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J. C. and Manoli Petty

Happily, and luckily, married to a cute, younger spanish-born lady, now an American citizen. Computer Programmer by day and carpenter wannabe by night.

Europe » Spain » Castile & León » Burgos May 21st 2022

We left Villafranca just before 6:30, knowing there was a stretch of 12 kilometers with no water, much less coffee. Unfortunately, there we no cafes open in Villafranca. About two hours and 8 kilometers down the trail, we discovered the "Oasis". I thought I remembered the place before we got there, and it was the right place. Unfortunately, it was only good for a rest stop, and bathroom break, as it was too early for any food and stuff. Another hour along the Camino and we caught sight of San Juan de Ortega and finally entered 15 minutes later. Here we gratefully sat down in Bar/Albergue El Descanso de San Juan for a coffee break. At about 45 minutes later, Ages pops up in sight. This was one of those towns that didn't show from very ... read more
San Juan de Ortega just barely in sight
Entering San Juan de Ortega
A much needed break at Bar/Albergue El Descanso de San Juan

Europe » Spain » Navarre » Villafranca May 20th 2022

We left Granon before 6:30am because we had a 27 kilometer hike to Villafranca Montes de Oca. I'd already noticed how many towns we would pass through, so we didn't look in Granon for a place for breakfast. Turns out, that was a mistake. We had to pass through four towns before we found a bar that was open in the fifth town. About 20 minutes out of town, we got to the sign for Castile y Leon, showing we were entering a new province. Our first town was Redecilla del Camino, which we reached in just under an hour. It was a small but interesting town, with a nice plaza, but no bar or cafe. Next, we walked a lot beside the highway before reaching Castiledelgado. It had a quaint church, but again, no bar ... read more
The sign for entering Castilla y Leon
Our first town, Redecilla del Camino in sight
Manoli taking a photo as we get closer

Europe » Spain » La Rioja » Granon May 19th 2022

We left the municipal albergue at about 6am, heading towards Ciruena or Cirinuela, depending on where you looked. After about 2 hours of walking, we arrived at Cirinuela, a rather large and largely unused golf course and apartment building group. It seemed like a ghost town, but we saw that at least some of the apartments were occupied. Right next to it is the town of Ciruena, a rather small town. After passing through the apartment complex, we came to a bar, Bar Jacobeo, where we stopped for breakfast. After our breakfast, we walked only for less than half an hour before we spotted Santo Domingo de la Calzada, although it was quite a ways still. There was a nice little rest area not too far out of town, but we kept on walking. We reached ... read more
Entering Ciruena, actually just the golf course
Actually entering Ciruena
Iglesia de San Andres

Europe » Spain » La Rioja » Azofra May 18th 2022

Today was about a 22 kilometer trip, from Navarrete to Azofra. We packed our stuff, left our bag and keys to the apartment at the office, and we were on our way. We were too early for breakfast, so we just started walking. Just on the outskirts of town, we passed the cemetery, apparently a rather old one. The first town today was Ventosa, about 6 kilometers from Navarrete. At about 9am, we reached Ventosa and spotted the Cafe Bar Buen Camino. I remembered stopping here in 2017 on my Camino. We had the usual breakfast of coffee and a sweet. We continued on, passing by the Iglesia de San Saturnino. We could tell we were in La Rioja from all the grape vineyards we passed. A couple hours later we entered Najera. We decided it ... read more
First view of Ventosa
Heading into Ventosa
Our breakfast stop at Cafe Bar Buen Camino

Europe » Spain » La Rioja » Logroño May 17th 2022

We got up and on our way just before 7am. Just over half an hour later, we passed the Ermita de la Virgen, a pretty nice rest stop, but we didn't stop. Another half an hour and we passed into the communidad of Los Riojas, famous for their grapes and wine. We walked just under an hour before we entered Logrono. Logrono is a pretty big town, and has the factories and plants to prove it. Just before entering, we saw a cute little house the offered water and a stamp, but we passed it up. We wound our way through Logrono to the main cathedral, then found a good place for breakfast. I don't remember the name, but we had coffee and sweets. After our breakfast, we headed out of Logrono, but it took a ... read more
Ermita de la Virgen de las Cuevas
Entering the communidad of La Rioja
The outskirts of Logrono in sight

Europe » Spain » Navarre » Viana May 16th 2022

We left the albergue about 7am, stopping at the Panaderia de Los Arcos for some coffee and sweets. There were a lot of wheat fields with mountain backgrounds in the 7 kilometers between Los Arcos and Sansol, the first town along the way. It was fairly flat, compared to other days, so far. At the entrance to Sansol we stopped at the Tienda Colmado for another cup of coffee and some sweets, our second breakfast. Once we left Sansol, and Torres del Rio its neighbor behind, it would be almost 10 kilometers with nothing. Fortunately, there was a donativo about half way that had some soda, water and fruit. A donativo is a place where someone sets up with fruit, water, soda, etc., and usually you pay what you want to donate. In this case, everything ... read more
Our sweets and coffee for the morning
Some pretty scenery on the way to Viana
To give you some idea of the long walks

Europe » Spain » Navarre » Estella May 15th 2022

We left again at about 6:30am, and quickly left town and entered Ayegui. At the entrance to the town they had a sign saying 100 kilometers. Hmm, I'm pretty sure its been more than 100. The towns are basically right next to each other. In 2015, we passed through Estella accidentally and stopped at the municipal albergue of Ayegui. Just like in 2015, the store on the corner where you turn to go uphill to the monastery was the only thing open. I don't remember then that they had coffee and a seating area, but now they did, so we quickly took advantage of it. Afterwards, we walked uphill to the famous Irache Monastery, stopping briefly at an iron workers shop. We then continued uphill to the wine fountain, where you can get a free sip ... read more
Found a store and a cafe, open before 7am
The Irache Monastery
An interesting ironworks just outside the monastery

Europe » Spain » Navarre » Estella May 14th 2022

To avoid the afternoon heat, we were packed up and on our way by 6:30am. Since the hotel was at the entrance to town, we had to walk through town to get on the trail. Although it was early, we kept an eye open and spotted a tavern that was open, so we could have a cup of coffee. We finally left Puente La Reina, crossing the old bridge, and posing for a few shots. After about an hour and a half we entered Maneru. We decided to stop for another coffee at the Albergue El Canero. About an hour later we entered Cirauqui, where the Camino passes through an archway of an old building. They provide a stamp, so we got one. I haven't mention this before, but every albergue, most bar and restaurants, and ... read more
A quick coffee at a tavern before leaving town
The quiet streets of Puente La Reina, at 7am
Ready to leave across the bridge

Europe » Spain » Navarre » Puente La Reina May 13th 2022

We slept fairly well last night, as we've gotten used to the routine. We'd decided to leave a bit earlier and avoid the afternoon heat, so we were up at 6am and out the door by 6:30. It took a while to get out of Pamplona, but the walk was fairly pleasant, through parks and such. When we reached the outskirts of Pamplona, we crossed a busy roundabout and headed up hill (of course) to Cizur Menor. I remembered staying in the Mari Roncal albergue when I did the Camino in 2017, and sure enough it was still there, although called Familia Roncal albergue. At the top of the hill, we spotted a decent bar, and since we hadn't had breakfast at the municipal albergue in Pamplona, we stopped for coffee. I forget the name of ... read more
A pleasant walk out of Pamplona
A small medieval bridge before Cizur Menor
The road up to Cizur Menor

Europe » Spain » Navarre » Pamplona May 12th 2022

After a decent night's sleep, we got up, got our bags ready for transport, and headed downstairs for breakfast. The albergue had the usual toast, jam, orange juice, and coffee. They also had cereal with milk and a pastry. After breakfast, we headed out, crossing the bridge again, and this time turning right. Soon we could see Illarratz in the distance. As we entered the small town, there was a welcome spot to take a break. At about quarter til 9, we passed through Ezkirotz and continued on until Larrasoana. Larrasoana isn't actually on the Camino, but all you have to do is cross a bridge to enter the town, instead of turning left. We'd been walking about 2 hours, and there was a sign for Bar Amari, so we went for it. Well, there isn't ... read more
Heading for Ilarratz
Welcome spot for a break
Entering Ezkirotz

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