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Europe » Italy » Veneto » Venice December 26th 2013

If there’s any famous place that I don’t really look forward to visit – that’ll be Venice. Being the practical couple – both my husband & I think it’s just… bunch of sewers. When you’re taking gondola, meaning you’re streaming along together with… waste? Anyway, I just didn’t get the point. Nevertheless, while tracking from Munich to Florence – it seems like a sin if I didn’t stop over in Venice and spend few nights. Arriving in Venice on Christmas after sunset, I was worried whether there’s any mass transportation & afraid of getting lost (plus I was alone!) so I chose to stay at url= dei Polo Venice, near the train station. I browsed around and noticed that you can get 8% discount by using code “offsite”. It was a nice single clean single ens ... read more
sunset over venice
view from ponte vecchio
IMG_7479 venice mask

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Venice November 17th 2013

There is something so different in Venice from any other place in the world that you leave at once all accustomed habits and everyday sights to enter an enchanted garden Mary Shelley Whether you've been to Venice two or 20 times, there’s always something new to discover. It is easy and indeed very enjoyable to get lost in the city's network of islands, bridges, alleys and canals to encounter a fresh side of Venice every time you round a corner. Venice is a beautiful destination at any time of the year but I prefer the winter when the air is crisp and clear and the pigeons on St Mark's Square still outnumber the tourists. More Venice information and photos Don't miss to visit the outlying islands of Burano (approx. 30 minutes by boat) and the ... read more
Piazzetta di San Marco
Doge's Palace
Church of San Giorgio Maggiore

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Venice November 2nd 2013

A 2.30am wakeup all is never fun, but I have managed to find a way of contorting by body with the help of the tray table to sleep somewhat peacefully on planes....wake me up when we get there....or if Pringles are on offer mid flight. With RyanAir's apparent 98% punctuality rate I knew that we would land in Treviso, Italy about 11am right on time for the coach into Venezia and for a lovely stroll around before the sun went down mid afternoon....but this was contradicted by the 100% bad reputation that RyanAir is clearly in denial about.....making us about 1 hour behind schedule, such is life. Our transfer on the bus to Venice introduced us to the typical italian designed buildings that you would expect to see in well....Italy. Peach or cream coloured stucco houses, ... read more
Gondola on Grand Canal
View Beneath Ponte dell'Accademia
Proof I was there!

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Venice October 21st 2013

We begin to feel more at home. We have a sense of where we are, even when we are not on the main tourist streets. We have learned how to get train tickets to Asti. We can take short cuts, and we are developing favourite shops. The butcher has gorgeous hand made tortellini stuffed with cheese or radicchio. We've tasted his ham, salami, octopus marinara, and cheese, plus the little seeded brown buns for breakfast. He has given us gifts of pancetta every time, which we've put to good use. It is fun to cook for ourselves, and so we discovered many of the markets. There is a market 5 min away, 1 min past that there is a boat floating on a tiny canal that holds its own market every day. The big market by ... read more

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Venice October 21st 2013

We arrived in Venice after about 26 hours of travel, all uneventful and not terribly tiring. But how do you describe Venice? The thought 'once in your life you must go to Venice' keeps echoing in my mind. We are just 5 minutes walk from the Piazza Roma where the bus, water taxi or train drops you off in Venice. The map that we were given by Cristina was marked by circling the 3 bridges that you had to cross to get to the door of the apartment, first door on the right after the third bridge. And that is very much Venice. I start to recognize where I am by the bridge I am standing on. Our apartment is a cosy bachelor suite with stove, fridge and shower. We don't need anything else. We can ... read more

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Venice October 19th 2013

Today started much earlier than normal at 03.50. Getting up at such an ungodly hour is tempered (slightly) by the fact that we are off on our jollies. The Premier Inn Manchester Airport is no Savoy but it served its purpose and meant we didn't have to get up even earlier. Quick shower and we head down to the car for the short drive to the Meet & Greet where we drop the keys off and head into Terminal 1. We now enter headless chicken territory where normal, sensible and sane people lose all sense of decorum and in some cases dignity. The ability to follow signs and directions seems to allude some and you can see the sense of panic jump from one family member to another like a virus when faced with the simple ... read more
Doges Palace & Campanile
Sailaway Drinks

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Venice October 17th 2013

Off to Venice, after scrambled eggs and donuts! We arrived, along with the thousands of other tourists in town for the day. Nath said it was little wonder Venice was sinking (with all that extra weight). The initial vista (minus the tourists) was breath-taking. So many things to see, so many photographs around every corner. There was the river, domes, boats - everything seemed to be on the move. At one point, I had what Nath called 'a moment' and just threw my arms in the air and thought 'I'm in Venice'. Lots of small streets (read 'lanes') - in fact, if I lived here and was heading out for the night, I would have to tie string to my front door and the other end to my waist, just to find my way back home. ... read more

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Venice October 12th 2013

On the Good Ship Venice, my God you should have seenice. 3rd October Whisked along in speed and comfort to Milan where we had to change for another high tech train to Venice. Ron needs to work on his Italian language skills. While changing trains a young lad approached Ron at the carriage door asking (as it turns out) if he would like assistance with the bags. Ron says I’m ok - meaning no. He hears “Okay” and our bags are summarily wrenched from Ron’s grip, launched into the carriage; “whicha seat, whicha seat numero?”; “6D & 7D”; and with superhuman strength he lifts the giant suitcases into the overhead carriers, plus the smaller bags as well. All in less than 30 secondos; “Five Euro pleasa.” Ron has only one Euro an ... read more

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Venice October 7th 2013

Sunday morning, September 29, we walked around the parks near our place with Kenn & Karen then stopped for lunch at Restaurante Biennale on Via Garibaldi. We each had a different pasta dish and they were all great! And they had free wi-fi with a really strong signal with great high-speed service; our new favourite restaurant! The great internet service sure helped me upload my blog update with 107 photos. It started raining after lunch and we headed home to play “Heads-Up” on Chris' iPad and card games and had lots of fun, snacked on cheese and meat for supper then headed to bed early. Monday morning Kenn & I headed out early to walk all the way across Venice to the San Croce neighbourhood to see about the stove repairs. Incredibly, they were able to ... read more
Contarini Del Bovolo Palace
Murano, glass blowing

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Venice October 5th 2013

Venice Italy 2rd to 4th Oct 2013 We arrived in Venice at about 5.00pm and booked into the most amazing camp site – beautiful new bathrooms, a heated swimming pool, and sauna, mini supermarket, bar, restaurant and great people. There was a playground for Gemma also. The campsite was a bus ride away from old Venice. We would have got there a lot earlier except for the road accident that held us up for an hour. We settled in and decided it was time to break open the Moet & Chandon we bought in Epernay, to celebrate the trip to date. It really was fantastic to have Kerrie & Gemma with us. We had a lovely pasta meal in Vincenzo’s bar and then Gemma & I went for a swim in the pool. We had great ... read more
Our gondola ride in Venice Italy 3 Oct 2013 (1)
Our gondola ride in Venice Italy 3 Oct 2013 (3)
Papa telling Gemma the story of the Bridge of Sigh in Venice Italy 3 Oct 2013

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