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North America » United States » New Hampshire November 30th 1997

First Visit to the USA. Stayed at the Howard Johnson Hotel in Nashua. There for training and company induction.... read more

Geo: 39.3254, -77.7391We drove through the Shenandoahs, enjoying the "100 views, the beautiful fall leaves, and the things to touch at the Visitor's Center," as the kids said. We stopped for an early dinner at Harpers Ferry, taking a tour of the town.... read more
Harpers Ferry

Geo: 38.8904, -77.032Visited the Museum of American History and the Air and Space Museum. Guess which was the big hit ... The kids loved going inside the planes and "looking inside the particles."... read more

Geo: 38.8904, -77.032The kids and I visited our Congressman this morning. He was super-friendly and spent a lot of time taking photos of himself with the kids. Gave us a trading card with his picture, on which he drew a beard and funny ears ... saying that the opposition thinks he's the Big Bad Wolf. It was probably inspired by Kyla's Little Red Riding Hood coat.We also toured the Capitol, then sat in on a House session. (The snobby Senate won't allow kids as young as Kyla in the visitor's box. I told them they're allowed at the House of Lords, but that didn't cut any ice.)Because it's Halloween, we went to Georgetown for dinner -- Kyla went as Little Red (in her coat), and Keegan went as a Republican, which, I pointed out, is very ... read more
The Capitol
Inside the Rotunda
Looking back at the Capitol

Geo: 38.8904, -77.032The kids and I went to Mt. Vernon in the morning, where we most enjoyed the gardens. In the afternoon, we walked from our hotel to the White House, then all along the Mall, past the Washington Monument, and ending at the Lincoln Memorial. Bob Hope had just finished giving a speech, but, for some reason, my photos make the place look deserted, even though there were hundreds, if not thousands, of people about.... read more
Watching a basket maker
Outside the White House
Lincoln Memorial

North America » United States » New Jersey October 30th 1997

Geo: 41.1288, -74.2636Paul had to work today then flew to DC. The kids and I left early, but promptly got lost in New Jersey. We discovered gorgeous Ringwood Manor, however -- the leaves were at their peak, and there were lots of hiking trails and lakes. We weren't there to meet Paul's plane, but I'm sure he forgave us.... read more
On the front steps of Ringwood
Along a trail in Ringwood
Across the field to the lake

North America » United States » New York October 29th 1997

Geo: 40.7145, -74.0071In the morning, we took a tour of Carnegie Hall. They were testing the acoustics, which was kind of interesting, despite the white noise. The kids enjoyed seeing all the old photos and seeing the big stage. We all sang "Happy Birthday" so we could say we've sung at Carnegie Hall. Stopped by Paul's firm's offices to enjoy the view ...Afternoon at the Museum of Natural History -- fabulous! Loved the hall that showed the evolutionary pathways of vertebrates as well as mammals and their extinct relatives. The kids, of course, loved the dinosaurs -- especially being able to touch a real stegosaurus plate. We also enjoyed the exhibit on Mars and the film about meteorites.... read more
View another direction
Carnegie Hall
Another walk through Central Park

North America » United States » New York October 28th 1997

Geo: 40.7145, -74.0071The kids and I had a leisurely morning, then took the subway down to Wall Street area. I think they thought it was very funny to be so SQUISHED in the train. We emerged at Trinity Church, which the kids enjoyed thoroughly -- reading the tombstones and playing skeleton. From there, we did a tour of the Stock Exchange -- where we saw the market drop a record 554 points! Despite the black October day, I think I've corrupted Keegan, because he wanted to return to the hotel, wear his tie, and pretend that every cab we took was his limousine. But the kids enjoyed watching the action in the big room and playing with the computer displays.... read more
On Wall Street
Art ... plus feet

North America » United States » New York October 27th 1997

Geo: 40.7145, -74.0071Starting from our hotel, we walked around midtown ... through the Helmsley Building, to Grand Central Station, on to Times Square ("The taxis go beep beep," said Keegan, enamoured with the yellow cabs), up to Rockefeller Center, where we watched the skating, then up Fifth Avenue (stopping at St. Patrick's Cathedral to hear the Cardinal's mass), past Trump Tower, through FAO Schwartz, to the Plaza Hotel, up and through Central Park, finally arriving at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.We spent a lot of time at the museum -- Keegan really liked the armour, while Kyla liked all the clocks. I liked the pilfered Egyptian artifacts.We took a cab home.Had dinner at a West Indian restaurant.... read more
Shopping district
Times Square
In Central Park

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