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Europe » Italy » Veneto » Venice June 2nd 2014

It is hard to believe that we were actually in Venice! The best part of Venice is just being there. Just soaking up the atmosphere. We didn't really do anything special just walked around the city. We must have walked 15 miles. We immediately got lost, found our way, and then got lost again. It really is easy to do in that city. At one point of the day we were sitting on steps beside a canal looking at a map trying to figure out where we were. Along came a gondola with a guy singing Ol Sole Mio. Now that is pure Italy! There were three cruise ships in town so the crowds were thick. But in spite if the crowds we thoroughly enjoyed the city. This was our last day in Italy. And our ... read more
A canal
The Grand Canal

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Venice June 1st 2014

Off to the boat today and on the way bought some great chocolate to take home and arrived at the cruise terminal about 1.00pm and finally boarded around 2.30pm. So we chucked the bags in the room and went exploring, it’s a really big boat, bigger than a big thing. We found the food places, the pools, the bars, there are dozens of those and generally got a feel for how to get around. It is off to Bari tomorrow and we are due to arrive there around noon. Went to dinner at the 9.00pm sitting and met our future dinner partners who we Pedro from Miami, Bruno from Portugal originally currently in the USA and Chris and Heather from Delaware in USA. All in all a great bunch and we all got on well.... read more
MSC Fantastia & Costa Magica
Aqua Park
Tropici Pool

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Venice May 30th 2014

Last day in Venice until the time to board the cruise ship comes around, so we went off to find Harrys bar, a very famous bar located on the front of the Grand Canal and have a beer. Well we found it and they would not let us in! They didn’t serve beer (hang on your Harrys BAR!) and I had to have longs and a collar, disappointment 1 for the day. We headed off in the direction of the Accademia Bridge as I wanted to see the Accademia Museum as it has some very old valuable art from the likes of Tinterretto, Belini etc but they wanted 16e just to enter so that was a bit of a disappointment as I was not prepared to spend that amount to see a couple of old paintings, ... read more
Venice Window

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Venice May 30th 2014

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Venice May 13th 2014

Our last day of cruising today L We had a relaxing morning while Em had her last morning with the kids club then lunch on board while we sailed slowly through the entrance to the port of Venice and made our way through the city to the cruise terminal. We had one last swim in the pool then cleaned up and went ashore at about 4pm. The masses had begun to clear the city and the locals were beginning to come out. It was lovely to see the other side of Venice – people shopping for their dinner, a fresh produce market stall on a boat selling along the side of the canal and lots of kids all playing in the piazzas. As Em had a nap on my back, we walked all the way back ... read more

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Venice May 12th 2014

Het is ogenschijnlijk een eeuwigheid geleden dat ik nog iets 'gepost' heb... Bijna een jaar! Sommigen onder jullie zullen wel gedacht hebben dat ik er de brui aan gaf. Maar niets is minder waar (hoewel ik (h)eerlijkheidshalve moet toegeven dat de gedachte heel even bij me opkwam...) . Een lang weekendje Venetië is steeds geweldig genietbaar. Overwegend mooi weer, zonder dat het te heet is, lekker eten en drinken, je onderdompelen in de sfeer... Veel litteraire inspiratie had ik wel niet maar ik wil jullie enkele kiekjes van Venetië niet onthouden. Zet een vleugje taliaanse barokmuziek op en droom dat je verwaalt in de steegjes van de Cannaregio of Castello... Tot binnenkort... vanuit verdere oorden :) :) :)... read more
Venetie 2014-5
Venetie 2014-8
Venetie 2014-12

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Venice May 12th 2014

Our last sea day today and Em was excited because the kids club would be back open. We had breakfast together in the main restaurant then mum was scheduled to do the "On Deck for a Cause" walk. This is basically a self-sponsored walk supporting several cancer foundations around the world. 9 laps of the boat makes 5km and Em even joined in for a lap. Afterwards, we signed her in to the kids club for the morning as she had been begging to go back. Relaxing with a cuppa, the morning seemed to evaporate and after lunch Em wanted to go straight back to the kids club. While she played, we watched a movie and then picked her up and went for a swim in the pool. We had not been to any of the ... read more
Fun times..?

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Venice May 3rd 2014

Sea day toady… so Mel had a massage/facial and I had a haircut. Em was begging to go back to the kids club so we signed her in and she ran off with a couple of other kids already there. It’s a bit like day care and we are not allowed to stay with her… we didn’t really know what to do with ourselves so we went and had a cuppa on the deck. About an hour later we picked her up for lunch and she didn’t want to leave! After lunch we wandered around a bit but it was still raining so the open decks were a bit cold and windy. Em was just wanting to go back to the kids club anyway so we signed her back in and had a lazy afternoon.... read more
Our stateroom

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Venice May 2nd 2014

Pack up and clean up then head for the shopping centre we found on the way in to buy Em some dress shoes - otherwise it’s grubby pink boots with her beautiful dress to the formal nights on the boat! Some black knee high’s with gold bows were the ticket so we headed off to find the parking where our car will be staying while we’re cruising. Of course it began to pour with rain just as we were leaving so it was a bit of a hairy drive but we found it with only a couple of double-backs… Free transfer to the port and we were checking in. Just as we remembered from the last Holland America cruise, the boat is lovely and laid out almost the same so we even knew our way around ... read more
The Kids Club taxi

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Venice May 1st 2014

We managed to get out the door by about 9:30am and went to find somewhere to buy bus tickets… tabacchiera – closed… train it is! Over to the train station and it is chaos. There is very little information even for locals to work out what trains to get on or where to get your tickets. We were in line at the ticket machines when a man in uniform told us this was for the regional trains and that the local train tickets were available from the newspaper shop. We found it and managed to get tickets… now, which train? We just got on one that was headed for Venice central and it must have been the right one because half of Italy was trying to get on too! As we squeezed into the train, there ... read more

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