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North America » United States » Florida » Kissimmee December 25th 2019

Merry, Merry Christmas Everyone. We wish you all a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year. This special blog will keep you busy for awhile. Warning, Warning! Plan your time well. May as well snuggle up in your comfy PeeWee Herman chair, slurp on your yummy hot chocolate and take a long, winter’s nap to prepare your eyes for this doozy. It’s a biggy! A double biggy! Hey.....I can hear you fussing already. Think about it....I’m trying to cover 11 days in one blog. This is not going to be easy trying to keep the chit-chat to a minimum. The photos might get the best of you. I have pretty much created a full Travel/Christmas album. There are MANY (46) for you to peruse so be sure to scroll to the very bottom and then start ... read more
Love Cracker Barrel’s- start of Cory’s hill!
climbing the God Forsaken Hill!
Our son, Cory’s house and land

North America » United States » Florida » Kissimmee December 13th 2019

Recovering from a nasty cold, it was time to shake things off and air myself out. Our Disney destinations were calling out to us......”Come one, Come all!” That means all of you, too. The four of us boarded our sturdy sleigh to lead the way. Our first stop on our itinerary was The Grand Floridian. Here we could gaze in wonderment upon their life size Gingerbread House. Our directions were: park our sleigh in the Magic Kingdom parking lot and take the monorail over to The Grand Floridian. Easy peasy. We had a quick and easy boarding...hope you all made it on this speeding train before the doors closed behind you. And we are off! We pass over The Polynesian Resort. Next stop: The Grand Floridian. Screech (squeaky brakes) ......time to disembark. Oooooo. What a beautiful ... read more
The Grand Floridian
All aboard the monorail- arriving at the Resort
The Fabulous Tree and Lulu’s Table and TV

North America » United States » Florida » Kissimmee December 9th 2019

Checking my photo gallery, once and twice, only to discover we have a few wonderful photos that have not been shared. Time to get our act together and focus on what needs doing. I wondered why Lulu was giving us the snake eye....she was trying to tell us to get busy. A couple weekends ago, some of us had the pleasure of reuniting with our good friends, Jon & Linda. Need I remind you, Lulu keeps Jon high on her dance card list. She loves him! They were here just for a brief stay. We were grateful for whatever time they shared with their friends since they won’t be staying here for the winter season. We all miss them! Sam & Sandy were fortunate to have one of their daughters, Stacy, and son-in-law, Kevin, visit them. ... read more
Gary, Linda, Bill, Sandy, Sam, Carolyn, Cory, Jon
Sam, Sandy, Stacy and Kevin
Christmas tree at Old Town

North America » United States » Florida » Kissimmee November 29th 2019

These past few days have brought forth a cornucopia of food. So much to celebrate! It was all absolutely delicious but not very good for the waist. Whine, Whine, Whine! Better yet: wine, wine, wine. Obviously, Lulu had no issue indulging in all these delicacies. You know waist! If she had a body, she would be flaunting it. Such a glamor hog! This food extravaganza began on Monday. Sam & Sandy and the two of us set sail for Bar Harbor. A lobster roll was calling my name. Saaanndy, Saaannndy. Faster, Faster, mouth is watering for that delicious crustacean delight. Made it! Yippee! Okay...pile out of the car with us. We are in one of our Happy Places. You all do like seafood, right? If not, stay seated and we’ll stop at the nearest ... read more
Bar Harbor: double lobsters & grouper
Our table of friends at the Pre-Thanksgiving dinner

North America » United States » Florida » Kissimmee November 24th 2019

We can hear you now. Yes, sounds good. Your shout-out to go to Beefy King is a perfect choice. None of us have ever been here before. We found out it is an Orlando landmark known for its fabulous roast beef sandwich. Family owned.....and they just had their 50th anniversary of being in business. Just recently, their restaurant was burned by an arsonist. Sad! They wasted no time in completing the necessary renovations and had their grand reopening on Wednesday, November 20th.....and we all were there to help them celebrate. Yahoo! It’s not the easiest place to drive’s beyond the Amyway Center so you have to fight the traffic and construction of I-4 and downtown Orlando. I was white knuckled in the back seat all the way! Not sure what we expected of this ... read more
Loading up to go to Beefy’s
From ruin to riches
History (old) and 50th anniversary

North America » United States » Florida » Kissimmee November 21st 2019

You just never know what treasure you will find at a Dollar Store. We stopped at one for the ongoing search for my special macaroni and Sam’s cereal. I think that’s becoming a lost cause. WAIT JUST A MINUTE!!! WHOA!!! Nope, no macaroni or cereal but something way better than that. A real live treasure! Here we ran into our dear friends, Mike & MJ. Remember them? You have met them before. Mike was one of Cory’s college roommates at the University of Buffalo. MJ is Mike’s wonderful wife. Through Google Search, Cory made contact with Mike a few years back. They live here in Florida close to The Loop. What a great reunion we had when we realized we were in each other’s back yards. Well, Looky, Looky! Here they both were. Right in the ... read more
Riding the Skyliner at Disney
All aboard
Changing gondolas

North America » United States » Florida » Kissimmee November 17th 2019

I’m slowing up. At least, you have had a lot of time to rest and catch your breath. My tardy publications are not by choice.....all because of the opportunities to sit down for a few, undistracted hours seem to be few and far between. Time to give it a shot right we go. Turn up your volume if you can’t hear me. We had a wonderful evening last Sunday. Our granddaughter, Rachael, was in Orlando to give a speech about her research on Endocrine Cancer. She is working on getting her PhD at the University of Alabama. Her hotel and convention were in the Hyatt Hotel (used to be The Peabody). She said this was the largest convention in the world for chemical engineers. Just from walking along the sidewalk, I believe it! They were ... read more
Rachael gives her presentation on her research
Cory & I in the hotel lobby
Rachael and her speaker badge

North America » United States » Florida » Kissimmee November 9th 2019

Wish I could say this was a well thought-out and organized’s not. We are just going to throw it out at you and you’ll have to figure it out best you can. You can do it! C’est la vie. Sundays find us frequenting “Frogger’s “ (Sports Bar) at Old Town. Here they have every football game on that’s playing for the day. Cory is thrilled to be in this place. Football and beer! Beer and football. More beer and more football. It’s like his glory land! We can’t get the Buffalo Bill’s game on our RV TV so up we go to Frogger’s. They have a Sunday special on their pizza as well. This past Sunday, Sam & Sandy joined us. Sam likes football....Sandy could care less so she worked on her IPad. She’s a ... read more
Weird Thing at Webster
Lulu’s Long Lost Relatives. A motley crew!
Lulu has been saved!

North America » United States » Florida » Kissimmee November 2nd 2019

Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah Zip-A-Dee-A Wonderful Feeling Wonderful Day That’s how we find our days as more and more of our Tropical Palms friends arrive back “home”. The other day, Carolyn and Bill put out their welcome mat. We went over, with Linda & Dave, depicting ourselves as their Walmart greeting committee. Welcome back! Nicki Jo arranged for an impromptu adult Halloween party. It was held at the far end of the Sandcastles. We all brought a dish to pass so the Golden Corral (the trough) closed for the night cause it couldn’t compete with the spread at this party. They lit a bonfire. It was pretty but no one moved to sit next to it.....the weather was still blistering hot and sticky. The fire’s heat would have made us think we had joined a sweat camp. There was ... read more
Sam, Sandy, Cory at the Halloween party
Friends, friends and more friends
Nicki Jo & Dave

North America » United States » Florida » Kissimmee October 29th 2019

Ok, Folks. It’s time to get into our usual routine. I hope you are all relaxed and ready to continue on with our winter respite exploits. As some of you are experiencing frost on your pumpkins, we are experiencing heat so hot it is burning our pumpkins! You want heat? We have heat! Please take some of this sweltering heat. Pleeeeeease! We usually hold off using the a/c as much as possible in our RV. Forget that! We are cranking the 2 air conditioners up as high as we can plus using portable fans to blow the cool air around inside. We know we’ve been known to have a lot of “hot air” but this is beyond comprehension. Lulu has added a ice pack to her carry bag. She hates to be seen dripping sweat. She’s ... read more
Burning Pumpkins
unbearable heat.....see the temperature!!!
Auburndale Flea Market

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