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28th June 2022

Welcome home...
Sometimes I think that Space A flights aren't worth the stress and discomfort. I use frequent flyer miles, even though commercial flights aren't much better! I enjoyed following you again. And at least your wife will have a slightly more comfortable plane ride home in a couple of weeks.
9th June 2022

I'm not sure I would be up to walking three Camino's! Well done.
9th June 2022

I'm not sure I would be up to walking three Camino's! Well done.
9th June 2022
The Palacio opposite the Cathedral

End of the road
Congratulations on completing your Camino. Enjoy the rest of your trip visiting Manoli’s family.
8th June 2022

Almost there
Are you planning your next adventure?
8th June 2022

The Northern Lights
Yep, we are planning on going to Norway, Sweden & Finland to see the Northern Lights.
5th June 2022

Saying hello
Been following your trek, enjoying your photos. By now you must be getting close. How much further?
5th June 2022

Tomorrow we reach Santiago de Compostela. Been very enjoyable. We are going to Finesterre and then to Salamanca before visiting my wife's family in Chipiona. Glad you enjoy my posts.
5th June 2022

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22nd May 2022
The church of Villamajor del Rio

I have to say that as I follow your trip and read your blogs, I'm constantly impressed that you find the time and energy to write them up and pick photos etc. after long days of walking! I've also been wondering how this Camino experience compares with your first one and if Manoli's Spanish skills has made the trip easier. But these questions are probably better answered at the end of your trip :)
22nd May 2022

I like your routine of leaving early and getting to a place early enough to explore it and relax. I think it would be my preferred way to do a Camino too.
22nd May 2022
My paella and Manoli's albondigas (meatballs)

Looks delicious
I'm enjoying your descriptions of the walking, but I have to confess to enjoying the food photos just as much :)
22nd May 2022

Well done!
You two are making this Camino game look like a walk in the park :)
19th May 2022

Thanks for the memories...
you are walking at least twice the speed and distance each day as I did. I fell walking down the Alto de Perdon and got a severely sprained ankle. You said climbing the Alto de Perdon was the hard part...not for me! And they have made improvements to the Roman bridge since I crossed in in 2016. The steps on the far side were too high for me. A Finnish pilgrim eventually cam by and gave me a hand up
16th May 2022
Manoli sitting near the church in Zariquiegui, a scene from The Way

The Way
I think I remember this scene; but I'll have to watch the film again at some point :)
16th May 2022
Our dinner of Patatas Bravas and Gambas (shrimp)

Patatas Bravas
This meal looks delicious! Patatas Bravas is one of my favourite Spanish dishes. You certainly seem to be falling into the swing of things :)
15th May 2022
Sunrise over the moutains

Beautiful shot!
What a gorgeous morning view :)
15th May 2022

And it begins
Refuge Orisson looks lovely. How luck y that you remembered that the first day was hard and booked this stop. I'm enjoying following along. Cheers, Ren
8th May 2022

That's very exciting. Have a safe and fabulous trip and I look forward to seeing your updates :)
5th May 2022

Camino bound...
Buen Camino! Having walked portions of the CF in 2016 and following you on your previous walks, I look forward to your blogs!
31st July 2021

Great article
Great article!
29th July 2021

all good things have to come to an end.
Now you can start planning for next year. I enjoyed your posts and photos and look forward to reading about that adventure. Susan and I have been up in Salem MA for a few weeks and will be returning to Pcola next week, so we are back in time for the peak of hurricane season, which I'm sure you don't miss. So, care and enjoy the rest of the summer. Doc
20th July 2021

Hi JC and Manoli, it is always wonderful to get your travel adventures and as usual they are very interesting! Have a wonderful adventure and trip. Give my regards to Manoli.
16th July 2021

Your Trip
Enjoying your blog and photos as always. Susan and I are in Massachusetts for a couple more weeks trying to finish up work on the house in Salem. Enjoy the rest of your trip. Doc

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