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North America » United States » Florida » Kissimmee April 13th 2018

Fifty four years that is something to celebrate. Maybe with a parade, fireworks or just big horns honking. Any of them will do. Monday, we prepared our commemorative plans with our dear friends, Sam & Sandy. We would go for an ice cream lunch and then to the movies and onto a nice restaurant for dinner. I was anxious to see the movie Chappaquiddick. No parade, no fireworks, no big horns.....we were equally excited about the ice cream and movie and dinner.....and of course, being together with Sandy & Sam. We had to do it up big cause my eye surgery was scheduled for the next day. I wanted to be able to pick out my yummy ice cream, watch the movie and read the dinner see our friend’s happy faces. And of course, ... read more
The storm is coming !
Black, Black Skies
And The Rains Came Down

North America » United States » Florida » Kissimmee April 10th 2018

Fifty- four and still going strong. That's the gist of our "blog du jour". Today we celebrate....Cory & me....but please join with us on this special day that has taken us 54 years to reach. It's our 54rd anniversary. Wowhee! Holy smoke - where has the time gone? It seems like just yesterday when Cory tossed his autographed baked roll at me across the college cafeteria. What a cool move. It caught my attention and my chest. I am no baseball catcher, especially when something flies out of the air unexpectedly. Nobody had ever thrown a roll at me before ....especially a signed one. I had to find out who was behind this temptatious toss. Oooooo - I saw him at the other end of the dining room....cute, very cute! No room left to write back ... read more
Happy Anniversary to us!
University of Buffalo
He threw a roll at me

North America » United States » Florida » Kissimmee April 9th 2018

Of recent, we have had some wonderful family reunions here in Florida. They have all left now and have returned to New York State. It’s always sad to say good-bye but we will be back with them all by the end of the month. Pitifully, they have returned to snowland. Rats! Oh, how we hope it is all gone before we put our tootsies on the ground at our house. At least, Lulu doesn’t have to worry about her tootsies (no feet). She’s smug about that. Late last Thursday, our oldest grandchild, Alan Knapp, arrived here in Florida. His fiancée, Brittany, was with him plus their friends, Tom & Maureen. They were staying at The Holiday Inn on 192 across from Old Town....very close to us. Alan is Lory and Jay’s oldest child. He’s 26 years ... read more
Jay, Lory, Sara, Ashlynn
At Cypress Harbour
Sara, Lulu, Ashlynn

North America » United States » Florida » Kissimmee April 4th 2018

A bittersweet day today, folks. First, Cory (son) took Rachael to the airport early this morning. She flies back to college and her work in Alabama. Then, Cory and his family left Topical Palms and headed to Vero Beach for a couple days before taking the very long jaunt back to New York. The time we had together was wonderful but way too brief. We did get the chance to finally sing Happy Birthday to the 3 birthday boys. As we sang, I thought of Stan with all the birthday songs he had sung to him. Many, many, many. And he wanted even more! Next year, Stan. We shall miss our family but will reunite with Cory back in NY once we head home. Lulu has been sobbing all day. We went up to the lobby ... read more
 Birthday Boys: Cory, Shenen, Cory
 Our family enjoyed their day at Cypress Harbour
Departure Day this morning

North America » United States » Florida » Kissimmee April 2nd 2018 I mentioned in my previous blog, our son, Cory and his family arrived here at Tropical Palms on Saturday. Yippee! Cory (older) and Jay picked up our granddaughter, Rachael, at the airport. She flew in from Alabama. They (Cory, his girlfriend Penny, her daughter, Molly, and our 2 grandchildren: Shenen and Rachael) are all staying in a cottage here at Tropical Palms. Close to us....I like that! It’s so good to be with all of them again. The kids are enjoying our golf cart and finding their way around our park on it. They are very careful and considerate drivers. The Easter Bunny stopped by our RV and left each of the kids a special Easter Egg. They had to hunt for it, though. Ooooh, Grandma & Grandpa .....don’t you know how old we are ... read more
Inside of his cottage
Golf cart ride
Easter Egg Hunt

North America » United States » Florida » Kissimmee April 1st 2018

Happy Easter to all our dear family and friends. Excuse any typing errors. I’m doing this cock-eyed! Wednesday, the 28th, I had my first cataract removed. Yikes! It went terrible! Sooooo bad! My eye actually fell out of the socket, fell onto the floor and the doctor stepped on it. They had to replace it with a pig’s eye! It’s not pretty at all and I can only see mud and slop through it! April Fool’s!!! Hah, Hah! Really... Everything went very well. Hah, Hah! We had to travel over to Rt.27 and go to an Ambulatory Surgery Unit in Davenport, Florida. I had to be there at 6:30 A.M. Cory wasn’t sure what the traffic would be like and we didn’t want to encounter any issues so we left here (TP) at 5:30 AM. Yes, ... read more
My Doctor and my Pig Eye
Ambulatory Surgery Center
In pre-op area

North America » United States » Florida » Kissimmee March 27th 2018

Kind of like The Last Supper (s). We gathered together last evening for a dinner with our friends, Gary, Sue and Sue’s Mom, Audrey. We didn’t travel far.....just went across the street (192) to Logan’s. The food was very good and the company was even better. Gary is the kindly soul who put our new mud flap on the back of our RV. Thank you, again, Gary. Today, our friend, John, came and helped Cory replace our kitchen sink sprayer. Our old one wouldn’t stand up just fell over flat! Thank you so much, John. We truly appreciate your help. Gosh, if we didn’t have all these talented and kindly friends to help us out, we would probably be living in a tent or a motel. Thank and all who have lent your knowledge, ... read more
Sam, Sandy, Audrey, Sue, Gary, Cory
John & Cory
 All so true!

North America » United States » Florida » Kissimmee March 26th 2018

Tropical Palms staff provided two appreciation parties for all of its long termer’s ......that us! Both held in the same week. Are we almost all partied out? Nope....everyone keeps going just like the Energizer Bunny. Happy Easter when it arrives soon! Our first party was called a Luau Party. Most everyone dressed in their Hawaiian shirts. Some lovely grass skirts were even seen. 🎶🎶 My Little Grass Shack & Tiny Bubbles🎶🎶 You can start singing now. Our dinner was wonderful. It was a pasta dinner. Hawaiian theme with Italian food. A nice mix. It was catered by a couple from Clermont. Excellent. After our meal in our gathering hall, we were relocated to the swimming pool. A nice band entertained everyone. Great for singing and dancing but no hula dancing....nope, not even one Hawaiian song. That’s ... read more
Ray & Sara from St.Marys, Pennsylvania
Hawaiian Party Around the pool
Sun stayed out for awhile

North America » United States » Florida » Kissimmee March 25th 2018

Cruise done: check Sickness over: check Life returns to normal: check Our fun begins again: check. We were thrilled to have our dear friends, Les & DeAnne McKay, come and stay with us for a few days. They used to live in our home area in New York but a couple years ago they moved to Smithfield, NC to live closer to their children. We had many fun times together. We picked them up in Maitland (new ride....never had been here - bucket list: check) and brought them back to Tropical Palms. We took them to eat at Guenter’s Bar & Grill. It was handy. A golf cart ride around the park culminated the “Happy Hours”. Just so nice being together with them again. The next day, we toured the town of Celebration and some of ... read more
Hi DeAnne!
Les & Cory
DeAnne and Les

North America » United States » Florida » Kissimmee March 22nd 2018

Everyday is now a celebration for me. I am so glad to be well again....both Cory and I celebrate that fact. Lulu sighs with relief. It was wonderful to resume our routine and be with our friends again. I burned my isolation garb. I’m free! I’m alive! I’m well! I’m back in circulation! Hip-Hip Hooray! I love everyday. First on our agenda was to visit Costco’s and enjoy a yummy seafood lunch at Bar Harbor. Perfect! Life is good. Friends are fun! We had a serviceman come and replace the satellite dish on the roof of our RV. Our original one had become unusable. The software in it was outdated. We were now using the park’s cable or our local antenna. That was okay but if we parked where there was no cable, we would be ... read more
Out with the old and in with new
Roomba Rrom
TV announcements about the murders

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