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Denali National Park, Alaska 2019-7-24 Chuyen di Fairbanks va Barrow 7-24 to 31-2019 Toi da di Alaska 3 lan va lan cuoi cung la 5-2019. Lan nay 7-2019 toi lai di nua va lan nay toi di land trip thay vi di bang Cruise nhu may lan truoc. Muc dich cua lan di nay la toi muon di den vung Top of the World la Barrow boi vi vung nay cao nhat the gioi, mot community o vi the cao nhat the gioi cao hon ca Iceland va nam tren Arctic Circle. Toi dat may bay di tu Fairbanks den Barrow ngay 7-29-19 va ve ngay 7-30-19 tuy nhien vi tinh co trung ngay le Kivgiq cua dan Eskimos duoc to chuc 3 nam mot lan nen toi tim khong co phong thue trong so 4 ... read more

North America » United States » Alaska August 6th 2019

Pruhoe Bay: Nam 1968 Arco kham pha mo dau lon tay phia bac cua Alaska va Anchorage la Prudhoe Bay. Tai day co 2 mo dau o Prudhoe bay va Kuparuk river la 2 onshore, oil field tren dat lien lon nhat the gioi trong khi da so oil field cua the gioi la off shore oil fields o ngoai bien. Mo dau o day tao nen su phon thinh cua Anchorage. Prudhoe Bay oil field la mo dau lon nhat nuoc My va ngay ca Bac My rong 213,000 acres, bat dau kham pha lay dau nam 1977 voi 1.5 trieu thung moi nam va hien gio la 280,000 thung dau moi nam trong khi nuoc san suat dau nhieu nhat Saudi Arabia san suat 3,000 trieu thung moi nam . Dau o day co ... read more

North America » United States » Alaska August 6th 2019

Barrow, Alaska 7-28-2019 Barrow O Barrow chi co 4 khach san ma moi Hotel co khoang 30 phong nhu vay tong cong khach san o day chi co khoang 120 phong cho 120 du khach. O day vao 3 nam 1 lan co ky hoi ten la Kivgiq. Kivgiq hay Messenger Feast la le duoc to chuc giua mua dong sau strong whale harvest. Le nay duoc dat ten tu ten cua 2 nguoi messengers ten la Kivgiq ngay xua di tu lang nay den lang Eskimo khac de moi dan lang den du le Kivgiq. Le nay bi ngung mot thoi gian khoang 70 nam cho den 1988 moi bat dau tro lai. Barrow con duoc goi la Utqiagvok hay city of Utqiagvik duoc goi la the Northernmost American City thuoc tien bang Alaska va ... read more

North America » United States » Alaska August 6th 2019

Arctic Circle: 7-29-2019 Arctic Circle Nhung dac tinh o Arctic Circle: Tai Arctic circle thi mat troi duoc thay suot ngay 24hrs mot lan trong nam goi la midnight sun vao thang 6 goi la June Solstice va khong thay mat troi lien tuc 24hrs trong ngay mot lan trong nam vao thang 12 hay December duoc goi la December Solstice hay Noon Sun. Antarctic region thi nguoc lai. Arctic circle khong co dinh ma no di chuyen theo Axial Tilt va Arctic Circle di chuyen ve phia Bac 15m/year. Nhung thu o Arctic circle trong do co con Arctic fox Long cua arctic fox thay doi tuy theo mua. Tren nhat la long mua he, giua la mua xuan va duoi cung la mua dong. Arctic fox can di trung binh 29mikles moi ngay va ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Kissimmee August 6th 2019

We made it to Disney World! We got up early for our 6am Central flight, ran through our connection in Atlanta, and arrived in Orlando at 11:15 Eastern. Disney is absolutely excellent at helping make people's vacations easy to enjoy. We made our way through the airport to the Magical Express, boarded our complimentary shuttle, and left almost immediately for our resort. The kids enjoyed watching the Disney videos on the shuttle, and we arrived at our Fort Wilderness Resort around noon. I'll go into more detail on our resort on another blog post. For now, I wanted to share our first dinner experience. There's another Disney resort, Wilderness Lodge, that is a short ferry ride away from our resort. Disney has two complimentary ferries that do a loop, going from Fort Wilderness to Wilderness Lodge ... read more
The Ferry Reaching Wilderness Lodge
Goofy Remembers the Bubbles that Came Out of His Ears
The Kids and Dopey

North America » United States » California » Napa Valley August 5th 2019

I hope I am not the only sparkling wine fan out there in wine land. We continue to throw facts at you until something sticks: The United States ranks second among export markets for Champagne. Only the United Kingdom is a larger export market for Champagne. Champagne sales in the U.S. have increased for six years in a row. Last year, we drank 23.7 million bottles and spent $652 million on France’s finest bubbly. ​“Bubbles are emptiness, non-liquid, a tiny cloud shielding a mathematical singularity. Born from chance, a violent and brief life ending in the union with the nearly infinite.” -a university type, who obviously has a different perception of bubbles than you or me!!! Approximate number of millions (500!!!!!) of bottles of Prosecco DOC produced from last year’s harvest according to Drinks Business. That’s ... read more
The Domaine Carneros brut rose'
Love those bubbles
And the cellars

North America » United States » New Hampshire » Salem August 5th 2019

Another travel day. And we are now in our old backyard. We left the hotel this morning at 7:40 and 58 degrees and headed east on I-90. And the further we went, the more it looked like New England. Much of our drive was through country roads, where the trees are thick and lush and form a canopy over the byway…maple, birch, oak, sometimes elm, and an occasional white pine…feeling very familiar. The roads got better when the tolls ended…did I say this boggles my mind? We followed the Mohawk River for a while and we skirted the south end of the Adirondack Mountains. We even saw what I will call a bridge to nowhere. This was weird. This bridge was built over the river but there was no way to get up onto it. Each ... read more
Green Mountains of Vermont
Green Mountains of Vermont

North America » United States August 5th 2019

Asheville is a “rare liberal enclave in the conservative countryside” (LP, Georgia and the Carolinas, 2019, p. 288). We had some great North Carolina meals here - including barbecue, hush puppies, banana pudding and sweet tea. I didn’t say it was healthy, just that it was good. Asheville’s nickname is “Beer City” because there are several microbreweries in the city. Nearby is a town “Cherokee” - which is the “home of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians - the descendants of those Cherokee who managed to hide in the mountains rather than be expelled from their homeland along the Trail of Tears” (LP, p. 302). This wasn’t one of the better moments in US history. Andrew Jackson was the president at the time, and he had “gotten Congressional approval after gold was discovered in Georgia for ... read more
Blue Ridge Parkway
Blue Ridge Parkway
Blue Ridge Parkway

A lot can happen in 20 years. I am back in San Francisco after moving from the south bay in the spring. I am in awe of the transformation this city has undergone in the past 20 years. A good number of retail and dining establishments (some of them have been around for decades) have closed shop and many more are putting out signs thanking everyone for their support but they have chosen to not renew their lease. Nothing lasts forever but some things remain the same. The beauty and charm of SF still exists-- one just needs to look beyond the surface.... read more

We had a 14-hour drive to West Yellowstone, our next stop, and had paid for a campsite that we couldn’t cancel. But, after letting kids swim on Monday morning, shopping at Trader Joe’s and Costco, we got a late start. That meant driving not so far as we’d hoped on Monday and arriving later on Tuesday. We finally got into West Yellowstone just before the RV park office closed on Tuesday. I ran into the office with my wallet while Dale stayed in the truck with the kids. As luck would have it, Dale let kids out to play at the playground next to the office and he then got out of the truck. A bag of mixed nuts fell out of his door so he went to retrieve it and as he did that, shut ... read more
Grandkids Made Friends

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