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Europe » Italy » Veneto » Venice April 23rd 2022

Vom Zeltplatz geht ein Vaporetto nach Zattere. Zuerst Guggenheim Museum. Da war eine merkwürdige Sonderausstellung mit mystischen Wesen. Danach auf due andere Seite vom Canale Grande und zum Markusplatz. Dort ist es streng verboten, sich irgendwo hinzusetzen, es kommt sofort ein Wächter... Bleiben die Cafés, Eis 20 Euro. Also weiter in Kultur, Markusdom, der kostete nur 3 Euro. Dann mit dem Traghetto zurück zu Maria del Salute, das kostet nur 2 Euro und man hat trotzdem das Gondelfeeling. Zurück zum Zeltplatz, um 20.00 kamen Al und Michi, nass. Steinmüde. Sie verzehren meine Pizza und hauten sich in der Hütte auf den Boden. ... read more

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Venice January 17th 2022

This is not the first attempt to do this Italian trip. Last one was exactly when Covid hit Italy in March 2019. We landed in Nice and were supposed to go next day to the Italy. Well, they closed the border, we made it all around the South-East of France than headed back home to Seychelles at the time before they would close all airports around just few days after the trip. We are actually holding one two different tickets that were issued back in 2018, one in Milan and one in Florence! So when we landed in Venice, just around lunch on this beautiful day of January, Tanya and I just looked at each other in relieved, we finally made it! I love Italy in January. It may be cold, but it's generally dry ... read more
Gritti, serious place to sleep!
Happy Birthday my love!
We love blue skies...

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Venice January 4th 2022

Maggie has definitely made the most of her time in Italy with whirlwind trips to both Venice and the Amalfi Coast since seeing Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius. Yesterday, Maggie and four other girls (Salma, Bella, Meadow and Kelsey - all fellow SAS passengers) flew for a one-day sightseeing trip to Venice. She adored Venice, and found it one of the most beautiful cities she's seen so far. They rode in a Gondola, visited St. Mark's square, and just strolled through the Venetian streets before flying back to Naples that night. Today, Maggie decided to take a solo trip to the Amalfi coast. She navigated the Naples metro, Italian train, and Salerno buses to spend just over an hour admiring the Amalfi coast before reversing the trip in time to drop in on a castle she spotted ... read more
Maggie and Salma in Venice
Hostel - Bedroom 2.
Hostel - Living Room.

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Venice August 16th 2021

Bonjour à tous, Peut-être parce que c'est Venise, avec son carnaval, mais les vénitiens sont bien conditionnés au masque. Hier au soir je me suis offert mon repas d'anniversaire. Juste sous l'hôtel, il y a restaurant qui me paraissait pas mal, en tant que client de l'hôtel, le patron me réserve une table, pour dans 20 minutes. Ok. Ils ont refusés du monde toute la soirée, je ne sais pas dans quel guide, ils sont, les gens arrivaient, avec ce guide, ou avec le guidage par téléphone, une majorité de français. Menu spécialités vénitiennes: carpaccio de boeuf, à l'huile d'olive spéciale.....fromage??? un délice, suivi de spaghettis noirs à la sèche, et toujours cette huile d'olive, grand cru. Avec un verre de blanc et de rouge italien une production des Alpes, Italiennes-autrichiennes, surprenant, mais un délice. 2ème ... read more
le Pont des Soupirs

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Venice March 17th 2021

http:// 16th March Cannaregio Starting from the mysterious church of illuminati we will move further north and discover the house of Tintoretto, learn the legend of the four moors and that of the statue of Mary of the Orchard and cross a bridge that's unique in a town that has almost four hundred bridges. The Cannaregio canal is one of the most important waterways in Venice. It connects the Grand Canal with the north-western area of the Cannaregio district, between the foundations of San Giobbe and the foundations of Sacca San Girolamo. We started our tour outside a church with a strange history. Venice, an ever magic and mysterious city, was already in the 18th century the centre of an influential Freemasonry fraternity, whose members also included the famous adventurer Giacomo Casanova. Here, the Freemasonry ... read more

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Venice February 26th 2021 26th February - Gondola Ride Along The Grand Canal with Igor Well this was going to be fun a virtual trip on a gondola along the Grand Canal in Venice. A few years back we took a gondola ride with some friends and that was a fantastic experience but today with the canal so quiet it felt like there was just the guide, the gondolier and me in the gondola. Gondolas are far from a recent invention. Custom-made for the shallow waters of the Venetian lagoon, they were in use as far back as the 11th century – possibly further back than that, but the first documented evidence of them comes from 1094 – and for centuries they were the main way to get around. Gondolas reached peak popularity in the 17th and 18th centuries, ... read more

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Venice January 31st 2021 31st January - Venice We started our tour today with Andrea outside the church that was is local church and the one he has attended since a child. The Basilica of Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari was built between 1236 and 1338 by the Franciscan Conventual Friars, the structure was thoroughly re-modelled in the XIV century and given its present most magnificent form of central nave, two side aisles and seven apsidal chapels after the Franciscan-Gothic style. The bell tower is the 2nd highest in Venice. Andrea showed us images on his phone of some of the interior. Titian's depiction of Mary ascending into heaven & the tomb of Antonio Canova where his heart is, literally. It is a very beautiful pyramid shaped structure, guarded by a sad, sleeping lion. We walked through the alleyways ... read more

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Venice January 29th 2021 29th January Venice We started our virtual tour today with Andrea in the Accademia area in the San Marco district of Venice. The Accademia Gallery located at the the foot of the Academy Bridge. In the early 18th century, while Venice was a thriving community of artists, painters were members of an artisan union and unlike other large cities there was no art academy. Its foundation was realized in December of 1766 when the Senate ordered the construction of an Academy of sculpture, painting and civil architecture, similar to those of the main cities of Italy and Europe. The history of grand Venetian art is on display at the Accademia, sadly closed at the moment due to Covid restrictions. We crossed over the Accademia Bridge but not before pausing to take in two of the ... read more

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Venice January 20th 2021

23rd December 2020 Tokyo this morning Venice this evening. I am so enjoying these virtual trips. The Ghosts of Venice Past - Campiello del Remer, Venice, Italy Our guide tonight was Andrea, we wandered through the narrow streets of Venice with it’s 15 centuries of history. As we wandered we listened to the tales about the sinister deeds and tragic ends of the figures who once walked the streets—some of whom are believed to still wander as restless spirits. Here is just one of the tales. In the late 16th century, a nobleman called Loredan fell in love and married the Doge’s niece. He was a horribly jealous man who accused his wife of adultery. He chased her from their home with a sword, and ended up beheading her. As punishment, the Doge ordered Loredan to ... read more

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Venice October 30th 2019

In the morning, onto a late train, and arriving in Venice, ITALY. To get to the hotel, a water bus is taken a couple of stops. Such a unique city made up of 118 little islands, with streets of canals and passage by 400 bridges. The GPS has a terrible time. This City of Water is thought to have been the first international finance center created in the 9th Century. Today, over tourism is creating severe problems for Venice’s ecosystem, and UNESCO considered adding the city to the “In-Danger” list in 2017. One of the huge issues is cruise ships which drop off 30,000 sight seers per day. The City Council’s solution is to charge day visitors an access fee to reduce the city maintenance cost on Venice residents. This is expected to be implemented in ... read more
On the Grand Canal
Rialto Bridge

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