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March 25th 2018
Published: March 26th 2018
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Cruise done: check

Sickness over: check

Life returns to normal: check

Our fun begins again: check.

We were thrilled to have our dear friends, Les & DeAnne McKay, come and stay with us for a few days. They used to live in our home area in New York but a couple years ago they moved to Smithfield, NC to live closer to their children. We had many fun times together. We picked them up in Maitland (new ride....never had been here - bucket list: check) and brought them back to Tropical Palms. We took them to eat at Guenter’s Bar & Grill. It was handy. A golf cart ride around the park culminated the “Happy Hours”. Just so nice being together with them again. The next day, we toured the town of Celebration and some of the local tourist traps. Les and DeAnne bought our dinner at the Ale House. Thank you very much! More “Happy Hours” back at our RV. The next day was departure day. Cory and I took them to the Orlando Airport with time to kill. We always go early “just in case” but fortunately, there were no “Just in Cases”. Phew! So Les & DeAnne had time to rest and relax in the airport terminal. Maybe more rest and relaxation than they wanted. Thanks for the visit. Our light is always on and our door is always open.

Our park had planned a Casino Night for us long-termer’s. Not enough folks signed up for it so it was cancelled. Instead, they had a country style singer perform for any one who wanted to come to this free entertainment. It was a nice evening.

Nice didn’t last long. We figured out our toilet wasn’t working right. That could be serious. But the bigger problem was that Cory couldn’t unlock our water compartment door on the side of the motor home. He worked and struggled and nothing! Even Lulu raced outside to survey the situation and offer her advice. Cory didn’t want her help. Cory and Sam talked. Their answers didn’t sound good.....quite extreme. We called Tiffin. Still no easy answer. Our friend George, and Carole, responded to our SOS call. George and Cory talked and their final solution was to drill a big hole in the bottom of this compartment. OMG! Extreme! Then they could reach up through it and unscrew the bolts that held the locking mechanism. Yikes! It was a long, tedious and noisy job. They took turns lying under our motor home maneuvering around like gymnastic contortionists. Cirque du Soleil would have been interested in their gyrations. When they ran the electric saw, the RV quivered in pain. Carole liked watching them work. Lulu was right in the mix of it, too. She even found herself hanging out with some liquor bottles so she could toast them when they finally and successfully accomplished the task! Yay! The door opened. Hallelujah! Thank you George & Carole.....and Lulu for her support. Cory had been considering reaching up into our sewer pipe! That wasn’t going to happen! No way! You did see the movie RV, right? Instead, I poured some Liquid Plummer down the toilet and viola.....we were back in business.....we could now do our business (chuckle). Just another day in paradise. Update: Cory did some dumpster diving and found a perfect piece of fiberglass sheeting to fit inside the bottom of the water compartment. Just as good as new. Whew!

Take your memory way back in time. Who won the Super Bowl? That was the annual bet Cory and Sam had made. Well, sad to say: Cory lost and Sam won! All because the Eagles beat the Patriots. The loser had to take the winner out to dinner AND pay for it. Of course, Sandy & I were part of this game. They selected Cherry Pocket for their free dinner. That works for us! Lulu loves it there and loves the owner, Linda, even more. Months have passed and we hadn’t paid up. Sam & Sandy knew that but remained reserved but inflexible. Oh, how I hope we win next year!! Before we went to this unique Seafood restaurant, we went to the Auburndale Flea Market. Sam always gives out a happy squeal when he knows he’s going here. Lulu enjoyed her time here....always finding a great photo spot. Sandy & I finally found what we have been searching for....for a very long time. We have been looking for hot tamales. Yep, a hot tamale. She has had them before and even help make some. She likes them. I have never had a hot tamale. What a treat that lay ahead. Tan emocionante!! We found a small, rustic, rough trailer selling Mexican food. On their menu board were tamales! Hooray! Very inexpensive. The “hot” comes from just the temperature of the tamale or if you slather a green, weird sauce all over it....that was hot and spicy. Cory bought us each one. He would never even get close to one - he’s all meat and potatoes and Ruffle Potato Chips. Sandy explained our Mexican morsel as we unwrapped it. Lulu was game for it....she got right in for a big bite. Made her cheeks become rosy. I thought it was pretty good. Sandy said it was just okay.....she had had much better. But now we can take them off our bucket list...check. This market offers various produce and seafood as well as its junk and apparel.....and more! We spotted a bin of fresh crabs and crawfish. And boy, were they fresh! They were alive and moving. Can’t get much fresher than that. We passed them by. Poor things.

Once we were done dragging around this dusty market, we headed to a Walmart. Always room for Walmart. And now look what this magnificent store has done for its customers! Unreal! Amazing! You never have to go through a check out line. Yes, you heard go in, shop & scan, bag inside your cart, pay with your smart phone and leave....all by yourself. A lone shopper! Wow! The day of technology is truly overwhelming. I love Walmart and now all of it’s fabulous innovations. Shopping done - we were on our way to the fish camp eatery: Cherry Pocket.

We arrived as they were switching their lunch menu to their dinner menu. We ordered our drinks first. Lulu bellowed out her preference. She is not a shy gal. More of a big mouth. We ordered their salad with their special, secret cherry salad dressing. It is I have ever tasted. The waitress said she is not allowed to tell any of the ingredients. Rats! Sandy said she’s going to play around and try and figure out the recipe. I hope she succeeds. Our main course arrived. Their food is always right on the money. Top notch....superior. Our owed bet was completed! We had paid up. We had fulfilled our promise. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. We crossed our fingers that they didn’t ask for take out orders. They didn’t even get desert. Whew! Now, we don’t have to watch the classifieds for a job. While here, there was a lot of activity outside the restaurant in their bar/entertainment area. They were catering a wedding party that was soon to arrive. The tables looked elegant. They were serving grilled alligator and shrimp. Yum....wish I had been invited to this reception. Linda, the owner of CP, always has time to pose with Lulu. She stood in front of a wedding reception table this time. Linda uses these photos of she and Lulu as her background for her smartphone. Lulu loves Linda! Before we left, Sandy chatted with a big macaw perched at the back entrance....kind of like a Walmart greeter. When we reached our car, a seaplane had landed on the water at the end of the driveway. A happy couple got out and headed to this special restaurant. That’s the way to go out to there!

There other day, we were riding around on our golf cart. We went into the Sandcastle section (cottages privately owned or rented). We rounded the first corner and WOW.....look what is in our way! Our friends, Carole & George had their motor home parked right in the roadway! Why! What was going on. Had they had a bad senior moment? Had they lost their minds? Carole emerged from their side window. Just like a puppet show! She pointed out their dilemma. Tropical Palms was cutting down trees on and next to their site to put up more Sandcastles. Their roadside rest site was only temporary until the tree removal was done. Next year, when they return, they will park their RV several sites down from where they have been. Thank heavens. Glad to know they were still with the program.

I had planned on adding two more events to this blog but my eyes and tapping finger are calling for a halt. You understand, right? Just stay tuned for some more fun and festivities. In the meantime. I’m going to go soak my finger and rest my eyes. Until we meet again......

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Sam watches the work men Sam watches the work men
Sam watches the work men

Sam made a new cannon
Auburndale MarketAuburndale Market
Auburndale Market

Live crabs!
Lulu has a lower bodyLulu has a lower body
Lulu has a lower body

Lulu picks out shoes but has no feet
Lulu tried a hot tamale Lulu tried a hot tamale
Lulu tried a hot tamale

The tamale trailer
Dining at Cherry Pocket Dining at Cherry Pocket
Dining at Cherry Pocket

Our bet is paid up

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