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North America » United States » Florida » Kissimmee November 19th 2018

The day started out much like every other day here in Sunshine Land. The growing “group” gathered for morning coffee in the game room. Life’s problems were solved. The sky was a beautiful, solid blue. Not a cloud in the sky. At home in New York, we call them “a Florida Sky”. Once we all went our separate ways, Sam usually asks “Well, what are we going to do today?” We never have a quick answer. We tend to just go with the flow with the first thing that comes to mind. But today, Cory and I had a little plan. Sam’s birthday is coming up soon. Because we are heading home for the holidays, we won’t be here to help he and Sandy celebrate this big-time special day. We needed to have a pre-party for ... read more
Happy Birthday Sam
A bag of Birthday presents
Cherry Pocket

North America » United States » Florida » Kissimmee November 19th 2018

You are reading that right. Not a typographical error. I speak the truth. We did experience a brief cold spell here when we actually turned on our furnace. Off went the air conditioner and on came the much needed warming furnace. Aaah, that was nice. But it wasn’t nine degrees! We only had to travel down the pike a very short distance (around the block kind of) to find this very cold and freezing temperature. Located inside a huge, fancy, mammoth size building called The Gaylord Palms (Hotel & Convention Center) was a most delightful winter show called ICE! Sandy was eager to go but Sam said in forceful terms “No Way”! He hates the cold and hates being cold. This was the absolute last place he wanted to be. He stayed inside the warm hotel ... read more
Christmas at Gaylord Palms
ICE: The Christmas Story
Dressed for our tundra march thru the show

North America » United States » Florida » Kissimmee November 17th 2018

Hey, everyone. Houston we have a problem! Have you missed us? We hope so. The last blog we went sent out was “It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas“. Some of you got it, some of you didn’t .....there’s where the problem lays. I’ve sent message after message to my Travel Blog Site Help Center....they have not responded to me yet. Fingers crossed they will soon. I figured I better let you know what’s going on. Hope you aren’t experiencing any withdrawal symptoms yet. Hopefully we’ll be back in business soon cause our dance card is getting very full. I’ll be interested to know how many of you get this message. Until then, be patient and stay with us. We’ll be back!!... read more
We are sorry we aren’t together right now
This is ME!

North America » United States » Florida » Kissimmee November 13th 2018

Just like I said: Our plans for today was to go to the huge Webster Flea Market. And that we did! Did you have a good time trudging through all the old and new treasures? We sure did. We didn’t get the early start as we wanted but that’s okay. We saw enough during our time there. When we were at Sam’s Club on Saturday, they were have a big sale. Not that we needed them cause we have so many as is......we ended up buying two more bed pillows. Pillow fight,anyone? We can furnish the pillows. They were so soft and squishy I couldn’t resist. $14.98 for two. How could we not buy them? Cory said they both could be for me...not enough support for him. Hah! Once home, he said maybe he would try ... read more
Beautiful Florida Trees
Run, Forrest, Run
A d he never stopped running

North America » United States » Florida » Kissimmee November 11th 2018

Oh,my! We know the old, jolly bearded man in the red suit is coming to our homes faster than what we can even think.....but why are all the Christmas decorations up now? We haven’t even eaten the big bird yet. Talk about how fast time flies. Almost faster than the speed of light. Whoooossssssh. But we love those beautiful decorations......ooooooo & aaaahhhhhh. We can hear you singing some Christmas Carol’s ...nice, very nice. Oh, and there’s Lulu’s high pitched yodel....beautiful. Something strange was shown to us by the folks who set up the festive Christmas decorations at the end of our road. One of their palm trees are many tiny little “sticks” coming out of one section of the tree trunk. Ended up not being sticks but little, live worms. Eeewwww. What kind are they? Do ... read more
Tiny worms burying themselves into a palm tree
O’ Christmas Tree...Disney Springs
Find Lulu

North America » United States » Florida » Kissimmee November 8th 2018

Miss us? We’ve missed you! Just needed a few more photos to complete this blog and a few more events to share with all of you. Plus the time to write the blog. Now we are all caught up and ready to do another presentation. Before we move on, I must admit that I did it again with my last blog. So lengthy and soooo many photos. Did you get to see them all? All 45 of them? Is that a big moan or another mumbled comment I’m hearing? I see at the end of the blog page, it had you either hit #2 or “next” to move on for more photos and even went to #3 or “next” for the last of them. Geeze, I was worn out checking them so I’m sure you had ... read more
Steve’s RV Wash & Wax Business
Steve and Lulu
Shiny NEW car

North America » United States » Florida » Kissimmee November 3rd 2018

Got your good walking shoes on? Great. We are going to walk 2 1/2 miles today to show you a little more of our RV park and then hoof it outside our park to a few places that are just a walk away. No, Lulu is not coming. I have enough weight to carry myself — her fat head would wear me down too much and too fast. She’ll be fine. We’ll let her take the golf cart for a ride later. She manages the cart fairly well with no way to hold onto the steering wheel (no hands/arms) or no legs to push the gas pedal or brake. Of course, the cart remains stationary but she doesn’t care. She’s just glad to sit in the driver’s seat. She could never become a Uber driver...too bad. ... read more
Road close to pool
Tropical Palms Cottages

North America » United States » Florida » Kissimmee November 2nd 2018

Well, we all had a brief reprieve. No blogs for a couple days. Hey! Is that applause I’m hearing? My typing finger has healed. We are back in business, now. Less moaning, please. You are upsetting Lulu. We are walking and rolling. Time to get some of our walking in. Sandy, Cory and I began hoofing it around our RV Park. Sam was not going to be left behind....actually he got ahead of us some of the time as he rolled along on his trusty scooter. Sandy is far above us in the amount of walking she does. I have to stop after my knees tell me too. But anything is better than nothing. We try to do a decent walk everyday. Our park is divided into numbered sections. We live in the 300’s. We wandered ... read more
A Destination Trailer
Our Recreation Building
The small alligator

North America » United States » Florida » Kissimmee October 30th 2018

It seemed so strange to wake up this morning and realize we weren’t at home in Shongo. Once we got our senses back and figured out: “Yes, Lulu, we are not in New York anymore!”— we are in Florida!! All’s well in the world. We’ll adjust fairly soon. Trying to get back in our old routine, we headed up to the office lobby for morning coffee with our park friends. Oh, it is like a lovely homecoming seeing all the friendly, familiar faces. Almost like we had never left. Hail, Hail the gang’s all here.....we’ll almost all but still many more to arrive over the next few months. We are patiently but eagerly waiting for all of them. Where are we going now??? Just guess.....right you are. Straight to Walmart, of course. My favorite store. And ... read more
Rats! Crack in our windshield
Walmart Greeter, Steve, with Cory
Savings Catcher through Walmart

North America » United States » Florida » Kissimmee October 29th 2018

We are finally here at Tropical Palms! Yippee! Hooray! Hallelujah! What a great day. I’m sure you are all glad to be here safe and sound, also. Lulu kissed the ground when we stopped to register at the office. Three Cheers....We’re Here! Our day started out similar to all the others. Left Wildwood Campground at 9:22 AM. We belong to a group on Facebook for Tiffin (make of our RV) owners. I posted the photo of our missing heater door. So many responses. Most of them had the same thing happen to them. Gave us good suggestions. It’s a great site with very helpful comments on everything Tiffin. person on the FB site asked if we were at Wildwood last night because they saw a Tiffin RV with a missing door on its side. ... read more
Cory going in the office
Lulu waiting outside the office
Cory unhooking our car (new one)

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