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May 11th 2019
Published: May 12th 2019
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Working like busy beavers....that has been us of late. Each day, we have done a bit more: pack this, do that & pack some more. Lulu is limited with her assistance. She does sing to us a melodious tune to keep us in a work rhythm. She favors 🎼🎼Cornfield Holler🎼🎼. Because we are renting our site for an entire year (Big blue sign), we bought a big, plastic outdoor storage box. Cory has loaded it to the brim with items that we use only here. I hope that’s all...I didn’t check it. My three wheeled bicycle is covered and secured under our picnic table. Cory has fastened our locked box down with heavy duty straps to our picnic table and hooks he stuck in the cement for our canopy. Our neighbors have said they will watch over things while we are away. They are very nice to do that. We shall miss our winter home and all the friends we have here. We had a super great time with all our comings & goings plus just hanging out. Hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

We needed a break from our busy work so spent most of the day yesterday with Sam & Sandy. No special plans so we just winged it. Decided to eat at Bar Harbor for the last time this season. Again, this place does not fail us. My lobster roll was the very best. For some reason, they really piled the french fries on all of our platters .....enough to feed the starving children of Uganda.

Before going to Bar Harbor, we stopped at Costco’s. You can’t be this close and not go here. I bought more sunglasses (reader ones) to add to my mountainous supply of 35. You can never have enough sunglasses.....right? Hard to see all the neat stuff and not be able to buy any of more room in the RV. The lobster roll took my mind off of it.

Now where do you think our next stop was? Think about it. I’ll give you a hint: my favorite store. Yep. You got it: Walmart. I love Walmart. We needed another tote to hold some of our stuff we were packing. No matter, insouciance was our manner for our final stroll through these hallowed aisles. We knew we would return Olean, NY....miles from our home! Rats! What a dream it has been to have a Walmart on almost every corner near our winter home. We have been so spoiled!

Our day ended back at Tropical Palms. The scorching heat and bothersome love bugs are not conducive for sitting out. We headed into our respective motor homes. We are so going to miss our dear friends. We say, over & over, how quickly the time together has gone. “Time flies when you are having a good time” true!

Another wonderful friend, Ray, brought some delicacies over for the four of us to share. He and his lovely wife, Sara, received a box of monster sized chocolate covered strawberries so they shared some with us. OMG! These juicy temptations are as big as a baseball. How do they grow them so big? Inquiring minds want to know. Thank you very much, Ray & Sara. We are so happy to be your friends.

Went to our “last of the season” morning coffee today in the lobby. Ray & Art, Sam & Sandy and the two of us where there. This has been the size of group since most of the “Morning Joe” friends have all gone home. We shall miss this friendly “start-to-the-day” gathering.

Back to our bare looking RV site. Does anyone even live here? It looks so barren. Yes...we do (and Lulu) until tomorrow (Sunday) when we are pulling out and heading to Red Bay, Alabama. Now we are doing the very last minute things. I did the wash, changed the bed, emptied our refrigerator (most of it) and other necessary tasks. Cory worked diligently outside in the blistering heat and through the swarms of lovebugs. Finally, we made time to share one last get-together with Sam & Sandy. They served us wine and cheese after we said our friendship toast. Boy, we are going to really miss these guys!!

Back to work. Decided to bring in our slides, unhook the sewer and hook up our car. Slides went in fine. Cory unhooked our sewer and cleaned it. He wanted to reposition our RV for the toad hookup. OMG! What now?? Nooooooooooo! The bells and whistles were going off with our levelers! How can this be? We had an issue with them before Dave left and he got us all fixed up. We also had 2 new chassis batteries put in. For the past month, we have kept our levelers in a retracted position (up) so we wouldn’t have to deal with any problem ..... just in case. And we are....with a problem. The main panel light for the leveling system, the loud, piercing buzzer and ratcheting racket from the levelers are all telling us they aren’t all up...But...they are. Crap! We can’t go anywhere Iike this! Cory tries a few things we know to do....nothing. He unhooks the wires to the troublesome leveler. Still we have a problem. He’s outside, I’m inside near the back of the RV. All of a sudden, I hear Cory scream at the top of his lungs “Step on the brake!!!” What??? I raced to the front of the RV while seeing the outdoors moving in the windows! What??? Just as I get the front, Cory had jumped in an slammed on our brake! Bam!! We stopped! Did we ever!.....inches away from the RV parked on the site across the roadway from us! OMG! I’m still breathless & sweating just thinking about it. With all of our attempts to get the leveler problem solved.....our brake wasn’t on and the motor was so we coasted out of our site and across the road. A guardian angel was with us. No one or nothing was hurt or harmed.....except for Cory & me being near total collapse. A guy from another RV watched all this happen and praised Cory for his very quick reaction. We were lucky....just plain lucky! Back in our site, we began calling repairmen to fix our leveler problem so we could still leave in the morning. One guy (he put in our new batteries) has 24 hr. service. We could only leave a message for him to call us back. Another guy (he had taken care of a leveler on our last RV) was returning from Ft.Meyers and not sure when he could get to us. Good Sam was a complete waste of time! Cory eventually called the manufacturer of these problematic levelers. He talked Cory through two procedures to disconnect all the levelers. Done! Cory moved the RV slightly and it looks we are good to go (fingers, toes, eyes, etc. all crossed) in the morning. Fortunately, our first stop in Red Bay is Bay Diesel where they will fix our levelers and do other basic things we have on a list. They know we are coming.

So here we are: in traveling mode for the night. Slides are in & levelers are up. Car will be hooked up in morning. The final, final tasks will be done before we both do a “walk around”. I pray that this brief crisis is all we encounter from this point forward. Our next destination is Red Bay. We shall stop along the way. Our appointment at Bay Diesel is on Thursday. The following day, we go to a paint shop for a dab of paint on our new heater door (fell off coming down). They have to make a matching swirl on it to go with the design on our motor home. That evening, we will check into Custom RV where our renovations will be done beginning on Monday, the 20th. The owner is letting us hook up on his property this weekend ahead of our appointment. Nice guy!

Our blogs will continue....hopefully. Not sure what the WiFi will be like in rural Red Bay. I’m more worried about how I’m going to be able to watch TV next Thursday. My favorite shows: The Big Bang Theory & Young Sheldon have their final shows. TBBT is really a final. It will no longer be on TV except for reruns. I’m trying to hold myself together. It’s not easy. I’ll be going through withdrawal and depression so be prepared. None of it will be pretty. I’ll be a blubbering idiot for awhile. Young Sheldon is just going off for the will return....oh, yes....there is a God! It will help me cope a little bit but I’ve watched TBBT from the beginning. It’s like I’m loosing my family! Whaaaaah! Baaaawl! Blubber!

Nothing like an exciting ending to this part of our journey. Just like the month of March: we came in like a lamb and are going out like a lion. Roaaarrrr!

We won’t say farewell yet. You still have to go to Red Bay with us. That will be a very interesting experience. I’ll do my best to make sure you keep your front seat. Be sure to be all packed for our hopeful departure in the morning. Plenty of room for everyone. If you don’t hear from us for a little will only be due to the lack of WiFi.....but we’ll catch up with one another as soon as we can. Sit tight....this may get exciting! 17 photos this time around. Remember to scroll waaaaay down.

Happy Mother’s Day to all Mothers!

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12th May 2019

Packing up!!
Safe travels guys! It would be nice if just ONCE you could have a worry free departure! Happy Mother's day and see you later!!!
13th May 2019

Happy Mother’s Day to you.
It wouldn’t seem normal if we didn’t have some issue occur....I wouldn’t have anything to write about.

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