playing well) but Brock and I got to do something that is a wall hanger of our fan carrers. Every game we walked behind the home plate bleachers just for the view. Well, odly enough this game the security was not that tight and we realized we had the window of a lifetime. We were able sneak down ... read more
3 rows back at Fenway
Boston Tea Party site!
The Harbor

North America » United States » Indiana » Indianapolis June 7th 2001

Leaving our hotel we headed off for our 4th state Indiana - a Bible state. We had intended to visit more relatives and began to wonder if that was really a good idea but at this stage we couldnt change our plans. We drove towards Indianapolis through more and more dull and disinteresting scenery. On the way we thought we needed to stop for a coffee to break our journey. We saw what looked like a nice 50' s style diner and parked the car. Inside the tables were spread out and laid neatly with red and white gingham tableclothes. The waitress behind the counter was polite and friendly and we ordered a couple of coffees and found a quiet table in the corner. What is it about being in a foreign country that makes you ... read more
In the middle of nowhere

North America » United States » Missouri » St Louis June 5th 2001

Three days spent in the Litchfield and Nokomis region of Illinois. Restful days spent on a farm, fishing for catfish in the lake, wandering the meadows full of Hereford Cattle . It almost felt like home. However after the three days it was time to move on and head southwards into our next state - Missouri. The home of Old Man River, that old man river from the song just keeps on rolling along. The Mississippi is the largest of all the river systems in the United States of America. The river flows entirely through the United States rising in Western Minnesota and meandering slowly for over 2500 miles until it reaches the sea. It was wider than I expected and was much more muddy too, it seemed to flow sluggishly and the water took on ... read more
St Louis
St Louis

After I finished Uni and before diving into the world of work I went to the USA for four months with Lisa. We lived and worked at Pahaska Tepee (as waitresses). This is a lodge 2 miles from the east gate entrance to Yellowstone National Park and 50 miles from the nearest town, Cody! Buffalo Bill's lodge still stands there. It was a great summer. We had many adventures: *I got lost on Crow Mountain and Lisa had to summon search and rescue to find me! *For about a month we lived under the threat of a bushfire which was blazing away just inside Yellowstone National Park. The lodge became the base for the 600? fire-fighters, including some hot shots and helicopter pilots! *We went horse-riding and rafting. *We went to Montana and got tattoos! *We ... read more

North America » United States » Illinois » Litchfield June 1st 2001

We left Springfield in bright sunshine and headed for Witt a tiny village/hamlet/settlement near to Nokomis and Litchfield. We had yet another date with family who ran a farm in the area. Yet another example of the better life our family found when they paid their third class steerage and sailed to New York from Liverpool. Witt was most definately off the beaten track - population 1200 or thereabouts. It must have been bustling in the early part of the 20th century with local mines employing the menfolk of the town however times had moved on and it now felt and looked like a ghost town. Tumbleweed being blown down the street making it look like a film set for a spaghetti western. There was a cafe on one side of the only street and a ... read more

North America » United States » Hawaii » Big Island » Hilo May 25th 2001

Last leg of our 2 1/2 week stomp through the Hawaiian Archipeligo. We visited the Kona coast, Purchased a beautiful woven coconut straw hat from a local and enjoyed the perfect weather. The tour buses on the island are called Jack's tours, i asked the bus driver if i could get in the driver's seat and take some pictures... suspicious at first he agreed after telling him my name. ... read more
Jack's Tours
Jacks tours

North America » United States » Hawaii » Maui May 22nd 2001

The first day we went up to Haleakala crater to catch the sunset and learn about the massive volcano that flanks the south eastern side of the island. Travelling up the side of this massive volcano we passed through 5 diferent bio zones from temperate rainforest to desert 10,000ft up. The next day we hiked across the crater - the hike took 11 long hours. At that elevation with no cloud cover every part of your body has to be protected from the sun, the tops of my hands were very sunburned by days end. The endemic silversword (pictured) is an awesome sight to only grows in the crater... a bright silver phallic looking plant that can reach up to 5 feet or so, it lives up to 50 years, blooms once then dies. The ... read more
endemic Silversword
Haleakala crater
Haleakala crater

Razzoo’s is the name of the nightclub. One of the most popular on Bourbon Street. It’s usually crowded on weekends. So also today. A couple of guys start fighting on the dance floor. Probably over a woman. The music stops. The performer on stage asks the crowd ”Quit fucking around or get the fuck out?”. ”Get the fuck out!” is the chant. Out they go. Isn’t democracy wonderful…?... read more

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