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March 8th 2018
Published: March 8th 2018
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 Our wonderful, luxury bed Our wonderful, luxury bed Our wonderful, luxury bed

Lulu is loving it.....we did, too
Since I am still not quite back to my regular, normal self...but getting close, I see I left out some important photos that should have been included with my previous blog. You understand, right? Are you feeling sorry for me? Remember I love sympathy. Plus, a loyal, blog following friend inquired about “Little Lulu”— important question. Hi Cheryl! Some of you have seen her before: small, cloth, light weight doll of the REAL Little Lulu. Of course, head strong, lovely Lulu is still the main gal. She is irreplaceable. I know you all agree on that. But her head is too fat and heavy to take on these major excursions. So, “proxy” Little Lulu fills in for her. These Lulus like each other and work together. No bickering or jealousy. Maybe a little sniveling once in awhile. Big Lulu recognizes her limitations and heavy weight. She’s just glad she has a stand-in for herself. I am, too. Of course, we have to haul mega gifts back to her to help ease and quell her painful sorrow of not being able to join the group. She loves sailing.....her head floats so nicely. Some mistake her for a mermaid....until they notice the absence
 Our outside door is to the right Our outside door is to the right Our outside door is to the right

Balcony is to the left
of an entire body let alone a flipper tail.

In this blog back-up, my photos will give you a tour of our room and balcony as well as a few photos around the ship. I’ve also included some of the menus and food served at our table in the gorgeous dining room. Our servers were excellent. We thoroughly enjoyed their attention and perfect service. BE PREPARED! There are 54 photos in this brief blog. Letting my pictures do all the talking...WOW, almost unbelievabl. Doesn’t sound like me, does it? But I’m still a little sick so I have to use all my resources. So keep scrolling your page to the bottom and then click on page 2 followed by page 3 to take a glimpse of the beginning of this wonderful (mostly ‘till I got sick) cruise.

Don’t get too relaxed. Much more to come of this watery ride. I’m working on getting as much energy as I can to keep the blogs coming. Cory has been a perfect nurse to me, helping me to restore myself to good health. Had it not been for him, I think I would have died at sea and been thrown overboard
 TV with free movies!  TV with free movies! TV with free movies!

Refrigerator below TV
as fish food. Thank you, Cory for keeping my alive. See all of you real soon.

Additional photos below
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 Second chair on our balcony  Second chair on our balcony
Second chair on our balcony

Cory loved the balcony
 Looking down from our balcony  Looking down from our balcony
Looking down from our balcony

Some people had uncovered balconies...we had a roof on ours

8th March 2018

mumblings of boat ride
Looks fantastic! I remember our cruise and all the wonderful food-the best!!! So sorry you couldn't enjoy to the fullest!!
8th March 2018

What a beautiful cruise.... looks relaxing ... when your not sick.... sorry you didn't get to enjoy your cruise....and taking so long to get back on your feet... hope you recover soon.... hugs
8th March 2018

Thanks, Mary Lou
I’m about 90% into my recovery.....a long way from sleeping all day and all night in bed for days on end.

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