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After about sixty years of air travel, airports, and airplanes, I have seen many crazy things. Here are just a few: Poor hygiene-well, first of all, most men do NOT wash their hands after using the men's room. That in itself is as disgusting as it gets. But some other culprits will clip their toe nails on board, file their nails, clean their ears, or place their stinky feet on the back of my seat!!! Or how about the amateur dental hygienists on board who must floss their teeth after EVERY meal?? Don't even get me started on dandruff, acne pickers, and nose hair trimmers. Pet stuff-you can guess what happens when a "therapy" dog has to poop while on the plane, even in first class. Not fun!!! Worse yet, how about a pet snake? Yes, ... read more
Always necessary.
Kim chee on a plane?  NEVER!!!

North America » United States » California » Napa Valley April 22nd 2019

California bubbly can’t be called Champagne, because Champagne is a geographic designation — it’s a region in northeast France. But most sparkling wine in California is made in the “Champagne method,” known across the pond as the méthode Champenoise. What makes the Champagne method (also sometimes called the “traditional method”) different from other methods of making fizzy wine? Essentially, this process is characterized by a secondary fermentation that occurs in the bottle. A wine is bottled after its primary fermentation, and then, over the course of several years, a series of complicated events — including little yeast additions, extensive aging, very careful rotations of the bottles, and a final addition of sugary wine — is inflicted on each bottle individually. The result tends to be a rich variety of flavors and ... read more
Love their brut rose'
Sparkly sampler is my fav tasting

North America » United States » Georgia » Augusta April 21st 2019

I went the year Big Phil won (2004) for the first time. From 2004: I went to the Masters Golf Tournament a few years ago. I wrote about it in one of my Travel Archives, but let me add to the lore of Augusta once more. As I drove down to Augusta from the college town of Columbia, I was just shocked to see the dirty, and ugly white ghetto of Augusta, as I turned off the freeway. Along the street, home made signs were plastered, for buying and selling tickets. Guys with big beer bellies were sitting on their lawn chairs, drinking beer at 8am in the warm Georgia sun. Cars would stop, buy and sell tickets, and move on, sometimes sharing a beer with the scalpers. The Masters is a way of life here, ... read more
He told the doubters to GO AWAY!!!!
Big Phil  won in 2004

North America » United States » Nevada » Las Vegas April 21st 2019

Weather: sunny and 88 and gorgeous States: Nevada Cities: New York New York Miles: 0 miles Hours: 24/7 Restaurant: Public Us, Excalibur, Mercato Della Pescheria Hotel/Home: Fairfield Movies: Audible: Rested and ready to...Vegas Baby. At least a kid friendly version. We met up with Stone (Paul’s brother) for breakfast. He took us to Public Us restaurant. It was sooo good. Stone always has good restaurants. It was a cool little local restaurant with yummy food. I had the best homemade gluten free bread with an avocado spread, tomatoes and smoked salmon. The boys got some beautiful french toast and waffles. Elizabeth got some kind of breakfast burrito. Paul got a lovely oatmeal with fruit and nuts. He loves his oatmeal. Stone got some delicious looking egg skillet. It was all good and the atmosphere was nice. ... read more

North America » United States » Nevada » Las Vegas April 20th 2019

Weather: sunny and 80s and 90s and gorgeous States: California, Nevada Cities: LA (Burbank), Las Vegas Miles: 269 miles Hours: 4 hrs 22 min Restaurant: Other Mama Hotel/Home: Fairfield Movies: Audible: Resisting Happiness by Matthew Kelly Our alarm went off at 6:45. I wanted to forget the alarm and go back to sleep but not as much as i wanted to go on the hike. Our plan was to eat a meatless breakfast for Good Friday and hike to the Hollywood sign. I researched how and where to access the trailhead for the hike but I was nervous that it wouldn’t be that easy. It actually was easy.We arrived around 8:30 AM. Blue skies and 60s increasing by the minute which is why we started early. We parked and started up the dirt trail. It was ... read more

North America » United States » California » Walnut Creek April 20th 2019

Jackie/Gee is headed out on another adventure next month and wants to keep you posted with a blog. This is " a test " to see if this site that was used a couple of years ago still works. Our IT guy is trying to see if he can remember how to use the site so you may get a couple of pre-trip posts. If you get this notice and would like to get some updates on this trip - let us know. If you get this notice and DON'T want to get some updates on this trip - let us know. If you don't get this notice - uhhhhhhhhh? The photo is from a hike earlier this week just a few miles from home. We are pretty fortunate people!... read more

North America » United States » Missouri » St Louis April 20th 2019

Trying out a new blog site since my old one doesn't exist anymore. Time to move on. Dot and I are getting ready for our trip, figuring out what to take, doing a little shopping, etc. Can't wait. Only a few weeks away.... read more

North America » United States » South Carolina » Santee April 19th 2019

I wrote the following over several days, so it might not flow as well as others I have written, and I finished it up when I got home. Seems like my iphone really chewed up data while I was at Santee SP, and I used it sparingly. I am now home and can add the few photos I need to easily. Read on: Friday found us using another segment of our Atlanta CityPass and touring Fernbank, a Natural History museum with walking gardens. The special dinosaur exhibit was amazing. Featuring the flying Pterosaurs, there were many mini films, interactive displays, and hands on features pleasing to both children and crusty old seniors. We were told there were 500 kids there that day for class trips, and they were loud. Being an experienced Nana Field Trip Chaperone, ... read more
Bobbi flying like a pterosaur
selfie at Confederate monument

North America » United States » Utah » Moab April 19th 2019

While not the most appealing of names for a state park, Dead Horse Point State Park in Utah is a treasure to visit. Most spectacularly, the Park is a peninsula of rock, towering 2000 feet above the Colorado River. You can just imagine how it got its name. The most interesting to me is the "cowboy" legend, using the point as a corral for wild mustangs roaming the mesa. They herded the wild horses across the narrow neck of land onto the point. From there, the 30 feet wide neck was blocked off with branches and brush. This created a natural corral with sheer cliffs on all sides, leaving no escape. Cowboys picked the best horses, and let the others escape. It was not unheard of to leave the horses corralled on the point, and left ... read more
It is a looong way down
See the water?

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