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31st July 2021

Great article
Great article!
29th July 2021

all good things have to come to an end.
Now you can start planning for next year. I enjoyed your posts and photos and look forward to reading about that adventure. Susan and I have been up in Salem MA for a few weeks and will be returning to Pcola next week, so we are back in time for the peak of hurricane season, which I'm sure you don't miss. So, care and enjoy the rest of the summer. Doc
20th July 2021

Hi JC and Manoli, it is always wonderful to get your travel adventures and as usual they are very interesting! Have a wonderful adventure and trip. Give my regards to Manoli.
16th July 2021

Your Trip
Enjoying your blog and photos as always. Susan and I are in Massachusetts for a couple more weeks trying to finish up work on the house in Salem. Enjoy the rest of your trip. Doc
24th May 2021

Thank you,! Being new at blogging and writing reviews I find your article very useful.
24th May 2021

Glad you liked it. I've been blogging for over 15 years.
20th May 2021

“The Bridge”
Really great photo of the bridge at night.
20th May 2021

Still around
Tks Doc. Glad to see you are still around
20th May 2021

Still around
Tks Doc. Glad to see you are still around
20th May 2021

Still around
Tks Doc. Glad to see you are still around
15th April 2021

Nice Blog!
Extremely high quality articles from the content to the images included in the article, I hope you can share more in the future, thank you and respect you very much.
17th September 2019

'One Picture is Worth a Thousand Words'.
Just by viewing your wonderful photographs convinces me that you really enjoyed your vacation. I see you had a few issues with securing food, but you always managed to seek alternative ways to find that meal!
18th September 2019

Hey Richard, I wouldn't call it a vacation, and I didn't enjoy it nearly as much as I did the 35 days on the Camino Frances. My next to last blog with summary pretty much sums up my feelings about the Camino Portuguese.
14th September 2019

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12th September 2019

Beautiful Experience!
Glad to learn that the people on the Camino Frances trip were very friendly. But I was a little surprised when you called yourself an introvert...lol. What a great trip! Glad you enjoyed yourself! Loved the pictures!
11th September 2019

Congratulations on the completion of your Camino Portuguese...
and good luck catching a MAC flight on the way home!
11th September 2019

I don't think I put it in my blog, but I was thinking of quitting the 4th or 5th day. Not nearly as enjoyable as the Camino Frances was.
11th September 2019

'I'm Hooked'
Thanks for all of your wonderful pictures! I got a taste of Spain. Also, all of your photo's of those delicious snacks had me running to the kitchen! Unfortunately, all I had were lousy powdered meals...lol.
7th September 2019

Nice Pictures!
I loved that picture 'looking back at Pontevedra'. Also, I enjoyed learning about your meeting with the 83 year old gentlemen hiking. I guess there is hope for me.
8th September 2019

83 yr old
Lol actually it was a lady
6th September 2019
The kitchen/washroom/vending machines in albergue

Looks like a nice clean place to stop at!
5th September 2019

Very Nice Pictures!
Wow...you have a lot of energy! Don't forget to research online for 'organic raw meal' made by 'Garden of Life'. I'm confident it is available in Spain. Enjoy your vacation and stay safe!

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