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Europe » Italy » Veneto » Venice November 24th 2017

My mum told me that the best way to arrive at Venice is via water, so I did that; not because I listen to my Mum (lol at the thought!) but because it turned out to be the cheapest route. Glyn bought advance return tickets for the water shuttle service with Alilaguna for €25 each and the boats were moored outside Marco Polo Airport just like a bus station. Lucky for us, our boat was just about to leave and so we stepped down inside the bowels of the packed passenger area where we all sat beneath window level and had to risk standing if we wanted to look outside. The boat was small, holding around 20 passengers all facing inwards and twisting uncomfortably to try and get a first peek of Venice. Crossing the lagoon ... read more
Cat painting in Venice
Sunset arriving at Venice
View from plane just before arriving at Marco Polo airport

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Venice October 17th 2017

our last few hours in Italy and Venice started with a good breakfast in our room of toast and the last of our jar of apricot jam we bought in Sorrento and an instant coffee, packed our bags , showered and went for a walk around a rather foggy Venice for an hour and a bit had another coffee at a cafe with some pastries from a bakery for morning tea and then back to our room said good-buy to Venice and boarded a boat for the airport only a 30 min ride and now we sit at the airport waiting for our departure in about 40mins we have had a great time away really enjoyed our time with Donna-may and Steve and Pat and Pete and Laura and James in Israel, really strengthened our faith ... read more

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Venice October 17th 2017

Early start, train to Venice at 8.25, train not as busy as I thought it would be and only €9 per ticket. Plan was to go to our accommodation, dump bags & head into Venice.......missed our stop went straight to Venice just left our bags in the luggage hold in station no problemo!!! Had a lovely omelette in a street cafe and just wondered the lovely narrow streets, we did see a queue of people waiting to go into a building after asking a lady what they were waiting for and being told it was go o to a viewing platform we sort of tagged on and joined the tour, views were lovely although mist was quite low. While sitting by the grand canal we met a lovely couple from Oxford so we sat chatting to ... read more

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Venice October 16th 2017

up this morning at 630 and made Esther a coffee in bed must be the romantic air of venice however it was only an instant coffee but it was in bed, anyway enoubh of the romance we had breakfast of toast and jam and another instant coffee Nescafe by the way, and headed off for the train station to retrieve our painting when we arrived we found they were already open and in the process of cleaning the car and the painting was still inside Whew !! that painting cost us 60 bucks !! back on the train to Venice and we are looking around venice by 930am which mainly consists of looking in shops and pushing past the crowds with the occasional look at a bridge or a dirty waterway the way this place is ... read more

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Venice October 15th 2017

woke up this morning to the sound of water lapping against our bedroom wall so we opened the curtains and the shutters an admired the lake before getting out of bed, once up we went and had our complimentary breakfast overlooking the Lake of scrambled eggs and various pastries with Jam and Nuttella which is everywhere here in Italy. we packed our bags and started off for Venice, but first a quick 1 hour boat ride from Varenna which should have been 80 euro but his card machine wouldnt work so he accepted 70 which was all the cash we had. we drove the boat across the lake to Menagio and followed the shore down to Tremezzo across to Bellagio and back to Varenna there are a lot of fancy houses right on the water that ... read more

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Venice October 5th 2017

Hello, I'm back, Two long days in Venice. We didn't get back to the hotel till 9:30 last night. We had another day planned but need to get ready for our flight to Israel early tomorrow morning. I believe I took more than 400 images plus video clips so I think it will be enough. Road a lot of water buses, walked a lot of streets and alleys. Got lost 😆 part of what you do. Had a map, not a lot of help except for figuring out the water bus routes. We are tired today. So trying to catch up on mail etc. Here are some images over the last 2 days. Tues. was cloudy and hazy. Yesteray nicer. remember to click on the image to enlarge them a little. ps: sorry I can't put ... read more

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Venice October 2nd 2017

Venice I arrived at Venice’s Santa Lucia railway station just before noon. I came out of the station to be confronted with two facts. Facing a canal, I realised navigation is not quite as easy as being on one land mass. The second, the somewhat abrupt realisation that Venice was in fact created before all that politically correct and thoughtful stuff like access to places via ramps, etc…… Yes, I know, I packed my case, I should be able to manage it. But for goodness sake, does Venice really need that many steps…. Every bridge, steps… (I tell a lie, one actually had a type of ramp on it and two had a section with shorter steps that were rounded.) Then my favourite technology, google maps got confused as to where I was and sent me ... read more

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Venice September 29th 2017

We had some unfinished big ticket items from our last visit to Venice back in 2011. We started out early in order to try and avoid the crowds of tourists that frequent St Mark’s Square, and made our way by Vaporetto to San Marco, which is where the Doge’s Palace is located. The palace was the residence of the Doge of Venice, the supreme authority of the former Republic of Venice. The first Doge’s Palace was built in the 9th century, and was rebuilt several times down through the centuries due to fire destroying the structure. The current gothic structure was commenced around 1340. The Palace was the heart of the political life and public administration of the Venetian Republic. Therefore, when the Republic fell in 1797, its role inevitably changed. Venice was firstly subjected to ... read more

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Venice September 28th 2017

We commenced our day by taking a walking tour of Venice. Our trusty guide was a young Venetian named Giacomo, who was studying Post Grad in Architecture at the University in Venice. He was very knowledgeable about the city, and cracked many jokes during our tour, making it an informative yet interesting morning. Giacomo wound us through narrow alleys and across bridges and squares that we would never have encountered, taking us into churches where master artists had painted significant yet little known works. He also gave us the inside tips on where to eat like a local, and how to navigate the six districts of Venice. Venice is a very different city. You hear a siren and you look around for the Police Car, Ambulance or Fire Engine, and next minute a vessel with lights ... read more

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Venice September 27th 2017

An early start this morning leaving Bardolino, as we sadly had to deliver Giulietta, our Alfa Romeo that has served us so well, to Marco Polo Airport Venice by 10.00am. Alfa’s are great cars, but they do not handle the canals of Venice so well. After handing in Giulietta, we made our way to the Vaporetto (Ferry) to take us across the lagoon into Venice, to the nearest terminal to our accommodation. In driving through Eastern Europe we have been relying heavily on our trusty Garmin GPS. Now it was time to test the Garmin on the canals of Venice, which can be confusing to navigate at the best of times. I changed the Garmin to “walking mode”, and it led us straight to our Hotel, which is very well located, less than 50 metres from ... read more

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