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This past August, had to attend a Nuclear Medicine Conference in Las Vegas for Continuing Education Credits. For most people, this would mean a great opportunity for late nights, parties and gambling. But for me? It meant driving the 2.5 hours north to Zion National Park to spend my free time! The first night I stayed at the Mt. Charleston lodge, which is one hour to the northwest of Las Vegas in the Spring Mountains. Few people realize that an 11,000 foot peak is just minutes away from this scorching desert, filled with forests and rock worthy of any mountain lovers dream! Zion is arguably the most beautiful Park in the National Park system Visually none can compare, the sight of the red rocks, Green Pine and Juniper trees, white rocks, raging river and black rocks ... read more
Layers of Meaning
Colors of Zion
Angels Landing Trail

SPHotography Photo Journal of a trip last November, 2005. The Jennie Lakes Wilderness was designated under the 1984 California Wilderness Act. With all of its nearly 11,000 acres lying above 7,000 feet, Jennie Lake contains scenic variations of alpine and subalpine forests, lakes, streams, and meadows. Wildflowers abound here, as do virgin stands of red fir, lodgepole, and western white pine. ... read more
Red Fir

Jun 10, 2000 *City official name :Charleston *Founded date : *Location :South Carolina State *Elavation :? ft (? m) *Area :Approximately ? square miles (? km²). *Facts :Charleston (Latin: Carolopolis) is a city in the counties of Berkeley and Charleston in the U.S. state of South Carolina; the city serves as the county seat and largest city of Charleston County. The city was founded as Charlestown or Charles Towne, Carolina in 1670, and moved to its present location in 1680. Up until 1800, Charleston was the fifth largest city in North America, behind Philadelphia, New York City, Boston, and Quebec City. It adopted its present name in 1783. Also known as The Holy City (due to the prominence of churches on the low-rise cityscape, particularly the... read more

Jun 09, 2000 *City official name :North Charleston *Founded date : *Location :South Carolina State *Elavation :? ft (? m) *Area :Approximately ? square miles (? km²). *Facts :North Charleston is a city in the metropolitan area of Charleston, South Carolina. As of 2005 estimates, the city had a total population of 86,313. This ranks as 3rd in city limit populations within the state, after Columbia and Charleston. As defined by the U.S. Census Bureau, North Charleston is included within the Charleston-North Charleston Urbanized Area and the larger Charleston-North Charleston Metropolitan Statistical Area. The City is considered the State's most dangerous City And it ranks 20th of a list of 135 cities in the US. ... read more
North Charleston
North Charleston
North Charleston

Jazzfest is for everybody. Even the locals of New Orleans, for whom Mardi Gras is just another Tuesday. But, at Jazzfest, Orleanians can focus on what makes life worthwhile - food and music. There's tons of food. Alligator pie is my choice. There's lots of music. Sting is the artist of my choice. He makes a solid performance. This relentless heat and the burning sun must surely affect an Englishman in New Orleans. But the crowd likes it. Why else would there be people everywhere you look? Literally, everywhere you look. An educated guess would create a ballpark figure of 80,000. Give or take 10,000...It's not until the man brings out the Police material the crowd really forgets that they're really dehydrated to their bones. Stingo lines them up at the end, with the rather obvious ... read more

North America » United States » Florida April 20th 2000

Apr 20, 2000 *City official name :Palm Beach *Founded date : *Location :Florida State *Elavation :? ft (? m) *Area :Approximately ? square miles (? km²). *Facts :Palm Beach is a city (collectively classified as a town) located in Palm Beach County, Florida, 65 miles north of Miami. The Intracoastal Waterway separates it from the neighboring cities of West Palm Beach and Lake Worth. Palm Beach was established as a resort by Henry Flagler, a founder of Standard Oil, who made the Atlantic coast barrier island accessible via his Florida East Coast Railway. The nucleus of Palm Beach was established by Flagler's two luxury resort hotels, the Royal Poinciana Hotel and The Breakers Hotel. West Palm Beach was built across Lake Worth as a service town, an... read more
Palm Beach
Palm Beach

North America » United States » Florida April 7th 2000

Apr 7, 2000 *City official name :West Palm Beach *Founded date : *Location :Florida State *Elavation :? ft (? m) *Area :Approximately ? square miles (? km²). *Facts :West Palm Beach, also known as WPB, or (locally) West Palm, is a city in Palm Beach County, Florida, USA. As of the 2000 census, the incorporated part of the city had a total population of 82,103 but, according to the U.S. Census Bureau's 2005 estimates, the incorporated city had a population of 97,498. As of 2004, unincorporated areas near West Palm Beach that use "West Palm Beach" as their mailing address had a population of 257,274, for a total population of 352,618. It is the county seat of Palm Beach CountyGR6, the northernmost county in the South Florida metropolitan area. ... read more
West Palm Beach
West Palm Beach

North America » United States » Nebraska March 23rd 2000

Geo: 41.5375, -97.4888flat platte... read more

North America » United States » Louisiana » New Orleans March 22nd 2000

The name, Check Mate, appears to be a very randomly selected one. Possibly the only one left after all other names were taken in New Orleans. It's however pretty much the only bar near campus. Hence, it's the natural student hangout on Thursdays. Not big, not fancy, not very clean, nothing special really. But, cheap drinks, and the gathering of equals. No sound system, only the jukebox playing the same music over and over. Creed, Guns'n'Roses, Bob Dylan, etc. Usually the same crowd - i.e. international students and underaged American, mainly gothic, kids. The two categories don't really interact, but no trouble even near. The transvestite guy is a regular, gets his own category. A rather popular attraction, although his intentions are not known (but can be assumed...). The male chubby bartender who appears to be ... read more

North America » United States » Michigan » Plymouth February 27th 2000

Geo: 42.372, -83.4679Home... read more

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