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April 4th 2017
Published: April 4th 2017
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Read it & WeepRead it & WeepRead it & Weep

101 degrees
Now that we have recuperated from the Disneyworld Parks, we are up and going on more adventures. It's getting HOT down here so you can take your winter coat and mittens off now. For the first time since our arrival here, we have finally turned on our air conditioner in the RV. Couldn't take it any longer. Our fans just weren't doing the job. Inside our RV, it felt like the inside of the hot box they put the Colonel in in the movie "Bridge Over the River Kwai." --- remember? The other day, air temperature read on our car 101 degrees....see? We really are talking HOT! Where was this heat wave when we rode the Tarpon Springs boat? Where?.... I ask! We made last minute plans to go to the pool.....forget it! Some kid had pooped in it so they shut the pool down. They have to treat it and have it tested which takes almost a day. Eventually, by 4:00 PM, they did reopen the watery oasis but we had given up on our plan. We went the next day. So refreshing.

On our bucket list, we still had one more thing to do. Earlier, when we had been at the Town of Celebration, we discovered an old fashioned car that would tour you around Celebration and give you its history. They suggested we call for a reservation. I never did. Recently, we were over at Celebration's Post Office and decided to check this touring car out again. It was a warm and pleasant day. We pay attention to the weather now when it involves an outdoor outing. Yes, they could take the four of us....$150.00!! Whoa...hold on there, folks. When we inquired the first time, it was $75 per tour. They said they raised their rate. I guess so!! Forget the old car tour of Celebration! We aren't paupers but we aren't frivolous with our money either. "Wait! Ok", they said. They would tour us for the $75.00. So, we split the cost in half between us and the Foremans and we were good to go.

The touring car actually was built upon an electric golf cart like unit. It looked intriguing And classy. We liked it! Our tour guide was the son of the owner. He had lived most of his life in Celebration....the town that Disney built. They gave us a map to follow
The perfect Town The perfect Town The perfect Town

Various homes
and ice cold bottled water. then we were off.....

He told us that originally Disney planned this land to be a Disney airport to service Disney Airlines. That never happened. Instead Walt Disney had developed a concept for the "perfect, all-contained" community. Because Disney died before it ever came to fruition, the Disney's CEO, Michael Eisner, is responsible for the construction of the community of Celebration in 1994. Our tour guide gave us a wealth of information and history....I can't repeat it all. So much we never knew. He stopped the car often so we could see specific houses and places that all had a story to tell. In an area we had never seen (no sidewalks here to discourage visitors) are the super, mega, top dollar mansions. One, owned by a famous Brazilian TV Celebrity, is valued at $9 million. He visits his Florida home just 2 weeks out of the year! Another mansion had two metal sculptures in the front yard.....against Celebration's yard code. So they pay the $215.00 fine monthly just because they don't want to get rid of them.

Hidden in the wooded areas along the streets, he showed us hanging, big black balls...kind of like balloons but sturdier. They are covered with sticky stuff that attracts mosquitoes. Routinely, these balls are removed and the environmentalists study the amount and types of mosquitoes present. Once one is seen, you can start seeing more and more of them. If I didn't tell you this, you would never spot them. Our secret.

Our ride lasted over an hour. We loved it. It was certainly worth the money. Loved riding in the old car and loved hearing so much about this town and how it came to be....and everything and anything you wanted to know about it. If you are ever in this area, take this tour. You'll be glad you did. As they always say "When Disney does it; it is always done right," ....just tell them you heard it used to cost $75 and you can't pay anymore. Hopefully, they'll take pity. Then get a couple or two and split the cost. Voila!

Our next door neighbor (located between Sam/Sandy and us), Mike from Canada, recently left to head home. Our park is emptying out fast. It's starting to look like a barren desert. I don't like it like this....it means OUR time
Houses and ParksHouses and ParksHouses and Parks

Only house allowed porch drapes - Myrtle trees
to go home is drawing near. We do still have almost a month yet to go so I shouldn't get nervous yet. Lory and her family arrive here tomorrw so that will bring a lot of life and action back around our RV.

But back to Mike. He's been a terrific neighbor for many years. He's helped us and others so many times when issues come up with our RV or pretty much anything. He's not coming back to Tropical Palms next year. He and our other friend, Joe, are moving to Lake Magic....another RV park further down I-192. I know we'll get to see him but it won't be the same. We sure will miss the both of them.

One day, when Mike was sitting out, he watched a hawk over head. It swooped down and almost grabbed a tiny dog being walked by its owner. The crows were going crazy trying to fight the hawk off. It was a hungry hawk! Mike took these pictures I've included in this blog of the hawk. Nice shot, Mike. So talented in so many ways.

Just before he left, Sam/Sandy and us took him out to dinner at
Condos & School Condos & School Condos & School

Stetson College and our guide
Manny's. Good meal and good times shared by all. Good luck, Mike. Stay in touch.

Remember Mike and MJ Degaro? They have been in our blogs many times. Mike was Cory's roommate at the University of Buffalo. Just by chance, we were able to reconnect with them a few years back. Only to find out they lived in Florida and not far from where we are! Life is Good.

We finally got together this year....it was wonderful being with them again. They are great people and dear friends. We decided to eat dinner at Cheddars......and, surprise, saw our friend, Donnie and his wife there. Donnie and his wife work at Tropical Palms. Donnie plays golf with Cory on the TP league. He's a swell guy. His wife is very sweet. More TP friends passed by our table. This time it was Gary & Jackie and Jon & Linda. We have shared some good laughs with them. Further into this blog, you will hear more about Jon and Linda and what they did to poor Cory. Jon is the one who got Lulu so stirred up last year when he found another "sweet-head" that he liked better than Lulu at Walmart. She was a wreck! Linda is a wonderful person. She works to curtail animal abuse.

After dinner, we went over to Mike & MJ's house. They are so gracious. Because it was going to be Cory's birthday the next day, they gave him some huge birthday balloons, a nice card and 2 chocolate Easter Rabbits (yum). They had also bought our meal and had a "Happy Birthday" dessert delivered, with singing, to our table (double yum). Thank you so much dear friends. Just being together with you was the best gift you could give us.

Sam and Sandy had plans to take us out to breakfast for Cory's birthday. We talked about going to the Egg Place on Rt.27. Instead, we ended up at Cracker Barrel.....another wonderful place. Breakfast was scrumptious. Later in the day, they gifted Cory with multiple presents. There were two appropriate (for Cory) signs that will find a good place for all to see, an MGA gear shift knob (a piece of treasured memorabilia to remind Cory of the 3 MGA's he once owned) and a New York cap...perfect. Thank you dear friends ......again, your friendship is our best gift. You are the greatest!

Remember Sam's hobby?----his steampunk artistry in making small cannons out of various metal items he discovers at the flea markets. Well, he's been busy like one of Santa's elves working away at his craft. He gives these treasures away. His next group is going to his grandchildren. They will be thrilled...just like the rest of us who have been a recipient of one of his magnificent creations. You are one clever guy, Sam! Plus you make everyone so happy. Sam, Sam - The Cannon Man.

Everyone morning, a small group from our park gather together at the registration building lobby for coffee and friendship. I was able to snap a few photos of just a couple of our friends. We will miss them until we see them again next winter...so it isn't really "good-bye"...just "so long for now".

To get away from the horrible no-see-ums (pepper speck size biting bugs), we find ourselves cruising around night and day in our golf cart. As long as we move, they can't catch us. Once stopped, we are attached viciously by these torturous insects. The bites are miserable. They itch much worst than a mosquito bite and the
Mega pricey mansionMega pricey mansionMega pricey mansion

Black ball in tree...boardwalks
bite lasts sometimes for 2 weeks. They are one reason we couldn't live full time in Florida.

Sometimes, Cory drives our foursome up to Old Town on the golf cart. New attractions have been installed or built. The Haunted House has reopened. The new ferris wheel is glowing and flashing brightly at night....just beautiful. They are building a new wooden roller coaster at Fun Spot (adjacent to Old Town) that will be the biggest wooden coaster in Florida. Of course, Old Town is known for its Saturday Night Cruise night with its many, personally owned, exquisite show cars that are driven in a parade through the roadway of Old Town. Oh, the crowd it draws. Just like Disneyworld....almost.

Earlier, I mentioned our "friends" Jon & Linda. Our friendship goes back some years. Jon is a prankster but would never admit to anything. Cory always wants to stay one step ahead of him so the playing field is open. The race is on. Did I mention the porta potty Cory bought awhile back at a flea market. $3.00 ....you couldn't go wrong at that price. Agree? Of course, he had a plan for it and it wasn't for personal
Less pricey homesLess pricey homesLess pricey homes

Catholic Church - Myrtle Tree
use. Somehow, it ended up at Jon's motor home (meticulously kept in and out and around).....straddling his sewer pipe. The pot had worn toilet paper hanging from it. Unattractive. Nothing said....it stayed there for days.....all remained quiet. No laughing, No screaming, Nothing! Oh, well. It disappeared....maybe to actually be used for its main purpose inside?? Whatever. Weeks passed and Linda & Jon headed back home to Pennsylvania. However, they had left a calling card!

First, our neighbor, Mike, asked if we had gone to the back of our RV.....no, why? At the same time, Cory received an interesting text message from Jon. What?? As we marched to he back of our RV.....our eyes were drawn skyward. There, at the top of our RV ladder, attached to the top of our RV, was the dastardly porta potty with beautiful flowers growing out of it. How? Immediately, we knew how.....Jon! I begged Cory not to get his ladder to retrieve it. Leave it there....we can drive home with it where it is ...no one will notice and so what if they do. They will think we have a fancy flower POT. Seldom does Cory listen to me so up he went
More homesMore homesMore homes

City Bank & Main Street
on his shaky ladder. He pulled and struggled desperately to try and get this welded crapper down. CRASH! Exactly what Jon had planned. Cory was flung to the ground with his broken ladder and the excrement commode landing on him and then bouncing off of him. The pretty plant looked like a headstone marker at the horrific scene. I immediately took pictures.....evidence. The call was made right after to Morgan, Munn & Munn law firm. They advertise they get millions for their court cases. 🎶🎶We're in the money now!🎶🎶Eventually, after documenting the crime scene, I was able to tend to Cory. Not good.....he's in a full body cast and unable to speak. He can move his lips and eyes though...just nothing comes out. Lulu has designated herself to be his private duty nurse. She's limited as to how much she can do to tend to his needs...no hands you know. They do have something in common....neither can speak. I'll have some peace and quiet for awhile anyway. Hopefully, in time, he may heal but there's no certainty. Now the porta potty has found its much needed use inside our RV by wounded, crippled Cory. Cory will have a long time to plan his payback to Jon. We'll see them in court before we see them again here at TP. Obviously, Jon couldn't take a joke. That's all it was. Just a joke, Jon! Even though Cory can't tell him what he thinks about this near death stunt, I will be able to holler it from the roof top of our RV. Tomorrow, our ladder will be fixed and I'm climbing up on the roof to tell the world what Jon did to poor, sad Cory. Wish me luck and pray for Cory. If you want to say anything to Jeopardy Jon, I have his email address.

I think I've mentioned before: you never know what you are going to see at our park. The last was Maybelline, the pig. The other evening, a couple rode past on their golf cart. The man had a big parrot on his shoulder. It was beautiful. I always wanted a parrot. They said it would live to be 100 years old so they had to put in their will a designated person who would care for it after they are gone. Polly, want a cracker? I want a parrot.

Thank God for
Old Town Hall: vacantOld Town Hall: vacantOld Town Hall: vacant

Flowers & vacant movie theater
my IPad. It preserves all these curiosities. The other day a motorcycle couple pulled into the park. This was not your usual trike. It was towing an authentic coffin. Shimmering purple, no less.....matched the bike. An ensemble. Of course, I snapped some pics with my trusty IPad. I asked what was hauled inside he casket. He showed me: just storage for papers, jackets and stuff. Cool.

The next day, we found out that they had come in with a monster size trailer 5th Wheel .....all painted up with western cowboy murals and Elvis on the back. Awesome. Their purple motorcycle and coffin were parked next to it. Actually, last year or the year before, we saw this very same trailer pulling out of a nearby motel parking lot. I took pictures of it from our car & posted them in one of my many blogs. Small world, eh?

The big orange Rotel Bus returned again. Looks like it had a new group in it this time....younger people who spoke English. The other group were German people. Only the bus drivers communicated with us. Now, it's gone again....definitely the wheels on this mega bus go "round and round".
The lake The lake The lake

Bohemian Hotel - Tavern restaurant

Enough! You can't read anymore and I can't write anymore. We are all exhausted plowing through this mega novel. But it all had to be told. You wouldn't want it any other way, would you? Hey, I heard that! You have some time to rest up now.

Our family (the Knapps) are arriving here in Florida tomorrow. They are staying at a condo resort right next door to our trailer park resort. After 5 days there, they move over to our timeshare located near Sea World. We can visit easy enough because it isn't that far away from TP. After they leave, it will be our turn to pack up and leave. But before all that happens, we'll still be traveling together here in Florida; following the Knapps around. Be sure you have your hiking boots ready. YAWN! Good-night. ZZZZZZzzzzzzzzz

PS.....35 pictures so remember to scroll and flip pages. Yawn!

Additional photos below
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The hunter HawkThe hunter Hawk
The hunter Hawk

Photos by Mike
Dinner at Manny's Dinner at Manny's
Dinner at Manny's

Me, Sandy, Sam, Cory & Mike Buffalo head
Cory & MikeCory & Mike
Cory & Mike

Mike ordered potatoes with ketchup
Mike & MJMike & MJ
Mike & MJ

Birthday boy & his balloons
Birthday dessert Birthday dessert
Birthday dessert

Easter Bunnies...gone now
Kel & Cory (sweet)Kel & Cory (sweet)
Kel & Cory (sweet)

Donnie & Cory

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