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17th September 2019

'One Picture is Worth a Thousand Words'.
Just by viewing your wonderful photographs convinces me that you really enjoyed your vacation. I see you had a few issues with securing food, but you always managed to seek alternative ways to find that meal!
18th September 2019

Hey Richard, I wouldn't call it a vacation, and I didn't enjoy it nearly as much as I did the 35 days on the Camino Frances. My next to last blog with summary pretty much sums up my feelings about the Camino Portuguese.
14th September 2019

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12th September 2019

Beautiful Experience!
Glad to learn that the people on the Camino Frances trip were very friendly. But I was a little surprised when you called yourself an introvert...lol. What a great trip! Glad you enjoyed yourself! Loved the pictures!
11th September 2019

Congratulations on the completion of your Camino Portuguese...
and good luck catching a MAC flight on the way home!
11th September 2019

I don't think I put it in my blog, but I was thinking of quitting the 4th or 5th day. Not nearly as enjoyable as the Camino Frances was.
11th September 2019

'I'm Hooked'
Thanks for all of your wonderful pictures! I got a taste of Spain. Also, all of your photo's of those delicious snacks had me running to the kitchen! Unfortunately, all I had were lousy powdered meals...lol.
7th September 2019

Nice Pictures!
I loved that picture 'looking back at Pontevedra'. Also, I enjoyed learning about your meeting with the 83 year old gentlemen hiking. I guess there is hope for me.
8th September 2019

83 yr old
Lol actually it was a lady
6th September 2019
The kitchen/washroom/vending machines in albergue

Looks like a nice clean place to stop at!
5th September 2019

Very Nice Pictures!
Wow...you have a lot of energy! Don't forget to research online for 'organic raw meal' made by 'Garden of Life'. I'm confident it is available in Spain. Enjoy your vacation and stay safe!
31st August 2019

Delayed Meals
I would like to suggest you carry a daily supply of emergency powdered raw meal. A daily supply would be two small cap size which would supply you with 40 grams of protein and all the vitamins you need for the day.
31st August 2019

Thanks for the idea Richard. I'm using Emergency in every bottle of water. Not only cause it helps with energy, but hate the taste of plain water.
30th August 2019

That's one reason I don't want to walk the Camino Potuguese...
albergues too far apart and infrequent bars/restaurants. Hope you have shorter walks each day from now on.
31st August 2019

This Camino
Yep, I get what you're saying. It's getting better.
29th August 2019

OK, Enjoy!
I can tell you are having a very good time! Stay safe!
28th August 2019

Trip to Camino!
Those are beautiful pictures! I can see you both are really enjoying yourself's. Stay safe!
29th August 2019

Just me
Thanks Richard, but now it's just me. Manoli is at her brother-in-law’s house while I walk. Start tomorrow.
27th August 2019

Trip to Spain
I can tell you and Manoli are really enjoying yourselves on your very exciting trip to Spain. Love the pictures! Also, I think you made a very wise decision to take Manoli's advice and reduced your walking from 25 days to 10 days! J.C., how about a 5 hour walk...lol. Also, you purchased a bottle of water, a can of soda and 2 sandwiches all for only $5.50! What a bargain! Relay and continue to enjoy yourselves.
27th August 2019

Looking forward to your posts
Well, you're off again, 10 days on foot, that's a pretty long hike. But knowing you, you have it all well planned, with some contingencies - just in case. Tell Manoli we say hello and to enjoy her visit with family. Look forward to you next post. Doc
23rd August 2019

Wow...a 360 mile walk!!
Hi J.C., Hi Manoli! Great to hear from you! Sounds like you both are going to have an exciting vacation! Enjoy yourself! Say hello to all my friends at Hertz! I miss them! Take care of yourself!
23rd August 2019

I look forward to following you...
on yet another pilgrimage! Have a safe Camino.
3rd June 2019

'Friends are the Family you get to choose'.
Thank you J.C. for brightening my day on Friday, May 31th! I love those pictures of God's Beautiful Country on your Blog. You are also very fortunate to have Manoli Petty to share your life with. May God continue to Bless you both!
3rd June 2019
High country living

very nice your post
1st June 2019

Sayin Hi
Glad to hear your planning a new adventure. Looking forward to your blog entries.

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