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North America » United States » Hawaii » Kaua'i » Lihu'e May 31st 2023

Bonjour à tous Aujourd'hui une nouvelle île, Kawaï surnommée l'île jardin, en raison de la forêt tropical qui couvre la majeur partie de l'île. C'est avec beaucoup de regrets que j'ai quitté ce matin, le petit paradis de Viviane. Je pense qu'il faudra de temps avant d'avoir la chance de retrouver un coin pareil. Je le regrette encore plus ce soir. Une petite anecdote sur les raies mantas, C'est tellement impressionnant quand elles vous arrivent dessus la gueule grande ouverte, qu'un à une crise panique, ils ont été obligé de le sortir de l'eau, totalement en état de choc. Au départ, à l'arrivée, comme sur des roulettes, retour de la voiture, avion à l'heure, au départ, à l'arrivée, ma valise sort dans les premières, prise en charge de la nouvelle voiture, Buick, comme l'autre jour, en ... read more
vue de Kauai
Opaekeaa falls
eucalyptus ???

North America » United States » Alabama » Russellville May 31st 2023

Not wanting to waste any more time, we are going straight to the meat of this blog. My next blog will take you BEFORE and AFTER our Red Bay adventure. But right now, it's time to walk you through what it was like for us in Red Bay, Alabama: May 2023. As most of you know, this unique community is where our 2008 Tiffin Phaeton RV was manufactured. We have journeyed over the years to these headquarters for repairs and updates on our RV. Most of you have experienced all that, along with us, on those occasions. The Mothership calls its’ Tiffins back at one time or another. We have been called several times as you well know. We’re coming! We’re coming! We bid a fond farewell to our few remaining friends at Tropical Palms on ... read more
Dreaded “Check Engine” light - KOA in Dothan, AL.
Red Bay, Alabama - known for the Bay Tree and Red dirt
Convenient Camping...where we stayed for almost a week

North America » United States » California » Poway May 31st 2023

2956 miles covered from sea to shining sea. Well almost as I started in Charlottesville which is about 120 miles from the Atlantic and ended in Poway which is about 30 miles inland from the Pacific. Poway is a “City in the Country” about 20 miles north of San Diego. Pretty pleased with myself, nevertheless, even as the motorcycle Gods chose to play with me on the last day. Started in Ehrenberg which is on the Arizona side of the Colorado river and I have nothing to say about it because there is nothing to say. Same could be said for the Colorado River here as it has pretty much been sucked dry by the time it has reached Ehrenberg. What little is left is used to irrigate the land I passed through on the way ... read more
Boo and His Servant Upon Arrival in San Diego

North America » United States » Hawaii » Big Island May 30th 2023

Bonjour à tous, Aujourd'hui vous allez pouvoir vous foutre de ma gueule sans retenue. Hier au soir je vous quittais en vous disant qu'aujourd'hui j'avais rdv à 19H15, pour aller nager avec les raies mantas. Je ne poste jamais mon blog avant le souper, car en mangeant je réfléchi, à des, mots, des tournures de phrase, etc, et souvent il m'arrive de changer. Donc hier j'avais fini bien avance vers 18H. J'en profite pour regarder, où se situait le rdv. Là, j'ai bondi, c'était aujourd'hui mais non demain. Je ne sais pas où je me suis trompé, dans le jour, dans la date, mais le fait est que c'était maintenant. En 5 minutes j'ai enfilé un maillot de bain, ramassé une serviette, heureusement que seulement 20m minutes de trajet, car il fallait y être à 18h45 ... read more
un très bon
nage avec les raies mantas

North America » United States » Arizona » Ehrenberg May 30th 2023

Should I be disappointed that the miles per day are dropping off and today I did not cross a state border? Nah, it's what has happened along the way and how you feel at the end of the day that counts. The day started brilliantly with fresh squeezed orange juice and avocado toast. You gotta love Flagstaff. Poking around the hotel before I left I discovered that Michael Stripe had stayed there. He was the lead singer songwriter with REM and the voice behind Everybody Hurts, possibly my all time favorite song. I could not ask for more, until, recall yesterday I met Beth and Mel. Beth told me she was a big time AirBnB host. Today my buddy Rob, who is following the blog from where he lives in Tucson, texted me that he and ... read more
Ouch. Boo Get Off There

North America » United States » Texas May 30th 2023

Day 7 - Dinner at La Cocina last night, great Mexican restaurant, great decor, food was good but nothing to write home about (and as I type this I realise that's exactly what I'm doing!), chicken enchilada's & ground beef steak (read rissole) with all the trimmings, but when asked whether we wanted green or red chile, and the answer was none please, the look on our servers face was total shock - no chile - are you crazy? Anyway it was quite nice and another early morning start for a ride down the interstate to Las Cruces, only a few miles from the Mexican border. Fuel up and a drink then off to Alamogordo and up another brilliant mountain range to Cloudcroft for lunch at Dave's Cafe. Great service by a friendly server. Another tip ... read more
OMG....What's happening Here? Welcome to Roswell.
Texas Roadhouse
Texas Roadhouse

North America » United States » Utah » Monticello May 29th 2023

Fate played a hand again today and oh what a day of riding! It followed a not so good night. Getting up in the night, as one needs to do, I looked at my iPhone for the time. It was completely dead. A hard boot to no avail. I spent a restless remainder of the night thinking how the trip would be without the phone. Fiddling with it again when I was more coherent in the morning I managed to get it working. Such dependency. As it turned out where I was today it could have presented problems without a phone should something have happened. An issue when riding alone. The fate began at breakfast, no muffin, just toast. Chatting with two nice bikers from Austin, Texas about everything from a long ago girlfriend I had ... read more
The Million Dollar Highway as Seen from the Handlebars

Bonjour à tous, Les soirées ici, ça tourne court. Mes lieux de résidence sont excentrés, c'est repas vers les 7H, et je mange tard par rapport aux locaux, et aux anglo-saxons en général. Hier un bon steak, accompagné d'un riz cantonnais, normal dans un resto tenu par des chinois, et point final. Retour à la chambre bien avant 8H. Je reviens un peu sur mon hôtesse, Viviane. Hier au soir elle est revenue me voir, pour me mettre en garde de bien débrancher, la cafetière, et le grille pain, lorsque je quitte la chambre ça peut être dangereux. De plus, garer ma voiture, pas comme la sienne mais dans l'autre sens, plus plein de détails insignifiants, mais qui doivent compter pour elle. J'ai l'impression que c'est madame gendarme, mais ça reste facile de lui faire plaisir. ... read more
fin de la route
toujours la vue
le jardin

North America » United States » Arizona » Flagstaff May 29th 2023

Today was the scariest ride I have ever had. Leaving Monticello I headed down route 95. I stopped at the tourist office in Blanding where a jovial and knowledgeable fellow was there to help. As soon as I speak folks ask me where I am from, when I say Virginia they look at me strangely which leads me to make an around the globe explanation. After I was done with that the jovial fellow said, “why bother with this, you have seen everything.” Nice guy. He set me off on a path I will not forget in a hurry. At first I was disappointed as I headed along 95 and down 261. If you were just plonked there you would go wow, but when you have been exposed to days and days of amazing scenery its ... read more
Boo Enjoying Monument Valley

Bonjour à tous, J'ai enfin quitté la côte est de Big Island, et je viens d'apprendre qu'on la surnomme la côte de la pluie. Je confirme. A Volcano Village où était situé l'hôtel il à du pleuvoir pendant 22 heures sans discontinué. Ce matin à 7h30, l'heure du départ, je vois un grand ciel bleu au-dessus du parc, mais arrivé à la route, où la vue dégagée des arbres, tout au fond c'est bien noir encore. Rien à faire je parts à l'opposé, ou le ciel est magnifique. Ma route aujourd'hui, est de contourné toute la pointe sud de l'île et de remonter jusqu'à environ la moitié de la côte ouest. Les 80 premiers kilomètres, je les fais sur une route encore une fois un tapis. Les routes nationales ici laisse rêveur par la qualité du ... read more
baie des dauphins
black sand beach
plage de Koekoa

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