The Cat Herder and His Wife

The Cat Herder Gold Rush

The Cat Herder and His Wife

The Cat Herder and his wife are a retired couple residing most of the year in Northeastern USA. Since retirement we have taken a liking to traveling, sometimes with a large group of our friends, other times with our long time friends and travel companions, John and Diane. The term "Cat herder and his wife" originated from our first Med cruise. There was a group of 12 on that trip, all retired. Watching us try to keep everyone on schedule and in the right place, one member stated it looked like herding cats. The name stuck. We plan on traveling until it becomes physically impossible or we run out of our children's inheritance.

North America » United States » Oregon » Portland September 17th 2020

We woke up early this morning and finished cleaning out the fridge, cabinets and packed away all of the kitchen items. After breakfast we hit the road at around 9, with our first stop in downtown Stevenson at the local ACE hardware store to have our propane tanks filled. The young man that was helping us said that he was sorry that we were not able to view this area, The Columbia River Gorge, as it was quite beautiful. As you would expect the visibility did not get any better the closer we got to Portland, in fact, it only got worse. We arrived at Mt. Scott Motor's at 10:45 to drop off the RV's. The check in process was quick, and the people could not have been any nicer. While seeing a major part of ... read more

North America » United States » Washington » Stevenson September 16th 2020

Woke up to a glorious morning at our Heppner campsite. The sun rise was hazy, but still beautiful. It appears the smoke has gotten worse since last night, and I fear it's going to get worse as we head West today. Our plan is to head north to Interstate 84, then join up with the Columbia River Gorge Scenic byway. After a nice breakfast, we got the RV's ready and headed out. I called the owner of the park to express our pleasure on the conditions of the place as well as the extremely nice couple managing it. She got a kick out of our story of heading into the grave yard yesterday. We headed north out of Heppner on Rte 74, and passed through beautiful prairies and ranches.Beside cattle, there were considerable sheep as well. ... read more
Scenic view of the Columbia River
Crossing the Columbia
The Last Cocktail hour

North America » United States » Oregon September 15th 2020

Lazy morning in Baker City. As we didn't have a long leg length planned for today, we kind of took our time in getting on the Road. We left Baker City close to 9:00 with our destination being Heppner, OR. We headed north on Highway 84 to North Powder and passed the 45th parallel. This is the halfway point between the equator and the North Pole. We stopped at a small truck stop to fuel up and get a good cup of coffee. (The coffee all week has sucked). Leaving there, we headed West toward Ukiah. John asked what route number were we taking, and I told him it didn't have one. That probably should have been a hint at what was to come. We entered the Elk Horn Drive Scenic Byway. This was a lovely, ... read more
Lots of abandoned homesteads
Along the Elkhorn Byway

North America » United States » Oregon » Baker City September 14th 2020

Well. seeing as how we had an extra night to plan for due to our cancellations at Coos Bay and Crater Lake, we decided to continue heading East today on Oregon's Scenic byway called Hell's Canyon. The plan was to traverse the entire 42 mile road and then proceed to LaGande, OR for the night. There is still smoke in the air out here, but is much better than previous days. We were able to enjoy the scenery a whole lot better today. We headed out on Rte 86, and passed through a few small towns. The area is completely covered in huge cattle ranches, with grazing land that stretch as far as the eye can see. The land here goes from rolling hills and prairies to mountainous along the whole route. It is very beautiful, ... read more
Hollis Canyon Drive
Snake River
Steep drop offs

North America » United States » Oregon » Baker City September 13th 2020

Well, as we stated in the interim blog for today, we arrived at a plan B, and hoped it would work out in our favor. We left Sisters at 8:10 am. The smoke seemed a little less than the night before and we wondered how far East we would have to go to lose it entirely. We spoke with others that had altered their plans, and many of the RV parks were getting cancellations. As bad as we felt about not seeing some of the sites we had planned on, we felt worse for the many people that had to leave their homes and lost them to the fires. I thought I'd do a section here on RV life, at least the life that we've experienced in 30' RV's. First off, if you can't stand being ... read more
Our bedroom
The kitchen
Dining area

North America » United States » Oregon » John Day September 13th 2020

Well, it's 6:30 am our time, and we've come up with a plan B. Ray has been checking the DOT road closure line, looking at the Oregon fire maps, and googling potential scenic routes. The fires are all in the Western part of the state, right where we have been, or were going. We were actually lucky that we were able to get from the coast to Sisters yesterday, as most of those roads are closed. There's a tremendously large fire burning southeast of Portland, with many towns being evacuated. We've decided to head East along Rt 26, toward Baker City. There are no fires out there, and it appears to be very scenic and mountainous. We're going to wing it on RV parks for tonight, as we don't know where we'll end up. This is ... read more

North America » United States » Oregon » Sisters September 12th 2020

Opened the blinds this morning hoping that the visibility was better, but it was actually worse. We check the current road closures and found that Rt 101 was now open so we hit the road at 8:45, destination, Coos Bay. It didn't take long to realize that it was going to be another day of no scenery. The smoke was very thick and we could even smell it in the RV. After driving through it for a few hours and not seeing a thing, we began to wonder if it was worth staying on the coast highway. We stopped for lunch in Newport and Ray immediately started making calls. He found that all the roads to Crater Lake NP were closed and the campground was preparing for a possible evacuation. It then made no sense going ... read more
DOT Fire map
Oregon Coast
One of many road closures

North America » United States » Oregon » Garibaldi September 12th 2020

We decided to have a leisurely start today, as we didn't have as long a drive ahead of us. It was the first day we've had that the sun wasn't shining. In fact, there were sprinkles here and there, and it was decidedly cooler. This leg of our trip was bringing us along the ocean through many small towns, and lots of forests. We crossed over the 2 mile bridge that connects Washington and Oregon at about 11:30 am. This was an incredible bridge, and I'm sure the scenery around it was wonderful. We, however, couldn't see a thing. Turns out, what we thought was fog this whole time is actually smoke from the many fires raging throughout the area. It gives a yellow tint to the surroundings, and in some areas is quite thick and ... read more
Beautiful Oregon Coast (I think)
2 mile bridge
2 mile bridge

Woke up in Hoodsport pretty early, as we got to bed early last evening. The RV Park, Glen Ayr, was pretty nice. Had full hookups and decent WIFI. It’s located right on the Hood Canal, and has access to a marina. After a nice breakfast, we departed for Quinault, WA via the Olympic National Park. This trip allows us to visit three National Parks that we’ve not before seen: Mt. Ranier NP, Olympic NP, and Crater Lake NP. We passed Lewis and Clark NP, but didn’t stop. As we headed north on US101, we intended to make stops at the Light House in Dungeness, WA, as well as 4-5 stops within the National Park. We soon discovered that the signage to these places was very poor, or not existent at all. We could find no signs ... read more
Oyster Farms in Hood Canal
The Cat Herder

North America » United States » Washington » Mt St Helens September 10th 2020

Well, we got up early to a gorgeous morning. Love this campground, as it is very beautiful and peaceful. Of course, being we're the only two parties in the place, it would be peaceful anywhere I guess. After a great breakfast, we got off to an early start at 7:30. Pretty amazing getting John and Diane going this early. This is going to be the longest leg of our trip, taking in two significant areas, Mt. St. Helens and Mt. Ranier. We started off going East on the Spirit Lake Highway. This takes you to a place called Johnston Ridge, which overlooks the Lava Dome of the Mountain, Spirit Lake, and the wasteland below the mountain caused by the eruption. What was fascinating is that there is still considerable volcanic action going on, with vents spewing ... read more
Smokey Vistas
Windy Day at Mt. St Helens
Entering Mt. Ranier Nat'l Park

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