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North America » United States » Florida » Kissimmee November 9th 2019

Wish I could say this was a well thought-out and organized’s not. We are just going to throw it out at you and you’ll have to figure it out best you can. You can do it! C’est la vie. Sundays find us frequenting “Frogger’s “ (Sports Bar) at Old Town. Here they have every football game on that’s playing for the day. Cory is thrilled to be in this place. Football and beer! Beer and football. More beer and more football. It’s like his glory land! We can’t get the Buffalo Bill’s game on our RV TV so up we go to Frogger’s. They have a Sunday special on their pizza as well. This past Sunday, Sam & Sandy joined us. Sam likes football....Sandy could care less so she worked on her IPad. She’s a ... read more
Weird Thing at Webster
Lulu’s Long Lost Relatives. A motley crew!
Lulu has been saved!

North America » United States » Florida » Kissimmee November 2nd 2019

Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah Zip-A-Dee-A Wonderful Feeling Wonderful Day That’s how we find our days as more and more of our Tropical Palms friends arrive back “home”. The other day, Carolyn and Bill put out their welcome mat. We went over, with Linda & Dave, depicting ourselves as their Walmart greeting committee. Welcome back! Nicki Jo arranged for an impromptu adult Halloween party. It was held at the far end of the Sandcastles. We all brought a dish to pass so the Golden Corral (the trough) closed for the night cause it couldn’t compete with the spread at this party. They lit a bonfire. It was pretty but no one moved to sit next to it.....the weather was still blistering hot and sticky. The fire’s heat would have made us think we had joined a sweat camp. There was ... read more
Sam, Sandy, Cory at the Halloween party
Friends, friends and more friends
Nicki Jo & Dave

North America » United States » Florida » Kissimmee October 29th 2019

Ok, Folks. It’s time to get into our usual routine. I hope you are all relaxed and ready to continue on with our winter respite exploits. As some of you are experiencing frost on your pumpkins, we are experiencing heat so hot it is burning our pumpkins! You want heat? We have heat! Please take some of this sweltering heat. Pleeeeeease! We usually hold off using the a/c as much as possible in our RV. Forget that! We are cranking the 2 air conditioners up as high as we can plus using portable fans to blow the cool air around inside. We know we’ve been known to have a lot of “hot air” but this is beyond comprehension. Lulu has added a ice pack to her carry bag. She hates to be seen dripping sweat. She’s ... read more
Burning Pumpkins
unbearable heat.....see the temperature!!!
Auburndale Flea Market

North America » United States » Florida » Kissimmee October 26th 2019

Yes, Yes, Yes! Many of our friends are arriving here at Tropical Palms. There are still many more yet to arrive, though. Sadly some of our dear friends aren’t returning this year. We’ll save a seat at the table for them, though. They will be missed! Dave and Linda pulled in the other day. It’s great riding around on our golf cart and now see a familiar RV parked in a familiar site. Better yet, it’s even greater to see the people who have traveled in that RV to get here. We were glad we could be part of the welcoming committee for Dave and Linda. What a happy and great couple. We feel like the Walmart greeter......remember that’s my favorite store. Walt and Jon had arrived to greet them before us. Diane & Patti gathered ... read more
Dinner at Cheddars with Sam & Sandy
Morning lobby coffee group is expanding
Dave tries out our theater chair

North America » United States » Florida » Kissimmee October 23rd 2019

Busy, Busy, Busy. Remember my bad knees? I think I devoted one full blog about them at one time. Last March, the pain was so bad I finally relented and went to Dr.Johnston, an orthopedic doctor, in Celebration. Xrays showed my worst knee is bone on bone. The other showed a possible torn meniscus. I gritted my teeth as this wonderful doctor injected both knees with cortisone. A miracle happened. The excruciating pain was gone. I could walk again.... and walk normally....not like Quasimodo. Hallelujah! Why did I wait so long? Why, God, why? I had hoped the cortisone would last a year but alas, that was not the case. Rats! Yesterday, I mustered up my strength and Cory took me back to Dr. Johnston. I knew what to expect this time. He injected both knees ... read more
My knees & Quasimodo
ice on my knees - the needle hole
Herd of deer - Dark Skies

North America » United States » Florida » Kissimmee October 20th 2019

Today was the Buffalo Bills Game Day. Go Bills! Tragically our Internet and TV service was down in our RV and throughout our park. Gag & Choke & Growl. Fear not — where there’s a will, there’s a way. We jumped aboard our blue golf cart and headed along up to Old Town and Frogger’s. Frogger’s is a sport’s bar at the far end of Old Town. With a little squeezing together, most of you managed to get on the golf cart to watch this game with us. It helped that Lulu isn’t a football fan so stayed behind to catch up on her beauty sleep. She would only need a quick nap if that’s the case. Of course, not all of you are Bill’s Fans but since we were at a sports bar, you could ... read more
Parked with the motorcycles
Tim & Conner at the Bill’s Game in Buffalo

North America » United States » Florida » Kissimmee October 17th 2019

Today’s activity took us in a different direction other than amusement parks and beaches. Nicki Jo, our activities director, arranged for some of us (including Lulu) to participate in an annual event held countrywide. It’s called “Be Bold, Be Bald!” It is a national cancer fundraising event held in October each year, and takes place wherever you are. We are at Tropical Palms. We started out with a potluck lunch. That hit the spot. A nice variety of delicious food. Linda thought it would be a good idea to have a potluck lunch everyday. Yummmmmmmmm. Nicki Jo handed out our bald caps to decorate. Some folks really put the full glitz on theirs. We put a penny on ours to recognize a very dear person who is dealing with cancer at this time. She knows the ... read more
Thank you Nicki Jo for everything you do!
Busy beavers decorating their bald caps
Lulu and her newest friend!

North America » United States » Florida » Kissimmee October 10th 2019

Slowly, very slowly.....we are getting ourselves all settled in as we settle down. It’s so nice to take things at a slow pace. What an extreme. Before we left “home”, we were working at “our house” and polebarn like busy, busy beavers. Cory carried more of the load than I did but cleaning and scouring our house was no little task for me. I was whipped when done. Lulu supervised the whole process. But we all know how limited her participation was. Now, here at Tropical Palms, we go for morning coffee at the lobby. Art and Ray are there for us to chat ... read more
Looking down our roadway
Art helping Cory hook up our TV’s. Terrific guy!
Rain,Rain go away!

North America » United States » Florida » Kissimmee October 7th 2019

Hallelujah! Cory got us here to our winter homeland safe and sound. Good job, Buckaroo! We arrived at Tropical Palms at 2:15 the rain. Everything looks great! So glad to have reached our home base. We left Horne Lake RV Park ( just over the Florida border) at 8:25 the rain. Within 5 minutes, we were at the huge Florida Welcome the rain. They have scaled back at this wonderful welcoming building. The big “Welcome to Florida” sign is gone. No big display on the center display table. Far less amount of booklets to take. No one at the free OJ desk. I gathered up what booklets I could and snapped a picture of Driver Cory. We were off the rain. Sometimes the rain was torrential. Other times, it was a drizzle. ... read more
At the Florida Welcome Center. Cory & Astro
When we were stuck in traffic in Pennsylvania for almost 1 hour
Driving today to Tropical Palms

North America » United States » Florida » Kissimmee August 6th 2019

We made it to Disney World! We got up early for our 6am Central flight, ran through our connection in Atlanta, and arrived in Orlando at 11:15 Eastern. Disney is absolutely excellent at helping make people's vacations easy to enjoy. We made our way through the airport to the Magical Express, boarded our complimentary shuttle, and left almost immediately for our resort. The kids enjoyed watching the Disney videos on the shuttle, and we arrived at our Fort Wilderness Resort around noon. I'll go into more detail on our resort on another blog post. For now, I wanted to share our first dinner experience. There's another Disney resort, Wilderness Lodge, that is a short ferry ride away from our resort. Disney has two complimentary ferries that do a loop, going from Fort Wilderness to Wilderness Lodge ... read more
The Ferry Reaching Wilderness Lodge
Goofy Remembers the Bubbles that Came Out of His Ears
The Kids and Dopey

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