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J. C. and Manoli Petty

Happily, and luckily, married to a cute, younger spanish-born lady, now an American citizen. Computer Programmer by day and carpenter wannabe by night.

4-Day Trial Walk – Day 3: After dinner and day 2’s blog, I got an excellent night’s sleep at my buddy Richard’s house. I was up and on my way by 8am. Richard, the kind friend he is, was concerned about me continuing and offered to take me to my next stop, or maybe half way. I graciously declined, since I intended to do the whole 4-day walk to Chimney Rock or at least Lake Lure. The first leg was a bit tough, with a lot of ups, but I finally made it to my first rest stop at the W.E. Willis Grocery around 9:30, where I had a steak biscuit and an iced coffee. I was going to get a cherry danish, but some guy saw me get it and recommended one of their homemade ... read more
High country living
Low country living
W.E. Willis Grocery for breakfast

After a miserable night’s sleep of waking up every hour or two, and feeling cold often, I was awake and ready to go before 9am. My wife took me back to Landrum, at the intersection of I26 and Hwy 14, about where I would have reached yesterday, if I hadn’t gone in the wrong direction. Today I wasn’t carrying my backpack, just my fanny back with two bottles, so the 20 plus miles to Lake Lure shouldn’t be too bad. I turned onto Red Fox Road, walked a mile or so and realized I should have used the restroom back at the gas station where my wife dropped me off! I knew there wasn’t any gas stations or stores for quite a few miles, but when I spotted a church, and realized it was Sunday, I ... read more
Revolutionary War Battle Site Memorial
Welcome bathroom break at church on Red Fox Road
Nice back yard!

After a restless night’s sleep of maybe 4 to 5 hours, I climbed out of my Jeep, took care of the morning rituals, then packed everything up in my backpack. I grabbed a small cappuccino at Dunkin Donuts at the airport and hit the road around 8:30am. My backpack was obviously heavier than the fanny pack with 2 bottles that I’d used the day before. Just like yesterday, I had a printout of the route to walk, with verbal directions when to turn along with possible places to stop for lunch, water, or just a rest. My first stop was at QT at the end of GSP Drive to get a cold bottle of water to which I added my Emergen-C powder for flavor. I guess I hadn’t mentioned yet that I strongly dislike the taste ... read more
Passing by the Hertz lot
McDonalds for a brain freeze rest stop
Neat photo of a train track

4-Day Trial Walk: Day 1: I left the house a bit later than I’d wanted to… about 9:30am. After parking my car in the Hertz garage at Greenville Spartanburg Airport (GSP), I rode back home with my wife, get my stuff together and started walking around 11am. After walking through our lovely neighborhood, I continue down Neely Farm Road, past W. Georgia Road, until I decided to take a break at the SpinX gas station on E. Standing Springs Road around 12:30pm, where I took my shoes off while I enjoyed a Cheerwine Icee or Slurpee. Can you say brain freeze? LOL Along the way I met a little friend on the side of the road, see the photo. Fortunately although the snake had its head reared up and mouth open, it was quite dead. My ... read more
Pretty pond in our housing area
Leaving Neely Farms Housing
A "friend" I found on the road

Well, this fall I'll be off to Portugal to walk the Camino Portuguese. I've been walking 3 to 6 hours at a time, 1 to 3 times a week to keep me in shape, but felt I needed a little something extra. So, this Thursday, May 30th, I'm going to do a 4-day walk of about 64 miles all together, from my home in Simpsonville to Chimney Rock State Park. I was going to try a 21-mile a day walk for 3 days, but decided it was a bit much. In order to save money, but still keep it as realistic as possible, I'll the first two nights on the trail, so to speak. Thursday my wife will follow me to the Hertz airport garage in GSP, so I can leave my car there. I'll then ... read more

North America » United States » South Carolina » Simpsonville September 29th 2018

We were awake by 6am and ready to go. Sean had to leave for work by 7am and Alina was going with us to try again to get out of Ramstein. When we arrived, we saw our old C5 flight, plus the one that had been rescheduled 4 or 5 days, and a C17 to McGuire through Canada. The McGuire flight only showed 14 seats, tentative, so we weren't holding our breaths. As the morning went by, the rescheduled both the C5 flights and the C17 still showed 14 seats, so a number of folks left for greener pastures, including most of the folks that had been ticketed for our cancelled C5 from yesterday. The three of us, Alina, my wife, and I, decided to stick it out and see if we might possibly make the ... read more
Gander Intl Airport, Canada
Our Rental Car Crew; Connie, Jim, Me, Manoli & Billy Ray

Europe » Germany » Rhineland-Palatinate » Ramstein-Miesenbach September 26th 2018

Well... we packed up and headed towards Ramstein Air Base, to hopefully get a flight out. At the time we left, there was a flight to Charleston, but it was showing 0 seats Firm. There was also a flight to Dover AFB (on a C5 with nice seats!) in the afternoon with 73 seats Firm. When we arrived at the terminal and parked our rental car, we went into the terminal to see that the Charleston flight now showed 49 seats, Tentative. After reviewing the Space A "present" list, we saw we were 70th and 71st on the list, so we decided it would be safer to take the Dover flight since that way even if everyone present wanted to go, we'd still make it. When the roll call started, there were several names called that ... read more
Our gracious hosts and saviours, Alina, Sean, and their dog Maggie

Europe » Germany » Rhineland-Palatinate » Kaiserslautern September 24th 2018

Today, hopefully our last full day in Germany, Manoli remembered the statues of soccer players (football or fusbol in Europe) that we'd seen a couple times on our way to the base, so we headed in what we hoped was the right direction. Along the way, we passed a General Dynamics European Land Systems compound. I'd worked for General Dynamics 22 years before retiring last year. I knew they had offices around the world, but was still surprised to find one here. Since it was a different division than mine, Information Systems, I just sort of gawked, took a photo, and continued on. We found the first set of statues called Fussball ohne Grenzen, which means Football without Borders. It is a sort of reenactment of a soccer game with players from all around the world ... read more
Fussball ohne Grenzen (Football without Borders)
Elf Freunde Kreisel
"Everythings a Euro" store

Europe » Germany » Rhineland-Palatinate » Kaiserslautern September 24th 2018

I guess its obvious from the title of this blog entry that we didn't catch either of the intended flights. This morning we were going to pack up and head to the base, but when I checked the 72-hour flight schedule again, both of the originally scheduled flights were still listed, but Tuesday's schedule had a Charleston AFB! So, we said heck with it and decided to go for that one. Much less hassle upon arrival in the states, since we just walk to our car and drive home, and most likely much less expense without the car rental and overnight stay near either of the other bases. The car's rental agreement isn't up until Tuesday at like 1pm, but we needed to see if we could stay in this apartment another two nights. I sent ... read more
Our new apartment for the next 2 nights
Our bedroom in the new apartment
Our much larger bathroom

Europe » Germany » Rhineland-Palatinate » Kaiserslautern September 22nd 2018

This morning, after a better than usual night's sleep, we got up later than normal and headed to the base at Ramstein to check things out. We wanted up-to-date info on upcoming flights home, how to turn in our rental car, and see if we could browse the base exchange. We'd found out on their webpage that there were two flights to the states on Sunday. At the moment, there is a flight to Andrews AFB in Maryland and one to Dover AFB in Delaware. Neither is ideal, but with no better alternatives in the current future, we will probably go for either one of those tomorrow. We also found out that although Hertz isn't open on Sunday, we can park our rental car in a lot near the terminal and just drop our keys in ... read more
Our AirBnB Apartment door
AirBnB bedroom & bathroom
AirBnB bedroom with TV

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