Westward Ho! In the 1800s, pioneers on the Oregon Trail saw this region as a beautiful, fertile land to create a new life. Now people visit from all over for its incredible natural beauty, outdoor sports, laid back cities, and some of the best beer in the world. The state features one of the most unspoiled coastlines in the United States, pioneer history, deep gorges, snow covered volcanoes, trails through lush forests, and hundreds of waterfalls

Highlights from Oregon

  • Portland The state's largest city with an incredible laid back, small town feel; plus museums, historic sites, and amazing garden parks.
  • Columbia River Gorge Vast gorge through the Cascades carved by Ice Age floods features epic vistas, tall waterfalls, and one of the oldest scenic highways in the United States
  • Crater Lake Unearthly blue lake located in the crater of a former volcano, surrounded by unending mountain vistas
  • Bend Small town in central Oregon in the Cascade Mountains, dedicated to outdoor sports
  • Beer The state is one of the centers of microbrewing in the United States, with every descent sized town having at least one brewery. Most produce high quality beer, in unbelievable variety.
Hints and Tips for Oregon
  • Oregon generally features cool and rainy winters, warm springs and falls, and hot summers. Higher elevations are much cooler than the rest of the state and see significant winter snowfall, which may close roads.
  • Most cities have good bus or train connections. Portland has an excellent public transit system. A private vehicle is necessary for rural areas
  • Accommodations should be reserved three months in advance for summer, and six months in advance for major festivals in Portland and Ashland.
  • When planning a night to sample the state's excellent beer, always include how to get back afterward! Know the public transit routes, or designate a driver.
  • State law restricts pumping gas/petrol to station employees.

Blogs from Oregon

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