I Have A New Knee!

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October 30th 2020
Published: October 31st 2020
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Here I am....back with all of you and showing off my new knee. Hip-Hip- Hooray or maybe Knee-Knee- Yippee! Everything went very well and I have been riding along on my recovery road with no problems. It all went better than even I thought it would.....I have not let out a blood curdling scream even once. Who would have guessed? That is the truth. Amazing......I have to admit I have little to no discomfort. Did the doctor do a lobotomy on me?? I don’t know.....I’m not fussing about anything. He must have done something cause this is too good to be true. If I slur my words or mumble a lot, you will know I did have a lobotomy.

I promised you that this blog installment would take you through it all, right along with me. I’m good on my word. I’ve got pictures.....lots of pictures. So find yourself a comfy seat and a soothing drink....and lots of free time cause it’s going to take awhile .... I don’t want you to miss out on any grueling detail.

Cory drove me to the Celebration Hospital (Advent Health).on Monday, October 26th. I was to be there at 9:00 AM. Surgery would not be until 1:00 PM. We made our way to the surgical receiving area. Reading the sign, I thought to myself that I hope they do my knee and not a colonoscopy. They gave us a beeper while we waited and waited and waited in the waiting room. That’s why they call it a “waiting” room.....you have to wait. This area would be where Cory would set up camp while I was in surgery. They had a board for him to read so he could see as I passed from one department to another. Luckily, the morgue never came up on the screen for me. Whew! I was just a number now. AFTER 10:00 AM.....they finally buzzed our buzzer and I was sent on my way through the surgical entrance doors. “Good bye, Cory...I Love You!” He was told to stay behind until they got me all prepped. Maybe he left and went to a flea market....I don’t know. That would have been okay. I was instructed to disrobe and wipe my body down with treated antibiotic pads....they were nice and warm. I was one of many behind the huge curtain drapes. Two men were on either side of me. I could hear them talking to staff. I thought the staff would wipe me down.....nope, I had to do it myself. Rats. What am I paying for? Oh, well. Then I put on my gown, socks, head dress, mask and settled onto the gurney. And then I waited some more. And waited. Tap, tap, tap. The anesthesiologist came in to see me. He was very nice and of course, I praised him for doing the job he does. I reminded him I didn’t want a spinal....I wanted a general with lots of drugs. He agreed. Great....no problems now! My surgeon came into see me. He is excellent. I told him I really wanted my bone for my blog but he said “no”.....rats! He said he’d take a picture for me. I had to be content with that but I so wanted my bone! He said they were going to do my surgery using a robotic machine. He was excited cause I think I was his first patient to use it on...not sure...but he seem plenty excited. Okay....if you say so. I won’t be awake to see if it collapses down on top of me. Then, the hospitalist came in to see me. He was nice. I told him I was fine and not to worry about me having any medical problems. A nurse anesthetist came in, too. She was very nice and we just went over my need for lots of drugs and gas. The nurse was the LAST person to come in. She did her assessment, etc. She started my IV. I was very pleased that she selected my favorite vein....along my wrist. She got it right in. Good. She taped an oximetry patch to my finger. Finally, they let Cory in. I could hear him out beyond the curtains and I just kept calling out “Coorreeey, Coorreeey”until he found me by my call. He’s familiar with my call, you know. We sat and chatted about other times that we had shared these similar locations and activities. Finally, going on 1:00 PM, the OR nurse and nurse anesthetist came in for my final ride. More loving goodbyes to Bucky. The OR nurse was telling me that soon I would be feeling groggy cause the CNA was injecting some joy juice into my IV. Zonk! Power of suggestion cause I do remember being in the operating room suite cause I saw many huge overhead lights that had hundreds of Led bulbs in them. And that’s all I remember.....nothing more. I was put into my induced coma and loving it. The next thing I remember was waking up in the recovery room. I’m a little vague with that ...nothing much exciting happened here. I know they did my vital signs. From here, I was admitted into a patient room. That was the plan....I had to stay overnight. Cory was here....thank, God.

As you can see, I’m pretty happy looking. I had no pain. Amazing. They told me the doctor injected a large amount of some heavy duty steroid and or pain suppressant into my open wound. It would last 92 hours. Great! I’m liking it a lot. Every time they offered the narcotic pain med, I took it. Not going to take any chances of suffering if I don’t have to. It was all good and nice. Because of Covid, they said Cory couldn’t spend the night. They had a nice couch in the room. It didn’t look like a hospital room. I was happy here. Physical Therapy came in and got me out of bed. No bedsores going to form on my tush. It seemed funny to put weight on my new knee. I did fine going into the bathroom and sitting down on the commode but then I felt a little lighted headed. I’m an easy fainter so I told the PT guy to pay attention. He put a wet washcloth on my neck and I just sat there for awhile. Then I was back up and going back to bed. I hadn’t eaten or drank anything since the evening before so I think that’s what caught up with me. I was okay back in bed. He said I did just fine, too. They brought me some supper. I ate just a small amount but did drink the Ensure....I like that, too. They inspected my dressing over my wound and changed it. Pretty slick, huh?The incision is held together with zip ties. I leave that dressing on until I see the doctor on Nov.11th. I have ace wraps on as compression on the affected knee and a regular compression stocking on the other knee. They had me using the spirometer so I don’t get pneumonia. They wrapped an ice pack around my new knee. I was good. The night nurse came in to get me ready for sleep. She said I had 2 choices: getting out of bed in the night to urinate or using a new device that would allow me to sleep and stay in bed. Bring on the new device....what is it?? Oooo, excited to find out. She called it a canoe but I’m sure it has a more medical name. NOW, not wanting to take you deep into my personal business, I’ll try to be as discreet as I can in explaining how the canoe worked. I hope I don’t offend anyone. Here we go. She held up this elongated device that had a soft wick inside it. She placed it against my “nether region” (urethra). The wick would draw my urine into it and then an attached tubing would suck out the urine from the wick and take it into a suction jar on the wall. How great is that? No Foley catheter....none ....yippee. ( I did have one during the surgery (while I was out) for those interested). I was so excited to use this. Too excited.....cause no matter how hard I tried, I could not expel my urine into the wick. Rats, Rats, Rats. But the concept is great. No back rubs, etc. like we used to give where I worked. I slept soundly throughout the night . They told me they were going to get me up at 5:00 AM to sit in the chair. I figured this was an order from Nurse Ratched......why so early? But I was being a good patient and complied. They brought me a basin and toothbrush and told me to freshen up. They brought me a tasty breakfast....I was hungry. Cory returned at 9:00 AM. Good. Physical Therapy came in twice and taught me how to do stairs and walk around the nurses station.....about the size of a football field for reference. Occupational therapist came in to make sure I could pull up my pants. The discharge planning nurse came in and did her job for me. It all went smoothly. Cory went to the pharmacy to get me the pills they wanted me to take at home. It was then my surgeon, Dr.Johnston, came in. He was happy and said how well everything went. I asked him about the robotics and sadly, he said they couldn’t use it. Just as they were getting ready to go, some screw came loose (his words) so he had to do it by his brain and hands. I asked about my bone again and he said he went to medical waste....rats! He did take a picture for me. Turn away for this one if you are squeamish. That bone is the bottom of my femur. The shiny spot at bottom left is just bone....where I had been walking bone on bone. The thin yellow covering is cartilage....very thin. My knee cap (patella) is shoved over and down in the right side of all that tissue. This is the best I have for you. I know you wanted more and I certainly tried to get more....such is life. Maybe when I have my second knee done, I’ll get something more juicy to look at.

And that was that. I was discharged back to the RV.

I followed PT’s instructions and got in just fine. Everything has gone fine.....amazing, huh?

I have lots more to go regarding my home stay and continued care. I think I’ll give both of us a break and end this tidbit for now and post the next installment in a few days. Is that okay with you? Good. I have exercises I have to do now.

I want so much to thank each and everyone of you who sent prayers and thoughts and best wishes. I also received beautiful flowers. We even had our meals sent to our RV.....what a thrill and grateful event. You all have given me such encouragement and positive vibes. It has to be that or a lobotomy which allows me to carry on with no pain. Unbelievable! We are so fortunate and blessed to have such devoted family and friends. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You are truly the best!

PS...20 photos so remember to scroll way, way down.

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31st October 2020

Congrats on new knee
So glad all went well. Very glad you have no Pain. Ambulation looks easier than I thought. Be well and keep on truckin’
31st October 2020

Thank you, Kate
Today they had me pedaling a small floor bicycle. Whew! It was tight but doable.
1st November 2020

Femur during surgery??
who took the photo, during the surgery??? I'm surprised that they would do that...
1st November 2020

The doctor (surgeon) took it for me cause he wouldn’t give me my bone. 😁
2nd November 2020

Amazing pictures
I'm glad to know that you are fine. So impressive pictures.
2nd November 2020

Thanks, Mel
I miss seeing you!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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