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October 7th 2019
Published: October 8th 2019
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Hallelujah! Cory got us here to our winter homeland safe and sound. Good job, Buckaroo! We arrived at Tropical Palms at 2:15 the rain. Everything looks great! So glad to have reached our home base.

We left Horne Lake RV Park ( just over the Florida border) at 8:25 the rain. Within 5 minutes, we were at the huge Florida Welcome the rain. They have scaled back at this wonderful welcoming building. The big “Welcome to Florida” sign is gone. No big display on the center display table. Far less amount of booklets to take. No one at the free OJ desk. I gathered up what booklets I could and snapped a picture of Driver Cory. We were off the rain. Sometimes the rain was torrential. Other times, it was a drizzle. Occasionally the sun came out but not for long. Rain, Rain...Go Away. Lulu didn’t bring her rain bonnet.

Overall, our trip down here was good. No terrible traffic except that one slowdown in Pennsylvania (photo included to show you the accident spot). Some road/bridge construction spots but not as many as in the past. No major crisis except our coolant problem but we got that fixed fast and cheap. We are pleased with our trusty old “PP”. She delivered us where we wanted to go.

Tried to snap a few pictures as we drove down route the rain. New buildings around the entrance to Lake Magic RV Park. They have built a new Cheddar’s restaurant next to Margaritaville. Not open going on right now. Margaritaville looks fully open. A new place (restaurant?) being built across road from Margaritaville. Can’t tell what it is going to be yet. New restaurant in the old Bennigan’s next to Denny’s. Called Volcanoes & Hot Pot.....must be HOT food there! The corner of 192 and Holiday Trail (across from Celebration Motel) hasn’t changed....maybe messier. A “For Sale” sign and Public Hearing sign on the torn green, cloth fencing. Once in the park, all the new sandcastles are in place. The newest are not completed yet. The ones that came in late last year are rented. The deer have gathered in the 400’s....kind of where Rita lives but at several different sites. Many feral cats roam the park....won’t even move out of the road. Had to drive around them. Surprised to see as many rigs here as there the rain. Saw Art helping folks with their WiFi. What a good guy! Saw Melba our neighbor/friend. We have missed her.

We went to Texas Roadhouse for supper. Tried Cheddars but found it was closed for training. Traffic on 192 as bad as always at 5:00PM, especially in the area around the big, new Walmart (on 192). Our meal was scrumptious but way too much. Cory got medallion filet mignons. He said they was super. He deserved it and his 2 Manhattans.

Back at our RV home. Remember we got 2 new TV’s in Red Bay, Alabama. They are smart TV’s so we have to get used to them and learn how to work all their features. Rain has stopped so now it’s very muggy. Actually had to run our air conditioner....can you believe it?

We are set up at the RV with all our basics. We have plenty of time to do all the rest: canopy, yard decor, etc. Lulu said she needs to rest before she will even think about pitching her limited way.

Thank you for your assistance and support as we traveled together on this first lap of
Driving today to Tropical Palms Driving today to Tropical Palms Driving today to Tropical Palms

Dark clouds and Rain!
our journey. As always, we say “The More the Merrier”. You are probably tuckered out, too. Let’s call it a night. Good night, everyone.

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A few love bugs still around..rats!A few love bugs still around..rats!
A few love bugs still around..rats!

Our site and items we left on it. Still there.

8th October 2019

Welcome Home!!
8th October 2019

Thank you, Linda & Joe
Glad to be here!

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