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North America » United States » Utah » Taylorsville July 21st 2017

The morning holds a few dark clouds so I purchase a tarp to wrap our extension of suitcases. Although I’m getting a little more practiced in ratcheting together the rear bundle, it’s becoming a definite chore. I wish we had thought a little more carefully about how much luggage was likely to fit into the car. The morning is cool and the air smells slightly of ozone and fresh pine. We backtrack along 20, still beautiful and traffic is light. We turn south onto I-15 towards Idaho Falls and our eventual destination of Salt Lake City. The drive is pleasant enough, the mountains slide into high desert; the hills on either side brown and irrigated farmland is a stark green contrast in the valleys between them. We cross into Utah and the mountain range to the ... read more
Welcome to Utah
Salt Lake City Skyline
Temple Square

North America » United States » Alaska July 21st 2017

The adventures went out to catch a helicopter ride to go dog sledding, as you do in Alaska. Brian had a date with Geary kiddos and I had date with a movie and hair salon. Nature interfered again and a weather warning meant no helicopter flight . Devastation for the gang only solve by drinking no not us we went in search of more adventure. Zip lining and suspension bridges for most of the gang. Dinner was followed by the rock on show where we grooved on the dance floor even Brian and Dave had a boogie. ... read more

North America » United States » Alaska July 21st 2017

Day 22: the Hubbard Glacier So we were prepared ,up early to have breakfast and then head out to get a spot on the helipad. No one told the restaurant our plans so it wasn't open. Eventually we got breakfast and as we sat there eating blocks of ice started to appear in the water. Small rock shaped ones then huge boulders then small icebergs. We quickly headed to the helipad. The view was amazing, it was pretty cold. We even saw and heard bits of ice falling off the glacier. The rest of the day was pretty casual with rough seas and the need to pack in a small cabin not a good combination for some. Can't believe our cruise ends tomorrow. We now have to source our own food and activities. Lucky we are ... read more

North America » United States » Alaska » Tok July 20th 2017

Bonjour à tous, Ce matin en levant, après une très bonne nuit....Je me suis dit le salaud de Pier, il est parti avec le soleil. Hier au soir, ce matin encore de la vraie pluie, pas un petit arrosage, et 9° à 8h. Je suis donc sur la Glenn highway, qui relie Anchorage, jusqu'à Glennallen, jonction avec l'Alaska highway. Ce nom vient du Capitaine Glenn, de l'armée américaine, qui mena une expédition, vers les gisements d'or en 1896. Je me trouve juste sur l'autre versant de la montagne que nous avions à Whittier en face de l'hôtel. Le mont Marcus Baker 13176 pieds (4400m). Au départ la route est classique pour la région. Montagnes et larges rivières alluvionnaires. Après avoir basculé dans une descente, s'offre à moi le plus beau panorama, que j'ai vu depuis longtemps, ... read more
belle palette de couleurs
belle image
Palmer arrière hôtel

North America » United States » Idaho » Twin Falls July 20th 2017

Mileage 301.2 We got up and ate our breakfast then came back to the room to book hotels for Sunday, Monday and Tuesday and finish up the blog. Then we were off. We had googled to try to find a welcome center for Idaho since we were just over the border and needed maps (can’t use google maps if you don’t have internet and you don’t have your destination in before you lose internet). Google last night didn’t find anything. Of course we left the hotel, drove maybe 2-3 miles and there it was. Oh, well, we bought maps last night. The speed limit on I 84 is 80 mph. Cool. We passed a truck pulling a triple trailer. That was a first for me. Further down the road we decided to take a detour and ... read more

North America » United States » Tennessee » Gatlinburg July 20th 2017

Our original plans had called for visiting a couple of caves in the Gatlinburg area, but we quickly realized that we were in Gatlinburg, and it would be senseless to pass up an opportunity to explore the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in order to see some more caves! When we checked with the Park Ranger last night, he suggested 3 hikes: 1.3 miles to Laurel Falls, 1.3 miles to Grotto Falls, and 0.5 miles to Clingman's Dome. He suggested we do Clingman's Dome in the afternoon so that the heat of the day would burn off the fog and make the visibility better. So after a quick breakfast at the hotel, that is what we set out to do. The weather report called for temperatures in the upper 80's to low 90's, so we would ... read more
Smoky Mountains - Rick at Entrance
Laurel Falls - Jody On The Trail
Laurel Falls - Rick At Upper Falls

North America » United States » Hawaii » Oahu » Honolulu July 19th 2017

North America » United States July 19th 2017

Day 20; Juneau. Well it had to happen sooner or later. We are being stalked by a celebrity. Yes a celebrity heard about how much fun we were having on our Alaskan adventure so they had to follow us. Oprah Winfrey was in Juneau today with 2,000 fans on a cruise ship. She came and left very quickly and is now headed to glacier bay where we will be in two days time.Oh to be famous like us. I conquered another high thing today. We went up on the cable car that was extremely high. I was ok going up but the walk around the top of the mountain was very scary. Another pandora charm purchased and a walk around town . Dave Lyndal and Bruce went on a 9km walk up a mountain. The Geary's ... read more

North America » United States » Alaska » Palmer July 19th 2017

Bonjour à tous, Ça y est la séparation à eu lieu, sans douleur ni larme. Mais avant, nous avions une matinée à tuée. Sur le guide d'Anchorage Pier trouve le musée de l'aviation. Même si j'ai déjà vu à mon idée, un des plus beaux, à Pensacola, en Floride. Pourquoi pas. A 9h30, nous sommes devant de vieux avions, qui pour beaucoup, ont été, des anciens avions d'Air Alaska. Des avions qui desservaient, les petits aéroports de l'état, d'autres du début 20ème, qui ont ralliés la Russie, un Boeing 737, un ancien F15, et ce qui est rare il y a un accès pour le public à l'atelier de rénovation. Intéressant. Vers 11h30 retour en ville pour prendre le dernier lunch, fini les piqueniques dans la verdure. Ni l'un ni l'autre avons envie d'un resto, repas ... read more
bus-hôtel !!!!
le musée

North America » United States » Maine July 19th 2017

Two and a half weeks ago I returned home after travelling in Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia & Herzegovina, and Slovenia, but it just occurred to me this morning that I had confused two different funiculars in two different countries, combining them into just one! And, of course, sent out a blog post while these mixed memories were happily playing in my head. So this entry is a retraction, an apology for not only allowing two different countries to synthesize into one, but in reporting things that happened in two different cities as if it were a single occurrence. I think we all adjust our memories, changing what happened to reflect more kindly on ourselves or others, dulling and smoothing the sharp edges, and over time I have read that these enhanced memories become what we believe truly ... read more

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