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Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Fife April 30th 2017

Day 4 Kingdom of Fife and Beltane Fire Festival A quick breakfast and we are off to the Kingdom of Fife. Once across the Forth river we hug the coast and travel thru tine little towns. Stopped at Aberdour Castle hoping for a quick breakfast at the tea shop but sadly it was closed. Wandering thru the castle grounds we once again found St. Finnans church. Sunday service was about to start and I got to hear the choir practicing. Absolutely wonderful sound. Many of the parishioners were asking us to join in their service but since we were pressed for time we had to decline. Back in town we found the Woodside hotel had scones and coffee.. perfect. Away again along the coast. Heading this time for Anstruther…. FISH & CHIPS!!!! This place always has ... read more
Woodside Restaurant
Anstruther Fish & Chips
Deep Fried Haggis

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Midlothian » Edinburgh April 28th 2017

Day 2 Rosslyn Chapel & Edinburgh Today is essentially a travel day. We are having issues getting the cell phone to data roam (live maps), the GPS in the car is difficult (being polite) voltage converter failed. So, getting a live map and / or using google maps directions are making things challenging. Thankfully we have been here before so we are both referring to land marks. First stop is Rosslyn Chapel was built as the St. Clair family place of worship in the 1400’s. Construction was started and stopped multiple times depending on the health of the head of the family. During this period of time in southern Scotland there were not many places of worship so Rosslyn became very popular and the Catholic Church turned it into a teaching church (kirk in Scot’s). Then ... read more
Rosslyn Chapel
Gargoyle roof drain
Rosslyn Castle Ruins

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Midlothian » Penicuik April 28th 2017

Scotland 2017 – Magical Land Day 1 With a smooth 6 hour plane ride we had a graceful landing into sunshine. What? I even got some nice video of the landing itself. Maneuvered thru the airport to collect our rental van and out into the land of unicorns. Okay so here the niceties stop. Google Maps have brutal directions and we will not be using that process again. After a couple of U-turns thru the roundabouts we found the Falkirk Wheel. Unlike the lift locks that are familiar to us, the Wheel moves 2 boats in opposite directions connecting the series of canals. Weather is 13 degrees and sunny with a little bit of clouds. OK now we are off to try and find the only point on our itinerary that Samantha doesn’t know about. Google ... read more
Sam & Harris Hawk (Brennan)
Sam & Owl

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland April 19th 2017

We are 8 days away from another journey to the HIGHLANDS!! Ah yes the heather, haggis and whiskey! Let me know if you want to unsubscribe. Just testing to make sure all the emails are right.... read more

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Cozumel November 19th 2016

Today we are in Cozumel for a day of shopping and then our last day at sea. We wandered into the shopping area just off of the cruise port pier which is like a rats maze with no direction signs. After visiting a LOT of stores we finally decided to find something to drink and went to hunt down a Senor Frogs. Shouldn't be that hard to find one, they have at least one in every port city in Mexico. Found the Senor Frogs and had 2 LARGE margaritas with an appetizer platter and a tortilla soup. They have a Guaco Mobile cart that makes the guacamole table side and is really good. This an insane place with dancing waiters, a clown making balloon hats and a wicked sound system. Went back to the ship and ... read more
tough to see this when it is 81 degrees
shopping, shopping, shopping
a convertible horse

North America » Mexico November 18th 2016

Another early start by loading the bus for a 2 hour driver to Mayan ruins north west of Cost Maya. Thankfully this was a half decent newer bus with great air conditioning and a smooth ride. The tour guide Letti gave us an abundance of info as we drove along about the Mayan culture and language. I really should start to record these guides, I can’t remember a lot of the info that they pass along. Spectacular ruins at Kohunlich. Actual Mayan name has been lost but when the archaeologist came to the area he named it Kohun ridge. The locals couldn’t pronounce the “R” in ridge so it became known as Kohunlich. While the Aztecs were known for their astrology the Mayans not so much but they did find 2 of the temples lined up ... read more
Kohun tree
Sun Temple

Central America Caribbean » Honduras » Western November 16th 2016

We woke up to rain this morning which is a first in all the years we have been cruising in the Caribbean. We disembarked the ship & met up with our tour group for the Tabyana Beach and Snorkel Day. We were given the option of getting our money back & returning to the ship or continuing on with the tour even though the tour operator told us it would probably be raining on and ff all day. Of course we decided to carry on as did most of the others. It turned out to be a fun day ½ day on a beautiful beach with 85 degree water. Snorkeling was challenging with the waves and the visibility wasn’t great. Did some shopping back at the pier. Before dinner at a steakhouse we got an appetizer ... read more
Beautiful beach
Nice to be swimming in warm water again
Coral breakers

North America » United States » Florida November 14th 2016

We boarded the ship yesterday in Miami and had to find our way about the ship. A little disappointing compared to Celebrity. No one greeting us no champagne, no package options but they did have balloons around the staircase hand rails (????) Explored the ship as we waited for our luggage to make it’s way to our stateroom. So far we have found many differences from our previous cruising experience. Most are not good. We will have a full list at the end. We experienced a super moon at sea. No way to keep the curtains open at night for sleeping. Next day is a relaxing day at sea. Well it’s relaxing because we have no where to go. Trying to get a bed beside the pool, impossible. Getting in the pool – laughable. Breakfast at ... read more
Flying bridge
Ocean racer - Thriller
Pilot boat

North America » United States » Florida » Miami Beach November 13th 2016

We landed in Miami yesterday and found the Albion Hotel in South Beach. This hotel is smack in the middle of the art deco section of Miami Beach. We took a tour that drove us through the various districts of Miami with our guide Fabio. While the city is not all that old it has developed into very distinct areas that are quite visible as you drive around. The most prominent area is the Art Deco area that is now like New Orleans and other older cities that have a society that protects the buildings. While the interior of the buildings can be renovated the facades can't be touched. We also found the other districts fascinating, Little Havana, Coral Gables, Key Biscayne, Little Haiti, the Jungle Island, Coconut Grove and Brickell. After the bus tour we ... read more
Albion lobby
Traditional Cuban Sandwich

North America » United States » Florida » Orlando » Disney World July 10th 2016

So this is one of those planned down days where we could go to different places instead of the big parks. We were looking for some relief from the heat and chose a water park. Floating down the rapids was cooling especially getting out of the water. The wave pools however were so hot it was like swimming in soup. No relief at all. The next place we wanted to go to was the everglades. Not a swamp but an extremely large slow moving river. Nope. No escape from the heat here either. We were told that since the water levels were mismanaged in the spring there were very few areas for the gators to get up on the banks to sun themselves. Only saw the 1 gator.... read more
Dolphin dislplay

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