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Before we embark on stage 5 of our adventure a few more words about Pigeon Forge. I really should have mentioned that one of the unique features of Dollywood was the age of the staff. Anyone who frequents theme parks will be familiar with the band of "enthusiastic" youths who normally shrug punters onto rides. Not at Dollywood. Oh no. Their employment criteria would appear to be something along the lines of if you are too old and infirm to ride the thrill rides then this is the place for you! I doubt we saw any employee under the age of 60 - many appeared well over 80 and some had walking aids. Very helpful of course but quite unexpected in a theme park... The other issue I haven't touched upon is that parts of Tennessee ... read more

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New York City the city that never sleeps, been here multiple times and its awesome, you can never finish discovering New York city and its people. Getting lost in the crow on the streets, the non-stop movement of the city, the energy the travels in the air from the people talking ,the crazy traffic and the construction sites and every other thing that's going on make you feel alive,specially coming from a city as Miami , New York its a complete game changer, here you HAVE TO MOVE or GET OUT THE WAY. Yes Time Square is nice and so is the Statue of Liberty but i think i had the most fun walking around the neighborhoods on the upper west and east side of the city, finding great cafes and bakeries where most local people ... read more
City Night
China Town

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We arrived in America after a good flight. Bags dropped off at the Marriot Hotel in Newark and headed into downtown New York.... read more

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Sorry for the delay - conversation and bourbon conspired for a missed blog post last night. Today was great for two reasons. Reason #1 was the sites we got to see, which were amazing. Reason #2 was I didn't have to drive - a first since Illinois. With the side trip down to Abilene, we've done 2,700 miles already on this trip and I've driven every one of them, so the opportunity to just sit back and look at the sites was definitely appreciated. We piled into Ron's car around 9am and headed out into the desert, driving the Oatman Highway - an incredible, twisting/turning road through the mountains and over the Sitgreaves Pass. A few miles on you pull into the town of Oatman, one of the strangest places I've ever seen. The town itself ... read more
Photo May 07, 10 11 00
Photo May 07, 11 41 46
Photo May 07, 08 48 50

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I officially got the bags out and started going through the closet! My daughter helped me look at everything and tell me "yes" or "no" to my choices. How lucky is that.... I have a dresser! My dear husband will pack the night before. No stress for him. But see, I started my vacation a few months ago. Scouring the internet for what to see, buying tickets getting prepared that is part of the fun. The big let down comes when you come home to a suitcase or two full of dirty clothes to wash. But I won't go there yet. Too much fun yet to come. But clothes aside I'm going through my camera equipment and making sure I have everything. Kyle said he wanted to bring a camera! For some reason that really makes ... read more

The early morning view across the Sound was beautiful but we had no time to linger and enjoy with precious close to 600 miles to cover. The journey took 10 1/2 hours and saw the scenery change from coastal through rural to heavily populated and then finally across the border into Tennessee over the Smokey Mountains. I don't like to generalize but sometimes it's just too tempting! The Americans are decisive drivers - they decide on which lane they like the look of and stick to it. End of. Unless they are texting whilst driving in which case they seem to waver between the nearest two. Anyway, we made it to Pigeon Forge, in the foothills of the Smokey Mountains, tired but in one piece. Pigeon Forge is like the 192 in Orlando has been picked ... read more

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Well it seems to me like this is a good time in my life to resume my blog activities. I feel like it is a good time because I have no plans, this is the beginning and I have no idea where I will go from here. Lately I have been enjoying my home state of California, a recent surf trip from Santa cruz to San Diego proved to be very awesome, with some tasty waves and a cool buzz. Then a quick adventure to Joshua Tree National Park, for some hiking, guitar playing, meditation and rock climbing. The openness of the desert makes you feel like you have space to breath. On top of that the sunrise's/sunsets are amazing, and who would have thought that the desert is so full of life. The question now ... read more
Anything is possible
Beautiful and deadly
Joshua Tree

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I have seen the quality of God's work. And it is good. Anyone remember Bill Cosby's routine about this? It was one of the funniest things I'd ever heard at the time and still resonates today. The quality of God's work: Good. Not great, not fantastic...not AWESOME. Good. We invented words like fantastic and awesome. Man made a car, said Fantastic! God made a tree, said Good. Man made a refrigerator, said Awesome! God made a rabbit, said Good. The wheels fell off the car and the refrigerator stopped working. The tree's still up and the rabbit's still running. This is not a sermon. There will not be collection after this. It's just a worthwhile precursor to what I saw today. And what I saw can change lives. 6:30am found us on the road north from ... read more
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It was a warm and sunny day...... May 2nd. Too nice to stay inside or do yard work around the house. So we jumped in our favorite Ford Flex and headed across the state line into Potter County, God's Country, Pennsylvania. So snap your seat belts and ride along. Our first destination was Larry's Sport Center, outside of Galeton, PA. It is a huge store that sells motorcycles, ATV's, snowmobiles and related. He had advertised free food and free entertainment on this beautiful day. Perfect! We were on our way. The food was delicious. We had missed the Elvis Presley impersonator but that was okay. The lady next to me said he didn't throw out any scarves and was just okay in his performance. We enjoyed the Johnny & June Cash impersonators very much. Their stage ... read more
Waiting for the Entertainment
Johnny Cash Sings
Enjoying this Duo

Today was the first day that felt like a road trip after weeks of moving and packing! The truck was finally loaded, we were heading west, the sun was shining and XM Classic Rock was playing on the radio. All the old carefree feelings of being out on the open road came flooding back! We left Sherrill in Central New York towards our first destination, Letchworth State Park, rated the #1 State Park in the country and known as the Grand Canyon of the East. Reading the reviews on Trip Advisor, we were ready to be blown away, which is probably never a good thing. It was really pretty as the photos will attest but not quite up to the hype. To be fair, this is early Spring and we only visited for half a day. ... read more
Upper Falls and Pathway
Middle Falls
Rainbow over Middle Falls

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