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North America » United States » Arizona » Phoenix October 31st 2015

THE BASICS We definitely wound down for the last few weeks of our trip. Strange to think that for people still working, two and a half weeks might be a nice vacation. We spent a week in Flagstaff, but it was very windy and cool, and it rained, so we mostly enjoyed nestling inside the RV. Finally headed south, but since it was Columbus Day weekend, we couldn't get a campsite in Sedona. Serendipity: we camped for several days in Cottonwood, not far south of Sedona. Had unusually good meals there. At last, on to Phoenix, where we divided our efforts between readying the RV for storage and visiting my brother Johnny and his wife Katy. With them, we attended the Arizona State Fair, visited the McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park (wonderful!), and I had my first experience ... read more

North America » United States » Missouri » Fredericktown October 30th 2015

After going through the root canal on Tuesday, I am STILL having pain and distress with the tooth that was below it......I was not certain which tooth was the problem on Tuesday. Well, this one has already had a root canal procedure done years ago, is now giving me pain. Was it the problem on Tuesday, or was it the one above that had the procedure?? BUT....nevertheless, it is taking heavy scripted pain daughter being a dentist and has written the scripts,....but that does not solve the "root" of the on words here. Not certain what to is Friday and dentists are scarce, even up in STL. Discussion as to whether we should go or not!!!! Something must be decided this morning........... Will post when something new develops........very depressed over this!! ... read more

North America » United States » Massachusetts » Boston October 30th 2015

We arrived in Boston after a fairly successful overnight journey from Washington – the coach was empty and we managed to commandeer a whole row each, making lying down possible and almost comfortable! With a day to spare until the much anticipated arrival of Ebba and Anna, we decided to head out to New Haven, Connecticut, to see Yale University. It was well worth a trip and we spent a lovely warm, sunny afternoon pottering around the university grounds, through the Old Campus ‘intellectual spotting’ – there were many bespectacled hipsters sitting around under trees pretending to be intelligent. The next day, we arrived at Boston Airport with hours to spare, excited to see our guests… Anna arrived first and she and I were deep in conversation as birthday girl Ebba seemed to appear out of ... read more
Yale, obviously.
Mr Harvard (apparently not actually the true founder)!

North America » United States » Missouri » Fredericktown October 30th 2015

OMG.......why today????!!!!! After the initial post this new pc/Windows 10.....stopped working!!!!! The "START" button would not work......could not access anything on it, other than going through a very tightly controlled back door. Sooooo......not only my tooth problem, but a computer problem!! CRAP!!!! So, I did talk with Dr. Jeni.....and with the pills I have already from her prescriptions, we decided that I had enough to get me through this tough time right now. The "Narco" pain killing pills were I had not only the ones she had given me a script for last weekend, but I had the same pills..... but MANY more..... which were left after my surgery on my leg in December. Soooo, with those still being ok for use due to less than a year of having them, we decided we ... read more

North America » United States October 30th 2015

S.V.P si vous voyez les autorites policieres des Etats-Unis, ne leur transmettez pas nos coordonnees ! Pas facile de voyager en velo… Il faut toujours reflechir a la quantite d’eau et de nourriture qu’il nous reste et a l’endroit ou l’on va dormir. Thibaut a trouve la solution : on dors n’importe ou ! La derniere fois dans le parc de la yellowstone, nous avions decide de dormir sans tente. Je me suis reveille entoure des bisons. En face, il y a des geysers… Puis , dans le parc du grand teton, puisque le camping était ferme, nous avions decide de dormir sur le gallet a cote du sentier pietonnier. En face, il y avait une montagne qui surplombait le lac. Magique ! Pourquoi se simplifier la vie quand on peut la rendre complique ? On ... read more

North America » United States » Missouri » Fredericktown October 29th 2015

I decided to post a map of our planned trip/tour at the top of this page........took me a while to get this created as it didn't want to go where I wanted the stops/travels to go!! Ahhhh....modern tech for an old sagging hulk of ME!!! Yes....we still have quite a bit to do in order to leave here for the airport on Saturday morning....Oct 31st. Lists are still being added to.....which means "checking them twice" by the end of today to see if it is all done, so we can hopefully relax tomorrow (haha). My tooth problems from yesterday are being "doctored" with some OTC pain pills, as per instructions from the Endodontist when he called me late yesterday afternoon. Pain is under control and hopefully will disappear. He felt the "second" tooth problems were caused ... read more

North America » United States » Minnesota October 29th 2015

This is the second post about people I met on the trail. After a day on a section of trail that combined flat muddy sections with some rugged hilly terrain, I camped at Horseshoe Ridge. There was a tent set up there when I arrived. After I set up, Jon from Shakopee arrived from his day hike. He had hiked in the day before and was taking the opportunity to cover some miles without a heavy pack. We had dinner around the fire pit and I had gathered some wood for an evening fire. We sat around the cowboy tv and shared our outdoor travel stories. Jon had led a number of trips during his recent college years and had gained some valuable experience. He was currently working at a hospital and applying to med schools. ... read more

North America » United States » New York » Washington October 29th 2015

We have definitely been busy since the last update from the US. We (actually more Bob than Janice) have been working every weekday from 7 or 8AM til 5PM. It definitely has not been sounding or feeling like retirement, but we have been seeing quite a bit of progress lately. We have an excellent contractor that we are working with (and John and Bob get along really great!). With so many activities going on in the area, we did take a few days off once in a while to take in some of them. As one of Bob’s favorite sayings go “all work and no play, makes Bobby a grumpy person” and we definitely don’t want that! There were quite a few events scheduled close together the beginning of August and we squeezed in as many ... read more
Many of the Cardboard Boats Did Well
The battle between the Staten Island Ferry
Some of the 2 Person Teams

North America » United States » Minnesota October 28th 2015

People I Met on the Trail The one thing I found out from the very first day of my hike is that you will meet some very interesting people along the trail. Everyone has a story of how they enjoy the SHT. Many are on a mission to hike the entire trail whether it’s a through hike or hiking it in smaller sections. The underlying theme is a love of the SHT, the North Shore of Lake Superior and northeastern Minnesota. Also when asked most people said they enjoyed the fall season the most with its spectacular colors, usually more temperate weather and the relative lack of bugs compared to other seasons. Below is a brief account of my interactions with people I met on the trail. I told most of the people I met that ... read more
The Three Cowboys

North America » United States » Missouri » Fredericktown October 28th 2015

The days are dwindling down as far as the number of days left to go..........only about 72 hours until we take to the air for Los Angeles. From there we have a few hours rest in an airport hotel and then fly on to China, via San Francisco, on Sunday, November 1st. Soooo, all kinds of things need to be done as yet, however....the biggest issue is: I am having problems with a tooth!!!!! Yesterday, I went up to STL, after my daughter (who is a dentist 120 miles from our sticknbrick) got me in to see an Endodontist. I was originally scheduled to see him on Friday, the 30th, but they called me yesterday morning and asked if I could be in their offices in 2.5 hours. say the least, I hurried and scurried ... read more

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