The Cat Herder and His Wife

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The Cat Herder and His Wife

The Cat Herder and his wife are a retired couple residing most of the year in Northeastern USA. Since retirement we have taken a liking to traveling, sometimes with a large group of our friends, other times with our long time friends and travel companions, John and Diane. The term "Cat herder and his wife" originated from our first Med cruise. There was a group of 12 on that trip, all retired. Watching us try to keep everyone on schedule and in the right place, one member stated it looked like herding cats. The name stuck. We plan on traveling until it becomes physically impossible or we run out of our children's inheritance.

North America September 14th 2019

Leaving Page under beautiful sunny skies, we gassed up the chariot and went through a car wash. Must have had half of Utah on the car. The scenic highway south is frequented with small stands, with local Native Americans selling jewelry and pottery. We made a stop at a place called Cliff Dwellers that was very interesting. While there were not real cliff dwellings, there were some unusual rock formations and a couple of very old stone dwellings. Since there was no descriptions of what they were, we were left to imagine who lived there. We then headed off to the next stop on the journey, the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. Leaving the prairies we now climbed to much higher ground dominated with Ponderosa pines and birches. It was quite beautiful and very peaceful. ... read more
North Rim

North America » United States » Arizona » Page September 13th 2019

Waking up to another Blue bird day, we headed to Page, AZ. This was another long travel day. As we left the Moab area, the topography changed markedly. The cliffs and buttes gave way to immense prairies and rolling hills, with the mountains far off in the distance. Lots of cattle ranching in this area. After miles of this scenery, we finally approached Monument Valley. This is an Apache Tribal park, and displays a first hand look at one of the most tremendous natural structures created by erosion. The absorbant sandstone holds underground aquifers which give moisture to crops and adequate grazing for livestock. The Navajo reservation covers one third of the 130,000 square mile Colorado plateau. After checking out the visitor's center and talking to the photo-op Indian at the overlook, we headed out for ... read more
South of Moab

North America » United States » Utah » Moab September 10th 2019

After a great nights sleep, and a leisurely breakfast, we headed out for a scenic ride along Rt 128 which meanders along the Colorado River. During the first few miles it began to rain. Actually we were looking forward to a little rain to wash off the mud that was covering our van. Plus we knew it was only going to be a short shower and would not ruin our day. We stopped at a movie museum that was located at the Red Cliffs Lodge. It was filled with memorabilia from the hundred plus movies, and thousands of commercials that have been filmed in the Moab area. We were surprised to find that some of our favorites, like the Eiger Sanction and City Slickers had been filmed here. After finishing our visit to the museum we ... read more

North America » United States » Utah » Moab September 10th 2019

Woke up early to another gorgeous day. Mornings have been in the low 60's for the past few days, then warming up to the mid 80's. There is almost 0% humidity in these parts, and were usually above 5000' above sea level, so everyone is drinking water like a camel. We're signed up for a private tour of both parks today, Aches and Canyon Land, and we arrived at Nav-Tec tours at 8:00. After meeting our guide for the day, Yancey, we took off in a Toyota Land Rover that felt like a tank. As we discovered later, it was good that it was built like a tank. Instead of heading into Arches NP through the main entrance, Yancey took us north, and entered the park via a dirt road. This quickly turned into a "technical" ... read more
Dinosaur prints

North America » United States » Utah » Moab September 8th 2019

Okay folks, not a hell of a lot to write about today as it was a long travel day to Moab. The first part of this leg was eastbound on Rte 24, out the east gate of Capital Reef. The section of road continued to be quite scenic, with towering cliffs on either side of the roadway. We made a brief stop to view some petroglyphs along the way. Very hard to see, but interesting. Hitting Hanksville, we headed north and the scenery changed completely. Picture a highway on the moon and that is what it looked like. A local that we met in Torrey had said we should check out a place called Goblin Valley on this road, and we found the turnoff about 20 miles north of Hanksville. After driving down the longest entrance ... read more
Early Settler's Cabin

North America » United States » Utah » Torrey September 8th 2019

Okay.....I know it sounds repetitive, but it's another beautiful day here. Woke up this morning to the sounds of a rooster crowing, and a cow mooing. Our cabins were adjacent to a farm with many animals. It was different from what we are used to, but nice. Actually Tropic is a real farm community, and we found out that all of the local businesses close for the Winter. After breakfast we headed down Highway 12, another scenic road, towards Capital Reef NP. The highway did not disappoint with its breathtaking scenery. Rt12 is not the shortest way to get to Capital Reef, but it's certainly the most scenic. It follows the few rivers and streams out here, and you're surrounded by high cliffs frequently. Eventually it all changed to green farmland and green mountains. In fact, ... read more

North America » United States » Utah » Tropic September 7th 2019

This morning we woke up to another beautiful day, had breakfast and headed out of Zion to Bryce Canyon, NP. We decided to take the Zion- Mt Carmel Highway. This scenic highway is know for it's switchbacks, slickrock canyons and sweeping views. The road which is ten miles long has two tunnels which were dug through the face of the cliffs. One of them is 1.1 miles long, took 3 years to build, and cost a fortune. The tunnel has large "windows" that give you a peek at the beauty surrounding it. The sheer cliffs on the side of the road had Diane catching up on her e-mail, or playing a game on her phone which is usually the case when we are on this type of road. As we exited the tunnel the landscape around ... read more
Cocktail time
Bryce Point

North America » United States » Utah » Zion National Park September 6th 2019

After a great nights sleep and a delicious breakfast we headed out to explore Zion, NP. The town of Springdale, in partnership with the park, have a wonderful free shuttle service with stops throughout the town and to the park. Once in the park there is another shuttle service that stops at all of the various trails and scenic areas. This was begun to cut down on the number of vehicles that had previously crowded the park, and to cut down on the pollution caused by them. We decided on the advice of one of the park rangers to ride to the shuttles' last stop, and work our way back. The scenery here is just beautiful. The various shades of red, white and browns, along with the steep slopes through the canyon were breathtaking. Our first ... read more
The Virgin River

North America » United States » Utah » Springdale September 5th 2019

After a 5:30 wake up, and an uneventful flight, we landed in Las Vegas, Nevada. HELP! I'M MELTING!!!! The temperature at the airport was a scorching 102 degrees! They say that it's a dry heat, but at that temperature it felt like we had entered an oven. We picked up our rental van, stopped for a case of wine (of course), and then headed to Zion, NP and the town of Springdale, Utah where we would be spending the next two nights. The three hour drive was quite uneventful. The scenery was quite bland, but became more colorful and beautiful the closer we came to our destination. En-route, the outside temperature showed 114 degrees, but as we entered a rain shower it fell to a much more comfortable 74. After checking into our lodging we headed ... read more
Leaving Las Vegas
Hwy 15  north
Not much to see

North America » United States » New Hampshire » Windham September 3rd 2019

On Wednesday, September 4th, the Cat Herder will embark on another adventure. This journey will take us throughout Utah and its majestic National Parks. Zion, Bryce Canyon, Arches and Canyonlands are just a few of the areas we will be visiting. As on our other trips we will be accompanied by our trusty travel companions, John and Diane. We hope you will enjoy following us for the next ten days. So see you tomorrow!... read more

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