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Europe » Italy » Veneto » Venice October 18th 2014

It rained in Florence last night, so we took it pretty easy. We got up, got ready, and got a quick bite to eat. After our snack, we headed to the train station. About a 90 minute train ride later, we arrived in Venice. My first impression this time around is that it's so much more picturesque than I remembered it. I knew it was beautiful, but wow! I just didn't remember it being this beautiful. We got on the Vaporetto and headed over to our hotel that was about a block or so away from the Ponte Rialto. If any of you plan on going to Venice soon, I highly suggest staying in this area. It's close enough to get to St. Mark's square within a 5-10 minute walk, but close enough to the less ... read more

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Venice October 15th 2014

A travel day for us. Pulled up our tents, and headed for Venice. Along the way, we went from one side of the range of mountains, to the other, crossing a part of the lower Alps, the Apuan Alps. It was cloudy, so you could use your imagination on what the mountains would look like on a clear day, but none the less a good day for travel. Along the way we stopped for lunch at a farm house. This is a farm house that has been making Balsomic dressing, the real deal. It is regulated by a consortium very tightly. This farm has been making this in the family for 200 years. The 5th generation is now working the fields, and making this very tightly controled product. Acetaia Paltrinieri, in Sorbara. This isn't anything ... read more
Farm house where the family lives
Wash the grapes
Cook the juice, about 210F for several hours.

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Venice October 15th 2014

Today was a guided tour day in the morning, and a shop-till-you-drop day in the afternoon, also known as free-time. We were guided through the Doge's Palace, the prison where the bad boys were kept, went over the "Bridge of Sighs", saw St. Mark's Cathedral, the Duomo, as it is called. Some interesting things about this island. It is built in the middle of a lagoon. About 900 years ago, or more, they decided to pound tree trunks into the mud, with a mixture of sand and clay that hardened better than concrete. Now, of course, if you think about that, you should also think about what you put on top of those trees. Sometimes, that wasn't done. This was after the Roman Empire, so no Roman Engineering to help with structures. So, St. Mark's floor ... read more
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A highlight of Venice

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Venice October 7th 2014

I started off the day with boiled eggs, coffee, cereal, and fruit, We then took a walking tour of Venice. We visited the fish market in Pescheria. It was bustling early in the morning. They had lots of strange exotic fish, pasta, and fruits. You must ask permission before you take a photo. They also really do not like it if you are touching everything. We took a sort of Gondola ride over to St Mark's Square and viewed St. Mark's Basilica. A very beautiful church that is being restored. You must walk on tables to get through as the fear of floods is always around. We also viewed the Bridge of Sighs and Doge's Palace. Our group broke up. Some went to see Glass Blowing and Lace making at the 2 islands. I hung out ... read more

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Venice October 6th 2014

I flew in via Little Rock to Atlanta to Amsterdam to Venice. I was pretty drowsy and watched X-Men and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes on the way. I gathered my bags and headed to the currency exchange. I exchanged $400 American Dollars for around $250 Euros. I then took a bus to Venice. I got off and got lost for about 2-3 hours trying to find the getto (Jewish area). Searching for the Kosher House Giardino deii Melograni (hotel), I eventually called the group leader Andreas. He came and got me around San Marcado? I settled in and met the rest of the group (around 12). 2 Canadians, Australians, and one American (me). Venice was more bustling then I thought. There is a distinct smell to the city. I want to say almost ... read more

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Venice September 24th 2014

Ah Venice, the city of islands and canals, we finally made it. We caught a water taxi from the mainland over to the City and saw the main sights: St Marc's Square (Piazza San Marco), The Dodgers Palace, Bridge of Sighs, The Cathedral, Dandolo Palace and then we split up and wondered around the city.m My roommates and I found a gorgeous little cafe and tried some very scrumptious treats including cannoli (pastry with either: chocolate, cream, custard or jams in them) and it was delicious, and of course we tried the expresso. After our little morning tea snack we met up with the rest of the group and went to a glass-blowing and a lace demonstration. Apparently it takes 20 years to become a glass master! That's pretty much my life span so far! It ... read more

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Venice September 7th 2014

Our campsite is Camping Serennissima just outside Venice in Oriago it boasts a bus service both into Venice and into Padua from right outside its gates. It has a bar, a restaurant with a typically English style menu – in other words not very exciting and definitely not very Italian, a supermarket where I stocked up on essentials , a laundry room and reasonable showers. Reception was friendly and it seemed a whole lot quieter than Garda. We parked where we liked. Apparently it was quiet so there was no restriction on where you could go and we sat outside drinking wine and chilling out all afternoon. Tickets bought for the bus for Venice 2 euro 50 return and 8 euros return to Padua . We are ahead of ourselves . We planned to be here ... read more
Does it get any better ?
There is always something new to see
gnocci and formaggio

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Venice September 4th 2014

My dearest friends and family, I am terribly sorry for not having written in a while. Truly, I have been having so much fun that I simply did not make the time. Which I guess is a really good thing, but now I just have so much to write! I believe the last I wrote, I had just left Greece for Croatia, so that is where I will begin. On the evening of August 15th into the morning of the 16th I took the night bus back to Athens from Corfu. From Athens I flew into Dubrovnik with Jay. This was a very full day of travel. I arrived in Athens at 6 am, but my flight didn't leave for Croatia until noon! What a boring wait indeed. I couldnt even go past security or anything ... read more

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Venice August 27th 2014

Hello and welcome to an extra ordinary blog post. Extra ordinary only in the respect that it comes two weeks after my last one, and not the usual six weeks….. I will let the pictures do the vast majority if the talking on this post because Italy really is a very photogenic place (although I admit, I have only visited very photogenic places). My plans were changed slightly due to my driving licence not arriving when I predicted, but combine Royal Mail and the Italian Postal service and things were never going to go to plan. But this delay allowed me to visit Venice, which I must admit was well, well, worth the detour. From tomorrow onwards though I am back on plan, picking up my little hire car and heading to the Alps. Should be ... read more

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Venice July 18th 2014

Today I went on a gondola. It was beautiful. There are 409 bridges in Venice and only 4 on the grand canal which is the mane river in Venice. In Venice there are no cars only boats. Venice is a city By the sea. Instead of cars they have boats. Their roads are rivers.... read more
Me and mum
View from the gondola

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