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North America » United States » Florida » Kissimmee February 11th 2018

You just never know who you might see up on Rt.192. Some you know, some you don’t but still worthy of a picture. The other evening, Sam, Sandy, Cory & I decided to walk up to Logan’s restaurant for supper. As we crossed the big highway (192) we passed by two homeless women who had made their camp on the short wall at the corner. How do they accumulate so much stuff? Over time, they come and go (to where?) and move all this stuff with them each time. It must look like a rolling landfill ball when they decide to relocate. Anyway, we proceeded onward to the restaurant. They have shelled peanuts for you to snack on while waiting for your meal. The shells get tossed onto the floor. Makes for a crunchy carpeting. We ... read more
Nancy & Jimmy
Nancy, Jimmy, Cory, Sandy
Wagon Wheel Flea Market

North America » United States » Florida » Kissimmee February 5th 2018

And they’re off! That was the echoing call heard as the trumpets blared here at Tropical Palms last week. This annual event was organized by our friend, Joe, and his helpers. It is the 6th year for this faux horse race betting occasion. A gamblers delight. The boisterous betting crowd gathered together to cast their hefty wagers on their favorite horse. Each of us had named and highly decorated a picture of a horse to be used. Cory named his horse “Hard Six” and mine was named “Lucky Lulu”(of course). Not living up to her name, Lucky Lulu, was NOT lucky...not a winner, not a winner, not a winner. Oh, well, there’s always next year. Last year she won big. She can’t be perfect every time. Everyone had a fun time; either celebrating their play money ... read more
Pick your horse!
Placing bets
Lucky Lulu & Hard Six

North America » United States » Florida » Kissimmee February 3rd 2018

Two days of festivities. Are you keeping up with us? Fun for All and All For Fun. Tropical Palms (our winter home park) sponsored an Appreciation Day for all of its “long-termer’s”. That’s what we are called because of the length of the stay we do here. It used to include those who stayed here three months or more...not sure what they have as a cut off time now. Floridians call us “Snowbirds”. We just call ourselves lucky! The day began with an early morning breakfast at 8:00 AM. For some of us ( me, me, me) that is truly EARLY morning. Others rise at the crack of dawn and think nothing of it. We managed to saunter down our roadway to the meeting hall to partake in the offering. There was a huge group of ... read more
Appreciation Day Breakfast
Appreciation Day Cookout
Sam, George, Carole, Stan. Lois

North America » United States » Florida » Kissimmee January 30th 2018

Clumping Up. Looks like I’ve let things get ahead of ourselves......or maybe behind ourselves.....whatever. Time to get everything in order and some semblance before we don’t know whether we are coming or going. Been there....done that! Haven’t we? Going - Actually, Gone. Last Saturday, we sailed off to a place we had added to the bucket list for this year. After a lengthy drive, we ended up at Yalaha. Yes, Yalaha, Florida. How many of you have been here or even heard of this place? I bet not too many. It’s a fun place to say, anyway. Ya - La- Ha. Ya - La - Ha. Ya - La - Ha. Okay, that’s enough fun! It isn’t a large metropolis by any means. Under TripAdvisor, it listed three things to see and do in Yalaha. The ... read more
Yalaha Bakery in Yalaha, Florida
Front door to the Yalaha Bakery
German Pastries at Yalaha Bakery

North America » United States » Florida » Kissimmee January 25th 2018

When the weather cools here in Florida.....okay, okay I can hear the disgruntled mumbling from our Northern family and friends who truly know “cool” weather.....our park people shut themselves up in their RV’s and cottages. It gets quiet around here. Not much different than those in the North who chose to hibernate in the warmth of their homes. In Florida, a marine mammal also seeks areas of warmth during these cold spells....they are the manatee....sea cows of the south. Yesterday, we boarded our black travel mobile and visited Blue Spring State Park in Orange City, Florida. Here the manatee gather, en masse, in the clear water springs to stay warm. A beautiful location for visitors to observe these big sea cows floating along the glistening waters .... doing nothing. They said there was a count of ... read more
Beautiful Scenery
On the boardwalk through the park
Floating Sea Cows

North America » United States » Florida » Kissimmee January 11th 2018

It’s been one week since we left the bitter cold temperatures of New York. It all seems like a dream. One moment you’re all padded up with four layers of clothing and a few days later, you are stripped down to shorts, sandals and a T-shirt. Unreal and sometimes, it seems unfair. We should be able to share this warm weather back home when it gets go ghastly frigid. Wish we were like the big bad wolf in The Three Little Pigs....where we could huff and puff and blow that hot air north. Cory thinks I could almost do that ....sweetcakes! It was so cold when we headed out of town, we even left the water drizzling out of one of the bathroom sinks....just in case - to prevent any frozen pipes. It worked! Our daughter, ... read more
Lory leaving our house
Coffee time in the lobby
Inside our RV

North America » United States » Florida » Kissimmee January 9th 2018

Morning Joe! Good to the very last drop. Every Tuesday morning, Tropical Palms host a coffee hour for us “long termer’s”. Everyone looks forward to this coffee clatch. This morning was our first opportunity to attend this year. All our friends, and new ones, too, have returned to Tropical Palms. The room was filled and bustling with excitement as everyone gathered. So wonderful to see all again. What a happy reunion. 🎶🎶🎶Hail, Hail, The Gang’s All Here!🎶🎶🎶 We have a new activities director who went over a few pertinent items followed by a Q& A. In years past, I have offered up a brief chat (well, brief for do already know how I can drone on) of “helpful hints”with this group. I call them Sandy’s Snippets. Martha Stewart I’m not! I google and research little ... read more
Tuesday Morning Coffee
Before our cleaning job
The Cleaning Service Van

North America » United States » Florida » Kissimmee January 8th 2018

What a blessing. This is the life! Our dream-come-true! We are able to go to my favorite store with just a hop, skip and a jump. So easy! So wonderful. So this was our prime destination on our first full day here. 🎶🎶🎶Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Da! What a wonderful day.🎶🎶🎶 Back home, it’s a good 40 minute drive in 2 directions before coming to this big box delight. Walmart wanted to come to Wellsville but a group of nay-sayers put the kibosh to that! Boo-Hiss. Such a disappointment because it would have really been such a benefit to our community and its residents. So we just take our money out of town and enjoy a day of shopping and dining outside of Wellsville. Too bad! Our winter residence gives us what we yearn for. A five minute drive and ... read more
Greeter Steve and Cory
Sam & Sandy

North America » United States » Florida » Kissimmee January 6th 2018

Made it! Yep, we have finally made it here to Tropical Palms.....our winter retreat. Our goal accomplished. What a great feeling. The sun is shining and there is a touch of warmth to the air. Hallelujah! All in unison now: Hip-Hip-Hooray...Hip-Hip-Hooray.....What a Great Day! Thank you for being such good traveling companions. Even when we hit a few touchy situations, you stayed strong and positive. That has to be why we made it all this way with actually no major catastrophes - minus the death defying drive I had on I-95 yesterday. That was bad and even worse that all of you and Lulu were in the RV with Cory while I was alone and petrified in the car. No one could hear my panicked screams for one. Feel sorry for me? I hope so. ... read more
Lake City, Florida
Tropical Palms

North America » United States » Florida » Kissimmee April 26th 2017

When I informed people that I was going to Kissimmee FL for a high school class reunion, they naturally assumed that I went to high school there. However, I went to Dalat School in Dalat, Vietnam. As the Vietnam War heated up, in April 1965 the U.S. Embassy sent four USAF C-123s to move the school to Bangkok, Thailand. I was on furlough in Nyack NY at the time so missed the excitement. After a year there, the school moved to the Cameron Highlands and then to Penang, Malaysia where it remains today. My Dalat experiences are recounted in , , and . My subsequent 1973 visit to the school in Penang is recounted in and my 2009 visit to Dalat, Vietnam is recounted in , , and . So we can pretty much have our ... read more
Dalat School Reunion 2017
Class of 1968
Cocoa Beach Florida

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