A Night at the Races, A Night at the Super Bowl, Lunch at The Catfish Place & Cut Off!

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February 8th 2017
Published: February 9th 2017
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At the Horse RacesAt the Horse RacesAt the Horse Races

Our Table of Friends
It's getting more and more difficult keeping up with all of you. You are on the go way too much.

Last Friday night, we met at the betting windows to place bets on our race horses. We did this last year....do you all remember the exciting Horses Races held at Tropical Palms? Our friend, Joe Rossi and his team, work very hard to provide all of us one of the very best entertainment evenings held here at the park. Thanks, Joe and team. Prior to this wild night, we all got a picture of "our horse" that we colored and named. Mine was Lucky Lulu and Cory's was Hard Six. They both were prancing at the gate. Joe is able to have actual horse races that he shows on the big TV's. Everyone's horse has its number correlated with the real horse on the TV. The excitement swells to a deafening roar as the winning horse comes in. The "owner" of that horse wins extra play money as well as a gift card to a local business. Everyone else who bet on that winning horse then collects their winning bet.

Wonderful & Marvelous "Lucky Lulu" came through as you
Posing with LuluPosing with LuluPosing with Lulu

When I had hair
might expect....she was a winner!! But we all already know that....don't we? Thus, we won her winning bet plus a $10.00 gift card to IHOP. Yippee...Yahoo! The real Lulu was present. Obviously, she had to be here so she could route her sweet horse on. She was the magic behind this winning race. There were tears of happiness in her eyes as her beloved Lucky Lulu crossed that finish line. To embellish upon her fame, she took the winner's walk around the center of the betting arena. Such a show off but she was so thrilled and full of pride. Even with no legs, Lulu pranced high as she trotted inside the winner's circle to the applause of the many gamblers present. She's still singing ??"Zip-a-dee-do-da"?? as loudly as she can.

Sorry to say but Cory's pony, Hard Six, was not a winner. Maybe next year. Bucky. As our pot of play money grew from our other winning bets, we were able to place quite a few tickets in the next part of this glorious evening. This was like a silent auction. Joe had been able to obtain many free gift cards from local restaurants. Yeah, Joe! We placed
Sam is a winner Sam is a winner Sam is a winner

Holding his winning ticket
our tickets in containers in front of each item available. One ticket was drawn and the winner won that item. Breathlessly, everyone was silent waiting for their ticket number to be called. Lulu was quietly praying. WOW! Yippee! Cory won 2 dinners at Cracker Barrel. We love that place! What a great win! Go, Bucky, Go! Our table was a lucky table. Most everyone won something. Sam & Sandy came out big winners! Hooray! Needless to say, we all had a great time. It is a night to remember....Fun, Fun, Fun!

Sunday was The Super Bowl. This ends up being a major betting session between Sam & Cory. They struggled just to decide what they had to do to select which team they wanted. Finally, at the "Horse Races", Cory suggested that whoever's horse won first, that person could select the team he wanted. Well, I already told you that Cory's Hard Six didn't win.....Sam's horse was a winner..... so was Sam. Of course, he selected the Patriots. Cory had the Falcons.

They now had to decide what the prize would be when one of their teams won the Super Bowl. Decisions, Decisions, Decisions. It's was taxing and
Our horsesOur horsesOur horses

Names and colored
challenging to come up with a "goody". Finally, Cory had each of us write the name of a nice restaurant on a piece of paper that was placed in Sam's cap to be drawn by Mike. The winner (and wife) would be taken to the site chosen....their entire dinner to be paid for by the loser....no matter the price! Oh, the anticipation was overwhelming. Where are we going....where? Mike drew the folded note, slowly opened it up and read the winning spot: BURGER KING! You have to be kidding! BURGER KING? It was Sam who suggested a fancy, dancy place and it was Sam who wrote down BURGER KING! Nooooooo. Sam does love Burger King, though. Whether legal or not, the three of us voted him down and Mike chose again. This time, Cherry Pocket, came up. Actually twice because both Sandy and I had written that place down. Cory had written "Poor Folks" which was a good option, too. But, Cherry Pocket was the winning choice. Hooray.

We all have been to Cherry Pocket before...'member? It's that primitive, old fish camp restaurant way out in the swamps somewhere outside of Dundee, Florida. We love that place even though
Lucky LuluLucky LuluLucky Lulu

Hard Six
the guys were foiled when it came to their grouper. It's spelled "Grooper" on the menu so you get a clue about its origin from that. But their seafood is delish....and we will be going there once again. RaRaRa.

As you should know, Cory & I were feeling mighty smug for most of the game. Friends came over and made our Super Bowl party more festive. The more the merrier! Sam was sad and silent. We all kind of felt bad for him...kind of...but he had made his choice! He wouldn't even give Cory points. So, we really weren't all that sad for him. Too bad, Sam. In this world, there are winners and losers.

Cory and I had now planned we would get the biggest dinners available at Cherry Pocket, lots of drinks and even order take out dinners. Sam's head hung lower. As the night wore on, the chill in the air got even colder. The game looked like it was well in our favor. Rather than going in the RV, Sam and Sandy dragged themselves back to their own RV to continue to watch the unexpected downfall of Sam's team. I'm sure they were just
Lulu:The WinnerLulu:The WinnerLulu:The Winner

Sam's horse kisses Lulu
too embarrassed to be seen in public anymore. Cory and I skipped into our RV. I went to our bathroom where I store a collection of menus. We got out the one for Cherry Pocket to start the selection process. So much to chose from.....yummmm. Let's see: appetizers, drinks, soup, salads, main course, dessert, more drinks, take out dinners.....we can hardly wait!

WAIT A MINUTE! What is going on with this Super Bowl Game? Something is wrong with this picture. Cory is on his feet. The Patriots made it a tie game and now it was going into overtime. He couldn't believe it....but he really liked seeing it. Best football game he had ever watched, he said. Even though, we now had lost the bet (sniff, sniff: the losers now) ....Cory was in awe over the finish of this "Falcon Sure Thing" game. We could only imagine what Sam was doing in his RV as he became "the winner". Just as well they had left early so we didn't have to witness it. It would have been too much for us to take. At least, we could lick our wounds in private. At the crack of dawn the next
At the betting tableAt the betting tableAt the betting table

Place your bets!
morning, Mr. & Mrs. Smug were at our door! Their happy little faces hid their gloating smirks well. We limped outside and took our punishment. Of course, Sam had already taken my idea of take out dinners at Cherry Pocket. But now, he was inviting everyone he saw to join us. Yikes. We may have to take some of stuff in our RV to Webster and try to sell it for money. Yes, in this world, there are winners and losers. Even though we lost, we still feel like winners having Sam & Sandy as our friends.

We needed something to take our minds off the Big Win so as Sandy & I chatted, I mentioned going to The Catfish Place in St.Cloud. It was only around 1:00 and their early bird specials didn't start until @ 3:00 pm. Sandy looked up their menu on their web page. We saw that we could get the same food during their lunch hour plus use our 10% off coupon to get the same meals less than during their early bird specials. We were off and running. They did not disappoint. Their food is excellent. We love their shrimp. From now on, we'll be going there for lunch. We have to save every penny in preparation for Cherry Pocket.

Today, I decided I needed to get my hair cut a little. Just a trim for the cruise we are going on this Saturday. Oh, yes....please note that while we are on the cruise (return on the 18th), I'll be off line so you will get quite a rest from all this blog reading. What? I heard that! No matter, I have broad shoulders - and broad hips and broad arms and legs....I'm a true broad! Don't whimper......of course, you are going with us on the cruise....never fear...lots of photos will be taken but no postings until we get back. We hope you are getting packed. Don't forget your passports.

Back to the hair cut. Cory took me to Fantastic Sam's. I went here last year and was satisfied with the cuts. I had a Jamaican lady hairdresser today so maybe, there was a language problem....I don't know. All I know is things didn't go the way I expected. As I settled into her chair, I told her how I have babied my body perm along as best I could but
Carol & GeorgeCarol & GeorgeCarol & George

Joe & Linda
it needed a trim. Ok, she said. I said "I don't want it short...just a trim." Ok, she said. I told her she could take the hair at the back of my neck and shear that in close. Ok, she said. The rest: just a trim to shape it up. Ok, she said. Within seconds, she had completely cut off the sides of my hair....my greatest fear cause that always makes me look like a pinhead. I was doomed. She worked around a small pile of fuzz left on the top of my head. She took the buzzer machine and buzzed the entire back of my head...not just the hair at the nape of my neck. I was just like Sheldon Cooper when Penny mistakenly buzzed a strip up the middle back of his head....only mine....was not one strip....it was the entire back of my whole head. I have never felt the skin on my head before.....yes, I said skin! From the back, I look like Don Rickles! The only thing she has left me with are my bangs and a thin tuff on top of my naked skull. I had asked her to take care of my cowlick at
Posing again with Lulu Posing again with Lulu Posing again with Lulu

Lots of hair again.
the back of my head....she did: she cut it all off. Like Kramer said on the Seinfeld show: I'm hideous!

One time, my hair was cut short like Mia Farrow's. Compared to this, that cut was like a Rapunzel hairdo. Cory said when we went into Walmart, the greeter said "Hi Cory..Hi Frank!" Waaaaa.....sob, sniffle, blubber. Even Cory and Lulu have more hair than me. All I ask from you is from now on, pray each night for me that my hair grows real fast. I can be a speed swimmer in the ocean and not have to wear a swim cap. My head is slick. I look like a dolphin! Slick and shiny head! BooHoo. Help me!

Not wanting our friends and family to feel bad back home in New York.....sorry, I have to post the temperature from our car dash for all to see what our weather is like here in Florida. I should be glad I have no hair.....I'll stay plenty cool in this "sweat state".

Tomorrow, we'll be going out so I can buy some hats. I think a wig might be too hot. Be sure you have your bags packed and ready to go by Saturday morning. If you are late....you'll miss the boat and you'll be up the creek without a paddle. I'll have a name tag on so you will know it's me since I am unrecognizable now. Waaaaaa! Yours truly, Baldy.

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Our tent at nightOur tent at night
Our tent at night

RV in front of us at night
Super Bowl Party Super Bowl Party
Super Bowl Party

Friends gather
Mike and LuluMike and Lulu
Mike and Lulu

Lulu watching the game helped by Mike
Sam hooking up to farm machineSam hooking up to farm machine
Sam hooking up to farm machine

At The Catfish Place
Temperature outside: 90 degreesTemperature outside: 90 degrees
Temperature outside: 90 degrees

Sun shining on the screen

9th February 2017

race night superbowl
am sharing in all your woes-we too thought the Falcons had it in the bag-and don't get me started about haircuts---I'm back to looking like an orphan boy-my hair is so much shorter than Les's it's ridiculous!!!! What is up w/these salon people???????????? At least you guys are having a good time!!!! Happy cruising!
10th February 2017

Baldy Responds
I'm still in shock about my hair, DeAnne. I wore a wig today. It's too hot down here to do that....I almost had heatstroke. At least you have some hair as the orphan boy....I take it you are back in N.C after traveling to NY.

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