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As always.......Looking forward to another trip!

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Europe September 23rd 2017

Day 2 - The drive to Portsmouth continues We made another stop at about 2.30am. We agreed that a power nap would help. We set the alarm for4am. Ella slept, I certainly dozed and relaxed. At 4am, we were up and out. I noticed that it was a 2 hour parking eye! The last thing we need is a parking ticket! I drove for a further 2.5 hours before arriving at Portsmouth International Port. It was a great feeling to know that we had completed the first leg of our road trip, and arrived safely. We are really happy with the bans performance so far. Yes, it is a slow chugg, but it is also the nature of the beast! We queued for about an hour and a half to get on the ferry. It is ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » East Riding of Yorkshire » Hessle September 21st 2017

Preparation, preparation, Preparation! Nothing shocks me! It is actually happening! Ella and I are doing a road trip to Morocco! .....And so it begins.... We have managed to come by a converted camper van. It belonged to the father of a family friend, and now it is for sale. Ella has often talked about wanting one, but I'm not sure that she honestly believed she would actually get one! The deal was done on Sunday 6th August. It is a red LDV Convoy. It's a beast! It is actually 20 years old, but as we know it's full history, and the amazing skill set of its prior owner, we are confident that this is a great buy. The previous owner was a well known mechanic on the racing circuit; he also worked independently, restoring and building ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London March 15th 2017

It was an early start today. I was up and sorted by 6.30am. Ella has borrowed the Cli car to take me to Agadir to get the bus to Essouira. The bus leaves at 8am. I've allowed plenty of time for myself. I hate last minute rushing! Just before we left, we had a couple of last minute selfies, and a lovely last photo of the amazing view out of the salon window. There wasn't much traffic going to Agadir early in the morning, so we got there easy. Chakib checked my bag in for me inside the bus station, then as Ella and I were checking out my seat number.... I realised..... I had taken my glasses off for that final photo!!! Oh no.... I'm as blind as a bat without them! I decide that ... read more
Final look out of the salon window
Panoramic view
On the plane home

Africa » Morocco » Souss-Massa-Draâ » Agadir March 14th 2017

I woke early this morning, got up and made myself a Nespresso! Hmmm.... that is a luxury here! I'm so pleased that Ella bought herself the machine and milk aerator when she was home at Xmas. So pleased that o carried 100 Nespresso pods from U.K. this trip too; I'm benefiting from it now! The only issue was, I loaded the coffee pod, filled the milk aerator, pressed the button.... but forgot to place the cup! Doh! .... and restart! I had coffee in bed, then heard more movement in the apartment. Ella was pleased with herself, up, showered, and out for a run already! Then, another surprise, Chakib was up, showered, and going out to do business! Also going to get my return ticket to Essouira. Although Larsen at Cli Surf had said he would ... read more

Africa » Morocco » Souss-Massa-Draâ » Agadir March 12th 2017

Strangely, I feel like I had a late night last night, even though in reality, I didn't! I was up and about at about 7.45. I made a coffee, then took it back to my bedroom. I heard Ella stirring at about 8.15; she is going in to work for an hour or so this morning, just to help get the group, organised for their breakfast, and first day surfing. Chakib and I get an hours snooze time. We have instruction from Ella. Chakib will walk with me to buy my ticket to return to Essouira, the bus doesn't go all the way to the airport, so I can get off the bus, take lunch, then get a taxi to the airport. I already know the difference of the taxis! From Essouira, the red Peugeot said ... read more

Africa » Morocco » Souss-Massa-Draâ » Agadir March 11th 2017

Today I realised, that sickly feeling that I thought were nerves, before going to Chakib's Mums house, was not nerves! I did think it was strange, as it's not a usual reaction for me. My stomach was churning. I now realise that was the beginning of an upset stomach! Not realising that's what it was, I ate everything at dinner. I had enjoyed the meal, but when I got home, I wasn't well! My stomach wasn't feeling good! I tossed and turned throughout the night. I felt really sick. It wasn't until the next morning, Omg, I was so sick! But once it was all up, I did feel a bit better! Ella and Chakib went out surfing, I stayed in bed. I am having a water only day today. I didn't leave the house for ... read more
The new clay barbecue
Food ready!
Black snapper for the barbeque

Africa » Morocco » Souss-Massa-Draâ » Agadir March 11th 2017

I woke up to the noise of someone walking around, it was about 7.15. I took this as my cue to get up and out for Ella and Chakib's early morning surf. I wanted to go too, as I enjoyed the beach walk yesterday, so decided I would do it again today. I jumped up and got dressed, we can all get showered on our return, before breakfast. All dressed, sporting the new, disgustingly lilac, flip flops, I called to Ella, to check they are going, "We are thinking about it!", was her reply. So I laid back on the bed, and snoozed! It was only for ten to fifteen minutes, the we were out the door and in the road. Ella drove, although my heart is in my mouth a lot of the time, I ... read more
Family dinner in Agadir at Chakib's mums house

Africa » Morocco » Souss-Massa-Draâ » Agadir March 9th 2017

So much for not blogging! Today we were up and out by about seven. Ella and Chakib are going out for an early surf at Crocco. It's a small bay near to Devil's rock. They are surging, I'm watching ... with coffee, well, that's the plan. Ella is test driving her potential new surf board. It feels good to be out and about early. I got seated at the cliff top, but after watching many people setting off down the beach for the morning walk, I felt a tinge of guilt day doing nothing! Eventually, the guilt got the better of me, I decided to join the walkers! I even threw in a few stretches at the half way point! Intermittently, I was watching Ella and Chakib in the waves. Chakib is giving Ella a lesson, ... read more
Early morning surf
On our way to Paradise Valley

Africa » Morocco » Souss-Massa-Draâ » Agadir March 9th 2017

Day 5 - An easy day This morning has been enjoyed at a very slow pace. Ella made a good, healthy and hearty breakfast. Chakib had gone into Agadir on business; Ella, Christina and I are simply taking it easy. I did my washing, hung it out in the blazing sun on the roof terrace. We set out for the beach at 12.15.!! As I take more easy days, I'm not going to do the blog, as it's pointless. Just be assured, I am well relaxed, comfortable, well fed, and enjoying the quality time. If things change, and I do anything different, I'll let you know. ... read more
Ella Dolittle!

Africa » Morocco » Souss-Massa-Draâ » Agadir March 7th 2017

I always seem to wake up before anyone else! I was awake at 7.30 this morning, but was conscious that everyone else was still sleeping! I tried to stay in bed for longer, so as not to wake them, but I do find that difficult! I got up a second time, I made a coffee, and took it back to my bed. I watched Taboo on my iPad for a while, then heard Ella get up. We chatted a while, then she took me upstairs to show me their roof terrace. It's an amazing panoramic view of Tamraght; taking in Taghazout to one side, some houses lower down, then Devil's Rock, the beach, and the sea rolling out as far as the eye can see. The apartment is west facing, so it has a perfect ... read more

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