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North America » United States » Florida » Kissimmee May 21st 2020

Take your reservations needed. This is it. Our last golf cart ride at Tropical Palms for the season. We have to relish every moment and bump of it. Hold on.....Driver Cory is going to take us to places this little cart has not gone before. Ooooo.....the excitement builds. Navigator Sam prepares himself for the unknown as do Sandy and myself (the backseat drivers). We head up back through Old Town. Slowly, very slowly life is beginning to come back to this place. The Burger King that had closed has reopened....a good sign. As we sail down the wide sidewalk along the main drag of 192, the cars pass by us like planes on a runway. Vroom..Swoosh!! No way are we going to play chicken with these speedsters. Our bouncing buggy moves along dodging the many ... read more
Shopping at Aldi’s - Sam stood guard
Getting take-out orders at Burger King
The police chase begins!

North America » United States » Florida » Kissimmee May 12th 2020

Yup.....another year has been tallied into my calendar age record. My numbers keep getting bigger and bigger (and so do I but let’s not talk about that right now). Rats. Because I am in my Golden Years now, I decided I needed to know what that meant and what to expect. I googled it (Google is our friend). Google stated: “The Third Age is now considered by many to be the “golden years” of adulthood. It is generally defined as the span of time between retirement and the beginning of age-imposed physical, emotional, and cognitive limitations, and today would roughly fall between the ages of 65 and 80+.” Well, that’s it! Yup...I am in my Third age! I meet all the criteria for the Golden Years. I could offer up my specifics for each category but ... read more
Cinco de Mayo - I’m celebrating with them
Walt & Diane brought me cupcakes
Sam & Sandy brought me chocolate cake

North America » United States » Florida » Kissimmee May 4th 2020

Shhhhhhhh. What can we say? Nothing! The question of the day is “what’s new”? Answer: nothing. The next question of the day is “what are you going to do today”? Answer: nothing. Last question of the day is “what did you do today”? Answer: nothing. Nothing, nada, nil, zip, zero, zilch, naught, diddly-squat. That’s our daily agenda. That’s what fills our dance card. Nothing! Blank. I’m sure most of you find all these “do nothing” days boring and frustrating. Cory does. Me.....not so much. To be honest....and I always am....I’m kind of liking it! I’m content to watch TV, play on my iPad, sit outside and enjoy our surroundings and most of all....write this blog. It’s said “Nothing is Impossible”....guess what? Nothing is Possible! But don’t get me wrong....I truly hope and pray this all consuming ... read more
Dance Card
The neighborhood rushed to watch
The delivery truck arrived....everyone watched

North America » United States » Florida » Kissimmee April 25th 2020

Bored yet? Don’t worry, we have a few treats for you to keep you entertained. So settle in for a pleasurable time. Remember: we’re all in this together. Let’s start out with the biggie. Sandy Foreman had her 22nd birthday last Thursday. Happy Birthday, Sandy. She told us it was her 22nd....are we to question it? Nope! Not us....And you can’t either! In times past, we usually celebrated her special day by going somewhere extra nice for her birthday. She loves The Cheesecake Factory. Not in the cards this year. What to do under present circumstances with all the coronavirus restrictions? Hmmmmm — let’s think this out. We’re putting on our thinking caps....put yours on, too. No restaurants allowing dine in. Okay......let’s dine OUT! Easy peasy. Cory loaded up the car with our table and chairs. ... read more
Wearing our thinking caps
Cracker Barrel Dining: Outside!
All ready to enjoy a meal

North America » United States » Florida » Kissimmee April 22nd 2020

What a life changing experience. More so for some than others. Our personal situation is doable. We aren’t struggling by any means. It is those with family, friends or even themselves who have become ill with this coronavirus that are the ones dealt the bad hand. The first responders and health care workers who have cared for the stricken struggle along with them. We pray for all this to reach its finality and allow the world to put its pieces back together again. Humpty Dumpty....we must fare better than him. Together, we can do it! For the most part, every day is Déjà Vu. They all seem to replicate themselves. Without seeing the written date, we have no clue what day it is. Actually, this predicament isn’t truly a new one. Our day begins with a ... read more
New face wear
Coffee time at our coffee clatch
My dear friend, Lillian Edgley

North America » United States » Florida » Kissimmee April 10th 2020

Fifty-six years and still going strong. What a journey we have traveled together! That's the gist of our "blog du jour". Today we celebrate....Cory & me....but please join with us on this special day that has taken us 56 years to reach. It's our 56th anniversary. Wow-whee! Each year, we have the opportunity to take you along on our journey that we took 56years ago. For many of you, you have already accompanied us on this special odyssey so you may want to fast forward this blog.....BUT, if you want to go on this pilgrimage again, stay onboard and join the rest of the group. Holy smoke - where has the time gone? It seems like just yesterday when Cory tossed his autographed baked roll at me across the college cafeteria. What a cool move. It ... read more
56 years! Now that’s something to celebrate!
University of Buffalo
The Roll

North America » United States » Florida » Kissimmee April 9th 2020

Now that we have checked out all the areas of Tropical Palms together, it time to leave the premises to see what lies beyond. Hold on....don’t get your knickers all in a twist. This excursion was done while we could still go out in the fresh air as long as we stayed six feet away from everyone else. Fortunately, even though we are all packed tightly together in this virtual Blog World, we aren’t breathing on or touching one another ....pant, pant, touch, touch. Whoops...sorry. Ah-choooo. First, Cory, Lulu and I made this journey with all of you for the sake of this blog. The next day, Sam & Sandy poked their heads out of their secure burrow so we snatched them up and drove off with them for a second time around. Remember: the more ... read more
Don’t Twist your Knickers
Leaving Tropical Palms
Holiday Trail & Regal Oaks

North America » United States » Florida » Kissimmee April 5th 2020

I Swore to God and said we would NEVER stay in Florida again in the month of May.....N-E-V-E-R! N-E-V-E-R! N-E-V-E-R! Why you inquire? I hear your shouts of “Tell us!” I’ll tell you why in one word: Lovebugs! Yep....Lovebugs! Horrible, horrible, horrible Lovebugs. As you might recall, last year we stayed here at Tropical Palms until mid May before traveling on to Red Bay, Alabama. When May Day arrived, so did these annoying arthropods. These wretched Lovebugs swarmed us as we lived out our final stay at TP. Every aspect of our lives was infiltrated with these black boogers. It was a torture beyond belief. Even worse, they followed us almost to Red Bay. They clung to our RV like gobs of black loogies. The front of our RV looked like we had been run out ... read more
Horrific Lovebugs!
Joe Rossi and his RV in front of their Sandcastle

North America » United States » Florida » Kissimmee March 23rd 2020

How many times did my mother remind me of that? More than I can count. But she was always right. Mom’s are always right!! (Hey, kids...can you hear me now?) Whatever was in the passed. Perhaps not always as quickly as we might like but it always passed. Life moved forward while difficult times faded away into the background. That’s what we are all coping with today. The coronavirus has brought concern and turmoil into every person’s life. Times are scary. Hopefully, the sick will be healed and the healthy will stay strong. It’s frightening not knowing when and where it will all come to an end. But eventually it will and we shall all rebound. Life will forge on as planned. The people of this world will have been made stronger and wiser because ... read more
Joe, Dave, Sam & Art. Looking at the new antenna
Dave looks for the antenna...but 3 rabbits instead!
Dave, Joe, Cory, Dave, Art ....friends together

North America » United States » Florida » Kissimmee March 10th 2020

Forget the Hot Weather blast known as true Florida weather. We even had one day in Orlando when the record broke...hit 90’. Since then, a cold spell moved in: 40’s - 60’s. Sorry to our Northern family and friends who just snort at that. You all know what chilly temps truly mean.... Sam buries himself deeper into his warm and cozy nest inside his motor home. He prefers to hibernate like a bear in winter when the chilly breeze strikes. Even if we constructed a huge flea market outside the front his RV, I don’t think he’d poke his nose out their door. We can only wave at him through his window. Of course, he is also staying safe from the coronavirus. Smart Sam. All alone, except for bestie Lulu, Cory and I headed south to ... read more
Mike, Molly (Joe Jr.’s wife) , Joe, Joe Jr.
Joe & Cory
Linda, Joe & John

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