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Bonjour à tous Ce matin debout tôt, pour me rendre Long Island et partir avant la grosse circulation. Pas de petit déjeuner à l'hôtel, juste une cafetière dans la chambre, donc un café. Je vais allé au Starbuks du coin. Quelle surprise désagréable en sortant de l'hôtel, il tombe des cordes. Long Island fait 190km de long pour environ 30 de large, Montauk est ma destination. Bonne idée de partir tôt, par la voie rapide il me faut, une quarantaine de minutes, pour arriver à Brooklyn, 20km environ. Je vais prendre l'autoroute pour sortir de la ville, mais là ca se gâte. Il dessert les aéroports de JFK et La Guardia. Brooklyn à Forest Hill (tennis) 1h pour 7km. Sans oublié la pluie toujours forte. Les 70 km suivants vont me prendre 2h½. Je vais trouver ... read more
Whoua !
toujours dans les nuages
Montauk point lighhouse

North America » United States » California June 3rd 2015

As I approach the departure date for my adventure of a lifetime, I find that I am more calm than I thought I would be. But perhaps that is because I have done a lot of research and planning in advance: I know where I want to go and what I want to see. Having said that, I am notorious for changing my mind in mid-stride so who knows where I may go and what I may eventually see. At first most people were very dubious about me making a trip like this by myself. I received questions such as "aren't you afraid" and "it's not safe to travel alone" and "don't talk to anybody (ha, they don't know me very well!). Now I am receiving only good wishes and positive feedback from nearly everyone. The ... read more

This 400-year old Spanish structure is Saint Augustine’s most famous attraction. It was built by the Spanish colonizers over a 20-year period in the late 1600s to replace nine previous wooden fortifications. It effectively protected the colony’s strategic location and inhabitants from attacks by pirates and the British. Today it is a National Monument run by the US National Parks Service (NPS). Occupying a 20 acre (8 ha) site, it is the oldest and best preserved masonry fort in the USA. Well, it’s not “masonry” in the usual sense, because it was built of coquina, a shell-rock that is soft and porous underground, but becomes hard when cut into blocks and exposed to air. Then it acts as a sort of structural shock-absorber, somewhat like tacky marshmallow, so that enemy cannon balls could only embed themselves ... read more
Castillo plaque
Note the four protruding bastions, which allowed for murderous cross-fire.
coquina explained

North America » United States » Oklahoma » Tulsa June 2nd 2015

Well, tomorrow is the big day! Leaving Wednesday 06/03. First, fly to Chicago at 1235, then depart for Rome at 1645. The plane is scheduled to arrive at 0920 (Rome Time) Thursday 06/04. As excited as I am to see Rome, I'm most excited to see Andrew. He's been gone for almost a month, and Whitney and I sure miss him. You should be able to see a map of our itinerary as part of this post. Blogging is new, and I hope it works...rather, that I can work it/ If I can, then my next post should be from Rome!... read more

North America » United States » Washington June 2nd 2015

Last year a friend and I were hiking and talking about traveling to Spain. We discussed the Camino de Santiago, a pilgrimage through Spain. Both of us agreed that we didn't have enough time to walk it, that we could bicycle. When I mentioned it to my husband he sounded interested. As the idea took root, planning and discussion grew. Unfortunately, my friend had promised to go on another trip and couldn't get the time off for both trips. I was too excited to wait. The plans kept rolling and by December we confirmed that this was really going to happen. We began gathering information, researching flights and the excitement grew. The internet is filled with much information but I also have friends who are from Spain. Our first big purchase was the flight. We found ... read more

North America » United States » Alaska » Homer June 2nd 2015

This morning began with all of us deciding to sleep in, as we are not leaving the Homer area today. It was wonderful to sleep late for a change. While looking out the window toward Cook Inlet, Ray and I thought we saw a few whales. After they hadn't moved in 5 minutes however, we deduced that they were rocks, and it was low tide. So much for that animal sighting. The day started out overcast, with the forecast showing a 30% chance of rain, but by the time we all had breakfast, straightened up and got going, the sun was shining through, and the temperature warmed up nicely. Our first stop today was the Homer Spit, a long narrow bar of gravel with is home to dock facilities and boating services, along with shops and ... read more
The tip of Homer spit
Downtown Homer
Shops on the spit

We arrived in Cherokee, North Carolina 5 days ago. We had a nice trip through Mississippi and Alabama. Stayed in an Alabama State Park on the Tennessee River. Very beautiful with marinas and large r.v. spaces. Cherokee is the entrance to the Smoky Mountain National Park on the North Carolina side. We are staying in the Indian Creek R.V. Park which has the Indian Creek running through it. Cherokee is located on a reservation and there is an outstanding museum located in the town which gives a complete history of the Cherokee Indians and their experiences living in this area. The Smoky Mountain National Park is just full of spectacular views and we spent 1 day exploring the park. The next day we drove on the Blue Ridge Parkway which gives you a different perspective of ... read more
Tennessee River R.V. Park
Smoky Mountains

North America » United States » New York » New York » Manhattan June 1st 2015

Bonjour à tous Enfin une bonne nuit. Le jour de la grande aventure ou défi "New York" est arrivé. Un petit tour de New Haven pour confirmer le sentiment que J'avais eu hier au soir. Pas grand intérêt. Je programme le gps New York, New Jersey.120 km. arrivée prévue 11h30. Super. J'ai réservé un hôtel par internet, en plein centre de Mahattan, (à 50m de Macy's et 200m de Time Square) pour ceux qui connaissent, une chaîne d'Hôtel que je connais "Hampton Inn" ils sont très bien, et ce pour 121$ avec le petit déjeuner. Une promotion sur Booking, avec 61° de rabais. Incroyable. La chambre est digne d'un 3 étoiles Français. Parking à proximité en sup. Je garde la higtway 95, sur la carte c'est direct. Je passe a Stamford, pas d'arrêt, là non plus, ... read more
poue celle ci aussi
je l'ai mais sous la pluie
original ?

North America » United States » Washington » Seattle June 1st 2015

Memorial Weekend we headed to our family cabin on Maggie Lake. We traveled by bikes with our panniers loaded. This was a practice run for me before we head to Spain. Friday afternoon we took the Fauntleroy/Southworth Ferry to Port Orchard. In Port Orchard we stopped at the public market for some beef sticks and a delicious hemp milk, spinach and fruit smoothie. Out of Port Orchard we biked towards hwy 16 to make our way to hwy 3 towards Belfair. I was not prepared to cross all 4 lanes of hwy 16 on our bikes. Instead we hiked up a steep embankment with our bikes and crossed a railroad tressel. Not sure if it was the easiest way. But it was sure a lot safer. Once we arrived on the old Belfair Hwy there was ... read more

I am so excited to go to Spain for the first time! I am excited to meet my host family and learn about the city. I am very nervous about not understanding the language but hopefully I will get better at spanish throughout the trip! Louise Paterson... read more

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