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March 22nd 2018
Published: March 22nd 2018
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Everyday is now a celebration for me. I am so glad to be well again....both Cory and I celebrate that fact. Lulu sighs with relief. It was wonderful to resume our routine and be with our friends again. I burned my isolation garb. I’m free! I’m alive! I’m well! I’m back in circulation! Hip-Hip Hooray! I love everyday.

First on our agenda was to visit Costco’s and enjoy a yummy seafood lunch at Bar Harbor. Perfect! Life is good. Friends are fun!

We had a serviceman come and replace the satellite dish on the roof of our RV. Our original one had become unusable. The software in it was outdated. We were now using the park’s cable or our local antenna. That was okay but if we parked where there was no cable, we would be out of luck for any TV reception. Lulu would fuss. And there’s no way I could ever miss The Big Bang Theory or Little Sheldon. I’m addicted to those two shows. They are the best! If you don’t watch them, you are missing 2 great TV shows. Anyway.....we now have a new covered satellite dish on our roof that is all wired up inside our motor home. It works great! It was pricey but well worth it since we won’t be buying another RV.

The other day it came on our TV that there had been a double murder at a motel very close to us. The place is called the Roomba Room and is located just as you turn off of 192 onto Holiday Trail where our RV park is at the end of this short roadway. They caught the murderer. Always some sort of excitement going on in the neighborhood. Now we wonder how many folks have slept in that room never knowing the deadly occurrence that happened in it. “No, dear, that’s not ketchup on the wall.....it’s blood!” Yuck!

We had a delightful evening with our friends at Manny’s. Joe & Charlene and Mike & Terry contacted us to meet them there for dinner. Mike had been our TP neighbor for many years. Joe lived right behind him. We enjoyed their friendship. This year they moved to Lake Magic. We miss them so we truly appreciated this opportunity to be with them again. So many laughs and stories we shared.

Always lots of food on hand even
Roomba RromRoomba RromRoomba Rrom

Scene of a double murder
though we do go out to eat a lot....yippee! it was kind of chilly but with our canopy, Sam, Sandy and us shared a dinner at our RV in comfort. Sandy had a little heater we used in the beginning but quickly turned it off as we began toasty. Dining at Guenter’s Bar & Grill.

Leaving the park the other day, we noticed a Budget truck parked in the roadway. Wow! There was a big motor Home parked right behind it. A company was replacing the RV’s big front window. That is no easy task. Parking in the roadway allowed the worker to back his truck right up to the front of the RV in order to get the windshield easily in place. They worked hours on this. You would be amazed all the service work that is done in our park ....right where the motor home is parked. Instead of roadside service, it is site-side service. Just like any home or vehicle, stuff happens that needs repair.

I found a couple cruise photos that I missed posting in my cruise blogs.....at least I think that. Not wanting you to miss anything, I’ve added them in this blog. Lulu is glad. She wants you to know she loved the cruise and all her photo ops. She is such a show girl. See you next blog!

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