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January 17th 2017
Published: January 18th 2017
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Lulu loves our new signLulu loves our new signLulu loves our new sign

From Webster Flea Market
Busy Days, Spending Days, Fun days. We are really having a great time in this neck of the woods (vs.palm trees). We hope you are, also. So far you haven't had to spend a cent on this expedition so the price is really right for you.

Martin Luther King is a BIG day at the huge Webster Flea Market. President's Day is another biggy. Sam & Sandy headed out before us to reach this collectors' Mecca. We were the tail masters following behind by about a half hour. We aren't buying anymore so it is just fun to look and talk about those items we would have bought in the past and where we could sell it for a profit.

Pssst- We need to stick together cause this place is really enormous....if you wander off, we won't be able to find you. You will have to take up a permanent residence at the Webster Flea Market. We have a long rope so if we all hold it, we can stay together. Of course, Pretty Lulu won't be able to hold the rope (no hands) but she has her carry bag that she sits in while riding in our canvas
The Flea Market went on for milesThe Flea Market went on for milesThe Flea Market went on for miles

Great show with lots of dealers and stuff
shopping cart. Lucky dog! I'm taking my walking stick. I need all the help I can get to maneuver around this maze of tables and their wares.

During these BIG days, dealers are set up across the road where usually it is just an overflow parking lot. There were many, many, many dealers and tons of customers/lookers. First row we went up, I spied a perfect sign that we bought ($5.00) for our RV. Everyone will think I am the hardest cleaning person in the whole park. I hope so. I want them to feel bad for me. I love sympathy. This sign came from the top-of-the-line hotel: The Peabody. It has recently closed here and The Hyatt took it over.

Saw a great tavern table, $25, but couldn't buy it. Remember, this is a flea market so there's room to dicker. Even still: no sale....we stood our ground. Bought a T-Shirt folder like Sheldon uses on The Big Bang Theory. Gave our daughters each one before....now decided I wanted one:$2.00. I think you'll like using it. So easy and we love easy. Cory found an Angelica Shadow Dancer.....I'm not telling the price of this....you would drool if
Just one aisleJust one aisleJust one aisle

This place is huge!
you knew. We bought a small, stuffed horse for Sam that makes horse sounds, opens and closes eyes, twitches ears, turns head and moved it all around:$1.00. Sam has plans for his new horse! Giddy-Up, Sam! Cory found a new foreign license plate for our RV. Next year, we'll be from Panama. Cool! That was it for our buying.....sad and pathetic, I know. This is our new life of downsizing.

Of course, the rest of you went overboard. We almost had to buy a trailer to get all your stuff back. You are going to have to control your spending habit. You may have to ride on the RV's roof going home....just keep that in mind.

Obviously, Lulu was in her glory with all the interesting spots she found to have me take her picture. The sponge people (Kate, Bill, Mike and Dolly the dog) loved her. Kate said she is still diving for the sponges! She said Bill is too old. Geeze. Lulu would just float if she tried to go with Kate on a dive. She'd make a good buoy.

It's such a small world. Sometimes, it just amazes me. Who do we run into
Where's Lulu!Where's Lulu!Where's Lulu!

Resting with the sponges
at this monster mart but our Shongo neighbor, Ed Riley. WOW! So great to see him! He was with his brother-in-law, Darryl. Lulu wasted no time getting her picture taken with Ed. She is such a flirt. Jan & Mary Lou (Ed's sisters who belong to this blog group), I bet you are as surprised as we were. Ed says "Hi!"

After walking 8,654 steps.... we left Webster. We never got to the side with the "New" stuff...just the West side with the antiques and collectibles....."The West Side is The Best Side."

We met S&S ('member my abbreviation) at a Bob Evans on Rt.27. We had a 30% coupon off the entire check...great, plus I bought some of their new "chocolate bread." Another "to-die-for" tasty treat. We stopped at a couple stores on the way home.

Going out of our box, we even stopped at a golf cart store but they really didn't have what we were looking for. She showed us pictures of one they were getting in at the end of the week that had possibilities.We drove into another RV park (Lake Magic) to just look around to see if anyone had a golf cart
Lulu's new friendsLulu's new friendsLulu's new friends

Bill, Kate ( Dolly the dog)-Mike not in pic.
for sale in their yard. Nothing....until we were close to leaving, we spotted a blue (very blue) cart with a for sale sign on it. Cory checked it out and liked it. It looked fine to me. I liked the color. Lulu was screaming from our car: buy it, buy it! So we did. The man would only come down a few hundred dollars but we were satisfied and so was he. It's a 2006 EZ-Go golf cart. New batteries, new head lights, new windshield. It seats four. It has a radio hooked to big, loud, woofer speakers. We won't be using that! Cory left him a deposit cause our next problem was how to get it down to our park.

In the evening, Cory worked with Progressive insurance to get it insured in Florida. Our NY carrier said they couldn't write a policy in Florida. Eventually, he got that task all done. It's not insured to be street-worthy....just the basics.

Up and going this morning to the Tropical Palms park sponsored morning coffee. They have it only once a month now instead of once a week. It was really wonderful to see all our friends in one
Giddy Up, LuluGiddy Up, LuluGiddy Up, Lulu

Trigger loves Lulu
location again. ???Hail, Hail, the Gangs All Here??. I did do my "Sandy's Snipets"(for Ike simple, helpful hints to make life easier). I wore my "no-see-um" suit to show a new way to ward off these mean biting bugs. It's not the best fashion statement but it works! You just have to decide if you want unbitten skin or a glamour shot....you're choice!

We (the foursome) left right after coffee and returned to Costco's. Cory had his hearing aid appointment. All went well. Bought only a few necessities. Off to Bar Harbor for lunch. This place is terrific. I got the lobster roll again. Scrumptious. Tiny Sandy and I both bought a large, steamed lobster to take home. A delightful treat is in store in our futures.

Cory was anxious to get back to our RV to go pick up our golf cart. He had asked Bill (Carolyn) if he could use his trailer to get our cart. Kind and Nice Bill agreed and even lent him a hitch to use on our car. Perfect. Bill and Cory went down the pike to Lake Magic. With no problems, they got it and brought it back to our site. Wonderful! Thank you very, very much, Bill & Carolyn. We certainly appreciate your kindness and generosity in letting us borrow your trailer. You are very good people!

Some of our friends came to see our new purchase. They liked it and gave it the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval. Walt & Diane gave us some very helpful advice. Thank you....much appreciated. We plan to just store the cart down here after we go home. We have no way to get it back to Shongo. Hopefully, we can store it where Walt & Diane store theirs.

Cory took Sam, Sandy and me a ride around the park. Sandy said riding on the cart gave us a whole new perspective on what we usually see when walking.

Oh, yes.....walking. Both Cory and I say our walking will not end. Easily it could now but that won't get us anywhere except to the Fat Farm. So, the tiny task master will still be hiking us around and around and around. And that includes you! If we aren't riding everywhere, you aren't either. Remember, we are all in this together. The RV can only hold so much weight so no piling
Lulu found silver for ColleenLulu found silver for ColleenLulu found silver for Colleen

This is the best we found in this entire show
on the pounds down here. We all have to get home again in a few months....remember that, gang. Walk, Walk, Walk! And then Walk Some More!

Lulu is an agreement but just how much walking is she doing? She's thrilled with the golf cart....she thinks it's made for her. She already practiced the steering with her head. Actually, she did quite well. Amazing what that sweetie can do when she puts her mind to it.

Cory put the cart under our canopy "garage". He locked it all up as Walt advised. So far, this season, two bikes and one golf cart, have been stolen. And now, tonight, the thieves have gone for bigger. They tried stealing a car! As we rested in our RV, we could hear the loud noise of an overhead helicopter. It was a police chopper with a big spotlight. Around & around it went...right over the area where our RV is parked. We walked up towards the office to find out what was happening. Several police cars where parked over in the rental cottage area...not far from us. They blocked off the entrance into the park. We joined a group on-lookers. They told us about the car. Whether this is true or not, again, not sure.

After about an hour, the helicopter left. It had shined its spotlight right into my face three times. Maybe I'll be on TV news.....doubt it, though. Rats. Want an exciting & interesting place to live? Come to Tropical Palms. You won't be disappointed. Remember last year: the big excitement was that John Wayne Bobbitt was living here. This year, so far, its all robberies and death. Better than any TV show. We're talking real stuff, here. So, come on down and stay awhile. We don't know what will happen next but it will be a real Doozy ....for sure!

I know I don't have to remind you of the routine but, just in case, there are 23 pictures so "just keep scrolling, just keep scrolling" down.

Additional photos below
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Ed Riley & LuluEd Riley & Lulu
Ed Riley & Lulu

Our Shongo neighbor friend!
Old FloridaOld Florida
Old Florida

The road we ride on going and returning from Webster
My lobster rollMy lobster roll
My lobster roll

Their outside wastebasketsTheir outside wastebaskets
Their outside wastebaskets

No dumpster diving!
Walt & DianeWalt & Diane
Walt & Diane

Their NY Yankee Golf Cart
Police Helicopter (dot in sky)Police Helicopter (dot in sky)
Police Helicopter (dot in sky)

Hovers over our RV's with spotlight on us

18th January 2017

Flea Market Fun
Gosh, I love your blogs! I really want to visit!! Um, is Lulu my niece??)
19th January 2017

Hi Gwen
Lulu prefers to think of you as her Great Aunt so she would be your Great niece....she likes being Great! Our pull out couch is always ready for you to use it. Come on down!
22nd January 2017

What a small world! We love Ed Riley! Hope he is enjoying his retirement!! Love your blog you right so colorfully!
22nd January 2017

Glad you like our blog, Cathy. Ed will be happy you commented about him.

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