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North America » United States » Florida » Kissimmee May 1st 2023

Let’s Catch Up! Oh, my....I've done it again! Time seems to be flying by so fast. I'm not keeping up with it..... or posting our blogs. What can I say? Let’s just catch up and move on....alrighty? Early April, our son, and grandson, Tim & Conner, came for a visit. They stayed in our timeshare condo, Cypress Harbor. It's located near Sea World and fairly close to our RV park. That makes our visiting time together very handy. It was wonderful to see and be with them again. We went to all the usual places, ei: Golden Corral, Old Town, etc., and Disney Springs (for a Tuna melt, of course!). Tim & Conner’s highlight of their vacation was to go to Star Wars at Hollywood Studios. They know everything about Star Wars whereas Cory and I ... read more
Our timeshare: Marriott’s Cypress Harbor
Tim and Conner
Tim and Conner

North America » United States » Florida » Kissimmee March 29th 2023

Great! I thought this photo might just do it. Actually, we are born with both sets of teeth (baby and adult)....they just haven't erupted yet. It has taken us a tad longer than planned to prepare this blog. No reason....just how it is. “Let There Be Light!” We bought a set of solar lights for our “coffee canopy”. It makes it so bright, pretty and festive at night. Only problem: we sit everyday under the canopy for the “morning coffee group” but haven't sat out at night to enjoy these bright, pretty lights. We get involved watching the evening news, streaming a movie or playing on our phone/iPad. We are getting old!! I'm sure the noseeums are sad because they are attracted to light and our tasty bodies. They're drooling for us to come out! Sorry, ... read more
Our brightly lit canopy and RV
At The Horse Races
At the Apple store and Telsa showroom

North America » United States » Florida » Kissimmee February 26th 2023

That's right! The boat sailed and I forgot to notify you so you could come aboard. We left without you. What was I thinking?....or not thinking is more like it! My bad! Fortunately, there will be a next time and I will surely alert you with plenty of notice. Mark my word. Pinky swear! Hopefully, some of our pictures will help you to imagine you were onboard.....pretend anyway. A big group of us from Tropical Palms signed up to travel on Carnival’s cruise ship: the Mardi Gras. We left Port Canaveral for a 7 days cruise on February 11th. We traveled to Nassau first. We were supposed to go to Puerto Rico but the itinerary was changed early on. We didn't bother to get off the ship in Nassau as we have been here several times ... read more
Views from and on board the Mardi Gras
Fun times on the ship
Going ashore at Amber Cove

North America » United States » Florida » Kissimmee January 4th 2023

A new year has arrived! Happy 2023 everyone. We wish you a happy and healthy New Year. Before we entered this new year, we finished up the old one with many festive and fun times with friends and family. Hop on your faithful time machine (it's been getting quite a workout, I know) and back it up just a little...midway into December will be good. All set? Great....let’s go......Buckle up! Remember the golf cart parade that traveled through Old Town and we ended up being a participant? It was part of our last blog....remember? Anyway....go back if you need a refresher. The holiday parades didn't end with that one. They kept coming....and coming....and coming. A group of us (TP folks) made our way over to the town of Celebration on golf carts. Fortunately, our friend, Ray, ... read more
Golf Cart Folks going to Celebration to see the lights
Jeater Bend lights and decorations
Jeater Bend Extravaganza

North America » United States » Florida » Kissimmee December 11th 2022

Where is the time going? It’s truly flying by, that’s for sure. It’s December now but guess what? You have to get back in your time machines and back it up to the month of November. We have been very lax in our blogging. Let me think of a good excuse…..hmmmmm - I have none. Give me credit for honesty. If not credit…I love cookies! If one hurricane wasn’t enough to survive, we were faced with a second one during the month of November. Hurricane Nicole managed to hit the entire state of Florida. We aren’t used to this in the North, you know. Maybe you got a few remnants of it where you were located. Hope you stayed safe. This time, we decided to weather it out in our RV as most all our friends ... read more
Time Flies When You Are Having a Good Time
Already for Hurricane Nicole
Cory’s Shirts!

North America » United States » Florida » Kissimmee November 5th 2022

Living the lives of retirees and snowbirds, we have so many opportunities to enjoy ourselves and have some great fun times! We hope you can enjoy some of these festive occasions along with us. Remember: the more the merrier! Halloween at Tropical Palms was almost a week long in celebration. YAHOO! Our activity director, Janet, and her assistant, Cindy, have really been working hard to make sure there are plenty of things to do here at the park to keep everyone happy. They are succeeding! They organized a Halloween golf cart parade…..actually two of them….but we only participated in the first one. We decorated our golf cart with lights, pumpkins and skeletons. Cory was very scary in his Skelton mask (just in case you didn’t recognize him). Dave was brave and unafraid to jump on board ... read more
Halloween golf cart parade….Cory the Skeleton
Steve, Mary, Lulu, Sandy, Sam, Cory…waiting for Trick or Treaters
Our Home

North America » United States » Florida » Kissimmee October 2nd 2022

Hooray! We are still here to tell you all about it! It was an adventure we didn’t plan to take nor do we want to take it again. Hurricane IAN came right up through where we live here in Florida: Kissimmee, Osceola County. It was UGLY! But let’s talk about The Good stuff first. Cory and I have been hitting some of our old haunts down here. First on our list was Bar Harbor. They had a special on lobsters so we took full advantage of that… least I did. I ate two lobsters there and brought two home with us. Oh, yummers! Cory was satisfied with with his fried shrimp dinner. Nothing tops lobster in my book! I’m first at the table when lobster is being served. I can be a little pushy sometimes… least ... read more
Bar Harbor- I love lobsters and Cory
Frescos in Lakeland, Florida
Time with Kim & Haley at Frescos

North America » United States » Florida » Kissimmee September 12th 2022

Yes, we have! Our landing date here at Tropical Palms was Saturday, September 10th. Exactly as planned. Lulu was as excited as Cory and myself. She could finally change her constant position of staying on our dash while performing her job as navigator. She was our RV’s figurehead….just like on the bow of a ship. She did sit next to Cory when he snacked. She didn’t suffer. Arrival is always such a great feeling of joy and relief. Hooray! We are here to stay….for nine months. Start unpacking. We have to start planning our adventures for this season. Not surprising……it is HOT here! OMG, is it ever! We had just become comfortable with the cooler temperatures back home. Zowweee. It is like living on top of a volcano. Only thing missing is the lava. I took ... read more
Lulu leading our way into Tropical Palms
Nice sign to see
Very nice!

North America » United States » Florida » Kissimmee May 9th 2022

The time has come. The writing is on the wall…well, on our calendar, anyway. It reads “Leave TP”. Yep….time to pack up and head home to our polebarn in Shongo, NY. Our plan is to depart around the 20th of May. That’s the plan today….but we are flexible…..have to be… can never plan for the unexpected. Today was a sad day. We had to bid “toot-a-loo” to our dear friends, Sandy & Sam. It was their designated day to “leave TP”. But no so fast…..a snag in their departure process. Of course, Cory and I can relate to this scenario….been there, done that. Sandy….she drives their big rig now….went to start the engine…..and nothing, nada, zip, zero,….CRAP! Uh-oh. Something’s not good here, folks. ??If there's something weird And it don't look good Who you gonna call? ... read more
Art working on Sam & Sandy’s RV
Art….the best person ever!
Our friends…..will miss Sam & Sandy

North America » United States » Florida » Kissimmee April 6th 2022

Yep! Even the best of us can get struck down. That’s exactly what happened to “Bucky, Buckaroo, Big Fella, Mr.Lucky”… all know him mostly as just Cory. Well, Mr.Lucky (Cory) lost his luck temporarily. He has the dreaded Covid! Yep, he is full of the virus! Noooooooo. Here’s the scenario: One evening he complained how hot it was…..anything to pump the air conditioner up to its highest…Freezing me out…..Brrrrrrr. In the night, I happen to roll over and touch him. Yikes! He felt like a burning, hot poker but was sleeping soundly. I thought about taking his temperature but it was a brief thought and I quickly fell back to sleep. ??? In the morning, I checked it and his temp was 99.3……not too alarming considering how hot he felt to the touch in the night. ... read more
Positive test for Covid
Our converted RV
Our visitor protecting himself

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