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Europe » Italy » Veneto » Venice May 5th 2005

Vanice Sightseeing From the Contiki Guide : Our complimentary motorboat takes us to see St Marks Square, the Bridge of Sighs and the Doges' Palace. See demonstrations of glass blowing and lace making and wander the fascinating side streets. Why not treat yourself to a gondola ride and joine us for dinner ? ( Breakfest ) ... read more

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Venice May 4th 2005

Munich to Venice From the Contiki guide : Spectacular scenery as we head south through Austria, before crossing over ther Brenner Pass for two nights at our hotel near the canals and cathedrals of Venice. ( Breakfest, Dinner )... read more

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Venice April 19th 2005

These are photos from my last trip to Venice. I like taking unusual pictures of unusual places. So, you won't find Saint Marco's Square photos, nor a gondola's photo in this blog. Anyway, I took pictures of some tipical Venice alleys ("calli"). I hope you'd like it.... read more
Calle in Venice
Just arrived in Venice
My sister's taking confidence with Venice's bridges

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Venice April 19th 2005

It's been a very long day. The night train started off well until a fourth person joined us in the middle of the night, and continually woke me up by turning on lights and then with hideous snoring. The real kicker is that all the rest of the rooms in our cart were empty -- but all the doors locked. Adam stood around with me in the early A.M. and then we went back in to go to sleep -- he gave me his i-pod to listen too 3 It took awhile, but I fell back to sleep for a couple of hours. Our train arrived late to Munich, so we missed our train to Verona, but we caught one 2 hours later. We had a little compartment, and I slept for the first few hours, ... read more
Venice, Italy
Venice, Italy
Venice, Italy

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Venice April 14th 2005

Venice was a blast. We cruised into its beautiful harbor early one morning and were greeted by a strange sight: a large beautiful city busy with foot traffic and boats along its waterfront, but not a vehicle in sight anywhere! Mile after mile of beautiful old buildings seemly perched directly atop the water, interspersed with canals alive with pole-driven gondolas, taxis (motorboats) and buses (larger boats, like a small ferry). The effect was a bit like Catfish Row in Charleston suddenly dragged out into the harbor. After the ship docked in an industrial area, we promptly took a smaller boat directly to the heart of the old city, the Doge’s Palace on the Plaza of St. Mark’s Basilica. The place and the old cathedral, both built hundreds of years ago, stand side by side. Our Venetian ... read more
St Marks Basilica
Bridge of Sighs
Doge's Palace

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Venice April 10th 2005

I have been a slack blogger but the net was so expensive in venice 7 euro for 1 hour! Anyway I am now in Florence and got free internet at the hostel. Well what can i say ... Venice was very very beautiful, a maze of small alleys and canals, i left the lonely planet and its silly little map in my bag and just went any direction. There are no cars anywhere so incrediably quiet (except for the hordes of japanese tour groups and italian school kids). I spent the first day just wondering around totally amazed, just looking at the shop windows with heaps of yummy italian cakes and pastries, gelato and gorgeous venetian masks and the wonderful sound of italian everywhere. Went to St Marks Basilica and sat and watched some of the ... read more

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Venice April 2nd 2005

Gently down the Grand Canal... To start off, don´t ever be fooled on into thinking that a place called B&B is a cheap bed and breakfast, it´s not! We got over the initial shock from arriving at a hostel when we thought we´d have a cute little room overlooking the water. Everything was fine until we tried to go to sleep and discovered that they must have misread the directions when putting together our bunk beds because everytime the person on the bottom (Andrea) made the slightest movement (like breathing) the top bed would sway several feet in both directions. After Andrea had bid farewell to the cruel world because she knew her death from sleeping underneath Liz was imminent, we decided it would probably be a good idea to move our beds to the ... read more
Street in Venice

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Venice April 1st 2005

Venice: a feast for our sleep-deprived senses. Pigeons, gulls, the clickity-clack of suitcase wheels on cobblestone. Brightly painted gondola poles. Salt air. Church bells ringing. Stepping out of the train station we felt, for the first time since leaving home, that we’d entered another time and place. Sunset cast a beautiful glow over the well-worn, but still elegant buildings along the Grand Canal. Even the air we breathed reeked of history. Dragging our suitcases behind us, we made our way across the Scalzi Bridge to our nearby hotel, Hotel Carlton, checked in and learned that Pope John Paul II was near death. We planned to be in Rome on the 6th and 7th so we were quite curious. After watching the news for a bit we set off to explore the quiet streets around our hotel ... read more
On the Grand Canal
St. Mark's Basilica

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Venice March 27th 2005

Motorhome News from Europe 20. Italy March 2005 Umbria, Marche and northwards to Venice and the Dolomites Gubbio, Urbino, San Marino, Rimini, Ravenna, Venice, The Dolomites, Cortina d'Ampezzo and Camazai It’s been another busy week for the grey haired nomads. After leaving Perugia, we continued our tour of historic towns with visits to the delightful towns of Gubbio and Urbino. Gubbio is, like Assisi and Perugia, an Umbrian hill town with grand piazzas, palazzos, fountains and churches. Despite it being a Sunday, the town was almost empty of tourists, the only sign of locals in any number seemed to be at the local football match. We found an excellent “sosta” (dedicated parking and overnighting area for motorhomes, often with water and waste facilities and usually free) in Gubbio, but the day was still young and we ... read more
Urbino - from our campsite

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Venice March 24th 2005

Venice is only one on Earth, tell me where you can else see such a city on water, tell me where else you can find no cars, Buses and only can walk or go by boat, tell me where else you can see beautiful buildings and things in every step you walk, this is Venice, the treasure of the Planet, and it was most fun for me with my dear friend Patrick. We went to Venice for a week, it was an valentine's day gift from Patrick (isn't he sweetheart?? Jeez I love him to death!). I wish I had written everything down but we have done thousand of exploring. Sometimes we would leave map in hotel and get lost while we walk around, we would go into area that we have no idea where we ... read more
water taxi
Hotel Dona Palace
Hotel Dona Palace

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