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North America » United States » New York » New York » Manhattan July 28th 2021

La regla general es que, después de 10 años en la ciudad, se le considera oficialmente neoyorquino. Personalmente, me consideraba a mí mismo de una manera antes de ese período de tiempo (y todavía lo hago a pesar de que ya no vivo allí). Sé que puede parecer una tontería, pero cuando me mudé al distrito financiero de Nueva York, la ciudad y yo tuvimos un vínculo instantáneo. Hay mucho que amar en Nueva York, sin contar las ratas, los olores y el costo. Pero, sinceramente, ¡todo lo demás es fantástico! Pasé nueve de mis 11 años en la ciudad que nunca duerme viviendo en el Distrito Financiero, o Fidi, como se llama estos días. Yo era un residente de este vecindario cuando no muchos querían serlo. Avance rápido nueve años, ahora es una de las ... read more

North America » United States » Nevada » Las Vegas July 27th 2021

July 25, 2021 Bowling at The Nerd (Neonopolis) Downtown Las Vegas, Nevada, USA 🇺🇸 ... read more

North America » United States » Oregon » Crater Lake July 27th 2021

Last night the cabin was very warm, and the fan we had didn't help much. Sometime late in the night it cooled down and I had to shut off the fan. Still, I guess we got an okay night's sleep and were on our way to Crater Lake by 7:30am or so. Crater Lake National Park is just over 50 miles from the KOA, but that is just to the entrance. We arrived at the Masama Village area by 9:30am. Masama Village is still a ways from Crater Lake, but we were ready for another hot coffee. After getting our coffee, we got back on the road to Rim Village. Here, besides another place to eat and a gift shop, there were some great views of Crater Lake. We didn't realize how lucky we were until ... read more

North America » United States » Oregon » Gold Beach July 26th 2021

We woke up around 7:30, fairly rested, and headed out for our day of beach and rock sightseeing. As usual, we stopped at the first coffee place we found, Cafe Rock, a drive-thru espresso shack. I ordered a cappuccino and Manoli a coffee, and unfortunately I forgot that cappuccinos made by hand aren't sweet. I sipped my super strong cappuccino for a while until we found a gas station. Just outside Port Orford we pulled over for some photos, then continued on to Meyers beach. It looked really cool, but was pretty foggy like yesterday, so we continued on, planning on returning later, hopefully when the fog lifted. Our next stop, Arch Rock, was even worse, so we continued stopping at other viewpoints, then turned back to have lunch at Gold Beach. On our way back, ... read more

North America » United States » Oregon » Medford July 26th 2021

This morning we awoke and leisurely packed up for our trip to our last KOA, Medford/Gold Hills KOA Journey. It was only a 3 1/2 hour trip with little to stop and see along the way, so we were in no hurry. We stopped at Rays Food Place in Bandon for a couple of cups of coffee, then found a good beach viewpoint at Coquille Point. After some good photos and a little coffee, we were on our way. We cut across Oregon to reach Interstate 5 South, passing through a lot of mountain passes and small towns. By the time we reached the interstate, we were ready for lunch, so we started checking out each exit to see what they had. We ended up getting off at an exit that had an A&W Root Beer ... read more

North America » United States » Michigan » Kalamazoo July 25th 2021

Okay. So I don’t know how to blog!!! Apparently creating a new ”Trip” doesn’t do anything. I just realized that all of my previous blog entries (entries I added for trips such as Destin and Buffalo River) have been added onto the end of my original blog for my and Elizabeth’s trip to Europe. Worse, I can’t figure out how to do anything else… So, I am going to just keep doing it the wrong way and hopefully everyone can at least se some pics. The trip actually started on Wednesday July 21st. We drove two days to get to Kalamazoo, MI so that Friday morning we could go over to the Air Zoo Aerospace and Science Museum to see, among their regular exhibits, a WW II B-29 Superfortress named Doc. Doc was great to see, ... read more
Standing in Line
Is This Line Moving?
Looking past pilots’ seats to the nose bubble where the bombardier sat

North America » United States » Michigan » Kalamazoo July 25th 2021

We had some extra time on Saturday afternoon, so we decided to see if there were any racetracks in the area. Low and behold, we found one right down the road. Literally, right down the road we were staying on, like six miles away. AND it was rice night! Unfortunately the weather did not cooperate and rained us o… But we got to see a little racing and we had a lot of fun.... read more

North America » United States » New York » Greenwich July 25th 2021

Where do I start? How do you cover the amount of time we have been back in the US? Yes, we left Tsamaya in Turkey and flew back to the US on October 29, 2019. Yes, it is now July 2021 and we are still here. This is definitely not what was planned, but that seems to be the rule for all due to the outbreak of covid. To start, when we first arrived back in the US, we found that we were definitely not too late to participate in the annual ritual of raking leaves. That was one of the first tasks we did as we are fortunate that our Village picks up the leaves each year if you get them out to road in time. This is so much better than bagging them all! ... read more
From First Dusting of Snow in the Fall
The Annual Holiday Tractor Parade in Greenwich
Our Cookie Baking Tradition in 2019

North America » United States » Oregon » Bandon July 24th 2021

We left the KOA fairly early, since we needed to drive over 6 hours, plus we wanted to stop several places along the way. Our first stop was in Tillamook to see their creamery and hopefully get some fresh ice cream. I knew the factory didn't open until 10am, but from what I'd read they had a store/cafe that opened at 5am. Well, we found the factory where they give tours and it was only 9am, but we never found the store, so no ice cream. From here we headed South along the Oregon coastline, looking the interesting overviews and such that we'd read about. We didn't find any for over an hour, the Three Arches (I think), but the tide was low, so it was so impressive. All along the way South, we looked for ... read more

We woke up this morning and took our time getting going, since we had reservations for the Columbia Gorge stern-wheeler cruise, from Portland Spirit in Cascade Locks, at 11am, boarding at 10:45am. We had booked the cruise last night on the Portland Spirit website. The cost per person was $38, and the website said the trip went one way down the Columbia River, then the next trip would go the other way up the river, but we could stay onboard for both trips at no extra charge. Since we had some time to kill, we decided to travel west from the KOA to see what kind of view we could get of Mount Hood, one of the tallest mountains around. When we got off the interstate and headed down highway 35 South. We frequently spotted Mount ... read more

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