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North America » United States » Florida » Kissimmee May 11th 2019

Working like busy beavers....that has been us of late. Each day, we have done a bit more: pack this, do that & pack some more. Lulu is limited with her assistance. She does sing to us a melodious tune to keep us in a work rhythm. She favors 🎼🎼Cornfield Holler🎼🎼. Because we are renting our site for an entire year (Big blue sign), we bought a big, plastic outdoor storage box. Cory has loaded it to the brim with items that we use only here. I hope that’s all...I didn’t check it. My three wheeled bicycle is covered and secured under our picnic table. Cory has fastened our locked box down with heavy duty straps to our picnic table and hooks he stuck in the cement for our canopy. Our neighbors have said they will watch ... read more
That’s what we are doing.
“See you soon!“
Bar Harbor....together under the red umbrella

North America » United States » Florida » Kissimmee May 8th 2019

Just like I is my update on how I celebrated my mega (75th) birthday. I’m sure you have been waiting for this with bated breath (FYI: that’s a phrase from Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice). But first allow me to thank each and every one of you who sent me so many wonderful birthday wishes! They numbered far more than my current age so that helped to minimize, in my mind, my increasing number of years. I’m old enough to remember watching the TV show “Life Begins at 80” with my parents. The future looks promising. Thank you, again. You are the best! May birth date....began with a familiar ritual: eating! Our dear friends, Sam & Sandy, joined us at The Olive Garden restaurant as we consumed tasty Italian dishes. Cory ordered their giant meatball ... read more
Birthday dessert at Olive Garden
Torrential downpour

North America » United States » Florida » Kissimmee May 5th 2019

Today is a day to go down in history! May 5th! Cinco de Mayo. In 1862, on May 5th, a small Mexican army defeated the French in the battle of Puebla. It was short lived because the French retook Puebla a year later. But the celebration continues and grows worldwide. Diversión y festividades! ALERT! Another major event occurred on this day, also. Not a war....but a long battle was won after my mother gave birth to me after more than a week in the hospital “waiting” for my grand arrival. My parents didn’t return me after a year but maybe thought about it. I am an only child....need I say more? 75 years! OMG.....I’m getting as old as dirt. I am still celebrating with fun & festivities. Yippee! Thank you, everyone for all the birthday wishes ... read more
The surgeon at work on Pinky. He’s alive, again!
Good-bye, trusty golf cart
Caribbean Resort on Disney grounds

North America » United States » Florida » Kissimmee May 2nd 2019

Happy May Day....a day late! We’ve been on the go. Hope you haven’t missed a step keeping up with us. You probably thought we had fallen into a slump and were chained to our RV’s. WRONG! There’s always a few odds and ends that require housekeeping chores here at the ranch. Plus, Lulu needs here beauty rest to remain as glamorous as she is. She continues to catch the eyes of gigolos. She sometimes thinks she needs to wear a mask to hid her beauty from these seducing eyes. We can understand this, can’t we? The other day, the ocean air was calling to us. “The sea was angry that day my friends.” Hah! Just kidding. It was a beautiful day when all of us drove along on the highway to the waters edge. We went ... read more
Lulu and the gigolos - talking about her!
Grills Tiki Bar: wonderful!
A festive spot!

North America » United States » Florida » Kissimmee April 25th 2019

I’m afraid this is so. Our sons & grandsons are heading home early tomorrow morning. This week went by like a flash. It seems like they just arrived. Our son, Cory, took our granddaughter, Rachael, to the Orlando airport on Wednesday for her flight back to Alabama. We all miss her already. She is such a delight to be around. She is working very hard towards her PhD in cancer research. The guys have kept themselves busy and certainly made good use of our condo. The pool will probably dry up once they are gone. They are going to conclude their visit by going to the movies to see the latest Avengers movie at 10:45 PM tonight! Seats sold out fast!! We shall miss them and all the laughter and fun they brought to the table. ... read more
Putt Putt Golf Day with Tim & Conner
The guys and Rachael
Scared by electrocution man at Old Town

North America » United States » Florida » Kissimmee April 13th 2019

It’s Friday (I started this blog on Friday but finished it on Saturday - today ...not sweating the small stuff). This blog agenda actually begins on Friday...last Friday, April 5th. We finally were able to agree on a day when we could take Linda and Dave out for dinner. A measly payback for all the hard work Dave had done putting new levelers on our RV. Linda had to sacrifice her time with him while he spent ALL day with us doing this challenging and strenuous job. I feel that I am speaking of two saints as I mention their names. They should be revered as royalty: a King & Queen. Lulu bows her head when we speak of them. She can’t courtesy (no legs, remember) so she hopes her head bow will suffice. We dined ... read more
Dining at Ford’s Garage with Dave & Linda
The Rotel
Sam & Freddy

North America » United States » Florida » Kissimmee April 2nd 2019

Looks like “B” is the letter for today’s Blog! There will be some Blue-Light specials for you to see, also. Lulu is requesting that you call her “Beauty Belle” now! She is sooooo vain! We have several things to celebrate...BIG things! First: This big blog is my 500th blog that I have written. OMG! is true. Since 2012, we have taken you to hundreds of places, seen tons of stuff together, introduced you to lots of folks and they to you, shared our very personal details, posted a million photos and made Lulu the famous Star she has always wanted to be. It has all been such an enjoyable experience for both Cory & myself. It would never have happened if you had not been with us the entire time. We are forever grateful for ... read more
Happy 75th Birthday, Cory!
Health Fair at Auburndale
Auburndale Flea Market

North America » United States » Florida » Kissimmee March 27th 2019

Already I can see I’ve made a big mistake. I waited too long to write my so many events have occurred requiring a mega amount of photos to share with all of you. So be it.....just remember to keep scrolling and changing pages until you can’t go any further. We truly appreciate your cooperation. Was that moaning I heard in the background? We’ll begin with the “bet”. Remember the Super Bowl and how Cory & Sam always bet on their teams? This year, Sam drew the low card so Cory had first choice to pick a team. Alrighty! Can you guess which one he picked? Hmmmmm. Yep! He selected the New England Patriots and Sam got Kansas City. Obviously, you know the history here. Cory won so Sam & Sandy had to take us out ... read more
Boating, cabin rentals & RV sites
Enjoying our Free meal from dear friends
Out back....eating, a band and tables

North America » United States » Florida » Kissimmee March 19th 2019

Better late than never, I always say. Just needed a rainy day to catch up with myself and we got it! Today is Tuesday, March 19th and it has rained ALL day! Sleeping will be mesmerizing tonight...the sound of rain on the roof of our RV. It’s like sitting on an old front porch listening to the music the raindrops play as they tap upon the metal roof. Dream on....... We are only a couple days late in wishing all of you a Happy St.Patrick’s Day! We hope your day was happy and lucky! And guess what? Tomorrow is the first day of Spring! Yippee! We knew it would eventually arrive for our family and friends up North. It’s different here in Florida. Hard to decipher between the seasons...they all seem to blend together with sunshine, ... read more
Celebration Farmers Market
Fiddling at the Town Tavern
My yummy drink

North America » United States » Florida » Kissimmee March 16th 2019

That‘s right, folks! It’s a miracle! Remember how I shared my misery with you about my painful knees? It was my catharsis and you had to hear the gruesome saga. OOWwwwwwwee! I know I have a low pain tolerance.....a paper cut has me looking up the phone number of our local funeral director. Well, you can imagine the horrendous squealing I frequently uttered while trying to hobble around on my excruciating and gut-retching knee knobs. It wasn’t pretty. Lulu tried to help....even singing “Soft Kitty” (from the Big Bang favorite TV show) to me. I even purchased some medical marijuana cream (CBD)and slathered it on both my knees. Nothing worked. Death was close. Even your sympathetic cooing’s offered no improvement...thanks anyway. OOWwwwwwwee! What was I to do? I obtained the name of an orthopedic doctor ... read more
Oh, the agony of it all!
My doctor & my face of fear
I’m all better! Hallelujah!

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