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North America » United States » Florida » Kissimmee April 7th 2016

Where to even begin. I don't quite know. I have spent days trying to settle our sweetheart Lulu down. She has been beside herself. Her wailing and bawling have echoed throughout the park. Everyone wants to know what's wrong. I can hardly get the words out. But this is the sad story: Lulu received a "Dear John" letter from one of her most faithful admirers.....or so she thought. What a fickle friend! She loved him....a lot. He was right up there on the top of her boyfriend list......after Jeff, of course. What happened? What went wrong? Something she said?...something she did? She's so limited with both actions. Is she not pretty enough? WHAT? WHAT happened? She is struggling. It all came right out of the blue....and now she is singing the blues. None of it is ... read more
The Trampy Lushbag
Our Lovely
Our Star

North America » United States » Florida » Kissimmee April 1st 2016

Friday brought forth the finale to our family reunion. The three remaining families headed in their different directions on various transportations. Fortunately, we all can stay virtually together through this blog....just as we do with all of you. Before this sad and unwanted farewell, we managed to have some more family time together. After another evening visit to Old Town so one more of the grandsons could endure the horrible "sling shot" ride .... why, why do they put themselves through this torture...why? Once that sickening anguish ended, the guys all walked back to our RV. It's a wonder that Fox & Shenen didn't have to be carried back following their terrifying experience being shot a million miles into the sky! As they strolled back together, it dawned on them exactly what was represented in this ... read more
Old Town Rides
What's this?

North America » United States » Florida » Kissimmee March 30th 2016

A very special day for a very special guy. Today is Cory's 72th birthday. Happy, Happy Birthday Big Guy! Where has the time gone? He was only 18 years old when we first met at the University of Buffalo. Just kids! We started out young and have grown old together. What a ride...what fun! I have been the luckiest gal on the face of the earth to have this precious, dear man as my husband and best friend. Luckeeeee. Our four children know they have the very best father ever. They always tell him that and how much they love him. His grandchildren also love him dearly. He loves Lulu (most of the time) and she loves him back...a lot! His first priority in life has always been to be a good "Family Man".....and that he ... read more
Our Birthday Boy
Fox, Cory & Shenen
Inside the Eye of Orlando gondola

North America » United States » Florida » Kissimmee March 28th 2016

Not missing a beat, we continue to enjoy and appreciate all our moments together as a family. Sunday - it was agreed upon that we would do a birthday dinner party; celebrating the birthdays of Cory Fritz-son(March 13), Cory Edward-father(March 30) and Shenen-grandson(April 8). We had a wonderful dinner. Perfect, tender steaks cooked by the men, tossed salad with my Cherry Pocket homemade house dressing, macaroni salad (mine), French fries, chicken tenders, rolls. Absolutely delicious. There were 3 cakes: a yellow, a chocolate and a chocolate chip cookie cake. We filled ourselves to the brim and beyond. No one left hungry! We all sang, loudly, "Happy Birthday" to the three honored guys. They had their time to make a wish and blow out the few candles on the various cakes. Cory E. came in last. I ... read more
Family dinner
Fox, Cory, Shenen
The three Birthday Boys

North America » United States » Florida » Kissimmee March 27th 2016

Happy Easter, Everyone. We hope your day is a very special one. Our pace continues at high speed. Hope you have been keeping steady with us. Our son, Cory, sent a text and said they had left Conover, N.C. @ 8:30 this morning (Saturday). We await their arrival with excited anticipation. The heavy cumulus clouds in the sky continue to hover over us. The weatherman keeps updating us where the rains are and where they are heading next. No matter, the temperature is plenty warm so we all head over to the timeshare condos to relax by the pool. Tim and Kim both keep their air conditioners cranked up as high as they can go in the respective units. It feels like walking into a walk-in cooler super freezer. I need 3 layers of clothing on ... read more
Conner & Tim
Relaxing by the pool
Relaxing Way TOO much by the pool

North America » United States » Florida » Kissimmee March 25th 2016

Lots to do today! It's moving day. The Faber's leave the Celebration Hotel and move into their timeshare condo at Cypress Harbour. Tim & Conner leave the refuge of our RV and move into our timeshare condo at Cypress Harbour, also. Lulu hasn't figured out if she's coming or going yet. Cory & Jay helped Kim, Jim & the girls take their luggage to their condo. They had a sizeable amount of luggage to haul so rather than pack themselves into their car like sardines, they just ran a luggage load over for them. Lory & Sara hung out with the rest of us at the RV. Conner has an app on his iPhone that switches faces of everyone so that was the mainstay of our waiting time. It was crazy, silly and lots of laughs. ... read more
Taking photos
Conner & Sara
At Freddy's

North America » United States » Florida » Kissimmee March 24th 2016

They're coming, they're coming! Not the British as Paul Revere yelled but more of our family who are arriving today (Wednesday). Cory and I drove to the Orlando Airport to pick up our youngest son, Tim, and our youngest grandchild, Conner. We passed the time at the airport watching the huge lines of travelers go through the inspection lines.....worse than Disney lines. Sad faces either from the long wait or the fact that they were leaving sunny Florida. Tim & Conner arrived @ 4:30 PM. Absolutely terrific to see them again. They were as excited to be here as we were to have them. Cory got us through the tangled web of traffic leaving this huge, busy airport. They hadn't eaten so that was top on the priority list. We stopped at an Applebee's on Rt.192. ... read more
Cory, Conner & Tim
At Celebration

North America » United States » Florida » Kissimmee March 23rd 2016

A day of eager anticipation and excitement. The first group of our family arrives later tonight (Monday). We are counting the hours. It's been many months since we have been with our family. So today is the day of reunion. Our oldest daughter, Lory, her husband, Jay, and their daughter, Sara (Knapp) will fly into the Sanford airport @ 7:30 PM. We'll wait for their text notification when they get close to us. Until then, we need to find something to do to help pass the time. It was easy to come up with a good plan. Still on our bucket list was to go to the Catfish Place in St.Cloud. Time to buckle up everyone. Sam & Sandy take their assigned seats and the rest of you can pick your own seat (take that as ... read more
World famous hash browns & cole slaw
Outside the Catfish Place
Minnie Mouse found Sam

North America » United States » Florida » Kissimmee March 21st 2016

Sunday afternoon and the bug had us. Not the rotten no-see-um bugs or the nasty black love bugs.....we were ready to roam again and had the cruising bug. Are all of you with us? Where to go; what to do? Of course, we are contemplating this at 2:30 in the afternoon. Too late to do much or go far. Ponder, ponder, ponder. It's Palm Sunday so many places are closed. We are concentrating on eateries at this time of day.....surprised? I bet not. We mark off those we have already been to this year. What is still on our bucket list? "I know, I know" bellows Lulu. "GARY'S!" Yeah....she's right. We have been to Gary's Oyster Bar & Restaurant in the past years but not this year. It is located in Lake Alfred. This is the ... read more
Fran, me, Connie, Lulu, a Sandy, Cory, Sam
Menu Cover
My photo of Gary's a year or so ago

North America » United States » Florida » Kissimmee March 17th 2016

Happy St. Patrick's Day! May the Luck of the Irish Be With You! Are you keeping up with us? I certainly hope so. I can hear some of you moaning and groaning at times. Is it your knee ( like me? ) or just how you cope while navigating through my unending blogs? No matter....we have checked your tickets and you are all still with us. No refunds! So let's get going. Our small gang (Sam, Sandy, Cory, me & Miss Lulu) headed off to a nice Italian restaurant (LaBella Napoli) in St. Cloud. We had been here last year....delicious....homemade pasta. Oh, yummy, yum yum. The internet said it was open on Sunday. WRONG! Curtains closed, lights off. "Closed on Sunday" we read on their door with our faces pressed tightly up against the car windows. ... read more
Lulu attacked by giant alligator!
Sandy fights the monster
Hot Dogs & Goulash

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