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Europe » Greece » Ionian Islands » Kefalonia September 16th 2022

Yay! We’re at a pier! And beside the elite yachts. Bus tour today starts with a trip to a small museum. It commemorates life in Argostoli before the earthquake in 1953 that decimated the town. Most of the artifacts were collected when the damaged buildings were excavated for rebuilding. Second stop is to the underground lake of Mellesani that was discovered when the roof collapsed. There are eels and fish and the depths are up to 200 feet. New bus driver? Off to another small village for lunch. After today we will have a sea day. Nice to be at sea on the last day. Time to get packed and prepare for the battle ahead. We get a bus shuttle from Ravenna to the airport at Venice. Elke FINALLY was reunited with her suitcase! It was ... read more
Mellesani Lake
New driver?
Lunch taverna

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Mykonos September 15th 2022

Today is a return visit to Mykonos with no excursion. A much more relaxed day. Trip into the village starts with a boat ride across the bay. ( not enough space at the pier) Shopping breakfast, shopping lunch… some drinks and back to the ship. Tomorrow Argostoli.... read more
Small shopping spaces

Europe » Greece » Attica » Athens September 14th 2022

Today is screaming hot again and we are heading out to do some mountain climbing. The Acropolis! Once again it is very hot and humid. We have over 200 steps to deal with in order to see the ancient ruins. Some of the splendour is stolen because of the repair work that needs to be done but that just the luck of the draw. It will take some magic to remove the scaffolding….. (wink) Our tour guide gave us tons of info but in all honesty I will have to do some research in order to remember it all. After some water on the way back down we head to a restaurant for lunch and then a panoramic drive around Athens. Every traffic light is like the start of a race. Crossing the road you take ... read more

Europe » Greece » Ionian Islands September 13th 2022

Today we get to see Corfu Greece! It is HOT! The excursion today is a Food on foot tour. Mainly a fishing village but now its main industry is tourism. Most of these towns we visit have multiple cruise ships in port each day. Today there seems to be only 3 ships. We are guided to different shops to sample liqueurs and sweets that are local. Limoncello, candied almonds, kumquat liqueur and brittles. Streets are paved in marble and we are always warned about them being slick. Every corner is packed with gift shops, taverns or clothing stores. Lunch at a “taverna” and then back to the ship. Tomorrow Athens!... read more
Corfu street
Too many choices!
Shopping everywhere

Europe » Montenegro September 12th 2022

Today we are on a coach ride into the interior of Montenegro. The winding road goes thru, according to the guide, 25 corners. We would refer to them as switchbacks and we counted about 36. Some passengers had a tough time with the steep drops and lack of guardrails at the side of the road. Spectacular vistas! Stopping at a small village for food, drink and some quick shopping. As we boarded the bus after lunch, there was an incident where we had to deal with a stowaway. Lots of offers from our group to take him home. You may have noticed a feature that is missing. The world map is no longer available thru Travelblog since Google has decided to charge for its use. Back on to the ship. Tomorrow we visit Corfu, Greece... read more
top deck of ship
Brilliance of the Seas
Climbing higher

Europe » Italy » Emilia-Romagna September 10th 2022

We get to board a shuttle that will take us to the train station in Ravenna. There are a lot of cruise passengers who take the trains rather than fly. Directions were fairly easy, one main street to the main square all others laid out on a square grid. We found a café and got 2 double cappuccinos to get our energy level up. Also got 2 stuffed croissants. Since it is Sunday the entire city was closed (????) churches included. What? Streets were deserted which was a nice change. However our main purpose was clothes shopping for Elke. No luggage yet! Total epic failure by Air Canada. We managed to find a square and discovered a crowd gathering. After talking with a Carbinieri Federali, we find that today is the 701 anniversary of the death ... read more
Closed church on a Sunday???
Main square

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia September 9th 2022

Back to Croatia again! We are going to see some GoT sights where the series was filmed. The bus took us to the Fort Klis built on the side of a mountain. Ray and Elke made a wise choice to stay behind in a bar while Cindy and I decided to trek up the steep hill to view the fort. Spectacular vistas as we were climbing, showing the bay and the city of Split. It is difficult to imagine the actual scene that was shot in the various locations so I guess we will have to watch the series again. After the Fort we boarded the bus again to go walking in the harbour area and go thru the Diocletian palace. Also an area where scenes were filmed in particular where the dragons were chained up. ... read more
Start the climb
View from wall
Spectacular view

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Mykonos September 8th 2022

Shore excursion today is into Mykonos, the windy city. We were tendered again. City was built around fishing and shipping trade from all points in the east. Like Santorini it has been conquered by many empires all the way back to the Venetians. Our guide Nektarios ( a truly Greek name) had us walk from the pier to our bus. The bus ride took us to a farm winery. Impressive since it sits on only 10 acres. The tasting was well done describing the process of making wine and the science behind it. We tried a white, a rose and a red and to our surprise we both liked the rose the best! Back on the bus to go back thru the narrow roads into the old city. The narrow streets, according to Nektarios, were built ... read more
Mykonos shoreline
Mykonos streets
Mykonos maze

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Venice September 8th 2022

After many hours of frantic phone calls we have gotten tickets to get to Venice. Air Canada saved the day while Expedia just washed their hands and told us they couldn’t help us. Route is Toronto to Montreal then on to Venice. The issue is we have 40 minutes to connect In Montreal and 1 hour to get the shuttle from Venice to Ravenna (port city where the cruise ship is) Note: cruise ships aren’t allowed in Venice any more. We get to the airport without a hitch! It’s all downhill from here. The 1 hour flight to Montreal was fairly smooth and after landing we were told that we can’t get the plane to the gate because it is blocked by another plane. (a storm in the Ottawa area) It should only be 15 minute ... read more

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Santorini September 7th 2022

Day 3 at Sea Day 4 Santorini, Greece. Without luggage still (well you can’t expect them to deliver at sea) We arrive at Santorini, probably one of the most iconic scenes in Greece. It doesn’t seem right since it has only been popular for 60 years. Considering the Acropolis and Zeus’ temple and other ancient ruins have been in existence for over 2,000 years. We start with a bus tour and a stop at a winery for a tasting. Wine was ok. Drove around the island and then embarked for our hike thru the town. Very steep hills, narrow streets all painted white. With 7 cruise ships in port and a small town the streets were jammed. Line up for a chance to take a picture. Ray and Cindy were going to take the cable car ... read more
Wine tasting
View from winery, ships in harbour

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