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North America » United States » Idaho June 19th 2019

Great cycling day today. Our biggest challenge is that our device chargers have stopped charging and there is no place around here to buy more. So we are in strict conservation mode here. Dave had to ride today without his honky tonk tunes. We did manage to charge his iPod today - the charger gave the last true measure of devotion. So tomorrow Dave can sing along until his speakers quit ... probably before we get to our 54 miles. Today we rode from Kellogg, through Wallace, to Mullan and the official end of the trail. We wanted to ride the Hiawatha, but 14 miles, 1500 feet gain on a gravel road with logging truck traffic all combined to convince us to go to our plan B. Plan B has us leaving St Marie Thursday early ... read more

Heute bin ich nach dem Frühstück zur Ausgangsstation der Cable Cars in Downtown und habe zwei Tickets gekauft. Dort war eine lange Schlange, aber ein Mann hat empfohlen einfach eine Station weiter einzusteigen. Dann bin ich damit nach Fishermans Wharf gefahren. Das waren ja gleich zwei Attraktionen auf einmal. 1997 habe ich das schon mal gemacht und ein umfangreiches Programm in S.F. abgearbeitet. Heute habe ich vor Ort angekommen erst einmal einen Frappuccino getrunken. Dann bin ich etwas herum gelaufen. Es gibt eine Reihe von Museumsschiffen und man kann Alcatraz und die Golden Gate Bridge sehen. Die beiden letzten wollte ich dieses mal nicht schon wieder ansehen und 1997 habe ich auch ein U-Boot an einer der Anlegestellen besucht. Heute habe ich hier ein Fischplatte wieder zu einem vernünftigen Preis gegessen und bin danach noch zu ... read more
Ein Cable Car.
Pier 39.
Die Golden Gate Bridge im Hintergrund.

North America » United States » Wyoming June 18th 2019

Saturday at the Heart 6 Our plan was to take a 4 hour horse ride at the Heart 6. This is the same dude ranch we have been to in the past, that we really like. The horses are not just horses that walk trails all day - they can do other things too and that is what we have liked in the past. The day started out super cold, snowing, and windy - not ideal riding conditions for sure. But we layered up, put extra gloves in our pockets, and with our wet weather gear on we were off. There was one other couple on our ride - their only other riding experience had been a trail ride in Las Vegas, they did not have the right clothes on, the lady was intent on filing ... read more

North America » United States » Idaho June 18th 2019

Sunday Our day started out at McDonalds. Little did we know that we were visiting the National Champions of quickest drive thru breakfast McDonalds ... but we were. Since we didn’t know, we went into the lobby. Most of the staff were wearing their National Champion shirts; the high schooler behind the counter wasn’t wearing his, because it is hot. We asked them what they were champions of, and heard the tale of the recent - and undisclosed - national McDonalds competition to determine over a 6 week period, which McDonalds had the fastest drive thru service, well the winner was the McDonald’s on Vista in Boise. Their nearest competitor was in Alaska. Next we headed north. Our destination is St Marie’s, ID. We chose the scenic route, along the Palette River. What a lovely river, ... read more

North America » United States June 18th 2019

1) Everything is bigger! If you have already heard that there is everything bigger in the USA – it’s true. I would call the USA – XXL Amerika or XXL country. We were surprised right after arrival. We stayed at Airbnb for the first night. Our host was a University student around 25 years old. He had a huge house just for himself, two bathrooms, a guest room, a living room table for 10 people with massive wooden chairs like from some castle! And I am not even speaking about the size of everything else – cooker, refrigerator, and other electronic devices of a size I have never seen before. Simply because European homes are not that spacy – many houses are still hundred years old and there is not a place for the giant refrigerator, ... read more
Hand washing manual
No guns...

North America » United States » Oregon » McMinnville June 18th 2019

Hi All, We are now in Lincoln City Oregon. Close to the coast in a small KOA campground. Yesterday we spent the day in McMinnville about 50 miles from Lincoln City. We spent most of the day at the Evergreen Aviation Museum, the home of the Spruce Goose. Story of the Goose is amazing. Built by Howard Hughes as a transport aircraft for the government towards the end of WW II. Total flight distance ever flow was about 1 mile and 70 ft above the water. Cost was about $25M, about 7 of that was Howard Hughes own money. A real expensive 1 mile flight. Besides the Goose the museum has a great collection of aircraft and space vehicles. There was an SR-71 and several high altitude drones from the 70’s used for doing surveillance over ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Pompano Beach June 18th 2019

HI Everyone We have had a wonderful 5 days here at Pompano Beach,even though most of time it’s been raining and Lightning,but today has cleared up and spent some time in a Cabano on the beach,we had a swim in ocean it was great fun,we have so many pools to choose from ,it’s very hot and humid. Yesterday we went to the Everglades,but of course when we got there it started to rain,so by the time we got off the boat we were drowned.The Everglades Park is 26miles long and there is a lot of bird life and off course Alligators,we saw a few. We are on the top floor of our accomodation and we can see the ocean from bedrooms and lounge. Tommorrow we head to New Orleans about 12hrs!! So we all will get ... read more

North America » United States » Oregon » Lincoln City June 18th 2019

Well today was another great day of exploring and good weather. The temperatures have been in the 60s along the cost and warming up to 80s inland. Rather cool by our St George standards, but we aren’t complaining. Our first stop today was the Tillamook Creamer. We took the self guided tour which surprisingly was very well done and informative. After the tour we bought lots of cheese not like you can’t get the same stuff at any grocery store. So we came back to the trailer with more stuff we can’t get into the refrigerator. After Tillamook we started on the Three Capes Scenic tour. Our first stop was the Cape Meares and the Cape Mears light house. We did a little hiking and toured the light house. It is the shortest light house on ... read more

North America » United States » Missouri » Saint Louis June 18th 2019

I’m BACK.........On the road again!!!! I fell behind on my last night in NOLA because I had forgotten how early I had scheduled my flight to Spokane on the 13th. Good friends of ours “the Wheelers” invited us to their son’s wedding in Couer D’ Alene Idaho. The wedding fell right in the middle of my ride so I scheduled it into the ride. My flight took off at 6:00 AM and I changed planes in Dallas in route to Spokane. My wife, Son, Daughter, my Daughter-in-Law and my daughters boyfriend all flew from Milwaukee and met me in Spokane. While it sounds like a simple thing - making the arrangements during a bike ride to leave your bike and fly elsewhere takes some coordination. I had to make sure my bike was secure until I ... read more
The Ruetz and Gallo contingent at the Wheeler Wedding in CDA L to R Jen, Collen, Jason, Jim, Karen, Skip, AJ, Greg
Jim and Karen on the Brunch cruise in CDA Idaho
Jim and Skip Gallo in Couer D' Alene

North America » United States » Alaska June 18th 2019

This morning we woke up latish, put out our washing, and had to wait a moment or two for a table at La Terrazza for breakfast. I ordered a spinach omelette for myself and a ham and cheese one for Tom from our waiter Henry, who had looked after us so well on the Silver Whisper on the Panama Cruise! While Tom was enjoying his cereal I gathered some smoked salmon, red onion rings and capers, and a fruit selection for after. I added the salmon etc to my omelette when it arrived. There was an English couple from Devon at the table next to us who were really interesting to talk to. They told us that the people want to leave the EU but the politicians don’t, that’s why it’s so hard to get an ... read more
Wine and food pairing in La Dame
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