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North America » United States » California » Sacramento April 2nd 2020

In my younger days, I was a bit of a jokester and prankster. Perhaps this was a remnant of my college fraternity days. Or maybe I was just destined to be an entertainer? Regardless, here are some jokes to lighten the mood in this health crisis. I promise not rants about shortages, death statistics, poor leadership, and politics. But among the 60,000 thoughts you will have today, here are just a few funny ones to brighten your day! A sign on a cosmetic surgery clinics says:“If life gives you lemons, a simple operation can give you melons.”... read more
Brush vs paper?

Hellllooooo! Happy April Fools Day 2020! I wish I was joking when I said that this is The first “actual” pandemic we have experienced in our lifetimes! CoVid19 has been in the US ruining honeymoons, vacations, and daily life across the entire world! Blake & I are bunkered down in our town of Charlotte, NC and plan to explore this city as much as we possibly can. Look out for future posts of great greenways, hiking spots, and of course best local takeouts! Ciao! Amanda... read more

North America » United States » Virginia » Jamestown April 1st 2020

JAMESTOWN COLONY A hundred years had passed since Spain began to colonize North America. During the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, The Virgin Queen, Sir Walter Raleigh attempted to establish an English colony called Roanoke in North Carolina. It was protected from the sea behind a string of barrier islands, and was intended to be a base for piracy against Spanish shipping. The colony soon perished through starvation, disease, and massacre by natives. A few may have survived as captives taken inland. Twenty years more had passed before a second attempt at colonization was attempted during the reign of King James. It was organized by a group of private investors calling themselves the Virginia Company and set sail from London in late December of 1606 aboard 3 ships commanded by Captain Newport. At the time the ... read more

North America » United States » Arizona » Scottsdale March 31st 2020

Under normal circumstances, the major league baseball season was scheduled to start this week. Only the true diehards will admit to this. Those who have denounced baseball as an outdated, slow moving waste of time were probably rejoicing at first. But I think you will all admit that between March Madness and the NBA playoffs, we enjoyed the distraction that is still America's pastime. Or is it really past time? Instead of the game itself, try to think about the many memories you have of your first baseball game, or your first hit as a Little Leaguer. Or going to the store to buy your first glove, ball, and bat. Putting on your first uniform and cap was also memorable. Playing catch in the backyard with a brother, parent or friend is a time honored tradition. ... read more
Scottsdale Stadium, home of the Giants
Two of the greatest!!!

North America » United States » Mississippi » Ellisville March 28th 2020

ALAMANCE AND THE FREE STATE OF JONES There is nothing more American, perhaps, than mixed blood; unless it might be a good stout voice of strongly held anti-authoritarian sentiment. Oddly both intersected in the Piney Woods District in backwoods Jones County Mississippi during the Civil War. It resulted in a situation in which residents of Jones County and two adjacent counties voted to secede from the Confederacy. It did not, however, start there. Civil disobedience in America began in 1676 with the Bacon Rebellion in Virginia. Nathaniel Bacon opposed Governor Berkeley’s frontier Indian policy, gathered some followers who burned Jamestown to the ground, and sacked Berkeley’s home. The rebellion fell apart after Bacon got dysentery and pooped himself to death. Twenty seven of his followers were subsequently hanged and Berkeley was recalled to London. Berkeley favored ... read more

North America » United States March 28th 2020

Wednesday March 25, we left Glendale, UT. As I mentioned we wanted to see Arches and Canyonlands National Parks but could not find a place close enough to stay due to the Corona Virus Closures. With that subject in the forefront, I want to share, that although we are traveling, we are practicing distancing just like everyone else. We are lucky enough that our "home" is mobile. We are shopping when needed, we don't eat out anyway, and other than checking into a campground and getting gas, we haven't had any contact with others. We are still in search of outdoor activities and will continue on to see as much of the country as we are able to provided we can find places to stay and continue to keep a safe distance from others. When we ... read more
Big Rock Candy Mountain
89N Utah
89N Utah

North America » United States » Mississippi » Natchez March 25th 2020

A PASSEL OF COUSINS If you somehow find yourself bored and at loose ends with yourself during a visit to Natchez, Mississippi drive across the bridge and take Hwy 425 a few miles up into Louisiana to a little place called Ferriday. It is a pretty quiet little place nowadays but in earlier times it was much more lively. On September 29, 1935 a fellow named Jerry Lee Lewis was born in Ferriday and might be creaking around yet, although he no longer lives there. I hope he is still with us. When his light finally goes out we will have lost a good bit of vibrant color from our lives. Jerry Lee’s mom started him out as child banging away at the piano in hopes that he would someday sing gospel tunes at the church. ... read more

North America » United States » Arizona » Willcox March 24th 2020

blog 03-24-20 Chiricahoua National Monument After Watson's walk I tucked him in at the camper for the day and I was off to explore Chiricahoua Nat'l Monument which was about a 50 min drive. The route took me along the base of the eastern mountain range along the Sulfur Flats then the road curved east through a break in the mountains. Part was through the gap I spotted an old graveyard and I just had to stop. It was called Pioneer Cemetery and after going through the gate I walked around a little to see how old it was. There were beautiful yellow flowers blanketing the graves and an occasional fence separating one family from the next. Pictures I wanted to investigate further but time was ticking and Chiriricahua was calling. I went out the gate ... read more
going up through the mountain
Pioneer Cemetery
old stone

North America » United States » California » Clovis March 23rd 2020

With the "Shelter in Place" order now covering California, and many other states, what will you do with your new found leisure time? Perhaps there will be a spike in births come next December and January? If you have young children at home, I certainly sympathize with your challenge. They need to maintain their online classes, and fill a huge void created by their after school activities, like sports, arts, and social activities. Having a smart phone, internet access, social media, and You Tube will undoubtedly be a bigger part of our lives during this quarantine period. For those of you who can work form home, this will be a great opportunity. I would imagine a huge increase in productivity, without bothersome coworkers, and a long commute to and from work. Even though I am mostly ... read more
Get a tricky Dick mask
Wine  and duct tape

North America » United States » Wisconsin March 23rd 2020

We are back home and have decided to quarantine for 2 weeks. There are too many coronavirus cases in Chicago and after going through international airport we have decided it is best. We watched our church message online. We called before picking up the dogs from the Kritter Kastle. They were able to just bring the dogs and dog food out to the car. The dogs were happy to hop right into the car. We texted a friend to pick up some fresh vegetables and other essentials such as the beer as the grocery store is not able to deliver alcohol. We should be set now until we run out of dog food. We made some homemade mozzarella for our pizza tonight as we don't have a shortage of milk. We will likely perfect the process ... read more
The Ride Home from Kritter Kastle
Pizza with Homemade Mozzarella

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