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Europe » Italy » Veneto » Venice July 1st 2018

The benefits of being Europe based is popping over to Venice on an hour flight from Geneva. Murray having just returned from a work trip to Algeria, stayed in the airport to meet us for our flight out, poor him! Venice is definitely one for the bucket list. We were impressed with how clean Venice was, as often European cities are not. We stayed on the main Island (45mins from the airport, 27 euro return trip ferry per person) which was great as everything we wanted to do was within 20 minutes walking from our accommodation. On the first day we wandered the maze like streets, often getting stuck at canals, having to locate a bridge to get over them. It was very hot and we did have a moment of 'what were we thinking doing ... read more
More Burano building photo fun
More gelato, more fun backdrops

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Venice June 25th 2018

June 20 our Overseas Adventure Travel group left Brixen and rode to Bassano del Grappa, where fierce battles were fought in WWI, and also the site, during WWII, of a massacre of partisans who revolted against the Nazis. Dozens were hung on trees (now designated with plaques) or shot by firing squad. We met and had a talk with a member of the Alpini, skilled mountaineers who originally had the job of defending the northern Italian border and who now perform peacekeeping missions around the world. They are recognizable by their felt hats with a black feather - very dashing. Sadly, this was our last stop as a group, and we said goodbye after a relaxing veal dinner accompanied by a duet (16 and 21 years old!) performing jazz on piano and saxophone. Now Wayne and ... read more
Row of trees commemorating heroes in Bassano
A member of the Alpini, with characteristic hat
At the Bridge of Sighs in Venice

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Venice June 19th 2018

Monday June 18 was my 65thbirthday and I had the pleasure of celebrating the event with my wife in Venice. We spent Monday and Tuesday in Venice the beautiful city of canals and history. Monday morning, we hit the bus and first headed to Verona, the fabled city of Romeo and Juliette. Sorry to spoil the story but there was no real Romeo and Juliette and therefore the was no balcony from which Romeo wooed the young Juliette. The story goes that one day the sleepy town of Verona was looking for a way to cash in on the story. So out of the blue they chose a particular house that was near the center plaza and claimed this was the fabled house of the story. The location was perfect, right near the city center, the ... read more
Verona Coliseum
Food Artist
Bridge of Sighs, Venice

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Venice May 30th 2018

May 30, 2018 Today we left beautiful Lake Bled in Slovenia and traveled to Italy. I really wish I had more time in Slovenia. I read the section in my Rick Steves travel book about the Julian Alps (named for Julius Ceasar) which are in the NW part of Slovenia. This area is very close to the Italian and Austrian borders and had many battles during WWII. And it seems to be very beautiful too. Before I move on to discussing Italy I want to say a few things about Croatia & Slovenia. I always felt safe there, it's clean, the only graffiti I saw was in Split and Ljubljana, the people were always nice, never rude, and the places we visited were beautiful. Cars always stopped to let us cross the roads (not so in ... read more
Building in Trieste, Italy
Building in Trieste, Italy
Fountain in the square in Trieste

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Venice May 28th 2018

When last I wrote I was coming down with a cold. So I was laid low for a couple of days. The real disappointment was missing my tour of Montenegro. From all reports the countryside was beautiful, the people welcoming and the food and wine were delicious. Since it was chilly and drizzling when we entered Venice I also bagged the gondola ride. Ever since I watched a cruise ship sail into Venice I have wanted to experience it and I wasn’t disappointed. We passed the Moses project that is almost completed and , it is hoped, will help protect the city from the Alta Agua, the high tides that flood the city. Then we sailed by the Lido, playground for the Venetians who want to enjoy the sun and sand. We passed by the entrance ... read more

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Venice May 23rd 2018

The bed in the hotel was a bit to soft so we did not sleep as good in as past nights, but still slept from exhaustion. Breakfast was not included with this room, but they did have in room coffee, well it was Nescafe so if you call that coffee. I made a pot for us and showered. The first stop of the day was to drop of laundry. We have started doing this the last several trips so we don’t have to pack as much. We still pack a lot, but socks and underwear are cut in half because we drop of laundry half way through the trip. Since we knew exactly where we were going it did not take long to accomplish this task. The place is run by a mother daughter, so we ... read more
Doge Palace
Venice Rush Hour
Basilica di S Marco

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Venice May 22nd 2018

We woke up to a slow persistent drizzle, it was actually comforting. I got up showered, shaved and went down to breakfast. The breakfast was certainly the most elaborate on this trip so far. All kinds of fruit, breads, meats, scrambled eggs, soft boiled eggs, fresh yogurt, far too much to choose from. I ordered a cappuccino and had a nice breakfast. Christina was out shopping and Jerry was sleeping in. After breakfast, I headed out to the ATM, needed the umbrella as the drizzle was a bit heavier now. Without belaboring the point, let’s just say the ATM was a frustrating experience and I was not able to get any cash. Frustrated I walked back to the hotel. Jerry was just getting up so I did a bit of blogging (yes this is being typed ... read more
San Marco
Basilica di S Marco

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Venice May 6th 2018

Et oui, ce n'était pas prévu !!! mais quand j'ai vu sur la carte que Venise ne se trouvait qu'à 45km... je ne pouvais pas le rater même si nous avons déjà été là plusieurs fois... Il fait tellement beau, pourquoi ne pas se donner du bon temps ! C'est ainsi que nous avons trouvé un camping à Fusina et que de là un petit bâteau nous menait le lendemain matin à Venise même... On a repris nos jambes à notre cou et nous voilà à nouveau à Venise tout en essayant de ne pas passer tout le temps devant ce que nous avions déjà vu d'autres fois. Inutile de penser à visiter St Marc à l'intérieur ni le palais des Doges, nous l'avions fait et il y avait tant de gens devant qu'on aurait pu ... read more

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Venice May 4th 2018

Our first interesting stop in Italy was at the fortress town of Palmanova, a nine pointed star shaped fortress. While its larger design can only be seen from an aerial view, the huge fortifications and moats are pretty impressive from the ground. We arrived during the middle of a marathon, so after we walked into the centre of town, we mingled with the runners and walkers following the trails around the fortifications. Our next stop was a beach day at Bibione beach on the Mediterranean Sea. Riley got the chance to play in the sand with his cars and build sand castles. We all walked out to the end of the pier for lunch. We left in the early afternoon which allowed us to arrive in Venice early. We got one of the last parking spots ... read more
Aerial view of the star shaped fortress at Palmanova
Pier at Bibione beach
Arriving in Venice, Monte Dei Paschi Di Siena

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Venice March 14th 2018

Venice is surely one of the most Romantic cities in Europe. One of the most typical things you can do in Venice is a gondola ride. The channels of Venice are very picturesque and offer charming views of the city and allow you to access places that you couldn't on foot. If you want to participate in a gondola ride, make sure to download an accurate weather app that works abroad so you won't be surprised by rain or other unpleasant weather conditions. In this article, the ideas expressed are my own and I haven't received any compensation for it.... read more

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