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Europe » Spain » Canary Islands » Tenerife March 27th 2018

Day 12 Today’s port is Santa Cruz in Tenerife (Canary Islands). Our tour is called “The best of Tenerife” The coach was the first one out and with a full load. The MAN coach was 40 feet long with 52 seats. I now have a true appreciation for DeNure Tours luxury coaches and emphasis on leg room. This coach is meant for tiny people. Spanish law states that you must have your seat belts on. It didn’t matter much to me because I was wedged in so tight that if there was an accident they were going to have to use the jaws of life to get me out. Driving along the coast, the tour guide, Laura was a full length movie that was talking constantly about flora, fauna, history, language and economics. Our first stop ... read more
Rest area
El Teide
Cable car stop at top

Europe » Portugal » Madeira March 27th 2018

Rest of pictures because of bad internet connection.... read more
Mercedes taxis
More switchbacks & tunnels

Europe » Portugal » Madeira March 24th 2018

Island of Madeira & Sea day The endurance test today is on the island of Madeira and in particular the town of Funchal. The bus takes us on a winding road (they are all winding – not possible to make a straight one) through the mountains to villages and scenic lookouts. At the first lookout we were treated to Poncha a local drink made from rum, lemon and orange juice. Not likely to find this at the LCBO. The weather cooperated and was sunny and warm all day. We stopped in Camara des Lobos for some free time so we found a café beside the church (it is amazing how many churches and cathedrals are here). We had coffee and another pastel de nata. A warm custard tart with a flaky pastry and topped with a ... read more
City below
Cliff from a distance
Cliff HDR

Europe » Spain » Canary Islands March 20th 2018

Day 10 – another really lazy day at sea. I finally got my massage and Elke was playing trivia with Val & Derek from Wales. More drinks. Day 11 – Landed at Las Palmas in the Gran Canaria Island. (nothing to do with the bird – it comes from the Latin word for dog. It is believed that when the Romans arrived they saw the fur seals which they called sea dogs) This tour takes us to a family run vineyard and orchard high in the mountains in the interior of the island. The oranges were in blossom and the air was filled with their aroma. When you stood in the orchard there was a constant buzzing noise from the bees. We were treated to 3 of their wines a red, a rose and a white ... read more
Climbing the mountain
Coffee beans
Orange blossom

Africa » Morocco » Rabat-Salé-Zemmour-Zaer March 18th 2018

Day 8 & 9 8 is a sea day sailing from Barcelona to Casablanca. Booked a massage (Elke’s was good). Went for a hot tub. Only crazy Canadians will go into a hot tub in cool weather with a gale force wind blowing. Played scrabble and went for dinner to the buffet restaurant (we had never done that). Elke had Cioppino which wasn’t quite as good as the Pelican Club in New Orleans. 9 we are up early for a tour of Casablanca and the capitol Rabbat. The tour guide spoke to us only in Arabic for a good 10 minutes until some people started asking for English. Nuri the guide answered in English that this was the Arabic tour. Best part of the tour. Bus headed for the King’s Palace. I have very little internet ... read more
Andalusion Gardens
Carpet auction

Europe » Spain March 16th 2018

Day 6 & 7 - Today is a quiet day after the 12 km hike thru the sections of Barcelona. Wandered thru the Gothic quarter and the Jewish quarter. Tiny shops hidden in each of the narrow streets. All sorts of shops that sell souvenirs, Bogadio’s (sandwiches) meats , fruits and lots of small restaurants. As we were shopping I heard a loud crowd over a couple of streets. Decided to wander over there and found Placa Reiyal. A square surrounded by restaurants and pubs. The noise was coming from Jimmy’s pub where a group of Chelsea supporters had gathered to get ready for the evenings match between Chelsea and Barcelona in the second leg of the Champions League playoffs. We located a nice bar that had tapas and sat down to be entertained by the ... read more
Placa Reiyal
Noisy fans over there
Jo & Steven

Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Barcelona » Barcelona March 13th 2018

Barcelona - Day 5 - Sagrada Familia & Antoni Gaudi's buildings. Our walking and bus tour today is all about Gaudi. I realized as I viewed his work that I had to put it into context. Gaudi was born in 1852 and lived until 1926. His architecture designs and concepts were so advanced that he would be considered a visionary if he brought the same designs out in 2018. You would be hard pressed to find another person that has designed 7 buildings that have been declared UNESCO World Heritage Sites. His design style is described as Modernism using most natural materials he could find. The most dominant part of his designs involved trancadis (broken glass) where he would design mosaics from broken glass and ceramics and re-purpose them. Gaudi's portion of Sagrada began in 1883 ... read more
Passion Facade
Christ carrying the cross.

Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Barcelona » Barcelona March 12th 2018

Lisbon to Barcelona - Day 4. Leaving Lisbon for Barcelona with a smooth flight and in business class. Now that's nice way to travel. Here's the wierd thing.... checking baggage would cost $100.00 - while an upgrade to first class costs..... Yep $100.00 AND you get a light meal and all of the drinks you want. Out of 6 seats there were only 3 of us??? (one guy even tried to sneak into the first class area) We found our hotel in the Gothic Quarter around the corner from the Cathedral of Barcelona. This building was raised in the 13th century but they were using it as a religious center from 343 AD. The roof is under renovation so I had a chance to go up and get pictures from the metal walkway of the top ... read more
View of alter with crypt below
Full length of Cathedral
Spectacular view from roof

Europe » Portugal » Lisbon & Tagus Valley » Lisbon March 11th 2018

Lisbon Day 3 - today's walking tour will be an endurance test. More hills than San Francisco (at least it seems that way). We left the hotel and headed for THE square to meet out tour. You must be very specific not only about which square but which statue in the Square. Every other block has a square and they all have statues and sometimes more than one. We started the tour with a climb ( as it turns out the same climb as the one we had going to dinner last night) this brought us to the top of the elevator with spectacular views of Lisbon. Timed perfectly in between bursts of rain, we walked back down through newer area to head over to the old part of the city. The difference between old and ... read more
The elevator
At the top
Seaside view

Europe » Portugal » Lisbon & Tagus Valley » Lisbon March 10th 2018

Portugal Day 2 - Knights Templar (Order of Christ) Castle & Church A little back ground story is necessary.... The Knights Templar as we know them today were an army created, jointly by the Kings of Europe and the Pope to protect pilgrims that were travelling to the Holy Land . They evolved into THE elite fighting force of that period. They also acquired many riches and artifacts (allegedly such as the Holy Grail and The Ark of the Covenant) which is part of the reason for their demise. The Pope(s) and King of France did not like that they had become so powerful so on October 13, 1307 (this is where the bad luck of Friday the 13th comes from) they were declared to be Heretics and were all arrested to end the Knights Templar.... ... read more
Convent of Christ

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