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North America » United States » Florida » Kissimmee January 21st 2016

We're getting there. Just a few more catch-ups and we'll be up to date. Mark your calendar for January 18th - Martin Luther King Day and also a big selling day at the huge Webster Flea Market. We're off.....Sam and Sandy got a head start: the early bird gets the worm! Sam looks for parts to make his cannons.....we just browse now. Just before our departure, a horrendous event happened to me. The day we went to the Tampa RV show, I was a little dizzy. I know you think I am a lot dizzy but this was for real. It wasn't bad looking up or straight but when I looked down, I was spinning in a monster size whirlpool. Hurl! Just don't look down you say. I diagnosed myself as having: Benign ParoxysmalPositional Vertigo....calcium crystals ... read more
NEVER put a Q-tip in your ear!
Run, Lulu, Run
Webster Flea Market

North America » United States » Florida » Kissimmee January 19th 2016

Still back tracking. Hope you don't mind going in reverse. Except there is a good saying:"Don't Look Back...You Are Not Going That Way". We just have to deal with it a few more times. I know you are all flexible and able to go with the flow. It's January 15th now. My cousins, Paul & Clare, are leaving us... for awhile. We'll miss them. Their plan is to travel to Daytona Beach, drive down the east coast and end up at Key West. Then they will travel back up the west coast and return here to us @ January 24th. They are adventurous souls so will sleep in their tent and sleeping bags at times. This is when I commented, as they would pull their ritzy corvette next to their little tent, "what's wrong with this ... read more
All loaded
And Going

North America » United States » Florida » Kissimmee January 17th 2016

Gather around, family and friends. We have some big time catching up to do. I found that I couldn't multi-task. I used to be very good at it when I worked but retirement has changed that. No pressure, no time management, nothing! So being able to write these blogs after we experienced and performed all that they involved, my wish and desire just didn't happened. My fingers were far too limp and weak to type out my long, descriptive verbiage. My eyes were shut like they were tiny sleeping bags. I was in an" out of body" state. Actually, now that I think about it, I probably could have used the microphone and recorded all out busy work verbally. But when I get tired, I get quiet. I can guess some are wishing I would ... read more
Cory & the Corvette
Lulu & the Corvette
At Cypress Harbour

North America » United States » Florida » Kissimmee January 12th 2016

That's how our day began...actually it was last night but pay-up time was today. After gorging ourselves at Manny's (last eve) plus sipping the gallon of whiskey they brought me, we made our way back to RV land. Cory and Sam had their plans made: watching some big football game. Fine....Sandy and I can finish up our chatter (the acoustics at Manny's does leave a bit to be desired: Huh? WHAT?). I couldn't hear a thing you all said and couldn't read your lips either. Probably why I got so loud and acted out a tad. Not me: it was Candy. After our chatter session, we got on our IPads and were lost in Internet Land. To make the game even more thrilling, the guys decided to do a wager. Winner chooses his team and then ... read more
Big Eyes
St. Vitus Dance
Lois, Mike and Lulu

North America » United States » Florida » Kissimmee January 11th 2016

Remember the wonderful restaurant we would go to these last couple years on Rt. 27? It is called Manny's. It has kind of a gas station, car and sign theme. It was where the folks would line up for blocks to get into the place when it opened at 4:00 PM. Well, they opened up one of these restaurants on the main route we live on:192. Terrific. So much closer than the lengthy distance we would travel to get to the one on Rt.27 (but well worth the drive). Thus, Sam, Sandy and the two of us moseyed down the pike and went to this new one tonight. It was as great as the other place so we are set for the season. They specialize in steaks but I had their shrimp and it was to ... read more
We found Manny's on 192
Sam is glad to be here
One side of the entrance

North America » United States » Florida » Kissimmee January 10th 2016

Their Princess cruise ship docked back in Ft. Lauderdale today. Yahoo! We have anxiously awaited the return of Sam and Sandy back to their RV at Tropical Palms. They, on the other hand, have been sailing the high seas. Living the high life. They have been enjoying exquisite food, fantastic entertainment, exciting island adventures, warm, sunny weather, luxury balcony stateroom plus time together with their good friends, Ed & Bev. They had nary a thought back here at trailer town. We continued to count the days for their return while they just counted the moments in between all their fun and frolic. Lulu kept calling out: Sam, Sandy when are you coming to see me? We felt we needed to do something special to welcome their return. Blaine texted Sandy this morning after 9:00 and found ... read more
Lounging at 319 site
Drink Up Boys

North America » United States » Florida » Kissimmee January 9th 2016

A wonderful, unexpected opportunity happened today. Yesterday, we received an invitation from Connie & Fran Curran to come for dinner at their RV. The menu sounded "top of the line." We were drooling but sobbing at the same time. We had gone to the movies (remember?) and never received their message until after the fact. We begged for a rain-check. Surprise.....Connie and Fran stopped by today and said the dinner was for tonight - not last night. Hallelujah! A gift from the Gods! ....and from Connie & Fran. We are to be there at 5:00 PM and don't bring a thing. Now this is my dream come true experience. We are counting the minutes until 5:00 PM. Until then, we puttered around the RV and made one run to Wally-Mart. It is just a daily ritual ... read more
Cory put up our canopy
Connie & Fran Curran
Dinner Time at Curran's Cafe

North America » United States » Florida » Kissimmee January 8th 2016

I promised you yesterday you had something to look forward to (yikes...another preposition ended sentence) -- sorry teachers. It's your time to meet Dennis. Every Thursday night here at the park, Dennis puts on a Karaoke night. He is excellent at this. Everyone has a great time. There is some very good talent within this park. I am not included. One time, years ago, at the Wellsville American Legion, my friend, DeAnne McKay, and I got sauced up enough to do a Delta Dawn rendition. We liked doing it but I'm sure the folks around us were covering their ears and probably their eyes. We were good and loud if nothing else. 🎶🎶Delta Dawn, what's that flower you have on...🎶🎶. Enough, back to Dennis. Besides encouraging the audience to sing....he is super talented himself and can ... read more
The Geek Squad
Washing our RV in the rain
Construction around Disney Springs

North America » United States » Florida » Kissimmee January 7th 2016

A shopping trip is always on our agenda. Yippee. I know how much you like to shop, too. Buckle up, folks. First, we go to Wal-Mart (top on the fave list). This was a different Wal-Mart than our usual one but they all look the same and have the same stuff. From there, we head off to Costco's so Cory can get some domes for his earring aides. Huh? Huh? He made an appointment to have them and his ears checked in February. He likes the people who work in this department. They gave him a new lease on life. He can really hear what's happening around him. So good for him and for me. I always felt like I was his U.N. interpreter. Moving down the road, we stop at a Target. Bought nothing....yikes - ... read more
The Ale Housr Bar
Lulu eats my lobster
Sam & Sandy's RV

North America » United States » Florida » Kissimmee January 5th 2016

Ahhhhh. What a wonderful nights sleep: in our own cozy, high rise (remember the Princess & Pea) bed. We have missed it. We are home! No more ripping the bedding off while doing a microscopic bed inspection. What dirt and grime is here is ours. Fine with us. I bet you are glad to be settled in also. No lounging around today....time to get up for Tuesday 9:00 AM coffee in the Bamboo Room. The Sandcastle (cottage) owners and long timers (RV folks that come for months) gather together in friendship plus to find out what upcoming events are scheduled for the park. It was terrific to see all the familiar faces of friends we haven't seen since last year. I'm sure you recognized some, too. It's shopping time and guess where we are going? You ... read more
Celebration Water Tower
Corn Hole

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