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3rd June 2019

'Friends are the Family you get to choose'.
Thank you J.C. for brightening my day on Friday, May 31th! I love those pictures of God's Beautiful Country on your Blog. You are also very fortunate to have Manoli Petty to share your life with. May God continue to Bless you both!
3rd June 2019
High country living

very nice your post
1st June 2019

Sayin Hi
Glad to hear your planning a new adventure. Looking forward to your blog entries.
29th May 2019

Buen camino J.C.!!!
26th May 2019

Camino Portuguese
Of course, I will be following you!
30th September 2018

Welcome home
Another interesting adventure. Enjoyed reading.
29th September 2018

Awesome blog
This is a inspiring and awesome post, your incidence is very nice for everyone to get experience, thanks dear to post. Modular tank
21st September 2018
Nice view up the Limmat River

Beautiful Zurich
We loved our train ride on the Glacier Express.
21st September 2018
Nice view up the Limmat River

Beautiful, but
Very beautiful but very expensive.
20th September 2018

View from the LIndenhof park
"Awesome! Sounds really fun. Amazing place, great photos! ❥ https://www.annalovelife.com/"
18th September 2018
Our late morning pastries & coffee

So many pastries, so little time.
16th September 2018
Main altar inside Weiskirche

16th September 2018
Brotbrunnen or bread fountain & Markthalle/Feuerhaus

Great architecture
15th September 2018

Have fun!
Glad to see that you are having a great time. We really liked Ludwig's castles during our trip through Bavaria and know you are enjoying it as well.
14th September 2018
Eiger River going through  town

Love this river going through the town. Beautiful.
12th September 2018
Deutschordenhaus (I think)

Joys of Germany
A beautiful country.
10th September 2018
The world famous Marienaltar (Altar of the Virgin Mary)

Looks like you've found some amazing architecture and museums.
6th September 2018

Such a beautiful part of the world.
6th September 2018

Romantic road
Thanks for the explanation of all the hoops you go through to catch a flight. That is determination.
1st June 2018

Palmetto Trail
I hate hiking in the rain.
31st May 2018

These boots are made for walking
Hope you have a fabulous walk. Sounds like you are on the up hill side of the journey.
27th May 2018

Go for it!!
I know what you mean about the camping... those days are behind me... maybe a b & b is nearby.
24th May 2018

Suerte amigo!!
Vamos J C tu puedes con eso y más te esperamos por España no nos olvides!!!! tus compañeros de camino
24th May 2018

Vamos a Ver
Hola Silvia. Que bien escuchar de ti. Hoy era muy... dificil, pero voy a ver como mi ciento por la manana. Este ano vamos a Alemania, pero todovia pensamos de acer el viaje por el sud de Francia y la costa Este y sud de Espana. Te dejare sabar si y cuando.

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