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J. C. and Manoli Petty

Happily, and luckily, married to a cute, younger spanish-born lady, now an American citizen. Computer Programmer by day and carpenter wannabe by night.

North America » United States » South Carolina » Simpsonville September 15th 2019

Well, things don’t always go the way you want them to. My brother-in-law Raphael gave us a ride to the base around 9am to check in for the possible direct flight to Charleston. When we left, it was showing online as tentatively 0 seats, but we knew things changed, often at the last minute. Besides, there were at least two other flights to the U.S. that day. We camped out in the USO lounge, until 11am when they announced that there would be no Space A passengers allowed on the flight to Charleston, due to the nature of the cargo, whatever that meant. We’d asked the guy at the check-in counter when we arrived and he’d said if they weren’t taking passengers on that one, he’d sign us up for the Patriot Express flight to Norfolk ... read more

Europe September 12th 2019

I woke up this morning in no particular hurry, since I didn’t have to check out of the hostel until 11am and my bus didn’t leave until 4pm. After gathering my stuff up a bit, I went to the nearby café to have my morning cup of café con leche, coffee with milk, in case you’d been wondering. I had looked in the nearby minimarket the night before for some more instant coffee packets that came with powerdered milk and sugar, but could only find the K-cup variety and jars of instant coffee. One wouldn’t work, and with the other I might have to buy both sugar and milk, depending on what the hostel had hanging around. After my coffee, it was about 10am, so I went back to the hostel to organize and repack in ... read more
Cafeteria across from Jerez bus station

Europe » Spain » Galicia » Santiago de Compostela September 10th 2019

Since I only had 13 kilometers or so to go today, I was in no hurry to get up and get going. I finally left the albergue around 8am, worried about the sore calf and bites that I’d had the day before. The bites are still there, and itch some, but the calf is holding up well. Also, I ran out of clean Injinji toe socks, so I was going with just the merino wool socks, with a couple of bandaids on the two quasi blisters that I had. Strangely enough, my feet felt better than they had since the beginning! Having a short day, I was in no hurry, but found myself clicking along pretty quickly anyways. At last, I spotted my first Camino marker with less than 10 kilometers to go to Santiago on ... read more
My first Camino marker, under 10kms!
My first rest stop, at O Camino Cafeteria-Taperia
Delicious pastry & coffee at O Camino

Europe » Spain » Galicia September 9th 2019

I tossed and turned a bit again last night, and finally got out of bed before 6:30. There were about 8 or 10 other pilgrims getting ready to leave too. I finally got packed up and was out the door soon after 7am. As usual, the Camino wound its way around the outskirts of small towns and went up and down a lot. There were only a few short stretches of steep climbs today. I guess I set a pretty good pace again, although it took me a couple hours to start catching up with other pilgrims. About an hour and a half later, without any other cafes or rest stops, I came upon another of those self-service pilgrim rest areas or descansos. Having learned my lesson days ago about passing up slightly early rest stops, ... read more
Another self-serve Pilgrim’s Rest Area
First view of Pontecesures
Very old pilorino in Pontecesures

Europe » Spain » Galicia September 8th 2019

Last night I guess I was a bit restless, probably worried about today with my backpack, and woke up several times during the night. Finally, when I woke up again around 6am, I decided I might as well get up and get ready. I ate breakfast, courtesy of the albergue, grabbed a banana for the road, and was out the door and on the Camino by 7am. It was still pretty much dark out when I left, but I'd sort of checked out the trail yesterday evening, so when I saw a young lady leaving and turning to the right, I had to correct her and let her know the Camino went left. We started down the road together, but when I was unsure of the trail when confronted by 3 paths, she got her headlamp ... read more
Approaching the first real town for the day, Caldas de Rei
Neat church in Caldas de Rei
Another short rest at Pasteleria Caprichos, partly for directions

Europe » Spain » Galicia September 7th 2019

Today I plan on walking 23.5 kms from Arcade to A Portela-Barro to stay at the municipal albergue there. The lady at the hotel/albergue desk supposedly made a reservation for me, although from what I’d read they don’t take reservations. She also called TuiTrans to transport my backpack. Apparently, I'm going completely through one stage, so the charge is 12 Euros instead of the normal 7. Also, she indicated that there were no more albergues where I could make reservations, and that TuiTrans would not be able to transport my backpack after today either! I am not looking forward to walking with my backpack again, but… little or no choice. I was up and ready to go by 7am, so out the door I went, feeling fairly spry. After I left Arcade behind, I had some ... read more
Typical rock "enhanced" trail, up
Pilgrim statues like on Camino Frances
Nice view with small vineyard

Europe » Spain » Galicia » Redondela September 6th 2019

Before I start today’s blog, I need to mention something that happened yesterday. My backpack arrived safe and sound, but I received an email stating that they found 45 Euros in my envelope instead of the 7 that it costs, and that tomorrow I need to either send only 2 Euros or add 2 Euros. My Spanish isn’t perfect, but I verified that that is what they said. It didn’t make any sense, as there is no way I’d put two 20 and one 5 Euro notes in the envelope instead of a 5 Euro note and a 2 Euro coin. I replied and told them I was assuming they meant 5 Euros instead of 45 Euros, and that I’d put 9 Euros in for tomorrow. Apparently I was right, as they apologized and clarified later ... read more
Very cool little rest area with small waterfall
Some pretty neat art on a boulder
My first, welcome rest stop at Bocateria O Eido Vello, 50 meters up!

Europe » Spain » Galicia » Vigo September 5th 2019

Last night I slept better than I have since I left home, waking up easily before 7am. After a cup of hot cappuccino from the vending machine and one of the package of pastries I bought last night, I was on my way to Vigo, leaving my backpack at reception for TuiTrans to transport for me. Leaving Ramallosas, by skirting up and around the main streets of course, I passed a group of 6 middle-age female pilgrims, taking a sitdown together. After I passed them, I realized why they were resting… the first wonderful (sarcastically of course) climb of the day, but not the last. Just past the outskirts of town, I had to cross a major highway. Apparently there are two or three ways to do it, all marked with the yellow arrows, so it ... read more
Just to show you it's not all countryside and old buildings
The lighter spots on the roof sparkle in the sun, turbine vents I assume
Sign at the top of hill showing 115 kms to Santiago,  and nice view

Europe » Spain » Galicia September 4th 2019

Yesterday I’d decided I was going to give my back a rest, so I made arrangements to have my backpack transported to the next Albergue using TuiTrans. For 7 Euros they pick up your backpack and leave it safely at your next Albergue, in this case Albergue Pazo de Pias in Ramallosa, supposedly about 18 kms away. I had my pack and everything ready to go and left the Albergue before 8am… or so I thought. I’d forgotten that I was in Spain now, an hour later. Oh well. First I started on a road that climbed a bit above the nearby ocean, with very pretty sights, then I met a cousin from yesterday… the hill from Hell 2! Just like the other day, the road and path just keep going up and up, steeply. On ... read more
A very welcome rest stop/cafe on the beach
A giant block of concrete, with no apparent doors or windows
Neat little peninsula with a lighthouse, just before THE climb

Europe » Spain » Galicia » Oia September 3rd 2019

I woke up fairly and walked to the ferry dock to get the ferry to Valenca, right across the river from Tui, Spain. At this point it wasn’t quite 8am and the ferry wasn’t supposed to leave until 9, so I, with a number of other pilgrims, sat down to have a coffee or soda. Not long after, the lady in the café came out and said a smaller boat was leaving now and it was only 5 euros, but could only take 6 people. I was the 5th person to get a ticket, so away I went. The boat was a small motor boat, but didn’t take long to get across the inlet to Spain. Notice I said across the inlet to Spain, not down the inlet to Valenca in Portugal! Well, I’d done it ... read more
Cafe at Ferry docks in Caminha
Ferry to Valenca
Our boat helmsman leaving us, on Coastal Route!

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