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March 26th 2017
Published: March 27th 2017
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In between going to the Disneyworld Parks, we have also gone here and there......and yonder. So let's catch up with where and what we have been doing...okay, gang? Get comfy.

Tropical Palms hosted another block party. Remember the first block party we went to this year hosted by Glenn & Joyce? With a sad heart, I must share with you that since their party, they were in a horrible motorcycle accident. Glenn was killed and Joyce was injured. Our park was in shock. Glenn has always been a familiar face in this park. He was known as The Music Man because he played his taped tunes at various gathering. He will be deeply missed as our sympathy goes out to Joyce and her family.

The staff at TP worked very hard to make this latest block party a success. They provided the drinks and entertainment. One of the games played was to be the first person to unwrap a frozen T-shirt and put it on. The shirts were frozen harder than a rock. Because the air temperature was so hot, they felt good handling them. Much effort and time went into trying to unfreeze these t-shirts. Everyone liked this
The gangs all here - Sam & SandyThe gangs all here - Sam & SandyThe gangs all here - Sam & Sandy

Carole, George and Cory
game whether they were participating or just watching. Lulu didn't was way too hot for her and we all know, she is hot stuff in her own right.

Sam's favorite store is Harbor Freight. His eyes become glazed over whenever its name is mentioned. He loves it and never says no when someone suggests going there. The other day, Cory and Sam made an excursion to this leather/rubber smelling store. Sandy and I were along for the ride. Sam forgot his hat so I let him borrow mine. Before the trip had ended, we had gone to Dairy Queen for their "free" ice cream cone-- a special promotion. I gave Sam mine because I ALWAYS get a Chocolate Covered Cherry Blizzard when there. Yummmmy. Sam was happy being a double fisted ice cream cone eater.

Because our Super Bowl bet had yet to be paid off, it was time to pay up. We hit the highway and headed to Cherry Pocket Fish Camp. No sore losers here even though Sam had forewarned us everything he was going to order plus even getting some take out orders. Remember Sam's football team won so we, as losers, had to take them wherever they wanted to go and pay for their meal. After some deliberation, it was finally determined the place selected was Cherry Pocket. We've been here many times's located in Dundee. A fair drive from Kissimmee to get there especially after you go off the main roads and follow a hilly, winding, narrow roadway to reach this isolated food shack. The decor is very rustic and unique and the food is great. The owner knows us now. She was so disappointed Lulu wasn't with us because every year I take her picture with her BFF, Lulu. This year she posed with Cory. She didn't hesitate. But next time here, Lulu better be with us! And, also, be sure you all have joined us also. We'll be able to get the big table so there will be plenty of room for all of you. But no take out orders!

You can never guess who or what you might see here at our park. 'member last year when John Wayne Bobbit was here? He wasn't as much of a cut up as you might have thought!! Kind of a dull personality but on occasion, he seemed a tad
Sunshine Sunshine Sunshine

And Shade
sharper. Anyway.......

This year, we met Maybelline. She came with her human family in their RV. Maybelline was a pot belly pig....a big one at that:175 lbs. She was house broken and was a wonderful pet to this family. She slept with the couple in their bed. Cozy......I bet she hogged it! They don't bathe her. Said she kept herself clean like a cat. If you say so. Pew! Lulu wasn't too sure if she liked her or not. Same with Maybelline. Their relationship was a little porky after Maybelline sniffed and snorted her.

This was the year of "the signs". Our friend from Canada, Joe, made the swap outs continue on a regular basi. I think it started when he and Mike posed in front of our new sign: State Prisoners Working. Signing off, now. Joe went back home.

Hooray! The big orange Rotel Bus returned. Bit by bit we are learning more about it. The 24 passengers (plus 2 drivers) from Germany paid $2900 each (including air fare) to travel in this unique bus for 28 days of traveling all around the perimeter of Florida - ending up here to go to the Big Parks. Our friends who were parked right next door to the Rotel had an opportunity to tour the bus....luckeee. I met the 2nd driver. He had a big boot on one leg. That leg was huge! He definitely had something bad going on with it. How effective it was when he was driving....not sure. I don't think he was a boot-legger. Just a big man with a big leg.

Every day here in The Sunshine State is NOT always filled with sunshine. The other day, the winds unexpectedly whipped up. You always batten down your hatches and roll up your awnings whenever you leave your RV just for this reason. of our neighbors did not heed this ritual and came home to find their awning broken and flipped back onto its roof. We definitely sympathize....been there, done it! Rats! We don't forget the ritual anymore.

Working off our bucket list, our foursome (and Miss Lulu) made our way to the "okay" Flea Market: Auburndale. This is the one that has buffalos fenced in at the back of the parking lot. They also have alligators penned in small wet areas....quite pathetic. Lulu liked this junk laden arena and found
Hi JoeHi JoeHi Joe

Hi Carolyn & Judy
a couple opportunities to get her picture taken.

Somewhere I had read about a seafood camp restaurant called Harry's Old Place. Maybe another Cherry Pocket? I added it to our bucket list. It is located in Winter Haven which was not too far from our stop at junk heaven. Had to use our GPS to find this special treasure. It was a simple place...not as primitive as Cherry Pocket. But not a fancy dancy place, either. You don't need to wear your tux or prom dress here. People lined up like at Manny's for it's 4:00 PM opening. We were seated in their back room where we could see Lake Ned. We met Harry as he made his rounds with all his customers. He shared his life's story with us.. yawn...but okay. Food was tasty. Lulu took it all in stride. What else could she do? Run? Nope: no legs! Probably won't go back: too far but glad we experienced it once.

And the fun continues. Last week, Tropical Palms put on its final Appreciation Day Party for its "long termers." That's us: the snowbirds. The room was packed with all our winter friends. Soon, many of them
Going to Harbor FreightGoing to Harbor FreightGoing to Harbor Freight

Sam loves ice cream
will be heading in a northerly direction...back to their homes. Safe travels to each of you as you begin your journeys homeward bound. Hopefully, to see all of you next year. Our departure date is still undecided. Lory and her family arrive here on April 5th and return home on April 17th. We are paid until May 1st for our site. So we'll just pick a day sometime inbetween the 18th and the end of the month. We are going to be so very busy once we go home....our Auction to get rid of all our stuff, remember. We can relax here so we may just linger awhile before going home to bedlam. Lulu agrees.

Got waylaid so let's go back to the party. Come on, folks....keep up with my ramblings...I know you can do it. The Tropical Palms staff out did themselves. We had a delicious meal with a monster size dessert. Had to buy new bathroom scale today. The one we bought only 1 1/2 months ago no longer worked. Our poundage and use must have worn it out. Too many monster size desserts. A full band played throughout the was quite loud so maybe you heard it. We thought we could hear a lot of toe tapping coming from your way. Everyone had a marvelous time. About half way through the party, an unexpected guest showed up. She had been seen once before lurking around the office area. Now, she was flaunting herself around the party. Her name is Candy. Cunning Candy, Crafty Candy, Crass her what you want. She'll answer. She is a total hussbucket! She thinks her dark hair and Southern accent can fool anyone.......wrong! They all knew who she was and what she was up to....NO GOOD! She flitted around the room giving out a small candy bar as a calling card so people would alsways remember her name. Only problem....they started to call her Hershey. Lulu was soooo glad she wasn't here to witness this troll in action. She has some flaws but nothing compared to this disgusting and wicked city woman. Garbage Gal has been sent packing. She's out of here....never to be seen again. Halleluja! Good Riddance To Bad Rubbish. Out, Out Damn Spot. That mean you, Candy! Years back, our park had a narcissistic slut who stayed here with her Sugar Daddy. Her name was Swamp Molly.
Cherry Pocket Cherry Pocket Cherry Pocket

Owner & Cory
Forutunately, she's flown the coop, too. Candy should be known as the new Swamp Candy.

This will end our various expeditions from here, there and Harry's. More is yet to come -- never fear. Right now, you can get up and move around....I've put the reserved sign on your seat. You're all set to go once we start going again. See you then.

P.S. Lots to see, folks.....lots of scrolling and changing pages to see all 30 photos. Some may burn your eyes out (the Candy ones). Try to deal with them the best you can. Remember, you can tap on a photo and it will enlarge for you on another screen. Careful with which you tap may not want to see Crass Candy in full screen mode.

Additional photos below
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Maybelline Maybelline

Lulu gets checked out
Joe and his signsJoe and his signs
Joe and his signs

Some ended up in our yard
Rotel BusRotel Bus
Rotel Bus

What a unit!
From both sidesFrom both sides
From both sides

Morning breakfast time outside.
One sleeping compartment One sleeping compartment
One sleeping compartment

Driver with big leg & boot
Lulu poses with friendLulu poses with friend
Lulu poses with friend

She gets a half body for a minute
Harry's Old PlaceHarry's Old Place
Harry's Old Place

Winter Haven
Cool dude, SamCool dude, Sam
Cool dude, Sam

Lulu next to fancy tree

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