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North America » United States » Oklahoma » Oklahoma City February 25th 2015

The sun came out yesterday and today for the first time since our departure. With it's arrival came a deepened sense of gratitude. The sun always provides me with a fresh perspective. I want to make sure I take the time to express my gratitude for the many things and people that have supported us on this adventure. First and foremost, we could not have done this without our parents. Our mom was so kind to let us borrow (and gut) her van. Every time I look behind me from the driver's seat I chuckle a little. We have our futon and bedding, and then 4 baskets of seemingly endless food (also thanks to mom and dad.) Something that I lose sight of quite frequently is the appreciation of having my sister to travel with, we ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Pine Island February 25th 2015

We met Captain Terry - Fish Face Charters - at a Pine Island community event last year. We nabbed our fishing friends Bonnie and Jack, booked a charter and had a great day! We did an encore this year for even more fun and more fish albeit in sea fog "thick as a haddock." The fee, $400 for a half day (1pm - 5), was worth it to the four of us. Captain Terry proved once again to be amusing and to know where the fish hide. We met him at Pine Land Marina and headed west; first to Cayo Costa - where we had spent a recent beach day. That was a quick stop as the tide wasn’t to Captain Terry’s liking. He fished around and finally found us a great spot off North Captiva. ... read more
Captain Terry Fisher
Wes Got the First Fish
Jack, Bonnie, & Wes

North America » United States » Florida » Jupiter February 25th 2015

It was a warm start to the day. The temp was 80 at 9:30 in the morning. Oscar and I went for an early walk then I sat and read my book for a while to keep him company then off to the beach I went. I decided to go to the Jupiter Public beach and see how that looked this year. It was gorgeous. The water was SO blue, the air so clear, and the breeze just right. I found myself a spot and settled in to snap a few pictures. That didn't last long, there were shells to be had. The tide was coming in, almost high tide, and it brought a bounty. Before I knew it there was a bag full and I limited what I got after that to just special ones. ... read more
looking up the beach
the rocks
sand piper

North America » United States » Louisiana » New Orleans February 25th 2015

Today is another cool dreary day. Temp below 50 degrees so because of the wind and humidity I broke down and had to get my big winter coat. We had wanted to go for a buggy ride but since the horses or mules here are wimps they did not go out in the big bad weather. Really? Now as I remember a trip to Quebec City during their Winter Carnival, we went on a buggy ride and it was -40 degrees!. Don't bother asking whether that is C or F, once it goes down that far it doesn't matter. So.... more walking, shopping, and drinking is in order. Yes you are right that about covers everything. Once around Jackson Square into the Cafe Pontalba for coffees. Since we were right here we explored the Cabildo (history ... read more

North America » United States » New York February 24th 2015

Day 3 - Sunday 22nd February 2015 New York The snow has stopped, although it was falling all night, so its about 2 inches deep now. The roads are clear and the paths are mostly clear, so I decided today was a good day to take a trip to see the Lady herself, on Liberty Island. I got my ticket to the grounds of Liberty Island and also asked for a pedestal pass, (due to the icy snowy conditions there was no point paying for a crown pass as we were not let outside) I got the ferry over to the island, navigating icy conditions and even mini (extremely mini) icebergs. Well they were big lumps of flat ice floating in the east river, I know understand what the titanic had felt like that night (only ... read more

North America » United States » New York February 24th 2015

Day 4 - Monday 23rd February 2015 New York This morning started off on a low, first this morning I went to look at my few photos from the last 2 days when the computed told me the card was corrupted :( though I googled an there is a way to get the pics back, so might not be too bad, then when I got up and went into the shower, there was no hot water, however I didn't realise this until I was in the shower. I then got the bus into the city, there was a biting wind that promised frostbite to any exposed skin, it was -100C, so I made the brave decision to do some sightseeing from the relative warmth of the many bus tours in New York city. I was waiting ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Hobe Sound February 24th 2015

I had the windows open all night and the air was typical of the tropics, warm and moist. As I was catching up on my e mails, I heard a buzzing overhead and there was a wasp/hornet crawling around on the ceiling. He was a big sucker and I was debating to kill or get it out the door. I grabbed the dish towel and caught it but not without being stung on my pinkie. I screamed and he made it out. Now I have a sore pinkie and pussy bites on my ankle. These Fl critters and getting to me. After coffee, Oscar and I went on a nice walk then we came back to the camper and I got ready to meet Linda for lunch. Linda and I went to a resturant along the ... read more
fire ant bites
money passing by

North America » United States » New York February 24th 2015

Day 1 - Friday 20th February 2015 Dublin – New York I’m currently in the aeroplane somewhere over the coast of Canada. I was on my own in a seat of 2 for 15mins, before a fella came along and took the aisle seat, so every time I need to move I have to wake him up, also on a side note, why are people sleeping on a morning flight…like it was 11am when we boarded, so they would have slept the whole night long, anyway, the guy, well he started to try and talk to me, I was doing my best not to encourage chat, I only briefly made eye contact (to ensure he was not a serial killer, you can tell these things by sight of course) I had my headphones in and was ... read more

North America » United States » Minnesota February 24th 2015

KARUCO's Water and Energy Team is back at it in their respective home countries. John Wade (MSAADA Architects) is back in Mwanza busy with other projects in Tanzania as well as moving the KARUCO project ahead; Albin Mathias (Powering Potential) is back home (near Arusha) and Christopher Jones (Inventoris) and Jan Hansen (ETI) are back in balmy Minnesota longing for the warmer climes of Africa. Albin submitted a report that outlines the next steps for ETI to take to get solar-powered computers and Internet at KARUCO. Our Tanzanian Partners at KAD complain that the Internet has been down since last fall. Albin is doing his best to change that. John and Christopher completed some impressive work designing the water harvest system that will enable KARUCO to open in October, 2016. They will continue to work with ... read more

North America » United States » Arkansas » Conway February 24th 2015

Hello Friends and Family! Madison and I are taking a break from driving in a Dunkin' Donuts near Little Rock, Arkansas. This is the second DDs we've been to in as many days. No, we are not donut addicts (well, that is still up for debate). The reason we have been frequenting this lovely donut shoppe is because we hit the jackpot when we were sorting through all of our old gift cards. It turns out I had a Dunkin' Donuts gift card from a few years back for... wait for it... $120! Needless to say, DD will be our pitstop of choice until our beloved card runs dry. That thing I said about being a donut addict earlier - ask us when we return and I bet we'll have a different answer (and maybe diabetes). ... read more
Clutter in the Front Seat
Madison on our Bed
Top Rope + Lead

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