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March 8th 2017
Published: March 9th 2017
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Not too sure what fun and frolic we will find back at home but while here in Florida, we are surely enjoying the festivities and all our friends. Hope you are still here with us to join in the merriment.

A week or so ago, a great block party was hosted by Glen & Joyce here at Tropical Palms. They live in one of the Sandcastles and part of their roadway was blocked off for this party. Glen played his DJ music. Folks brought a dish to pass and the crowd gathered for a good time. And that it was! Great food, Great music, Great fun and Great friends. Even Lulu went to the party. Even though she can't dance well (no legs), she knows how to eat and chowed down on all the goodies. Little Miss Piggy! Laissez Les Bonne Temps Rouler!

It's the height of Strawberry Time in this state. Our destination: The Strawberry Festival in Plant City. The fearless foursome loaded up and headed west. This festival is huge and thousands and thousands and thousands attend it over its 10 day stretch.

Before we got there, Cory passed a flea market held in an active
Block PartyBlock PartyBlock Party

Fun time
drive-in movie. Sam and I made loud groans and moans so he turned around and went back to it. Now, it was Sandy who made a loud groan and moan. But she made lemonade out of her lemon: used the rows and rows of junk to get her step-walking in. Most people were packing up but Sam found a couple treasures as did we. Probably won't go back again. Not the most exciting place. Sam wouldn't agree, though. I think you will after seeing the pictures.

Moving onward to the mega strawberry fair, we found parking at a funeral home next to their hearse. With our black car, we could have been in a procession if there had been one. A long line just to get the ticket to get in. The festival was packed and it wasn't even a high name entertainer performing on this day.....Kane Brown and 3 Doors Down (at least, I never heard of them). Willie Nelson was on the day before. Brenda Lee was coming up as well as Scotty MeCreery, Patti LaBelle, Little Big Town and many more. We did watch the entertainer Dennis Lee. He was really good: funny and a great
Friends gatherFriends gatherFriends gather

Lulu and friend: Sandy & Judy. Cory in back.

We fought our way through the crowds inside the exhibit halls, amusement rides and food stands. I took photos of some of the unique fried food creations you could get to enjoy??? Yeeeew....some seemed very nauseating to me. What do you think? What's your choice? Sam loved his corn dog! I took photos of the fancy cakes made by the exhibitors in one of the halls....WOW! Awesome!

We went into a candy tent. Man said to take a basket....nah, I probably won't buy any. WRONG! $18.00 worth of candy I piled into my basket. Cory was sure they had made a mistake. Nope......the only mistake made was me buying all these sweets knowing I will end up eating them all. 🎶🎶Sugar High.....Take Me Home ...to the Big Hips I Will Own!🎶 Please help me eat some of it. I'm doomed, otherwise.

One tent had bathtub size bowls where you could make your own strawberry shortcake. The line to do this was like a Disneyworld line.....we passed. It was quite toasty hot maneuvering around the throngs of people so we finally called it quits and left. I knew you were ready, also. It was fun but it won't show up on our annual bucket list.

Feeling now we were missing something: STRAWBERRIES.......we drove down the pike to the famous Parksdale Market that we frequently visit. You've been there before with us.....'member? Here we got their huge, delicious, famous strawberry shortcake. Sam got a virgin one: no strawberries....just biscuit, ice cream and whipped cream. Sandy had her strawberry milkshake....tastes like liquid strawberries& ice cream....to die for.

Besides the strawberry stuff, the market sells fruits, veggies, flowers (for Colleen), canned goods and much more. Famous people have visited here...not just us. Reluctantly, I took photos of pictures when Obama was here. Maybe President Trump will show up here someday...now, that's the picture I want! You, too?

This week, we've been most fortunate that good friends, who originally lived in Wellsville, have come to visit us. Happy Days Are Here Again! Sunday. Joe, John and Linda Edgley came by. They live in Jupiter since the late 1980's. Before that, they lived on Sunnydale in Wellsville. Joe worked at the Air Preheater Company and I met Lill at Jones Memorial Hospital. We became best friends and shared the most wonderful and fun times with them. Sadly, my best
Hanging Out TogethetHanging Out TogethetHanging Out Togethet

Where is Kel?
and dearest friend, Lill passed away a few years ago. Oh, we all miss her so very much. Always in our hearts and thoughts! John has his own, profitable crematorium business. Sadly, he says he has too much business. Lill would say he's such a hard working man. He's a gentle giant...and such a handsome one, too. Linda is a teacher in their area. She is living in Joe's house now...good company for both. She helps Joe out around the house. Everyone is so glad she is there...a devoted daughter. I can hear Lill say "Bless her heart!" Joe & Lill have two more sons, all in the same area. This is a very close family and support each other through the difficult times and laugh and love during their happy times. We went for lunch at The Town Tavern in Celebration. Busy there but it gave us time to share a pop at their bar. We toasted Lill because we knew she was not missing this event. She loved the song "For the Good Times" and we had shared so many. Cory ordered his favorite: a meatloaf stacker! What do you think about this morsel? It was sad to
Lulu is happyLulu is happyLulu is happy

Feeding her face
see them head home but oh, so wonderful being with them again.

The next day, our friends, Ed & Bev Clancy came over. They live here in Florida but were staying briefly on International Drive for some business. As I told them, they are "Legends" in Wellsville. Ed was quite the entrepreneur. Never will there be another one like him. Ed and Bev are known in our hometown area for being the developers and owners of the most successful restaurant in our area. It was called Penn Valley, located in Genesee, PA. Everyone went here and everyone always had such fun times at their place. He started it out as a private club because it was a dry county. We had personal keys to get in. I reminded Ed that his famous Friday fish fry cost 99 cents back then. Soon, he added on a huge building and called it the Corn Crib. By now, they were able to get a liquor license for an inviting bar area plus a very large dining room and dance floor. Bev worked long and hard next to Ed. She kept the place in order. The both of them were always so gracious.....they always made you feel extra special as you came through their door. There was always some special festivity going on at Penn Valley. Ed brought in top name entertainers. Tourist tour buses came in. He had cabins on the side grounds to rent. There was an outdoor stage for even more entertainment. He hired many locals to work for them. Three of our kids did just that. I could go on and on about Clancy's Penn Valley but I'll just sum it up with "it was a true highlight of our lives with the many, many fun times we had there". What great memories we have forever. Thanks to Ed & Bev. From PV, they opened another restaurant/bar on Main Street, Wellsville called the Brass Balloon. Of course, this place carried on the fun tradition as Penn Valley but on a smaller scale. Eventually, they decided the warm weather was to their liking and headed South. After making their way to our RV, we went to Cheddars for supper. We always like this place: great food. The acoustics aren't good and on our evening together, they were horrible! We could not talk and hear one another without screaming at each other. There were a couple groups of people that were so loud! They made so much deafening racket. I asked the waitress if she would ask them to tone it down a bit but she said she couldn't????! She offered to move us but we had all our food and drinks half eaten so it wasn't really an option. This is when we needed to know lip reading and signing! It was still terrific to be with them, again. We had surprisingly seen then at the Cuba (NY) Garlic Festival last year. What a small and wonderful world it is. Thanks so much for your visit, Ed & Bev. Hope to see you again, soon.

The "Sea....food" was calling us again. Sam, Sandy, Cory & I packed our drinks and sailed along the highway to one of our favorite eating places: Bar Harbor. I've told you about this place before and you've been there with us..'member? It's the distribution place for the seafood to all the various, local restaurants. They have specials on Monday & Tuesday but the rest of the days, their prices are still really cheap. You place your order in a small place that looks like
Trailer of junkTrailer of junkTrailer of junk

Sandy walking amongst the junk
an old butcher shop but no meat...just seafood. There are picnic tables with umbrellas out side where you eat your delicacies. I get a stuffed lobster roll and French fries:$7.98! Cory gets a fried shrimp platter with French fries or coleslaw for same price. Sandy got a whole, steamed lobster for @ $10.97. Sam got fish and shrimp and fries for $8.98 (I think). Cooked lobsters (1 1/4 Lbs.)"to go" sell for $6.99 each. There are many various warm meals to buy but even more "to go" seafood items available. We love it all!

Our day was still young so we went to the Cinemark theater at The Artegon Mall and watched the movie: Get Out! It was okay...a one timer. Kind of weird. This theater is fantastic. They have relaxing loungers that are reserved for you. Your legs come up, your head tilts back and you are in "LaLaLand". The lounger is sooooo comfy. It doesn't get any better than this!

Not done yet.....Sandy suggested going to Friendly's for ice cream. Hands all up....we all liked that idea..a lot! This Friendly's is on International Drive near the Olive Garden. There aren't many of these restaurants around anymore.
Car packed full! Car packed full! Car packed full!

Dealers and stuff
Their ice cream is the best! Sam, Sandy and I got meals that included a free sundae....hot fudge all over various flavors. YUM! Cory had a breakfast so he could only watch us slurp down our cold concoctions. Hope you enjoyed yours! Next time, Cory.

Okay.....we are caught up now. That won't last as I seem to get slower in getting my blogs out to you. Hey, I heard that! Stay tuned cause I will be back - that's a definite. Many photos (34) again, so don't forget to scroll WAY, WAY down and even go to a second page..OK?

Additional photos below
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Sandy swings Sandy swings
Sandy swings

And relaxes
Dennis Lee performsDennis Lee performs
Dennis Lee performs

Sam's Corn Dogs
More entertainersMore entertainers
More entertainers

Big crowds in audience
Fried EverythingFried Everything
Fried Everything

And more fried items
Donut hamburgers! Donut hamburgers!
Donut hamburgers!

Everything fried with donuts!
Sam loves chocolate Sam loves chocolate
Sam loves chocolate

Pizza on a stick, anyone?

9th March 2017

festivities and friends
Gosh Joe looks great-good to see him- I remember a certain Chip & Dale party the JMH crew attended @ Penn Valley-back in the day!!!!!
9th March 2017

I reminded Ed & Bev about that....what a night That Was! Remember Rosie York came in disguise? Ed said the Catholic priest in Genesee asked him not to have that show again..not good for the neighborhood so he didn't have the dancers anymore.

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